Monday, May 30, 2005

Weekend Recap

Evenin everyone

Where to start - a great weekend. Memorial Day in the U.S, not sure of what the proper greeting would be (wishing someone Happy Memorial Day doesn't seem right...can it really be happy?). Went to a great party Friday(some people from work actually - small get together...great result) stuff done around here Saturday and ran my first 10 KM on Sunday - less than 50 mins!!!!

MLB This Weekend
A weird weekend in the A.L East - but I'm sure anyone reading this knows what happened.
O's got swept by the Tigers (still shocked)
Jays lost 2 of 3 to the Twins (no surprise - Halladay saved the day on Sunday)
Sox ripped the Yankees on Saturday and Sunday after losing Friday (Yankees looked they had no solution for the Red Sox).

So the O's went into tonight 3 up on the Sox...but they are laying the lumber to them as I type - it's 8 - 1 in the 9th. The only bright spot for Sox fans tonight has been Hazel's updates (thank you Rogers for picking up NESN's feed). These O's are for real...

Weekend Headlines
Curt Schilling's injury is worse than expected - he said today that he might not be back until "around" the all-star break. Red Sox Nation is concerned, and with very good reason I would say. While David Wells and Matt Clement both had good starts over the weekend, the rest of the starting staff is looking very beatable - and having owned Clement for the last four years in my Rotisserie League...I can tell you that he is a good pitcher, but not a number 1. David Wells can't be counted on to pitch like he did last night; Wade Miller doesn't look fully recovered; and Bronson Arroyo looks shaky out there, almost like the league is figuring him out (a few weeks ago, I posted a start about his ERA on the first and second times through a batting order). Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy discussed the chances of Clemens returning to the Sox this year...with Houston being out of the race already. From everything Clemens has said about Boston, do you really think he'd go back? Do you think Boston would welcome him back? I think not...but then again - the Sox now have "the Hazel factor" hahahaha. Stay tuned.

Weekend Warriors
Saw something that impressed me - two guys who stood up and were accountable for their actions. Josh Towers of the Jays and Carl Pavano of the Yankees - both had pretty bad outings this weekend, and both stood up and took the heat for sub-par performances. Pavano went so far as to apologize to his teammates for his performance. This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but I thought it showed a lot of class, and took some guts to stand up in front of the media and accept all that blame.

Another interesting interview came from Mike Mussina on Sunday...he was talking to ESPN about pitching, warming up in the pen...not really knowing what you have until you get out on the field. He talked about how rare it is to go out there and have every single thing working for you - that it is a battle out there. I thought of Arroyo tonight when the O's were smacking him around.

Sad News From The NHL
John D'Amico, probably one of the best known linesman in the history of the NHL passed away this past weekend. Every Canadian kid knew who John D'Amico of the toughest men on any NHL ice surface, and one of the great skaters in the league. A prayer goes out to Mr. D'Amico's family.

Pathetic News From The NHL
Last week's discussions, without dumb (Bob) and dumber (Gary) didn't produce any ground breaking they've both decided to join the discussions this Thursday. Do you get the feeling that the NHL will never be the same again? Oh never mind...What can I say that hasn't been said before?

NFL Stuff
Kellen Winslow apologized to Cleveland Browns fans last week - saying it was "unwise" to be riding a motorcycle, and that no one is more disappointed than he is. He's disappointed alright...disappointed that he is going to have to pay back some of that fat ass signing bonus. Cleveland fans are disppointed that their team wasted a pick on this horse's ass - and will never see him reach his potential. Two major knee surgeries in two years? He's done.

Clark Judge, wrote an interesting story about the possibility of the Kansas City Chiefs moving. The reason revolves around what and a new proposed tax. Stay tuned...but if this happens - there is more than enough room on the Cowboys bandwagon for Hazel. She doesn't strike me as an L.A. Chiefs kind of fan. But I digress..

Ok, that's it for me tonight. Have a good night one and all.

The song of the day on Hazelspeeps at yahoo

The World I Know - Collective Soul. Just cuz...

Peesth out.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Weird, Wild and Wacky Wednesdays

Evenin' peeps, evenin' Hazel.

Nothing to report or talk about in Pogue's world - things are good.

MLB Tonight
Red Sox Nation wants someone's head, and there are plenty of names being thrown around - tonight's names (sacrificial offerings) once again include Francona and Renteria - though Millar is really starting to become a favourite whipping boy of the Nation. Tonight's comment on Millar - "Why do you have to be so slow?" Mark Bellhorn is starting to get some airtime (cyberspace) too - tonights issue is Ks to HRs for Bellhorn (baseball fans are funny - we can pick anything to make someone look bad - I don't think Hazel would approve of this negative attitude.) The Nation was a little concerned that Ted Lilly would be starting tonight - as he owns the Sox...but Ted Lilly? Ted has been getting his ass handed to him all year and he still managed to stifle the Sox - me thinks the problems in Red Sox land run deep. There are too many stories floating around this team, from:
  • Curt Schilling's weekly call to a Boston radio station - because he feels he doesn't have to talk to print media if he isn't pitching...he "can't be misquoted" on the radio - figure that one out!

  • Questions about racism in the clubhouse - with fans pointing to comments by the recently departed Gabe Kapler who listed a number of guys he misses (all happened to be white).

  • The impact of losing guys who were seen as the heart and soul of the Sox - Derek Lowe...and yes...PEDRO.

  • What players do when they aren't in uniform - David Wells attending the Celtics game or being out drinking during the season, Johnny Damon threatening to test free agency pool and peddling his book (by the way...saw that his wife got a lot of coverage on his segment on MLB this week - too many shots of her holding NESN mic...grrrrrrrrrr - NESN, give Hazel more play!).
There are too many distractions for the Red Sox...they are giving up too many games they should be winning - this will come back to haunt them. I wonder what Hazel would have to say about all this...she must have her finger on the pulse of the Sox and The Nation. Giving up the first two games of a series to the Blue Jays is a cause for concern.

Speaking of giving up too many games they should be winning - NO, I'm not going to eat my words on the Yankees...they aren't playing anyone of consequence these days. The Yankees' test will come, and I think the old guys are gonna fold this time around - they look old, tired and very beatable (unless you are Oakland, Seattle or Detroit - see the trend?).

The Los Angeles Dodgers are taking it on the chin these days - which is a cause for concern - but the West Division is weak enough that a couple of good weeks puts them right back into 1st place. Can I get a "Whoa Barry!"?

For those keeping track or interested - Hazel Mae's Heroes continue to hold down second place in the Rotisserie League! Still waiting for the request for access from our favourite sports personality (as a co-owner or GM with full authority to make moves, is she so chooses).

Champions League
UNBELIEVABLE - no other way to say it. I called for a 2-0 win for AC Milan - they lost on penalty kicks after blowing a 3-0 1st half lead. Liverpool scored three goals in 6 minutes of the 2nd half against an AC Milan defence that came into this season regarded as the world's best (though I bet Jose Mourinho never thought that of them - hahaha) - Andriy Shevchenko missed a glorious chance to win the game in the 117th minute. Soccer fans are in a state of shock - funny thing...Liverpool probably won't be able to defend their title next year as they finished 5th in the Premiership - it will be interesting to see what the English FA tries to come up with...can they strong arm UEFA? (I think they will).

A Class Act - Even Hazel Would Be Proud Of
In today's era of selfish, whining athletes - some continue to set themselves apart. Gentlemen and Ladies (Hazel at the top of that list) I give you - Portugal's greatest soccer player Luis Figo. I said it before and will continue to say it - Figo got screwed by Real Madrid this year...being made a scapegoat for asses like Beckham, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo who haven't done squat this year - but would garner much more attention if they were benched. Figo for the first time went public, simply asking for the Manager and/or the club to tell him where he stands in the plans of the team. Figo hasn't threatened to quit or holdout - and will honour his contract (yes, a lucrative one...but one he could match elsewhere) with the club. Today's athlete would do well to learn a lesson or two from Figo - I am admitting him "in absencia" to Hazelspeeps. Boa sorte meu amigo - forca para ti e a seleccao!

