Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Whacked Wednesday Spills Into Thursday

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in - thanks for taking the time to stop by. A special hey goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae if she has taken a few seconds out of her busy schedule to stop by and see what's what here. So if this is your first visit - Wednesday entries are used to highlight some of the more notable stories in the world of sports over the past week.

Don't Phunk With My Heart - Black Eyed Peas

Damn Leafs lost again on Wednesday night - we get a Wednesday game (no blackout in the land of the Senatards) and they lose for the second week in a row. First the stinking Bruins and now the Lightning.

Mike Danton, formerly of the St. Louis Blues and currently in prison for trying to hire someone to kill his agent, has made the news again. CBC's Fifth Estate aired an episode on the sad life of Mike Danton, and the twisted relationship he had with his agent David Frost. Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun wrote about this mess. This can only be summed up as "icky" have to read about it to believe it.

From the sad to the downright stupid. Bruce Garrioch, resident Senatard Cheerleader and wanna be water boy, wrote an article today that contrary to speculation, the Senatards were not in the market to acquire Doug Weight from the St. Louis Blues. If Garrioch is to be believed, which if you have heard him speak or read his know that is foolhardy, the Senatards have pulled out of a deal with the Blues which would have seen the 'Tards send Vaclav Varada and Brian Smolinski to the Blues for Weight. According to Garrioch the Senatards are too happy with the pair to let them go. Yeah right Garrioch...keep going with your tried and true method of "throwing things against the wall to see what sticks." I think Eklund has a job for you on his site.

I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash

The Chickenhawk owes the San Diego Padres a load of thanks. The Jays had reportedly offered Giles a 5 year/$55M deal..but CBS Sportline is reporting that Giles has reached a preliminary deal with the Padres on 3 year/$30M deal. Ricciardi had been getting some heat from the media in Toronto...enough heat that he went on record as saying that the Jays had an offer in to Giles...but not what was being reported. "We have an offer but its not for five years. We wouldn't do that on Giles." Gee, and you wonder why Giles chose to stay with the hometown Padres...especially with how hard J.P. was wooing him. Ricciardi's quote was more than likely a direct result of media pressure and him trying to back out of his offer to Giles. Have fun Blue Jays Hinske on the block yet?

Look Who's Dancing - Ziggy Marley

Barry Bonds could be the one who is dancing. Bonds told the PA he wants to play in the World Baseball Classic next year. I'll let you mull that one over. Speaking of the Classic - Canada has asked Ernie "wanna-be Canadian" Whitt to manage the team. Why Dave McKay was not asked is beyond me.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are reportedly talking to former Sox Manager Grady Little about the manager's job. The Dodgers have pretty well talked to everyone but me - and if they wanna give me a call, I'd be more than happy to consider an offer of employment. After all, I did a bang up job managing a roto team named for Hazel...I couldn't be any worse than that freakin' Depodesta...who thought the way to go was to get rid of all the Dodgers' latin players and replace them with white bread like Kent and Drew. Red Sox Nation must be laughing. Hey must have connections in Beantown that can hook you up with Frank McCourt - how about working with the good guys in blue?

Smoke Baby - Hawksley Workman


Not for Doug Mientkiewicz - you had to know this was going to happen. The Boston Red Sox are taking Dougie to court for the World Series Ball. The argument being thrown put forth is that Doug was an employee of the Red Sox, giving him access to the ball - so the ball is the property of the Sox. Its about time...give the damn ball back Minky - it belongs to New England. If it was up to would be displayed on Hazel's desk during her nightly broadcast - after all, Hazel was the reason they won.

Hey Ya - Outkast...shake it like a poloroid picture...I think we know who's name should have been added after Lucy Liu and Beyonce...but I'm biased.

Ok, because I was reminded by one of the peeps that my man Michael Irvin got in some hot water with being charged with possessing drug paraphenalia last week. Michael claims that the pipe was his friend's pipe...I heard a very humble Irvin discuss it before Monday night footbal - I'm not buying the friend story; but innocent until proven guilty...right? Irvin claims ESPN has suspended him for a week - that's tougher than MLB penalties...isn't it?

If Dallas didn't have enough distractions...Jerry Jones was on record last week saying the Cowboys would think about taking on Terrell Owens. While Owens is a locker room cancer...if anyone knows how to handle a guy like Owens...its Parcells; just ask "MEshawn" Johnson and Terry Glenn. I still don't want to see him in a Cowboys uniform.

Stand Inside Your Love - Smashing smart remarks about Hazel's bling (have I said congrats if its true?).

Can someone tell me how the Detroit Lions fire Steve Mariucci, but keep Matt Millen? I said last week that it look like Mariucci had quit on his team...but isn't Millen the choreographer in this debauchery?

The New Orleans Saints are getting the boot from the Alamodome for a Women's Volleyball Tournament. The NFL can't be friggin happy about this one. Hazel was a volleyball player in her day...I wonder what her take on all this would be?

During the Grey Cup last week, word leaked that Esks QB Jason Maas would be sent to the Hamilton Tiger Cats. For American readers, Maas had come off the bench to lead the Esks to wins in the two playoff games leading up to the Grey Cup. If that wasn't retarded enough - the fact that a guy who is playing in a Championship game is going to be traded...there were rumours that Maas was the "Player to be named later" in a mid season trade that saw RB Troy Davis sent to the Esks. So I guess it is true - Hugh Campbell, GM of the Esks really does own the damn league if he can pull crap like that.

Wholehearted - Extreme...a New England band with a strong connection to the Azores!

Wrestler Ric "Nature Boy" (Boy???) Flair was wanted by state troopers in North Carolina for an incident of road rage. Why is this relevant? Cuz Hazel interviewed him for Rogers a couple of years back...and Hazel admitted that she and her family (like all good "new Canadians") were wrestling fans. WOOOOOOOOOOO!

(Port break)

Lovers In A Dangerous Time - Barenaked Ladies...Scarborough boys, Hazel's gotta like that, even if they are doofuses who got caught up in their 15 mins of geeky fame

I wish people would stop talking about the "Blockbuster" trade between the Bruins and the Sharks. I don't know if Hazel referred to it as a blockbuster...if she did...sorry Hazel. The trade can be classified as a shocker - but certainly not a blockbuster...not with the guys coming to the Bruins.

Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz...Thornton certainly can't after closing a deal on a $3M reported by the Team 1200's Dean Brown (more to say on Brown a bit later).

Back to the trade. I actually got a couple of emails from angry Bruin fans for my post yesterday speculating that something else must be in the works...according these fans, O'Connoll trade Thornton cuz he was terrible in the playoffs in 03/04...and the B's are going forward with Samsonov, Boyton and Raycroft. HELLO?

Are you kidding me? I have heard garbage about him not being able to play against teams in the Northeast...and the last playoffs. Thornton was hurt against the Canadiens...he is a freakin franchise player...the other three are not. Something has to be coming, another shoe has to drop - or O'Connoll has to be fired. This can't be the end of it...if he isn't going to turn Sturm and Primeau around for someone else...then he just doomed the Bruins to a few more years of mediocrity - and that is just a flat out shame. Hazel shouldn't have to spend her winters talking about a sad sack Bruin team and a Celtics team that is as far away from the promised land as the Bruins are.

