Sunday, May 01, 2005

Give Me Tonight

Evenin' peeps, welcome back from your weekend Hazel.

I've been negligent this weekend - but it has been an unusually good one...hence the title of tonight's entry (I'll explain more later).

Weekend Recap
The Dodgers swept the Rockies...hey, no one east of California cares...but I do, and they are in first place.

Jays took two of three from the Yankees. I'm still trying to believe that Hinske hit that HR off Johnson on Friday - yes Jays fans, he had a good weekend...but I wouldn't hold out too much hope. Today...May 1st - I'm ready to give the Yankees their last rights - suddenly, this team looks very old, very avg. Bernie Williams was terrible today, "noodle-armed" a couple of throws today. Jeter seems to be the only one who lose two of three to the Jays...with two of your best pitching? UNACCEPTABLE. I think the Yankees are going to be also-rans this year...I know that going into the season, I thought they would win...but seeing them this last month - they look uninterested, tired, complacent, and downright average.

Good news for Jays? Koskie is hitting. He had an unbelievable weekend and is up in the .260 - .270 range.

Bad news? Vernon Wells is still no where to be found - it's time they move him out of that number 3 spot, he's not earning it. If I was Gibbons, I'd move him to no 2 spot...put him in the mindset of just making contact, moving runner along, hitting to opposite field (hitting it through the hole when a runner is on)...that or bury him in the sixth or seventh spot and take some of the pressure away from him. But that's just me...what do I know? I just started a blog called "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" - so...I'll defer to Hazel. Hazel was around the Jays long enough to know some of the stuff that goes on Vernon untouchable? Can't he be moved? What would you (Hazel) do?

Red Sox had a good weekend in Texas taking two out of three. Sox seem to be getting it back in gear again. I didn't get to watch any of the action, so not much to say...New England seems to be relatively happy again - but that changes day to day with wins and losses. Some Sox fans are ready to bring up the whole farm system to help them out. Stay tuned... On another Sox note, it's been a few days and Schilling hasn't opened up his big pie hole. It would seem that Schilling posts on a Red Sox board "Sons of Sam Horn" ... Schilling went on there to explain his side of the story in the whole D-Ray affair...what a gutless jerk, posting there to plead his case. The more this guy opens his stupid mouth...the more I wish he would just shut up. Red Sox Nation views the Sons of Sam Horn as a sacred board...where the truly enlightened post - you know, Harvard professors, rocket scientists - blah blah blah - well, someone in Red Sox Nation posted Schilling's explanation on the board and was lambasted for doing so...Schilling doesn't like people copying his posts...and has apparently threatened not to post if this happens...and these schmucks are worried about not hearing from Schilling? Red Sox Nation...he can't keep his mouth shut, he will never stop talking or's an addiction to him - the guy is a buffoon. Enough said about the ass - apologies to Hazel if he is a friend/acquaintance/"red sox family" colleague...but he is a jerk.

Hazel Mae's Heroes
In the world of Rotisserie baseball - Hazel Mae's Heroes moved up into fourth place - but two of her star pitchers took it on the chin today - damn. Josh Beckett and Mark Prior both got roughed up we might be falling a bit tomorrow - crossing your fingers Hazel and peeps!

Flutie's Flakey
Doug Flutie signed with the New England Patriots this week - and thus saying "No thanks" to Ron Lancaster, the Hamilton Tiger Cats and the CFL. One can surmise that his brother Darren won't be coming out of retirement to join the Cats. I guess Ronnie's latest $500 K offer couldn't compare the the office job the Pats offered him...holding the clip board for Brady.

While New Englanders celebrate the return of the prodigal son - I would caution them to remember what he did for them in his last stint (nothing) and what he has done in subsequent stops (complain about playing time and being screwed over) . For the most part, he said the right things, "being there to help Tom, being a sounding board for Tom" blah blah - but at the end of it...a little of the typical Flutie snuck in, something Pats fans should brace for. Flutie just couldn't stop himself from talking about playing, saying something to the effect that if they have the confidence to play him...HUH? HUH? the confidence to play him?

To start with - Doug...Tom Brady has won THREE superbowls (to your zero, though you did win Grey Cups - not the same), he is a Superbowl MVP...I doubt he needs you as a sounding board...what could you possibly tell him?

Secondly - if they have the confidence to play you? Why do I think you are going to be griping about playing time the first time Brady has a bad game? Flutie is...well...he's Flutie - in his own mind, he could have (probably should have) been the best ever...but someone always stuck it to him.

New England...for as happy as you are with this signing - you will come to regret this one; history says that Flutie will be disruptive and divisive...I'm not seeing a third straight championship - sorry guys. Apologies again to Hazel if she has a soft spot for Flutie...additional apologies if she is hoping that by my prediction that the Pats won't three-peat - she thinks the Chiefs might win...they won't Hazel. No matter how many tears Vermeil sheds for his boys..they won't do it. Go Cowboys!

Yes Way Jose!
Jose Mourinho's boys from Chelsea clinched the Barclayard's English Premiership this weekend. Congrats to Jose, Paulo Ferriera (injured), Ricardo Carvalho, Tiago, and the Portuguese coaching staff and members of Chelsea's youth squad. Well done made us proud - go get Liverpool this week!!!!