Time to call it a night...

Goodnight Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes - here's hoping all is well with you in the land of Red Sox Nation - Canada still misses you...the Jays are proving that by taking it out on the Sox - OUCH!

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day

Ladylike - Big Wreck

If you haven't heard it before - download it, it really kicks - you make up your mind on whether or not it conjures up visions of Hazel.

Night peeps.

Peesth Out.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Evenin' peeps, evenin' Hazel.

Today was a slow motion kind of day to be sure - long weekends have a way of doing that to you. I couldn't motivate myself to go running today, so instead I took the night off running and went bike riding instead (time and distance unimportant, as I don't know what would be considered good or not). I've got to get my ass in gear this week, and do something about this plan to start fund raising for the Canadian Diabetes Association - I want to get a golf tournament and a club/pub night going...unfortunately my day job takes me away from some of the stuff I want to do.

MLB Tonight
That blood-curdling scream you might have heard was Red Sox Nationcalling for heads to roll as Alan Embree gave up a 3 run homer to Reed Johnson of the the bottom of the ninth no less. The Nation is growing increasingly frustrated with some of "Tito's" decisions and questioning the wisdom of Theo Epstein (aka Jesus Jr. in Boston) and some of his signings. As you can imagine, David Wells and Alan Embree were tonight's whipping boys - but the bigger surprise might have been that they are turning on guys like Kevin Millar - calling to see what Roberto Petagine can do - Roberto Petagine? Give me a damn break Red Sox Nation - you must know his history...if you are demanding that Millar sit for a Japanese League terror...well, ummm ok then. Some members of the Nation are even calling for John Olerud - now THAT is funny. It's time for you to step in Hazel, its time to settle the Nation down...this isn't very becoming of fans of the World Series Champions. I know the Nation is getting a little antsy that the Yankees are on a roll right now...but look at who they are playing? Hazel, time for you to summon up all that good karma and project towards the Sox - before they start blaming you! Just kidding, hahaha.

Blue Jays fans, while you celebrate this win tonight - you should all be very concerned that Vernon Wells is still no where to be found - 9 runs, and 11 hits for the Jays and Vernon contributed one lousy single. This is starting to look like a bad year for him, he's getting to the point where he won't be able to pull himself out of this season and salvage anything...but I'm talking too much. I still think the Chickenhawk needs to be fired.

Yankees beat up on the Tigers and A Rod hits two HRs in a game where they were up 11 - 0 (thanks A about some of those in close games where your team needs you?). The O's are fighting back against the M's (2 - 2 in the 8th).

Dodgers are in S.F and had better get their asses in gear and pull themselves out of 3rd place.

NFL Players Making News Again
Carolina Panthers traded the NFL's best punter, Brian Sauerbrun, to the Broncos. Normally this wouldn't be newsworthy, but the story highlights how much of a character he is...and for that, he makes "thoughts of Hazel Mae." Hazel has been known to have a wicked sense of humour and I think she'd get a kick out of this guy...anyone who starts a feud with those little bastard Grammatica brothers is A-Ok in my book. Sauerbrun threatened to pull the ball out from under one of them if the Panthers signed them (when John Kasay got hurt). Classic! It's worth the read for the laughs.

The Dallas Cowboys of the nineties were known for getting into trouble - they were bad asses...but still one of the best teams ever put together. Michael Irvin was the bad ass of all bad asses (still one of my favourite players ever, next to Tony Dorsett) - but even Michael never got into the trouble Tyrone Calico of the Titans got into. Calico was busted for having sex in public with an 18 year old - which begs the question...did someone really check her I.D? Tyrone, join Mr. Ron Mexico and Kellen Winslow (he's so dumb he doesn't deserve to be called Mr.) as the NFL's version of the Three Stooges.

Champions League Tomorrow
I don't even want to watch - but I'm calling for A.C. Milan to win 2 - 0. I'm hoping for a goal or something from Manuel Rui Costa. It should have been Chelsea...dammit.

Ok, I'm going to wrap this up and hope that friggin Omar Vizquel amasses more total bases tonight that Jeff Kent (yes...I picked Omar on my proline ticket...but I'm hoping that other Dodgers can get to Schmidt).

Goodnight Hazel Mae - fondest regards and best wishes to you as you lead Red Sox Nation out of the fear and panic they are in right them the Hazel and collected.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - In Honour of Red Sox Nation and how much they are hating on the Sox right now

I Feel Love (12 inch extended remix) - Donna Summer.

Night peeps...have a great one.

Peesth Out.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Happy Victoria Day

Evenin' peeps, evenin' Hazel

To any and all Canadians who check in to read this - Happy Victoria Day to our American friends - Victoria Day is celebrated on the second last Monday of every honour of the Queen Mother of England Victoria (except in Quebec...where they hate the Monarchy so much they call today "Samuel Genest Day").

Ok, not that anyone has missed me...but I'll apologize for not posting in a week or so - it was kind of a difficult week here, but things are back on track. Speaking of being back on track - running has been going pretty good, still sticking to the 5 - 7 KM runs; the times are good, the energy level is seemingly there, so its all good.

Hazel Mae's Heroes are in second place in my Rotisserie baseball league - we are making our move...right up towards the top of the standings! Thinking about whether or not we should try to pick up David Weathers on the chance he might be the new closer - but I won't bore anyone with managerial decisions - that is unless Hazel wants to throw in her two cents (2.54 cents Cdn), her opinion is welcome anytime.

MLB Last Week
The American League East saw three of the top four teams playing average baseball - the O's, the Sox and the Jays have all gone 5-5 over their last ten; the Yankees (can you hear their fans?) have been blistering, winning 8 of their last ten. Before Yankees fans and haters alike get their shorts in an uproar, remember that the Yankees have been beating the likes of Seattle, Oakland and the Mets (who fumbled their way to a loss in Pedro's start). The true test for the Yankees comes when they start to play in their own division - Detroit might have a surprise or two for the Yankees (they'll win one, but something tells me 2 of 3 after the Yankees long road trip).

One Foot In The Graves
The Cincinnati Reds released their closer Danny "Scare The Crap Outta Ya" Graves. For those that aren't familiar with Graves, he is a soft throwing closer who rarely went 1,2,3 in any game he entered...but always managed to get the job done. Graves was having an awful season, and had verbal altercation with a fan when he left Sunday's game. The fan was shouting at Graves as he came off the field - Graves responded in kind and threw in an "obscene gesture" for good measure. Again, this brings up the question about what fans should be able to get away with. If you have read this blog, you know that I don't subscribe to the theory that fans can do what they want, since they pay for the price of a ticket. No way, I refuse to accept that - this kind of behaviour would not be acceptable in a place of work, so why on a baseball field or any other sporting venue? What makes fans think that they can heap abuse on a player, shouting at them, insulting them, booing them - when they would not put up with it in their own place of work. These guys are out there doing their best (it's how they earn their living) - no matter what they make, they don't deserve that kind of garbage. I bet Hazel never pulled that kind of crap...when she was a paying fan. Come on people, lighten up - enjoy the game...and as Eddie Murphy once said, "have a coke and a smile and shut the f**k up".