We'll see what unfolds...but I think the Bruins just guaranteed their non-participation in the 2005/06 Stanley Cup playoffs...Go Leafs Go...right Hazel? If you are in New England...what do you think? Do you understand the trade?

Back to Brown...he was on the Team 1200 this morning discussing the trade - the idiot claims he heard about the trade on Action News 7 or something to that effect...and then went to the internet to check it out. Why wasn't he watching NESN and a fellow Canadian who made good in New England - Hazel. Another reason to hate the damn Senatards and everyone connected to them.

Time to start mulling over my NFL picks for the week...stay tuned...or check back in. If you think I have missed all means submit your story. Have a great one peeps...Hazel if you are indeed checking in - I hope things are groovy in your world.

I am going to end this entry with NFL Round Up.

Peesth Out.

Everyone Wants Wednesday Face Time

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in on this Wednesday (or whenever). A special hey goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae if she is checking in (you'll notice I use "Ms" as it is a catch all...but I digress - smile Hazel...that was supposed to be funny). If this is your first time here...Wednesday entries are used to recap the weird, the whacked and the downright silly over the past week in the world of sports.

Ok, so TSN just broke the news. Mike O'Connoll has officially lost his mind. The Boston Bruins have traded their captain Joe Thornton to the San Jose Sharks for Marco Sturm, Brad Stuart and Wayne Primeau. I will let you digest that for a few seconds...if you are a member of Leaf Nation (and we are STILL counting Hazel as a member...until she turns in her member card) you gotta be happy with this one - we just rid our conference of one the game's best players. If you are a Bruin fan - to be you huh?

I think O'Connoll did this because he wanted to make news on a Wednesday and see if he could get his name on here...well Mike - you just did it. You may be dumber than Milbury...who, if I remember correctly was one of your partners on defence with the Bruins. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that O'Connoll is working on a deal with St. Louis to get Doug Weight from the would be thing that could salvage his job after trading away Thornton. If he goes for Tzachuk...which isn't out of the realm of possibility (being that fatty is from the New England area)...then he should be canned immediately.

The Boston Bruins just got much weaker tonight folks...Sorry Hazel, but it is gonna be a long winter in Boston...unless the Celtics do something. How much longer until Spring Training?

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps...for Bruin fans.

On the loss of Joe Thornton
Rainy Dayz - Mary J. Blige ft Ja Rule

On the possibility of Doug Weight being on the way
Are You That Somebody - Aaliyah ft. Timberland

On the possibility that Keith Tzachuk may be on the way (purely speculation - for entertainment purposes only)
Hey Fatboy - Maximillion

For Hazel...who is probably broadcasting the news to New England as I type this (just cuz)
She Talks to Angels - Black Crowes

More to come tonight...but this one deserved its own entry. Hey Hazel, hope things are groovy in your world.

Peesth out!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Weekend Heroes and The Not So Heroic

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in. Thanks for taking the time to stop by for this week's installment of Hazel's Heroes and Zeros (as determined by me). As is always the case, a special hey goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae if she is checking's hoping she would agree with this week's winners and the "runners up".

No More Drama - Mary J. Blige...I guess that is the cue for me to get started...on to this weeks winners


The Edmonton Eskimos won the 93rd Grey Cup in Vancouver on Sunday, beating the Montreal Alouettes 38 - 35 in O/T. The new O/T sucks, with both teams getting offensive series starting on the oppostion's 35 yard line...but the game was good.

This week's NFL recap starts with L.T. LaDanian Tomlinson - many think he is the best player in the NFL, and already on his way to being one of the best of all-time. I will say yes to the former, probably the best player in the league - we'll see about the latter. L.T put up another great week against the much heralded Redskin defence (I think the Skins have benefitted from a weak schedule - but then again, I hate the - 25/184 and 3TDs. The last two TDs were 40+ yard runs, one to tie the game, the other to win it in O/T. Drew Brees owes a hell of a lot to L.T. - he won't be looking to leave the Chargers anytime soon...unless he is pushed out.

Two members of Hazel Mae's Cowboys - Carson Palmer and T.J. Houshmanzadeh of the Bengals both rate honourable mention. Palmer has taken over the the Cowboy's QB, sending Trent Green to the sidelines - 22/30 for 302 yards and 3TD passes against what is still an good Baltimore Ravens D. (Sorry Hazel...even if you are the honourary GM...Palmer plays over Green) For his part, T.J. had what amounted to a very good game 9/147 with a 30 TD reception in the mix.

Jumpin' Jumpin' - Destiny's Child...gotta like how Beyonce shakes her jelly

Ryan Fitzpatrick, a 3rd string quarterback for the Rams, came off the bench to lead St. Louis to a come from behind victory over the Texans...yes its Houston, but the guy deserves some credit. Ryan went 19/30 for 310 yards and 3 TD passes.

Joe Jurevicius of the Seahawks had a very good game against the NY Giants (told you they would lose!). Jurevicius caught 8 passes for 147 yards, with 2TDs - he absolutely robbed a Giants DB on one of them. So for screwing the Giants - Way to go Joe!

In other news, Brian Westbrook of the Eagles had a pretty good game...bugger. Oh well, the Eagles aren't going anywhere anyways.

In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel..."The Hazels"... in my eyes as seen and determined by me on her she was so inclined to hand them out.

European soccer fans mourned the loss of former Man U star and Northern Ireland standout George Best. Best was renowned for his hard drinking and his voracious sexual appetite, claiming to have had women at half time. For those of you that didn't know...Portugal's Captain Luis Figo counted Best as one of his heroes.



Jay Feely of the Giants missed 3 FGs against the Seahawks - all of them potential game winners two very makeable kicks - 42 and 45 well as an unlikely 50+ yarder. The look on his face when Seattle's Josh Brown kicked the winner was almost enough to make me feel bad...until I remembered it was the stinking Giants - a counterfeit bunch of clowns if I have ever seen one...The Tuna is bringing the Boys in there to kick their cans on Sunday. You heard it here first.

Fool In The Rain - Led Zeppelin...fitting given the weather here today.

Ya ok. Billy Cundiff of the Cowboys makes the list for missing a 34 yarder that would have beaten the freaking Broncos...but I beat that horse to death. Get it?

Ok, so for those of you in Canada that caught the latest installment of the Leafs and the Habs on Saturday night, you know that the Leafs won in overtime on a power play goal with Andrei Markov of the Habs in the box. The Habs, one of the NHL's biggest proponents for the new rule changes were crying foul for a questionable call in O/T. The Habs couldn't wait to "not complain publicly" about the officiating in the game. Claude Julien, a.k.a Dibert's boss, said he wanted to complain about the officiating but couldn't afford the fine he would get, saying "My wallet is not that big."

Jose Theodore was next, saying he wasn't going to complain publicly because he would get in trouble...but said "You all watch know what saw what happened out there for 62 mins." ending it by saying he wasn't going to get himself into trouble with the league.