For those who read an earlier entry about me getting a call from both Jose and Hazel - I'd still call Hazel first!

A Great Weekend
Yup, it was a great weekend - I got over my cold and got out on the town Saturday night to celebrate my cousin's birthday. Two interesting stories to tell about the celebrations

First, I joined them after dinner (family obligations at home). So I get to the restaurant, and who do I end up sitting across from? An Ex-girlfriend of mine and her husband - I want to make something clear, this is NOT about sour grapes...but its a great lesson in Karma. This ex was really nasty to old Pogue when we dated a long, long, long time around (early 20's - so roughly 15 years ago). This girl had me wrapped around her finger...I would have done anything for her. She ripped my heart out...but the worst thing was, she wasn't gonna let me go. After devastating me, she said to a friend of mine "We just don't work now...but I'll keep him around. My babies are going to have that boy's beautiful eyes. I won't let him go too far." Well, it never happened - thankfully. When I saw her Saturday...I didn't see the girl I was so infatuated with - she didn't age very well (she's not ugly...far from it...but she isn't a room stopper anymore). So there she sat with her boring husband, blah blah blahing...boring the hell out of me - and I thought to myself...I really don't like who she has become, who THEY have become - the deserve each other. But the coolest thing was I caught her on three separate occasions staring at me, in an almost "longing" she was wondering "what if". Her husband caught her the third time and suddenly became very attentive and affectionate towards her - hahahaha. I loved the look on her face when they went home and I continued on with my cousin - "it was great to see you "pogue"... wasn't, but it showed me that things worked out for the best. Why is this story on Hazelspeeps? You are going to love ex was half Filapina! I swear to God...her mom was a Filapina.

We went out clubbin' after dinner - when did guys become such "doofs"? Man...I may be in my mid to late 30's - but I thought I could hang with these late 20's and early 30's guys. Hell, I have never seen so many guys with bad hair and unibrows...are those in or something? I didn't get the memo. On a side note...going to places like that makes me happy that I don't have to do that every week...damn...the nightlife is lame. I was at a martini bar, ratio was 3 women for every man...but it was a "wanna-be beautiful" crowd. was for my cousin, so I bought him a few glasses of Port Wine and of course...a Red Bull with Vodka. We were getting quite a bit of attention (seriously)...much to the chagrin of his girlfriend who wasn't impressed and accused us of flirting... me? flirt? I'm too damn old to do that. All in all a good night actually - a very good for the ego. I had to wonder...what would happen if I was on the market - probably nothing, cuz women only want you when you are taken - it's like they think "Someone saw something in this dumbass - I wanna find out what". Highlight of the night? A really provocative asian girl almost doing to geeks on the dance floor...I'm sure what she was doing would have been illegal in some countries and a few U.S. states!.

And with that...we wrap up the weekend! I hope this made someone smile.

Goodnight Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best's hoping you have a great week!

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - going back to clubbin' last night

Don't laugh - it's a great song...never mind the artist - the song is an R&B / hip hop song that samples "classical gas"

Give Me Tonight - Will Smith
Across the room - share a little gaze with me
Crazy mama how your scent played with me
Eyes hidin' your heart, angelic lookin'
Fakin disinterest but I can tell you're lookin'
Face to face and eye to eye stance with me
I didn't even say nothin and I felt you wanna dance with me
You pushed me back a little when I kissed your hand
Said you was attracted to me truly, but you had a man
I put my finger up - shhhhhhhhhhh
Don't say nothin' - he ain't here is he?
Maybe we could play or somethin'
He at the crib? oh
I see you live with him,
What you gonna get married to him and have some kids with him?
Us could be just a weekend thing
Just a weekday thing
Just a thing ma
He could have everything else
But for tonight ma
Let me have you all to myself - holla at me

You can have the rest of your life baby
Give me tonight
You can have the rest of your life sugar
Give me tonight

Baby girl, you know exactly what I want
No I'm not trying to replace your man
I just want one night to touch you all over
Baby girl, a top secret rendez -vous
Look into my eyes I'm down with you
All I'm trying to do is change the view for a moment or two
Baby girl I don't want to break up your happy home
Baby I don't wanna be alone
So you got me all in the zone
You can feel my jones baby


Think of your life as a hundred yards long
Give me a quarter-inch, that's all I'm asking
Do the math, I'm the sun you the earth
Its U-N-I-verse
Its the worst, since
I thrist to taste your nectar
I know you got a life mama
Trust me, I ain't trying to bring your life drama
Dip out the side door take a ride with me
Let me hear about (uuuuhhh)
What you think about (uuuhhh)
What you need to do (uuuhhhh)
The things you dream about (uuuhhh)
Your body with me,
But I know where your heart is at (phone rings)
Let it ring ma
Call him back
Wishin' I could make the clock stop and
Make it last with you
Am I going to be at home alone
With a glass slipper?
Is is assinine to pretend with another fella?
Midnight - the story ends like cinderella

Chorus to fade out

It's a great song peeps...I highly recommend it. Oh to see our favourite (I'll bite my tongue now).

Goodnight peeps..

Peesth out.

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