Why Does The Media Interview Players?
Ok, I probably shouldn't be so nasty...after all, it's a holiday weekend - but JAAAAYZUS. I was watching the Score this weekend, seeing post game interviews after Roy Halladay beat Montr - errrrrr Washington. Why the media talks to these guys is beyond me...I know that it is their job...but do they really expect to get anything reasonably insightful from most of these guys? I mean really - check out the pearl of wisdom from Eric Hinske when talking about Halladay. Hinske's thoughts on the game amounted to "Ya, you know, when Doc is out there, we like to go out and get him some runs early in the game and let him do his thing. Halladay can be nasty." Gee Eric, you like to go out and get him some runs early in the game? As opposed to other pitchers on your team who like you guys to sit around on your asses until the 5th or 6th inning? Why that got the fifteen seconds of air time it did is beyond me. (Hazel, if you'd like to shed some light on this for poor dumb old me - I'd be much obliged.) Do reporters really need these quotes to write up a story? I would think the answer is no.

Then there was Orlando Hudson, who mumbled incoherently about how "that's what the good doctor do when he goes out there...the doc does...the good doctor" - he sounded like a g-damned auctioneer - barely understand a word he said..and most of what he said was pointless. He was like that last year when he hosted J-Zone with Hazel - but with her doing most of the talking, it was ok. Speaking of there a J-Zone this year? hmmmm How much is Rogers missing Hazel? hahahaha How much is Canada missing her? BIG TIME BABY! So for all you haters...enjoy Hedger or Vance.

Speaking of Vance - for those of you that think she's all that, give me a break. I caught her on Saturday with "Plastic Boy" (Mr. Jennifer Hedger) the dumb surfer dude who looks like he's wired everytime he is on T.V. These two were without a doubt the WORST duo to ever host a broadcast - they were so bad it was painful. Why would I say that? (Bet you think it's just cuz I side with Hazel...but it's not.)

1) Neither of them have any can tell that these two would be about as exciting or interesting as a root canal

2) Their enthusiasm is forced at best - hearing Jody Vance yelp "He goes yaaaard" was weak...even plastic boy had a pained look on his face when they cut back to the desk.

3) Juan Marichal threw out the first pitch at a game between the Giants and the A's on Saturday - Jody butchered the name of a hall of fame pitcher...stuttering before coming out with "Juan, Muh-raw-shawl." So for someone who talks about how much she knows about sports - and comments on how others don't...STICK TO THE DAMN QUIZNO'S COMMERCIALS YOU DULLARD (Disclaimer: The viewpoint expressed is that of the author's [me] - the opinion has not been reviewed, seen, or approved by Hazel Mae). In case you were wondering, Plastic Boy sat there like a lump...he is worse that Vance...proving as always, white/anglo announcers have no clue of how to pronounce a foreign last name.

I'm sticking to the Score - their lineup is much better than Sportsnet or TSN (Caroline Frolic is better than 90% of the announcers on other networks...but like Hazel, she is probably a victim or her good looks). Let me take a deep breath now...

NFL News
Is there anything more to say...Kellen Winslow is probably out for the year with a torn ACL from his motorcycle accident. The Browns should make him pay back every cent of his signing bonus - dumbass.

Memorial Cup
American readers can scroll to the end as this probably won't interest you (Canadian Major Junior Hockey Championship). The Ottawa 67's beat Kelowna on Sunday...meaning they have a pretty good shot of finishing 3rd and making the playoff round of the cup - they probably won't win, but given what they have accomplished this year - they are champs (like Hazel!).

Ok, time to call it a night now.

Goodnight Hazel Mae, as always - fondest regards and best wishes to you. If you followed the Sox to Toronto this week - Welcome home and have a great week!. Come check out the Lynx sometime!

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - on this Victoria Day...what else but...

Holiday - Green Day (or Madonna if she is more your speed).

Night's good to be back.

Peesth Out.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Heeeee's Baaaaaack

Evenin' peeps, evenin' Hazel.

A weekend away, so what is there to catch up on? For those who are keeping track - running has been pretty good, though I think I'm "plateau-ing" a little. I haven't been able to muster up the energy or will to go past 7 km this last week (it has been cold and rainy these last few days) - but the times are where I want them to be; somewhere between 33 - 35 mins. No exciting news to report this weekend - kinda ho hum, but that's ok.

He's Baaaaaaack!!!!!!
From my perspective, the most important news of the weekend was that Luis Figo announced that he would come out of international retirement to play for the Portuguese National Team in World Cup Qualifying action. Figo, arguably the best Portuguese-born soccer player ever, retired from international competition after representing the "cinco quinas" for 15 years at the international level. We all want to welcome the man simply known as "Figo" back to the fold, his leadership and heart will carry us to Germany - and to a World Cup; I think he's got something to prove to fans all over the world and Real Madrid, he is by no means washed for big things. may yet be calling that World Cup victory for the "Heroes do mar"! we come.

MLB This Weekend
Biggest news might have been that Vernon Wells had a couple of multi-hit games and he actually hit a HR! Hey, Alex Rios hit two...that might be a bigger story! Jays still lost two of three though, saved the sweep by Roy Halladay.

Congrats to Manny Rrrrrrramirrrrrez! He hit his 400th career HR this weekend - seems like the 3 to 4 shake up between Manny and Ortiz has paid off for both; unfortunately the Sox lost two of three to the Mariners...the Mariners? Seems like the man Red Sox Nation affectionately referred to as "JGo" (Jeremy Gonzalez) is coming back to earth after a good start or two - John Halama is falling quickly as well - somehow, I'm not seeing the "embarrassing abundance of good pitching" that Sox fans claimed they had.

Yankees are streaking - but remember, not against good opposition - they should be sweeping the A's. I'm not buying into the Yankees yet...I don't care if they've won 8 in a row. O's are still getting the job done.

Dodgers lost two of three to the Braves - but Milton Bradley showed me something this weekend (thank you TBS) - a clutch grand salami (or as Hazel would say "Buh Bye Mr. Rawlings") to cancel out Adam Laroche's grand slam in the top of the 8th on Friday night. Two grand slams in the same is exciting again!

That Hockey Tournament In Europe
Canada lost to the Czech Republic on Sunday 3 - 0, so the Czechs win the tournament they called the World Hockey Championship. Funny thing about the Czechs, they are all relatively good players in league play (NHL), but they turn into supermen when they wear their colours - I wonder if NHL GMs pull their hair out. The Czechs are noted for that in soccer - superhuman efforts in international tournaments and then indifferent play when they sign for big money (Pavel Nedved of Juventus being the exception). NESN carried a story on I'm guessing Hazel announced the loss with heavy heart.

So that about wraps things up for the weekend.

Goodnight Hazel Mae fondest regards and best wishes to you - here's hoping that all is groovy with you!

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - what red-blooded male hasn't thought this...and I'm going to bite my case Mr. Anonymous reads this and sends me another silly comment...

Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry

A very powerful song...and one that conjures up so many nice visions! "A bottle of wine..."

Night peeps...

Peesth Out!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wednesday's Whizzinator

Evenin' peeps, evenin Hazel

So is it just me...or was today a crazy freakin day?

The Whizzinator

Onterrio Smith, running back for the Vikes gets busted with powdered urine - used to pass drug tests. No surprise...he claims it was for his cousin.

In another funny story, it was revealed that James Toney , who recently won one of the World Heavyweight boxing titles - WBA (mix and match alphabet) tested positive for steroids and will be stripped of the title. He should have called Onterrio. James Ruiz, has decided to come out of retirement - who knew he retired?

MLB Today
Jays won a bit of a wild one with the Royals - and holy crap...Vernon Wells had two hits. That in itself makes for a Weird Wednesday - to make it even wackier, Hinske also picked up two hits - I guess the Chickenhawk's decision to fire the hitting coach is really paying off now.

Sox win a wild one in the ninth - the go into the ninth leading 4-1, Keith Foulke comes in and promptly blows it, giving up four runs to the light hitting As (did you know that the majority of Red Sox Nation never really liked the signing of Foulke? They decided to share that THIS year). Trailing 5-4 in the ninth, Ortiz walks and Varitek bails Foulke out with a two run shot in the ninth - nice. Two blown saves in one game - for the record, same thing happened in Colorado, but's Colorado - stuff happens.