The Habs should own up to the fact that they aren't nearly as good as they thought they were. The rules have relaxed slightly, so that blowing on someone isn't a two minute penalty anymore ...the Habs are being handled physically, and are helpless to do anything about it. Watch for Montreal to start free falling...much to the chagrin of big-mouth Pierre Maguire who was telling anyone who would listen that Montreal would be one of the best teams in the league with the new rules...Meh.

Oye Mi Canto - N.O.R.E ft/Nina Sky...which if you have read this page before, means that baseball (Big Papi and Manny) is on the brain.

J.P. Ricciardi, a.k.a The Chickenhawk, made news this week by signing former O's closer B.J. Ryan to a five year $47M deal. "He stands among the few pitchers in baseball worthy of a five year contract. " said the Hawk - - HUH?. Ok, so for a guy that has always complained about the challenges of being in a small market...the goes out and spends $47M on a guy with 42 career saves. Give me strength...part of me thinks that Ricciardi is trying to get his can fired so that he can go to Boston (he must really want to follow Hazel...must have been the news about Hazel's bling). He makes a guy with 42 career saves one of the five highest paid closers in the game...he's getting more than Eric Gagne. For his part, the Chickenhawk isn't done...he's going hard for A.J. Burnett and Brian Giles...and he has served notice that he is willing to overpay for both. What gives this guy the stones to be such an arrogant...I'll bite my tongue now.

Rock The Casbah Remix - Unknown...the B.J. Ryan signing - sing along with me to the beat "Godfrey won't like it...Rock the Casbah, Rock the Casbah."

The Mets saw fit to hand over $43M over 4 years to Billy Wagner, ex of the Phillies. Not sure about that one either - while he had a good season this year, Wagner's last couple of years were sub-par leading some to question whether he had a bit of a dead arm. Mr. Minaya has acquired Carlos Delgado, Billy Wagner - with Pedro and Beltran already there...with talk persisting that Manny is in their sights. Who's bankrolling this?

Quando Quando (Latin Beat) - Englebert Humperdink...Manny, can you hear Omar singing?

The football program at McGill University was sanctioned this week - a $30,000 fine and two years of no TV exposure for a hazing incident earlier this year.

That's what I have for tonight. Crisis in Toronto so I have to call my buddy back. Thank you again for checking in...have a great one peeps. Hazel, if you are checking in, I hope things are groovy in your the sounds of it, they may just be. If you wanna use this page or the yahoo page to make your official statement...hahahahahaha

Peesth out!

Tuesday's Teaser

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in - from those of you that stop by periodically to those of you who have happened on this page for the first time...welcome. As always, a special hey goes to Ms. Hazel Mae if is checking in.

If you checked in last week - you will know one of the members of the peeps was asking if Hazel was still with NESN - as he hadn't seen her in a while. I got a couple of emails on Yahoo - the latest being from my man DJames...he wrote:

Sorry for the late reply, as you probably know she is back at NESN
after a two week vacation. Rumor is that she may be engaged. She
was sporting a huge rock on her ring finger shortly after returning.
But it was denied by NESN PR sources. Stay tuned.........

Another one of the peeps sent along a link to the Boston Herald - seems like Hazel makes news everywhere she goes. Now my man Adam tells me on very good information that stations often plant info like keep them in the news and keep people talking. Why the station would have to step in quickly to announce she isn't engaged is beyond me - are they insisting that she keep things hush hush for fear of losing viewers? If that is the case...that sucks. Come on people, do you really expect her to remain single? I say this, if Hazel is indeed engaged - congratulations to her and the lucky dude. I think Hazel should check in to issue a formal statement. haha

No Monday post - but this week's installment of Hazel's Heroes and the "Not So Heroic" will be posted later tonight...this weekend could be summed up by two letters - L.T. Wow what a game he had...against the freakin' Redskins no less...that about does it for those chumps. It's down to the Cowboys and the Giants - go Boys'.

Some more of the weekend's great performances to be highlighted later...along with calling out some of the weekend's biggest whiners - hello Montreal Canadiens... If you didn't catch the game Saturday night...or the post game comments - check back later for a recap.

Ok, going to wrap this quick post up for the afternoon. If Hazel you happen to be checking in here is your horoscope from Canoe -

Whatever isn't paying you back or working for you must be stopped. You've been working too long and too hard. Your generosity has become a hindrance, so get back to doing what counts. 3 stars

Not a great day for those of us that are Aries...if you believe in that stuff.

Back later...Hazel if you are checking in...hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - given the weather here today.

The Rain - The Cult.

Peesth out!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hockey Night In Canada

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in...a special hey goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

So the Thanksgiving weekend has not been a kind one to yours truly. The Cowboys let another game slip away from them on Thursday - how Cundiff misses a 34 yarder is beyond me...but the Giants are in Seattle this weekend and the Skins have the Chargers - so the Cowboys shouldn't lose ground.

The Leafs got screwed in Carolina last night - somehow the video replay judge didn't get the angle TSN showed on a goal by Mats was pretty close though - - - only a foot over the damn line with a clear view. Let's hear it for the NHL.

Leafs host the Habs tonight...they should get back on track as Montreal seems to be everyone's punks these days. Speaking of Montreal...I was in Montreal yesterday - pretty damn cool time (more on that later).

Bruins are here to face the Senatards...I wonder if Hazel made the trip - wouldn't that be something?

Ok, I'm wrapping this up for now...back later...maybe. Hope you are all having a great weekend...Hazel if you are checking in from south of the border...hope your American Thanksgiving weekend was spent with friends and that things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - because I heard it today and it is one of the coolest songs you'll hear...if you are checking in from New England - you probably haven't heard it...but go find it and download it...Toronto band from the 90's and into the 2000's.

Tweeter and the Monkey Man - The Headstones

Peesth out!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Turkey Day

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in, from those of you who check in on a regular or semi-regular basis, to those of you that have happened upon this page for the first time. A special hey to goes out Ms. Hazel Mae if she has chosen to check in. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

If you are one of the regulars, you know that Wednesday's entries usually highlight some of the weird, whacked, and downright silly events in the world of sports over the past seven days.

Before starting...a very Happy Thanksgiving to anyone in the U.S. If Hazel didn't take the long weekend off to come home and visit her family; I hope someone in Boston has invited her to be part of their Thanksgiving celebrations. In case you (American readers) were wondering - yes we know its Thanksgiving in the U.S (we watch NFL Football too!) and no we are not celebrating Thanksgiving (our is the second Monday in November). So enjoy your football, your turkey, and your friends and families.

Like A Stone - the guitar solo.

So in keeping with the spirit of giving thanks - let us give thanks for the fact that we will not have to hear from Terrell Owens again this year...if only that we could believe that. The Eagles' decision to suspend T.O. was upheld by an arbitrator today. So for all intents and purposes - the mouth that roared is shut out of the NFL for the season. I don't know about you but I can't wait to hear Rosenhaus' comments on this one. What in essence should have been a minor story turned into an hour of Jim Rome (he has takes...THEY SUCK) talk about the decision from the Eagles perspective, from Andy Reid's perspective (aren't they really one in the same) - - one genius "clone" called in to say the Eagles should continue to pay T.O for the remainder of his contract NOT to play...Rome didn't say much...7 minutes of Rome and his band of idiots was enough for me.

Timeline of T.O's tantrums - funny.

Deep End - Swollen Members...Canadian Hip Hop kings...Hazel would know of them.

The dumbass who ran out on the field during Bengals/Packers game to take the ball away from Brett Favre was sentenced to probation - no need to post link, his 15 minutes of fame are up.

Weird/Funny...a Wal-Mart banner on CBS Sportsline features a guy that has to be Raul Mondesi's twin brother (if it isn't Raul himself).

Give Me Tonight - Will Smith...a past Song of the Day on it

Can someone tell me how in the hell Major League Baseball allows the Florida Marlins to trade their whole team? First Beckett and Lowell to Carlos Delgado to the New York Mets. They are screwing their fans and turning a contender into the new Montreal Expos (and to think, one guy owned both teams..Lorie presided over the capsizing of the Expos before jumping to Florida) because they can't get someone to build a stadium for them? Oh wait...they are now going to be a major league farm team for Boston and New York - now I get it. So Juan Pierre will be headed to the Yankees soon? Or will he be Damon's replacement if "Jesus" goes to the Yankees. They are looking at relocating...gotta suck to be any one of the ten remaining Marlins fans.

Fuel Injected - Swollen Members

Losers of their last six game, the friggin Bruins beat the Leafs tonight - hey Hazel...I thought you were on our side. The first weekday Leaf game I get to see in weeks and you didn't send your good karma Toronto's way? Please tell me you are still part of Leaf Nation.

Days Go By - Dirty Vegas ... not going to say a word

Champions League update -
Andriy Schevchenko of A.C. Milan scores FOUR goals against Fenerbache. The Turkish team's coach summed things up by saying "I'm very disappointed." I would be too buddy! In other, more important, news - in addition to Adriano's hat trick, Luis Figo scored today to lead Inter Milan into the next round of the competition. Not a good week for Benfica of Lisbon and F.C. Porto - both tying.

Elvis is Everywhere - Mojo Nixon / ft. Skid Roper...he sure as hell wasn't at the Leaf game tonight.

Now for the truly NFL picks...still waiting on Hazel for her picks/advice/ input.

16) Carolina +4.5 over BUFFALO - road wimps yes...but +4.5 has to be a mistake, too good to pass up

15) INDY -7.5 over Pittsburgh - Manning makes a statement on Monday night...Ben is a punk!

14) Atlanta -3.5 over DETROIT - yes I crapped on Ron Mexico...but Mariucci looks like he has given, Joey "Happy Feet" Harrington

13) TAMPA BAY -2.5 over Chicago - two great D's...I'll take lil' Sims and Cadillac over Orton and Jones

12) San Diego -3.5 over WASHINGTON - the clock has struck twelve for Brunnell and the Skins. LaDanian makes Portis look like a punk.

11) Jacksonville -3.5 over ARIZONA - Hazel Mae's Cowboys (Fitzgerald and Boldin) will have good games...but Jacksonville will run Cards' D into the count on Warner to throw 2 INTs.

10) SEATTLE -4.5 over N.Y Giants - too much Shaun Alexander for the Giants.

09) New England +2.5 over KANSAS CITY - Bless me Hazel for I have sinned...though you have to give me a free pass since its the Pats...Vermeil sings Eva Peron this week

08) New Orleans -1.5 over N.Y. JETS - crazy perhaps...but Joe Horn shot his mouth off this week.

Hot Stuff - Donna Summer...hopefully my picks...but definitely Hazel.

07) Miami +7.5 over OAKLAND - giving Saban's team more than a TD, with Collins pitching (no pun intended...get it?) - no way. Collins has two turnovers on his own.

06) CINCY -9.5 over Baltimore - I'm a bit worried about Indy-hangover.

05) TENNESSEE -7.5 over San Fran - 49ers are terrible...but McNair and the Titans haven't been anything to right home about (weird my straight up suicide pool...I picked Tennessee - go figure).

I Gotta Get Through This - Daniel kidding!

04) Green Bay +4.5 over Eagles - Favre atone for a horrid performance on Monday, with McNabb and Sheppard...oh yeah. AND T.O!!!! no way should the Eagles be favoured by 4.5

03) HOUSTON +3.5 over St. Louis - Bulger is banged up...Davis runs his way through Rams...Carr pulls a Trent Dilfer and "manages" the game.

02) DALLAS +1.5 over Denver - yes I'm gutless...but I want to watch the game for the game...I'll change if IF and ONLY IF HAZEL posts a message to put more on the Boys. I'm not taking Shanahan and his horse teeth.

01) Cleveland +4.5 over MINNESOTA - Yuck. Brad Johnson's horse shoe falls out this weekend.

Shook - Shawn Desman..this girl she's got me shook...with her pretty brown eyes (I'll shut up now).

One more thing - a couple of days ago, I posted that someone from Hazelspeeps on yahoo asked about Hazel...claiming he hadn't seen her on NESN for a while. A quick check of NESN shows a picture of Hazel in the NESN Sportsdesk video recap section - they normally show a still of the story itself...for the 1st time in a long time they feature a still of Hazel announcing story...coincidence? are they checking in? or does the fact that my computers (at work and home) are both so crappy that I can't view video preclude me from seeing that she is featured on the video clips? I'm signoff thinking that they are peeking.

Ok, I'm outta here for this Wednesday...have a great one peeps. Happy Thanksgiving to all the American readers...Happy NFL Football Day for all of my fellow Canadians who are taking the day off to celebrate.

To Hazel Mae I say - I hope things are groovy in your world...enjoy your long weekend!

You're Beautiful - James Blunt...I joke. Enough said.

Peesth out.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tuesday's musings

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in. A special hey goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae if she is taking time out of her busy schedule to check in at some point. Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

As I sit down to type tonight's entry and take a sip of my Port, You Talk Too Much - Run DMC is now playing - no smart remarks please.

The weather sucked here today - snow and rain, cold and damp...but all in all it was a good day. So in scanning what's making news in the world of sports today - it is evident that Tuesdays seem to be a slow day. I'm trying to decide on my picks for this week's NFL schedule - I'm ready to start flipping a coin...but I'm going to forge ahead with what I believe to be my informed (or ill-informed) picks this week - memo to Hazel is she is reading...any time you wanna submit your picks, they would be appreciated!

Clocks (Royskopp Remix) - Coldplay now playing.

So if Hazel was checking in...what would catch her interest that she may not have seen yet?

How about some good news for Leaf Nation? It seems that at least one person is showing the Leafs some love and respect these days. Wes Goldstein, Cbs Sportsline Staff Writer, is giving the Leafs some credit for their play of late and has them climbing up the NHL's power rankings. I am not one of those predicting doom and gloom for the Buds - I see them finishing between 5th and 7th in the Conference and gearing up for a playoff run.