Yankees give up five in the first - score five in the bottom of the first and go on to beat Seattle - Pavano (who I really thought would be better) and Moyer (who I really thought would have retired by now) both get kicked around. Speaking of getting kicked around - the Twins lose to the O's, who seem to be kicking lost of people around.

It Is Not About The Money Jason
Does anyone remember the press conference when the Yankees announced the signing of, then steroid pumped," Jason Giambi? Giambi told anyone who would listen it wasn't about the money. Funny, the Yankees have discussed the possibility of sending Giambi to the minors to straighten things out - if he gets sent down, they save money on their luxury tax hit (about $37.5 per day he isn't on the roster). Yankees just want Jason to work on some things - Jason thinks he's better off staying up with Mattingly. Jason, it's not about the money...right.

For Terrell It Is All About Respect
The Eagles owner says they won't redo Terrell's contract. Donovan McNabb says the Eagles can go to the superbowl - with or without Terrell. Stay tuned for Terrell's crack back, cuz you know there is going to be one.

Damaging The Legacy?
Wayne Gretzky is reportedly going to coach the Phoenix Coyotes after the lockout - after a storied career, after putting together a winning Team Canada - he may be pushing it this time. Time will tell, but he might regret this decision.

I got my second comment - this one from Anonymous. Thanks for taking the time to leave your opinion - dude, read it for what it is...not meant to piss anyone off alright - lighten up.

Time to call it a night...

Goodnight Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes...glad to see that things are relatively happy in Red Sox Nation.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - after having to go downtown earlier today...and seeing all the spring/summer fashions out and about...

Summertime - Will Smith

A cool groovin song from the last far as videos go (I normally hate them) - this one is pretty good..simple...but good.

Night Peeps

Peesth Out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Who Takes Tuesdays Off?

Morning peeps, morning Hazel

Yep, I took the day off today to study for a test I have tomorrow - so I thought I'd stop in to wrap up the weekend in the world of sports (and for those that find it funny...) the "life of me". The weekend was good in terms of running - Sunday's run started out slow (feeling sluggish after having a big Mother's Day lunch), but it picked up nicely after 2KM and I ended up doing 8 8KM in about 42 minutes - a good part of the run was into a pretty stiff breeze too. Yesterday was an "off day" 5.5KM in 28 minutes. No sign of the "Filapina Femmes Fatale". (I think I should be including an "s" after fatale...thinking of my test tomorrow - its a French test). So all in all, things are chugging along just fine I guess.

Jays Crown The Royals
The Jays beat up on the Royals yesterday - after having a very bad weekend, which we won't re-hash. Josh Towers looked pretty damn good yesterday, but I think part of it was the lineup he was facing - wow, K.C. are a bunch of babies, really young - oh, what a small market team has to do to survive. Vernon Wells finally had a couple of hits and a stolen base - a couple more games like that and he might actually crack .225 ( me for being mean).

Red Sox are really turning it up now - they are playing some great baseball right now, with the exception of the double-header split with Seattle. Red Sox Nation wasn't very happy with the way Francona handled the second game of the twin bill with the Mariners...isn't Francona lucky? At any one moment, he can turn to 5 Million managers in Red Sox Nation and find out what he should have done...I guess it's like that in most major league cities - except Toronto. I don't think Jays fans care enough to second guess Gibbons - after all, the Chickenhawk makes all the decisions there. Finishing off with the Sox, Manny Ramirez got plunked in the head last night - he left the game - here's hoping it isn't anything too serious. I wonder if Hazel has the scoop on "Manny RRRRRRRRamirrrrrrrrrrez".

Is there a reason to discuss the Yankees? Shouldn't the O's get more attention right now? The O's are stock piling wins - beating the teams they should be beating. The Yankees are scrapping every night, with fans holding on to the hope that "this team is too good to go on like this - and that they can real off 10 in a row at anytime" (Memo to Yankees fans, they haven't done it yet - don't hold your breath on that). Dodgers lost last night in St. Louis...damn we can't beat those friggin Cards.

Hazel Mae's Heroes slipped to fourth place last night in Rotisserie League - we'll make it up.

Red Sox Nation
A check of the site yesterday was on one hand disturbing and on another hand downright silly. We'll start with the silly - Red Sox fans were actually talking about an abundance of pitching, with the likes of Jeremi Gonzalez filling in and picking up a win. There was actually a comment that talked about how strong their starting pitching was, that David Wells could be "insurance" when he came back. I don't think they are that deep that they can be looking at Wells as insurance - Schilling hasn't shown anything yet this year, he's hurt again, and he's not getting any younger. Wade Miller just came back from an injury - so we'll see what happens there. Arroyo, Clement and Wakefiled are good...but good enough to have Wells serve as insurance? I don't know about that. As for Jeremi Gonzalez - be thankful with what you got from him...the bell tolls for Jeremi. Interview him sooner than later Hazel...he'll be heading to Pawtucket soon me thinks...

The disturbing - Red Sox fans normally have a pretty good sense of humour. But yesterday? There was discussion on the board about the Chef who died after falling at the Fleet Center. Some guy, without evidence or support, makes the quantum leap alluding to the fact alcohol was probably involved - and the board picked it up. There had not be one report of alcohol being involved...yet a bunch of them picked up on it. That's harsh gang...and uncalled for. Bad observation of the week goes to Kevin Millar - in the Boston Globe he was quoted saying something to the effect that the chef was there at the game cuz the Sox were rained out...and had the Sox played, the guy wouldn't have died. Kevin, please shut up - while what you say may be correct...I'm sure it doesn't provide his family with any comfort - and only serves to deepen the pain. Geezus...

Conspiracy Theory?
Scott Carson, bring up an interesting angle on why Barry Bonds isn't playing - the theory goes that Bonds isn't really hurt...but rather suspended. I've mentioned this in a previous blog - have a read, it's worth it.

One Nash Up - The Other Nash Down
While Canada celebrates Steve Nash winning the NBA's MVP - the country looked on in dismay with the antics of Rick Nash, forward team Canada - at "the tournament". Nash assaulted a referee, hooking him and pushing him - the Swedes had video evidence and tried to get him kicked out of the tournament. The IIHF didn't suspend Nash - he should consider himself lucky.

Maybe Athletes ARE Telling The Truth
In a strage twist, two universities in Texas claimed they didn't know that supplements they were buying for student athletes contained illegal substances. Hell, if athletic directors and team doctors don't can players? hahaha

I gotta wrap this up for the morning - I want to go for a run today.

Have a great morning Hazel...I'm still willing you give you access to comment on here. :)

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day will be posted tonight.

Peesth out.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Google'd - At Last!

Evenin' peeps, evenin' Hazel (who might actually see this now that google lists this blog - repeat after me peeps - "Dare to dream").

Went out last night, so no Friday entry (hey, even Hazel gets Fridays and Saturdays off). Great night out - dinner at a place called the "Baton Rouge", I highly recommend it, and some pints after dinner. It was a Guinness/Caffrey kind of night, which suited me just fine - no Red Bull and Vodka though, yesterday had more of a pub-feel to it. The band was pretty good, and I was dragged out to dance a few times - I think some of my female colleagues got a little more than they bargained for - I don't think they were ready to dance with me. One of them is a little sweetie, just a little young thing - she told one of our colleagues that she had a bit of a crush on me (but I think its mostly cuz I'm older - she's 26) - well, we danced...she came back to the table and just said "Damn, he's good. Is he always that nasty when he dances?" hahahaha (She told a friend of mine she felt like she had done the nasty up there).

For those keeping track (as if), today's run was one of the better ones. I did about 7.5KM in LESS that 35 mins - the start was a bit sluggish, but something happened and it started to feel pretty damn good. I thought about stretching it to 10 Km, but after last night - it was better to leave well enough alone. Speaking of today's run...