Speaking of the Toronto Maple Leafs (the NHL's Boston Red Sox) The Big E (no, not Elvis) Eric Lindros played in his 700th game; with 8 concussions and bad a number of other can't question this guy's heart and commitment to the game - though feel free to hate his parents.

Shut Up - Black Eyed Peas...again, no smart comments or suggestions.

Lots of talk up here about Team Canada and whether or not Mario Lemieux and Steve Yzerman should step aside to allow guys like Sidney Crosby, Eric Staal, and Jason Spezza to make the team. Personally, I think Yzerman should step aside - he is showing his age. Lemieux is a different matter - he is the only current NHLer than has EARNED the right to call his shot...he would be a contributor - Yzerman wouldn't.

This won't be news to anyone who follows the NHL, but after a scary incident in Detroit last night, Wings D Jiri Fischer is recovering after suffering a seizure on the bench.

Hey Ya - Outkast...I think they should have included "Hazel Mae" with Beyonce and Lucy Liu when calling for them to shake it like a poloroid picture - but I'm biased.

Oye Mi Canto - N.O.R.E ft. Nina Sky

Hazel must know about this...but when N.O.R.E is on, I always think of Big Papi and Manny Ramirez. Ortiz says that Ramirez is as good as gone in Boston - not surprising after yesterday's trade...but Ortiz can't be happy seeing his two best friends go. Watch for the Sox to go back to Florida and start talking about Delgado and Juan Pierre once Manny goes. One question - If Ramirez goes...will Ortiz go after his contract is up? ( I think yes...) but more importantly will Hazel go? She said when she moved to Boston - she only knew Pedro, Manny and Big Papi...if all three are gone...shouldn't she follow? Kidding...wishful thinking.

Alabama Hotel Room - Matthew Good

The Blue Jays (probably the Chickenhawk) announced that a split squad will play the Canadian national team on March 3rd. You gotta love the Jays commitment to Canadian baseball - I think the famous pic of Hazel in a Jays cap should be photo-shopped and changed to a Leaf hat.

Ok..I've gotta head out. My buddy in Hamilton is on the horn - fitting as I Want To Break Free - Queen is on.

Have a great one peeps. Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world. By the way, your horoscope for today read:

The sky is the limit today. You can do anything you put your mind to. Take on a competitive challenge. Your changing attitude may concern someone, but it will be just what you need to move forward. 5 stars

Here's hoping it was that good of a day for was for me.

Peesth out.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend Recap - Hazel's Heroes and...

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in. A special "hey" goes to you if you are reading this and your name happens to be Ms. Hazel Mae - thanks for taking the time to stop by.

There was a message posted on the yahoo site today - someone asking if Hazel was still with NESN; he said he had not seen her in awhile. Given that I am not in New England, and therefore do not have access to NESN...can anyone reading this confirm that Hazel is indeed still on NESN? I would like to think that she is heading back on up here - but its probably vacation time for her...since she really can't take time off in the summer with the Sox playing.

So its Monday night and I'm posting...why, when MNF is on, you ask? Well, it is the Pack against Captain Stubings' Love Boat boys...better known as the Vikings. Meh...who cares unless you have a wad of jack on the game.

So on Monday's I go back over the last week or so in the world of sports and pick out some of the more notable highlight (in my estimation) those who would be Hazel's Heroes...and the "Not-So-Heroic" (or Zeros for short). Without further "Freddie Adu" ( Chris Bermanism if I ever heard one) I give you:


I don't usually get into the NCAA - but Reggie Bush of the Trojans was unbelievable Saturday night against Fresno St. The score carried the game and we ended up switching from the Oilers/Hawks game to the Trojans. 500+ yards in total offence including almost 300 rushing. Amazing - Heismann trophy this year?

Brian McCabe of the Toronto Maple Leafs continues to light up the league this year...making his bid for the 2006 Olympic Team. McCabe had 3 goals and 4 assists in 3 games this week...Hazel (hopefully still a proud member of Leaf Nation) had to smile over that one.

Steve Larmer, ex Chicago Blackhawk recently resigned from the NHLPA. Larmer left a very cushy job for his principles and for his beliefs - you gotta like a man with conviction.

Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals (8 catches, 189 yards, 1 TD) - they didn't win, but Johnson showed up to play. He didn't guarantee a win...he kept his pie hole shut (for the most part) and showed the Colts that he is a force. I loved the "T.O. I get you baby" sign he made. I wonder if he would have proposed to Hazel had she been on the sideline.

Jerry Porter of the Oakland Raiders (6 catches, 142 yards, 1 TD) - he made the highlights for a TD he scored, and for getting creamed at midfield by Skins' Safety Sean Taylor (for the record, he hung on to the ball). Porter had a great day for Hazel Mae's Cowboys (now 7-3-1).

Larry Johnson of Hazel's Kansas City Chiefs (36 rushes, 211 yards and 2 TDs) - I know Houston is terrible, but 200+ yards rushing against any NFL team is a feat. I didn't nominate Trent Green (also a member of Hazel Mae's Cowboys) for the very fact that Houston is terrible, while he had 3 TD was against Houston and NONE to Gonzalez.

Drew Brees of the San Diego Chargers (28/33, 339 yards and 4TDs) - Brees torched a very highly regarded Bills D on Sunday afternoon. How about that J.P. he making Buffalo fans forget Drew Bledsoe yet? haha

Cadillac Williams of the Tampa Bay Bucs had a great game in Atlanta on Sunday (19 rushes, 116 yards, 1 TD). Many were wondering if he would wear down this year... I think not. Speaking of the Bucs - they go down to Atlanta and beat Ron Mexico and the Falcons. The Bucs pull out a surprise win for the second week in a row - gotta hand it to them.

Honourable mention goes to Peyton Manning for a very good game against the Bengals, Marvin Harrison for reaching 900 career receptions, Plaxico Burress of the Giants, Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin of the Cards (all three WRs members of the "Cowboys"), Rueben Droughans of the Browns for an great 75 yard TD run.

I know NESN carries CFL football games so New England readers might be interested - and Hazel is on record as being a big time CFL fan - so big time credit goes to Jason Maas of the Edmonton Eskimos. Maas again comes off the bench yesterday to lead Edmonton to a win in Britsh Columbia. Many Eskimos fans felt that Maas should be the starter yesterday...Maas to his credit kept his mouth shut and prepared for the game...and pulled out a win. Gotta like that...One thing you can say about addition to being a gamer... he's got one big set of ears!

If this evening's reports are true...and the Boston Red Sox have indeed traded two prospect (Hanley Ramirez and Anibal Sanchez) plus a player to be named later to the Florida Marlins for Josh Beckett (the cornerstone of Hazel Mae's Heroes - roto team) and Mike Lowell (a former Yankee prospect) - whoever pulled the trigger on that deal deserves to have a parade held in their honour. That trade just established the Sox as the early favourite for the 2006 World Series - PROVIDED THEY DON'T TRADE MANNY. No talk about the potential of both prospects...Beckett and Lowell are proven. Red Sox win hands down.


The Montreal Canadiens are looking very ordinary without Kovalev. Paper tigers.

The Boston Bruins are looking almost as bad as the St. Louis Blues...ok, maybe not as bad; but a Joe Thornton-led team being this bad? I wonder how hard it is for Hazel to put a somewhat positive spin on the Bruins these days.

Steve Yzerman of the Detroit Red Wings - who comes out and criticizes the new NHL after the Wings drop one to the Blues this past Saturday night. Though I am not in love with the new NHL, even I know that the Wings problems go far deeper than referee's interpreations...they are OLD and SLOW. For a guy that has a lot of respect in NHL circles...he should shut his pie hole.

The Carolina Panthers...for a team that many consider to be frontrunners to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl - Meh. I know the Bears are very good on D - but 3 points? Road wimps.

The Atlanta Falcons...they have looked very beatable these last couple of weeks - and they look like they are headed down further. I'm not calling this, but don't be surprised if the Lions surprise them on Turkey Day.

This may not be appropriate under this heading...but did anyone catch the news about former Boston Red Sox Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd being arrested for leaving threatening voicemails on his ex girlfriend's phone? One question...who could understand what he said? I never could understand what Boyd was trying to say.

I think that is about it for tonight - as I type this, Minnesota just scored another TD on a pickoff.

Have a great one peeps...Hazel, if you are checking in - I hope things are groovy in your world. Enjoy American Turkey Day. And for heaven's sakes, if you are coming back up here...let us know, we'll organize the parade! (I know...wishful thinking).

Donald Driver just scored on a 54 yard pass and run play from Favre...maybe this game IS worth watching after all.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - if the Sox did indeed get Josh Beckett (a young Roger Clemens) a Texan...Josh must be asking the Marlins...

Hey Baby Que Paso - Texas Tornadoes

Peesth Out.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Recapping NFL Sunday

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in. Sunday Night Football is featuring the Chiefs and the Texans - so you can guess what Hazel is up to tonight. Hazel, if you check in, Trent Green and Tony Gonzalez are doing for Hazel's Cowboys in Fantasy Football ...just thought you should know.

Recapping the NFL today in a word - Yuck! I took a beating in my spreads pool...though I'm still alive in the straight up suicide pool (the straight up pool was good today).

Ok...going back to the game. Just one question...what in the hell was Suzy Kolber thinking when she went on camera tonight? Her hairstylist should be canned...or she should be preventing from every touching a grooming product again. But I's more about my belief that Hazel should be on a national broadcast - Fox is hip enough to feature Hazel. I think we should start a campaign.

I'm outta here.

Peesth Out.

A Good/Bad Afternoon

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in. A special hey to goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae - this afternoon's picks prove without a shadow of a doubt that I could use your help or input. So the afternoon included some surprises -

Carolina stinking against Chicago - please, no more talk about Carolina being the class of the NFC, they can't play on the road.

New Orleans with a late cover against the Patriots - but the chowdaheads must be happy nonetheless. I wonder if Hazel attends Patriots' games...or is her Sunday ritual still in tact? She said in an interview once that she holed up on Sundays and watched the NFL all day and night.

Baltimore taking Pittsburgh to O/T. Go figure...Cowher's chin must really be sticking out now.

Tennessee scoring a nothing touchdown with 10 seconds left.

But on a positive proline ticket is still in tact. I put 10 bucks down on seven picks...

The one o'clock covers were:

Tampa Bay +6.5
Giants -7.5
Oakland +7.5
Arizona +10.5

Four o'clock picks
Bengals +6.5
Seahawks -13.5

Last Game - if Hazel is checking in...she'll be smiling

K.C. -6.5

On a good note...the Cowboys win again and are tied with the Giants atop the NFC East... the Eagles are done for (as I said weeks ago).

Check back later...

Peesth out.

Sunday's Picks

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in. A special hey goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae if she is taking some time out from her NFL Sunday afternoon to check in (still waiting on her picks on of these weeks). I wanna sit around all afternoon and watch the NFL with Hazel.

I'm posting picks with spreads - before you ask, the lines were locked on Wednesday (in other words...BEFORE McNabb was deemed "out").

16) Giants -3.5 over Eagles - no McNabb... Manning versus McMahon. Enough said.

15) Panthers -2.5 over Bears - The Panthers play field position football and score 16 points - enough to win and cover.

14) Seattle -12.5 over 49ers - Alexander runs for 150+ and a couple more TDs...Hasselback throws for at least two more and the rout is complete.

13) Jacksonville -3.5 over Titans - have the Titans called YOU yet for a try-out?

12) Kansas City -6.5 over Texans - "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" enough said.

11) Dallas -8.5 over Lions - The Tuna doesn't let them slip up this week...Watch for Terry Glenn to run circles around the pussy cats today.

10) Broncos -13.5 over Jets - Broncos at home vs. Bollinger. Jets will be lucky to get 10 points.

09) New England -10.5 over New Orleans - New England starts the march to the playoffs by laying a beating on the Saints...oh yeah and "Thoughts of Hazel Mae".

08) San Diego -8.5 over Buffalo - I'll take the real deal LaDanian over the ultra cocky (why I don't know) J.P. Losman. Losman is in for a long afternoon.

07) Green Bay -4.5 over the Vikings - the Love Boat Vikings have to come to port soon...

06) Pittsburgh -6.5 over Ravens - Steelers keep Baltimore under 10 points and do just enough to cover...Run Fast Willie Run

05) Tampa Bay +6.5 over Atlanta - After last week vs. the Redskins...the Bucs ride their high to keep it close. The D is fast enough to contain Vick...

04) Miami +2.5 over Cleveland - Miami's defence wins it for them.

03) Cincinnati +5.5 over Indy - Carson and Chad keep it close...late TD to cover.

02) Oakland +6.5 over Washington - after what lil' Sims did to the Skins last week...expect Collins and Moss to have a good day. Collins celebrates with a beer or TEN.

01) Arizona +9.5 over Rams - Hazel's Cowboys have Fitzgerald and Boldin...they'll keep it close.

there you have it for the week...I'll be back at halftime to post straight up picks...

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps...because I could use some help with my picks lately...

Black Magic Woman - Santana

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon...

Peesth out!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Good, The Bad, and The Wrong

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in, from those of you who check in on a regular or semi-regular basis, to those of you that have happened upon this page for the first time. A special hey to goes out Ms. Hazel Mae if she has chosen to check in. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

So in looking back at the events of last weekend - there were some outstanding performances...and if Hazel was here to hand out the hardware...we would be talking about -


Nathan Vasher of the Chicago Bears who recorded the longest ever play in the NFL. As time was running out in the first half - Vasher return a missed field goal attempt for 108 yards - if you saw the play, you had to laugh at Joe Nedney purposely "faking himself" out of the play with no one around look at the wedge that was coming at him (at least 15 yards away) and he was shuffling the opposite way.

Shaun Alexander (yes again) of the Seattle Seahawks rushes for 165 yards on 33 carries (5.0 avg) and adds 3 more touchdowns. Yes it was against the Rams...but its still 165 and 3 TDs - he deserves mention.