Freaky Friggin' Filapina Femmes Fatales
Yes, I saw them today - both of them. As I finished my run, who was coming around the corner as I was on my cool-down walk home? These two are messin' with me - again one of them says hello, so I smile politely and say hello. She asks about where I run, because they see me running by a few times a week - I explain the story, wanting to run 10KM races/runs this summer and wanting to raise money for Canadian Diabetes Association - she smiles and says, "Maybe you should teach us to run your route." I kind of nervously laugh it off - she introduces herself as Filomena, her friend is Helen. I'm just thinking I gotta get out of there, this can't be happening - so I excuse myself, wishing them a good day, and I head back home. Damn, I'm telling you - I don't know why...why...why, Filapinas and me. Scary

If you've been here before, you know I don't really give the NBA much thought - but kudos and congratulations to B.C. born Steve Nash, who is reportedly going to be named M.V.P tomorrow. Steve seems like a genuine, down to earth, grounded kind of guy. Nash is the first Canadian to ever win the award, and makes a very exclusive list of NBA guards to have won the award (Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, Bob Cousy).

Speaking of Cousy - Celtics lost tonight. Hope Hazel has the night off and doesn't have to report that to basketball fans in New England. I for one thought the Hazel karma might elevate the Celtics to something good this year - oh well...she can't do it all...or can she? Can you Hazel?

Baseball This Weekend
The Blue Jays lost again today to the White Sox - today's game was ugly, with the Jays scoring a few runs to make it respectable. Dropping Vernon Wells to the number 7 hole has not helped him...he's still struggling around .200, with no real power or RBI numbers to speak of. I don't disagree with moving him down (I said last week that they should do that), but I wonder if moving him up to number 2 might not be better - not seen as a slap to Vernon, and might get him thinking of just making contact, shortening up on the swing. But what do I know? I'm not the Chickenhawk, and everyone knows he makes ALL the decisions in Jays land. Speaking of the Chickenhawk and "his decisions" - Eric Kinske's avg is dropping like a stone - he's down to .257 and he isn't producing any runs.

Sox won on Friday and were rained out today. Big news in Red Sox land - Schilling hasn't opened his mouth and said anything outlanding or inflammatory today - stay tuned, as I type this, he still has 45 minutes to change that. Red Sox Nation still isn't worried about the Orioles - I think they are making a big mistake. The O's won again today, they are stockpiling wins against teams they should be beating - the Sox have been dropping a few...could come back to haunt them.

Yankees? Steinbrenner's horse didn't win the Kentucky Derby, somebody in Yankee land is going to suffer George's rath - oh yeah, Mussina shut out the A's - the way Oakland hits? big whoop. Eric Chavez is running neck and neck with Wells for most disappointing player so far this year.

Hazel Mae's Heroes are in fourth place this weekend. But we picked up two wins and a save today, so stay tuned for our run up the standings. Right Hazel?

World Hockey
Canada lost to the Swedes. I tuned in few times tonight - Pierre McGuire must have had a gun to his head - he ACTUALLY critcized Chris Phillips of the Ottawa Senators. For anyone who hasn't heard McGuire, he's on Ottawa radio almost every day gushing about the Senators - not today though, he pointed out that Phillips was one of the weak links. Chris Phillips on Team Canada - kinda sums things up doesn't it? Hazel, are Americans into the tournament? Do they care? What do you think of the tournament? (I'll give you rights to write on blog if you ever find it *smile*)

NFL News
Funny, a quick check on CBS, shows rookies holding out (Shawne Merriman of the Chargers - thank God Dallas didn't draft this guy), big mouths being released (Freddie Mitchell of the Eagles) and one classy guy doing the right thing - Tom Brady is the epitome of a professional...he is what all professional athletes should strive to be. Brady signed a contract extension this week - long overdue and very well deserved.

Doug Flutie weighed in with his thoughts "He just very quietly got it done. Very classy, I just like the way he goes about his business...I can tell Tom is a great leader for the team." You know Doug...for a guy that said he wanted to be a sounding board for Tom...I'm thinking you can learn a lesson or two from him - "very quietly got it done." Enough said.

Ok, time to call it a night - didn't get enough sleep last night.

Goodnight Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes from north of the border - here's hoping you are enjoying a great weekend.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - for dancing last night

I Like To Move It - Reel to Reel (house song from the 90's)

Goodnight peeps...have a great weekend.

Peesth out.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Here Comes The Weekend

Evenin' peeps, evenin' Hazel

A slow day - both in the world of sports and in my real life today. No run today, just didn't have it tonight - I walked downtown today to meet a very good friend of mine for lunch (pizza) - I walked about 4 km (2.5 miles) in about 30 - 35 mins; so tonight, I did another 30 mins on a treadmill. I'm going for 7 km tomorrow, 5 Saturday, and we are going to shoot for 10 on Sunday - we'll see.

Baseball Today
The Dodgers are off - but here he comes! Eric Gagne is ready to come back and dominate the National League. The Jays are off too - so that means Vernon Wells batting average won't go down.

The Yankees lost AGAIN - to the damn D-Rays. Funny, the Yankees seem to be a hot topic of conversation amongst members Red Sox Nation - I saw a lot of cautious optimism about the Sox winning over the Yankees, a complete lack of respect afforded to the O's (which I think is a mistake - they are for real I tell you!), and a bit of fear about burying the Yankees. Red Sox Nation doesn't know what to think. From where i sit, these guys aren't paying enough attention to the fact that Schilling isn't coming back any time soon. Going with guys like Halama and Gonzalez is gonna get you - and I don't care if Wade Miller is coming back from rehab this weekend, he's gonna be rusty.

Speaking of the Sox, they beat the Tigers today - a few observations about today's game.

1) I'm not sold on Arroyo - I know Red Sox Nation loves this guy, but throwing 74 mile an hour curve balls that hang sometimes is eventually going to come back and bite this guy. NESN posted a stat that said in first three innings this year, ERA 1.80, in innings 4-6 it shoots up to 5.40 - that's telling. It says when hitters get a second look at him - he gets hit; being in the rotation all year will say alot about whether or not he is the real deal.

2) David Ortiz is the man. The guy comes up in the top of the ninth, two outs - he's been squeezed all day by the home plate ump, he has two strikes on him and he smokes a double to put the Sox up - the guy is clutch, the kind of guy who wants to be up there when the game is on the line.

3) Red Sox Nation is going to see what life without Edgar is like - for a little while anyways. Renteria hurt his finger and is day to day. Renteria is a good player who is getting a lot of heat from some of the more impatient members of Red Sox Nation - I'm sure they'll start the calls for Hanley Ramirez, like he is the answer.

4) NESN's coverage sucks. The play by play guy, Don Orsillo is ok - but Jerry Remy sounds like a drunk Cliff Clavin. Apologies in advance to Hazel, but damn... The sideline report Eric Frede looks like he goes for 2 for 1 haircuts with four year olds - and he's terrible. I thought Hazel was going to get some time covering the Sox (maybe she's on when Rogers isn't picking up NESN feeds) - but, she's better than that cast of clowns calling the games. I mean, when they did promos for Sportsdesk, they didn't even mention that Hazel was the host. NESN please give Hazel some more air time, she deserves it dammit.

Celtics win in O/T - I say this only cuz Hazel will have reported this tonight.

In Holland today, Sporting Lisbon lost 3-2 to AZ Alkmaar in the second leg of their tie in UEFA Cup semi-finals. They ended 4 - 4 on aggregate, with Sporting advancing on away goals. Sporting now plays CSKA Moscow in the final to be held in Lisbon in late May. God be with the boys from Sporting. I wonder if NESN reports on that *smile* There's enough people with Portuguese heritage in New England to make it worth reporting - isn't there Hazel?

World Hockey Tournament
I'm not referring to it as a Championship - I can't and I won't. Canada beat the U.S 3-1 - Mario Lemieux, Joe Sakic and Jerome Ignila scored for Canada - what????? They weren't there? huh? Three of Canada's best players actually said "No" to Team Canada? What kind of Championship is it when the best players aren't there? Canadians never put much creedance in this trophy in years gone by - because our best weren't there - they were in the playoffs...well, nothing has changed gang...a few more really good players are there, but not the best. I've given this too much time - I'm bordering on being Bob McKenzie.

OHL's Oshawa Generals to draft John Tavares - a fourteen year old player in Toronto area - why is this significant on Hazelspeeps? My boy John is Portuguese. Hazel if you read this, roll that R like only you can - it's "Tah-va-rrrrrr-sh"

I'm out of the night, it's been a long slow day and it's time to haul ass to bed.

Goodnight Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes out your way, here's hoping that your weekend starts off well - enjoy the weekend series with the Mariners. We still miss you.

Hazelspeep Song of the Day - today's pick was tough, no theme in tonight's entry to link it to

Pearl Jam is coming here in September - and they are one of Hazel's favourite bands (according to her bio - which admittedly was done a while back).

Even Flow - Pearl Jam

Goodnight peeps.

Peesth out!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Weird Wednesdays

Evenin peeps, evenin' Hazel.

Tonights entry will hit on some stuff that happened yesterday. But as per usual, let's kick things of with Pogue's world. Tonight's run was decidely better than Monday's jaunt; I did 7 KM in 34 mins. Given that Hazelspeeps has welcomed five new members to the yahoo site - I should clarify for our American friends that 7 KM is equal to roughly 4.5 miles. I'm gearing up to run some 10KM (6.5 miles) events this summer - for the fun of it, and I'm going to try to raise money for Canadian Diabetes Association.

For those wondering, no sign of the Filapina Femmes Fatale on my run tonight; but this morning on the way to work, I stopped in at a corner store near work and was stopped dead in my tracks by a lovely asian woman who smiled and said hi to me for no apparent reason (I think she was a Filapina - but she could have been Thai) - when we left the store and I drove by her, she looked and smiled again. So I'm guessing this is God messing with my head - every single Filapina but Hazel.

So as I bang out this blog (sounds like something the Offspring would sing - "Bang Out This Blog") and sip on a glass of Port wine - I am reminded of the great deal I got on a bottle of vintage Port. The LCBO put up a bottle of 1982 Krohn on sale - I had to snap one up; for anyone that is familiar with this blog, I once said I'd break open my bottle of 1982 A.A. Ferreira for Hazel. Ok, now I've made it no secret that I think there is a great Hazel story to be told, one that previous interviews and newspaper articles have not yet done - so, I'm putting together my proposed Hazel story, complete with interview questions that I will post and submit to NESN in hopes she might read it and provide some quotes or detail etc. So all this to say, I would put up my new prized bottle of Port 1982 Krohn for an interview (dare I dream - sitdown interview) with Hazel. For newbies to this motto for this blog is - "dare to dream".

Speaking of Hazelspeeps site on yahoo - no one fessed up to posting Hazel pictures. I wonder if people are joining the site in hopes of seeing pics - I don't want it to be just a pic site - but, I'm sure they aren't signing up just for my witty blogs...or are they? I wonder...I wonder if Hazel will ever join the site - or at least find it - remember peeps...what's my motto? all together now on three...1 - 2- 3!!!!!!! DARE TO DREAM!!!!!

Do You Think Players Fehr the Bud?
Bud Selig is at it again, trying to clean up baseball - Scott Miller from CBS Sportsline wrote a great article on Selig and the players association - a classic comment in there about the players appearance before Congress. From my perspective, I like what David Ortiz had to say about how this has impacted Latin players...I think Ortiz hit on something that is making the PA and MLB as a whole a little nervous - Good for David Ortiz. By the way, I'm liking Miller more and more, he's really on the ball and has a pretty dry sense of humour.

Burning Down The House
Tom House, a former major leaguer pitcher, claims a lot of major leaguers in the 70's were using roids - he admits it didn't help him much. I wonder why he came out with this now? I wonder how his peers feel - I guess he was to the 70's what Schilling is to players today - you draw the parallel - Tom's gotten too much coverage already.

Speaking of Schilling, he's at it again. Funny how the day Pedro Martinez gets his World Series Ring - Schilling goes on a Boston radio station WEEI and talks about the difference in this year's Sox team and last year's Sox - he chalks it up to chemistry, and how much guys like David McCarty, Dave Roberts, Gabe Kapler and Derek Lowe are missed - you don't think that was a shot at you? nooooooo not Curt. Check out Boston Dirt Dogs for the interview - with apologies in advance to Hazel - I wish Schilling would just shut his cake hole. I can't believe the Boston Red Sox and the Boston media let him spout this garbage.

Curt, you think the problem with the team's chemistry and the guys you lost (except for Pedro)...dude, don't you think some of it has to do with - oh..where do I start?

1) a lack of focus in the offseason - appearances on television shows?
2) players writing books?
3) appearances before congress and having teammates have to cover your ass for backtracking on all the things you said and then retracted?
4) how about making remarks in the media about things you claim other players said about their manager...and having your teammates have to answer?
5) think some of the players in the clubhouse may be a little pissed that they got rid of Pedro and Derek Lowe? Think there may be a bit of mistrust there?

Yes Curt, chemistry has something to do with the slow start of the Sox...but so does the owner of one historic bloody sock.

This Half Week In Baseball
The Jays took 2 of 3 from the O's - no small feat these days. Still no sign of Vernon Wells.

The Sox put the boots to the Tigers - Ramirez is heating up. Red Sox Nation is starting to point fingers at Renteria - they keep talking about players on the farm; but in listening to Fox Sports Radio last night, they seem to think the Sox farm system has been tapped and that there isn't much to go down and get. Hazel, any thoughts on the Sox farm system? Any inside information from Red Sox Rewind? or Granite City (forget full name) show?

For those counting - The Yankees had it handed to them by the D-Rays - George is having a stroke - looks good on them.

Dodger are still going strong in the NL West - there pitching staff might be the best in the majors...and Gagne is coming back - with that bullpen, they are now playing 6 or 7 innings games.

Hazel Mae's Heroes are in third place in the Ottawa Rotisserie League. We might actually do it Hazel, the hitting is coming around and our pitching staff is pretty damn good, wait til we get Sheets back! Finishing in the money is looking good.

World Hockey Championships????
Have you looked at the list of countries sending teams? Can you call this a Championship without laughing? Why don't they just say the top six teams in the world play a round robin series - top three advance to final - oh never mind. Hazel, are you watching this crapola? I know you have to report on it...but do they make you watch it?

Champions League
Yes, Jose Mourinho and Chelsea (aka Portuguese National Team North) lost out to Liverpool. Mourinho was gracious in the post-game, wishing Liverpool all the best - but it wasn't a goal. No way, no how. Jose, if you want to call me to discuss - go ahead. I should say though...if Hazel calls, I have to take her call first - hahahahaha (for those that think I'm nuts...see previous blog entry, it was a dream I had). So much for seeing if Hazel would get to report on Chelsea winning Champions League - I'd like to hear her roll the R in Mo-rrrrr-eeee-nyo. Damn.

Funny entry on live commentary of Chelsea and Liverpool...from soccernet "If you're not excited by this, you are either boring or dead. And if you're dead, it means there is internet in the afterlife. I bet the broadband speeds are incredible."

Dumbass Of The Week
Hands down, this week's dumbass is Kellen Winslow Jr. of the Cleveland Browns. Winslow may miss the entire season after having a motorcycle accident. The best part is that he may be in violation of his contract - and may have to pay back his signing bonus. The guy who dubbed himself "the chosen one" is the dumbass of the week.