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots who leads a makeshift offence to a late 4th quarter TD against the Miami Dolphins. The Patriots lose Dillon early...and Brady still finds a way to get it done against a very tough Miami D. I'd still take this guy over anyone in a big game...he does more with less. Brady really does make everyone around him look much better than they are.

The Minnesota Vikings...yes the Sex Boat Boys. In beating the Giants (and killing my NFL pool hopes last week) the Vikings became the only team in NFL history to score a TD on a kickoff return, a punt return and an INT return in the same game! Whizzinators.

Honourable mention goes to:

Joey Galloway of the Bucs - for making a couple of amazing catches that "Lil' Simms" look good and had Redskins' DBs playing 10 yards off him.

Joey Harrington of the Lions - for not making any mistakes and "managing" the Lions to a victory...granted it was against Arizona; but he still made it happen with 3 TD passes.

Hines Ward of the Steelers - for a pretty good game...but more importantly entering the Steeler record books for most career receptions by a Steeler - I still hate them, like any good Cowboy fan.

A weekend for goalies with Eddie Belfour standing on his head against Montreal, holding the fort to help the Leafs to a 5 - 4 OT win - special mention to Jeff O'Neill for a beautiful one-timer to win it for the Leafs.

Marty Turco of the Dallas Stars won 2 games this weekend giving up a goal in each game, which is quite the feat in the new NHL.

Curtis Joseph of the Coyotes made 43 saves against the Coyotes win 2-1 in OT. Still not loving Cujo since he bailed on the Leafs a few years back - but I'd take Eddie over Cujo.

Honourable mention goes to a few 3 goal scorers from the past few days - though not as impressive a feat as in days gone by...still an accomplishment in the new NHL. Bertuzzi, Jagr, Frolov, Conroy and Prospal all get mention.


You hear it all the time - "It's a team game...we win and lose as a team." In keeping with that, this weekend's "Not-So-Heroic" will focus on teams who mailed it in.

The New York Giants (no, not just for screwing my pool) for losing to a Minnesota Vikings team that didn't score a TD on offence - just plain weak. This team is benefitting from an extra home game vs. the Saints and a very weak schedule. Dallas is going to get these guys.

The Atlanta Falcons (another bunch of clowns that screwed my pool) who under the leadership of Ron Mexico...can't beat a Green Bay Packer team that is terrible on the defensive side of the ball and is down to WR # 4 and RB #3 as the first options.

The Carolina Hurricanes who got waxed by the Atlanta Thrashers 9 - 0 on Saturday night. How these guys have managed to beat the Sentards twice is beyond me...but thanks anyways!

David Ortiz being passed over for the MVP. Lots to say on this one...No way Rodriguez should have won that...if you are in New England, I'm sure you agree and can add a million other reasons. But more to come on this one...I have some thoughts on this one - later this week though.

Going to check out now... More to come tomorrow...the Weird Wednesday entry - featuring a New England notable. Have a great one peeps...thanks again for stopping by. Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world...keep sending that good karma to the ACC.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for Nathan Vasher's return...the for Vikings who used their legs to score TDs, for Alex Rodriguez as he strolls down the street in Boston (if he dared).

Run For Your Life - Pink Floyd

"You'd better run"

Peesth out.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Feelin' Like Tim Z. Mosley

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in. A special "hey" goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae if she is checking in to see what's what these days.

I feel like Timbaland (aka Timothy Z. Mosely) "Its been a long time, I shouldn't have left you...without a dope beat to step, step to...Been a long time."

So today started out with snow, some rain and now some freezing rain, it feels like the sunny side of the street (as Shane MacGowan of the Pogues would sing) after the comeback win by the Cowboys. Hazel Karma strikes again? Bledsoe throws an awful interception to Lito Sheppard...Cowboys were flat all night - I was about to log on to blogspot to lament the awful performance when Bledsoe hit Glenn for a 20 yarder. Thinking that Hazel's Karma was about to kick in...I watched a little longer and POW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roy Williams INT for a touchdown - you gotta love that. Williams definitely gets a "Hero of the Weekend"...more to follow on that later.

Donovan McNabb threw out any hope of honourable mention for his gutsy performance last night with that awful tribute to Michael Jackson. Did you see that stupid leg kick and moonwalk? The picture of his mom after his interception was priceless...I said it a few weeks ago...the Eagles were done - last night was confirmation.

Speaking of what can only be categorized as a shocker - Baltimore Orioles Executive Vice President Mike Flanagan announced that the O's would not be asking Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro back for the upcoming season. Flanagan stated for the record that the team was going in a different direction - ya Mike...a different direction - to ummmmm CREDIBILITY perhaps? I guess they pay Mike the big bucks to make those kind of tough decisions... How is that newsworthy?

HAZEL'S HOROSCOPE - if she's checking in.

You will come into cash or a gift in an unusual way. Take care of a legal concern and resolve issues that have been holding you back. DonÕt let a personal problem get in the way. 3 stars

Ok...I'm outta here for now. More to come later - Monday's Heroes and Not So Heroic. NHL musings and rants... and whatever else I can think of.

As I sign out, I'm at my desk listening to Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam...can someone tell me what in the hell Eddie Vedder is signing? Jayzusssssssss.

Later Hazel Mae I say - I hope things are groovy in your world.

Peesth out.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Monday Heroes "T.O." Wednesday's Weirdos

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in - as always, a very special "hey" to Ms. Hazel Mae if she checks in. Its been a tough start to the week, so condensing Monday's Heroes and Whacked Wednesdays into one entry. Has this been a freakin' week or what?

So a few that deserved special mention for their performances from the past weekend:

Trent Green of the Kansas City Chiefs (no I'm not sucking up to Hazel) led his team to a last second victory just a few days after losing his father. Vermeil finally had a very good reason to cry...though I heard he made a joke about going for it on the last play of the game.

LaDanian Tomlinson of the San Diego racks up 153 yds from scrimage and scores 4 TDs...rushing for 3 and catching a pass for 1. Maybe the best football player in the league.

Shaun Alexander of the Seattle Seahawks rushed for 173 yds and two TDs in leading his boys over the Arizona Cardinals - Alexander rushed for more yards than Matt Hasselback passed for.

A pretty quiet day in the NFL...ok, so a few T.O. stories will follow - so much for a quiet week.
Fitting that as I go into the Heroes - Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz is playing.

The Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony took place on Monday - with Cam Neely, Valeri Kharlamov, and Murry Costello all taking their place alongside hockey's greats. Boston must be celebrating with "Seabass" being honoured. I know the Costellos are celebrating...good for Mr. Costello.

Special mention goes to Toronto Maple Leafs Captain Mats Sundin who made an immediate impact on the team last weekend. Sundin lead the Leafs to a victory over the Lightning on Saturday night...perhaps more important for Leaf Nation - Jeff O'Neill has come alive, thanks to Captain Mats.

MLB Hardware being handed out this week - so I guess they all get special mention.