I think that about does it for tonight - thank you to the new members of peeps nation - I hope you found your way here from the yahoo site - if not, I'll post this on yahoo - eventually.

Goodnight Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes - here's hoping that all is good with you as you head into your weekend.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - a great song, from a great Canadian group - for the Filapina girl I saw today, for the Filapina Femmes Fatale I didn't see, and the one Filapina I'd love to see (but probably won't).

Smile and Wave - The Headstones.

Goodnight peeps...thanks for dropping by.

Peesth Out.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday Means Weekend Leftovers

Evenin' peeps (for those members that check in) - evenin Hazel.

Monday was typically long - lots of crap going on at work, but I won't bore you with the latest trials and tribulations of the Government of Canada - after all, this is blog is called Thoughts of Hazel let's get on with what's happening in the world of sports.

In my own world - tonight's run was 7 KM, but it was a little slow...a little over 36 mins. I think I might have overdone it this weekend on the treadmill...I was a little sluggish tonight, and no Filapina well wishers in the neighbourhood tonight.

He Ain't No Bud Of The MLBPA
Bud Selig is talking tough now. Selig's new proposal for cracking down on steroids (no pun intended on the "cracking") calls for 1st time offenders to be suspended for 50 games, 2nd time offenders for 100, and 3rd time offenders for life. Wow, Bud and the boys are really serious about cleaning up baseball - too bad this is nothing but grandstanding and putting the players in a no win situation. I'm not buying argument put forth by some "steroid use is most prevalent among lower echelon players" - guys trying to make it to the show, or guys who shouldn't be hitting any HRs hitting 15 - 20. You can't tell me Selig and MLB owners would ever OK a superstar being suspended for 50 or 100 way, no how - it would cost them. I don't blame the players for not responding...what Selig and the owners are proposing is under-handed and cheap - I wonder if the Sox owners are supporting this - I'd like to ask Hazel that.

Do You "Rincon" Juan Knew It Was Coming?
Juan Rincon, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins is the latest baseball player to be suspended. Rincon's agent says he was devastated and stunned by the result - gee thanks dude. I wonder how long it is before some of these guys start spilling the beans or giving up peers. Rincon is by far the highest profile player suspended - is MLB going after major leaguers? Stay tuned.

Leftover Chicken(hawk)?
Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun wrote in the Sunday Edition that when the Jays were originally looking for a G.M. - they were looking to hire current Dodger G.M. Paul Depodesta, and that the Chickenhawk was their second choice. Simmons went on to point out that Depodesta has won a division title.

Ok, anyone who has read this blog knows I'm not a fan of the Chickenhawk (for a number of reasons), but this is a bit of an unfair comparison. Being a Dodger fan, I know Depodesta has much more in the way of salary dollars to work with - a luxury the Chickenhawk didn't have. One thing I will say about Depodesta, that can't be said about the Chickenhawk - Paul has balls. He pulled some major trades, he took chances, and transformed the Dodgers - he fleeced the Yankees into taking Kevin Brown, he got rid of Shawn Green - he made a couple of boners (LoDuca and Mota for Penny), but for the most part, he was creative enough to get things done...something the Chickenhawk hasn't been able to do (he should have been fired for not getting anything for Delgado).

Did Vermeil Shed A Tear?
The Kansas City Chiefs released former Heisman winner, Oklahoma Sooners QB Jason White after a three day mini-camp. No word on whether Dick cried when he gave White the news.

T.O. Might Be As Free As An Eagle
Terrell "It's Not About Money - But Respect" Owens didn't make it to the opening of the Eagles minicamp. Not only was Terrell a no-show, but he took a shot at Donovan McNabb. Rather than answer why he feels he shouldn't be at camp...he brings up McNabb in the Superbowl - the Terrell show continues. To his credit, McNabb used the media to politely bitch-slap Owens, saying he wasn't going to air this stuff in public...that he'll handle it like a man. OUCH!!!!

CBS Sportline columnist Clark Judge thinks Terrell is making a big mistake and could be gone if he isn't careful - just like big mouth Freddie Mitchell, who was asked by Andy Reid NOT to attend camp. I don't like the Eagles...but they don't mess around with players - ask Jeremiah Trotter.

If anyone cares...Celtics still fighting (Hazel Karma) - and is it just me...or is it great to see Vince Carter out of the playoffs in four games?

World Hockey Tournament
Championship, ya ya whatever. Canada won...Luongo is playing against Slovenia tomorrow - wooooo hoooooo. I checked out NESN today...there was a story on their website about the U.S whipping someone 7 - 0...can you hear them chanting U.S.A? I'm going to shut up...cuz Hazel has to report this stuff.

Time to wrap things up - as I end things...the Red Sox lost to the Tigers, the Yankees put it to the D-Rays...and the Jays and O's are in the 11th - with men on second and third with two out...and NO I'm not waiting for the end - I'm not a Sport Ticker! hahahahaha

Goodnight Hazel Mae...fondest regards and best wishes to you (as always) - here's hoping that the team named after you "Hazel Mae's Heroes" do you proud this week!

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day

Magnificent Seven - The Clash (for a Monday morning - and the seven topics/stories I hit tonight)

Ring ring seven a.m
Move yourself to go again
Cold water in the face
Brings you back to this awful place
Knuckle merchants and your bankers too
Let's get up and learn those rules

Night peeps...

Peesth Out.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Give Me Tonight

Evenin' peeps, welcome back from your weekend Hazel.

I've been negligent this weekend - but it has been an unusually good one...hence the title of tonight's entry (I'll explain more later).

Weekend Recap
The Dodgers swept the Rockies...hey, no one east of California cares...but I do, and they are in first place.

Jays took two of three from the Yankees. I'm still trying to believe that Hinske hit that HR off Johnson on Friday - yes Jays fans, he had a good weekend...but I wouldn't hold out too much hope. Today...May 1st - I'm ready to give the Yankees their last rights - suddenly, this team looks very old, very avg. Bernie Williams was terrible today, "noodle-armed" a couple of throws today. Jeter seems to be the only one who lose two of three to the Jays...with two of your best pitching? UNACCEPTABLE. I think the Yankees are going to be also-rans this year...I know that going into the season, I thought they would win...but seeing them this last month - they look uninterested, tired, complacent, and downright average.

Good news for Jays? Koskie is hitting. He had an unbelievable weekend and is up in the .260 - .270 range.

Bad news? Vernon Wells is still no where to be found - it's time they move him out of that number 3 spot, he's not earning it. If I was Gibbons, I'd move him to no 2 spot...put him in the mindset of just making contact, moving runner along, hitting to opposite field (hitting it through the hole when a runner is on)...that or bury him in the sixth or seventh spot and take some of the pressure away from him. But that's just me...what do I know? I just started a blog called "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" - so...I'll defer to Hazel. Hazel was around the Jays long enough to know some of the stuff that goes on Vernon untouchable? Can't he be moved? What would you (Hazel) do?

Red Sox had a good weekend in Texas taking two out of three. Sox seem to be getting it back in gear again. I didn't get to watch any of the action, so not much to say...New England seems to be relatively happy again - but that changes day to day with wins and losses. Some Sox fans are ready to bring up the whole farm system to help them out. Stay tuned... On another Sox note, it's been a few days and Schilling hasn't opened up his big pie hole. It would seem that Schilling posts on a Red Sox board "Sons of Sam Horn" ... Schilling went on there to explain his side of the story in the whole D-Ray affair...what a gutless jerk, posting there to plead his case. The more this guy opens his stupid mouth...the more I wish he would just shut up. Red Sox Nation views the Sons of Sam Horn as a sacred board...where the truly enlightened post - you know, Harvard professors, rocket scientists - blah blah blah - well, someone in Red Sox Nation posted Schilling's explanation on the board and was lambasted for doing so...Schilling doesn't like people copying his posts...and has apparently threatened not to post if this happens...and these schmucks are worried about not hearing from Schilling? Red Sox Nation...he can't keep his mouth shut, he will never stop talking or's an addiction to him - the guy is a buffoon. Enough said about the ass - apologies to Hazel if he is a friend/acquaintance/"red sox family" colleague...but he is a jerk.

Hazel Mae's Heroes
In the world of Rotisserie baseball - Hazel Mae's Heroes moved up into fourth place - but two of her star pitchers took it on the chin today - damn. Josh Beckett and Mark Prior both got roughed up we might be falling a bit tomorrow - crossing your fingers Hazel and peeps!

Flutie's Flakey
Doug Flutie signed with the New England Patriots this week - and thus saying "No thanks" to Ron Lancaster, the Hamilton Tiger Cats and the CFL. One can surmise that his brother Darren won't be coming out of retirement to join the Cats. I guess Ronnie's latest $500 K offer couldn't compare the the office job the Pats offered him...holding the clip board for Brady.

While New Englanders celebrate the return of the prodigal son - I would caution them to remember what he did for them in his last stint (nothing) and what he has done in subsequent stops (complain about playing time and being screwed over) . For the most part, he said the right things, "being there to help Tom, being a sounding board for Tom" blah blah - but at the end of it...a little of the typical Flutie snuck in, something Pats fans should brace for. Flutie just couldn't stop himself from talking about playing, saying something to the effect that if they have the confidence to play him...HUH? HUH? the confidence to play him?

To start with - Doug...Tom Brady has won THREE superbowls (to your zero, though you did win Grey Cups - not the same), he is a Superbowl MVP...I doubt he needs you as a sounding board...what could you possibly tell him?

Secondly - if they have the confidence to play you? Why do I think you are going to be griping about playing time the first time Brady has a bad game? Flutie is...well...he's Flutie - in his own mind, he could have (probably should have) been the best ever...but someone always stuck it to him.

New England...for as happy as you are with this signing - you will come to regret this one; history says that Flutie will be disruptive and divisive...I'm not seeing a third straight championship - sorry guys. Apologies again to Hazel if she has a soft spot for Flutie...additional apologies if she is hoping that by my prediction that the Pats won't three-peat - she thinks the Chiefs might win...they won't Hazel. No matter how many tears Vermeil sheds for his boys..they won't do it. Go Cowboys!

Yes Way Jose!
Jose Mourinho's boys from Chelsea clinched the Barclayard's English Premiership this weekend. Congrats to Jose, Paulo Ferriera (injured), Ricardo Carvalho, Tiago, and the Portuguese coaching staff and members of Chelsea's youth squad. Well done made us proud - go get Liverpool this week!!!!

For those who read an earlier entry about me getting a call from both Jose and Hazel - I'd still call Hazel first!

A Great Weekend
Yup, it was a great weekend - I got over my cold and got out on the town Saturday night to celebrate my cousin's birthday. Two interesting stories to tell about the celebrations

First, I joined them after dinner (family obligations at home). So I get to the restaurant, and who do I end up sitting across from? An Ex-girlfriend of mine and her husband - I want to make something clear, this is NOT about sour grapes...but its a great lesson in Karma. This ex was really nasty to old Pogue when we dated a long, long, long time around (early 20's - so roughly 15 years ago). This girl had me wrapped around her finger...I would have done anything for her. She ripped my heart out...but the worst thing was, she wasn't gonna let me go. After devastating me, she said to a friend of mine "We just don't work now...but I'll keep him around. My babies are going to have that boy's beautiful eyes. I won't let him go too far." Well, it never happened - thankfully. When I saw her Saturday...I didn't see the girl I was so infatuated with - she didn't age very well (she's not ugly...far from it...but she isn't a room stopper anymore). So there she sat with her boring husband, blah blah blahing...boring the hell out of me - and I thought to myself...I really don't like who she has become, who THEY have become - the deserve each other. But the coolest thing was I caught her on three separate occasions staring at me, in an almost "longing" she was wondering "what if". Her husband caught her the third time and suddenly became very attentive and affectionate towards her - hahahaha. I loved the look on her face when they went home and I continued on with my cousin - "it was great to see you "pogue"... wasn't, but it showed me that things worked out for the best. Why is this story on Hazelspeeps? You are going to love ex was half Filapina! I swear to God...her mom was a Filapina.

We went out clubbin' after dinner - when did guys become such "doofs"? Man...I may be in my mid to late 30's - but I thought I could hang with these late 20's and early 30's guys. Hell, I have never seen so many guys with bad hair and unibrows...are those in or something? I didn't get the memo. On a side note...going to places like that makes me happy that I don't have to do that every week...damn...the nightlife is lame. I was at a martini bar, ratio was 3 women for every man...but it was a "wanna-be beautiful" crowd. was for my cousin, so I bought him a few glasses of Port Wine and of course...a Red Bull with Vodka. We were getting quite a bit of attention (seriously)...much to the chagrin of his girlfriend who wasn't impressed and accused us of flirting... me? flirt? I'm too damn old to do that. All in all a good night actually - a very good for the ego. I had to wonder...what would happen if I was on the market - probably nothing, cuz women only want you when you are taken - it's like they think "Someone saw something in this dumbass - I wanna find out what". Highlight of the night? A really provocative asian girl almost doing to geeks on the dance floor...I'm sure what she was doing would have been illegal in some countries and a few U.S. states!.

And with that...we wrap up the weekend! I hope this made someone smile.

Goodnight Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best's hoping you have a great week!

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - going back to clubbin' last night

Don't laugh - it's a great song...never mind the artist - the song is an R&B / hip hop song that samples "classical gas"

Give Me Tonight - Will Smith
Across the room - share a little gaze with me
Crazy mama how your scent played with me
Eyes hidin' your heart, angelic lookin'
Fakin disinterest but I can tell you're lookin'
Face to face and eye to eye stance with me
I didn't even say nothin and I felt you wanna dance with me
You pushed me back a little when I kissed your hand
Said you was attracted to me truly, but you had a man
I put my finger up - shhhhhhhhhhh
Don't say nothin' - he ain't here is he?
Maybe we could play or somethin'
He at the crib? oh
I see you live with him,
What you gonna get married to him and have some kids with him?
Us could be just a weekend thing
Just a weekday thing
Just a thing ma
He could have everything else
But for tonight ma
Let me have you all to myself - holla at me

You can have the rest of your life baby
Give me tonight
You can have the rest of your life sugar
Give me tonight

Baby girl, you know exactly what I want
No I'm not trying to replace your man
I just want one night to touch you all over
Baby girl, a top secret rendez -vous
Look into my eyes I'm down with you
All I'm trying to do is change the view for a moment or two
Baby girl I don't want to break up your happy home
Baby I don't wanna be alone
So you got me all in the zone
You can feel my jones baby


Think of your life as a hundred yards long
Give me a quarter-inch, that's all I'm asking
Do the math, I'm the sun you the earth
Its U-N-I-verse
Its the worst, since
I thrist to taste your nectar
I know you got a life mama
Trust me, I ain't trying to bring your life drama
Dip out the side door take a ride with me
Let me hear about (uuuuhhh)
What you think about (uuuhhh)
What you need to do (uuuhhhh)
The things you dream about (uuuhhh)
Your body with me,
But I know where your heart is at (phone rings)
Let it ring ma
Call him back
Wishin' I could make the clock stop and
Make it last with you
Am I going to be at home alone
With a glass slipper?
Is is assinine to pretend with another fella?
Midnight - the story ends like cinderella

Chorus to fade out

It's a great song peeps...I highly recommend it. Oh to see our favourite (I'll bite my tongue now).

Goodnight peeps..

Peesth out.

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