The Not-So-Heroic
I wasn't going to go into this one. This will be the one and only time I do this...

Chelsea screwed me this weekend. Yes, the "Portuguese National Team North" lost to Manchester United to blow a Pro-Line ticket that would have netted me $775.00. What made things worse was that Cristiano Ronaldo set up the goal to kill my ticket...dammit.

Ok, so if you have turned on the radio or watched Hazel on NESN Sportdesk...or in Canada where we are stuck with TSN or Rogers...Ontario is lucky enough to get the Score. You will have undoubtedly heard some of the more amusing stories in the world of sports...this stuff can't be made up. Speaking of Hazel on Sportsdesk...Now playing You're Beautiful - James Blunt.

How could this segment not feature those lovable (no pun intended) Carolina Panther cheerleaders (dancers?) - Renee Thomas and Angela Keathley. Right now Your Love Feels So Good - Sonique is playing. You must have heard about these two - they were having sex in washroom stall at a place in Tampa called Banana Joes...when the women waiting in line started to complain, a fight broke out. You have heard all the stories...the latest is Renee is now wanted on a fugitive arrest warrant. Now the ladies' Attorney, Peter Anderson is saying that they didn't have sex, that this story is all rumours and inaccurate facts - on behalf of men in North America - SHUT UP PETER...don't ruin it for us. As I finish this, Cars by Gary Numan just came on...I guess they didn't have one, though I hear Rueben Droughans has one that might now be available; wasn't there a team bus they could have used? The most popular and over-used joke is that they should have gone to the men's washroom instead.

Terrell Owens has now officially becomes the NFL's bitch. After a week in which he:
  • crapped all over the Eagles for not acknowledging his 100th catch (weren't most with S.F?);

  • crapped all over Donovan McNabb again, claiming Favre would be better with him than McNabb; and

  • admitted that he and former teammate Hugh Douglas got into a fight in the Eagles locker room.

T.O. gets suspended for four games, and will subsequently put on the inactive list - meaning he doesn't get paid at all. He and his agent Drew Rosenhaus hold a news conference demanding he be reinstated...then T.O. goes back on everything he ever said and is kissing everyone's ass - from McNabb to Andy Reid. The latest is that the players union (ya, what a joke that is) is demanding that the Eagles reinstate or trade him. I swear, now playing Quando Quando (Latin Beat) - Englebert Humperdinck - think T.O might be singing that?

Timmy Smith, former Washington Redskin RB, pleads not guilty to charges of cocaine possession. I heard he pulled the Eddie Murphy "It wuddent me" routine. 20 ounces of cocaine...20 ounces...tell the truth, can't you hear Eddie doing that "ooooooouuuuuuu" noise?

For anyone that follows, or cares, about Canadian Football League news. Joe Paopao was fired by the Renegades this week after another losing season. While that might not sound weird to most - here is the twist...his replacement, one John Jenkins was the Renegades' Director of Player Personnel, he had a clause in his contract that if the head coach got fired, he would get the job. Before taking the job, Jenkins insisted he did his best to get the players Ottawa needed to be successful...they must have gotten lost on the bus ride up here. (Maybe their connector flight was out of Logan and they decided to stick around and watch NESN full time).

While Major League Baseball hands out hardware - those not winning awards are doing their best steal the headlines. Now playing Rainy Dayz by Mary J. Blige, which would sums things up for MLB right now...briefly

  • Rafael Palmeiro still has not knowingly taken steroids - he felt the need to reiterate this before a congressional report is to be released.

  • Ugueth Urbina was arrested in Venezuela on charges of attempted murder - he and a few of his friends attacked some people with machetes and pour gasoline on them (gas? oh wait, Venezuela is an oil producing nation isn't it? cheap gas I guess). The Phillies were counting on him to come in and put out fires in the late innings. Ouch.

  • Rumours are circulating around Boston (though they say "MLB") that Theo Epstein might be coming back after all. Didn't I say before that I didn't believe it for one second? Hazel, if you are checking in...can you confirm that for us?

  • More talk in Boston...Manny still wants out. hmmmmm I wonder what happens to Ortiz. ok, I swear...I'm not freaking playing Follow You, Follow Me - Genesis. Manny and David...hmmm this is...never mind.
So I think I'm going to wrap things up for now. Hope you all found this moderately amusing. Later peeps and anyone else checking in. To Ms. Hazel Mae - I hope things are groovy in your world. As I close it out...Days Go By - Dirty Vegas.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps...loose connection...but for "Cameron Nealy's" induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame

Oh Boy - Cam'ron

Peesth Out.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

This Week's NFL PIcks

Hey peeps, and anyone who happens to check in to laugh at my NFL picks for Week 9. A special "hey" goes to Ms. Hazel Mae (if you are checking in - I could really use your help here). Fitting that as I sit down to put down my playing: Mystic Eyes - Van Morrison; you figure it out.

For those wondering (believe it or not a couple of people do - so says my Yahoo mail) I'm middle of the pack in my "vs. the spread" pool and 3rd in the "straight up" pool. Hazel Mae's Cowboys are in 3rd place in the fantasy pool with a record of 5 - 2 - 1 (yes, there was actually a tie in Fantasy Football). Now playing: Locura - Marisza (definitely a download song to try her music the CD though).

Vs. Spread
16) Washington -2.5 over Philadelphia: No Terrell = No threat

15) Seattle -4.5 over Arizona: Hasselback & Alexander vs ????? for Arizona. Enough said

14) Carolina -1.5 over Tampa: Wacky cajun & mighty mouse over "Little Sims" and Cadillac

13) Giants -10.5 over San Francisco: Giants Offense vs. the worst D in the league.

12) Green Bay +6.5 over Pittsburgh: Beating Favre at home by more than a TD without Ben? I think not.

11) Kansas City -4.5 over Oakland: A pick for Hazel. Green plays for his dad (and Hazel Mae's Cowboys) this week.

Now playing: In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel (damn this shuffle has a purpose tonight huh?)

10) New England +3.5 over Indy: Another pick for Hazel. Peyton 0-7, and Brady gets 3.5 on a Monday night? Done.

09) Atlanta -2.5 over Miami: Risky yes, but Atlanta is coming off a bye week. Vick vs. Frerotte.
08) Tennessee +3.5 over Cleveland: Cleveland lost to Houston. Plus, Rueben might might not be able to find a ride to the game...unless Kellen Jr. picks him up on his motorcycle.

Now playing: You'll Be A Woman - Maximum Overdrive

07) Jets +6.5 over San Diego: too much to give up with the Chargers...the Jets "manage" their way into a close game...maybe with a late TD.

06) Detroit +1.5 over Minnesota: Harrington vs. a word...YUCK.

05) Baltimore +3.5 over Cincinnati: Palmer sits for Hazel's Cowboys this he is going to have a bad game. Cincinnati hasn't really beaten anyone...not that Baltimore is "anyone".

Now playing: Stand Inside Your Love - Smashing Pumpkins (one of my favourite songs of all time).

04) Houston +13.5 over Jacksonville: I'm hoping for a punt return TD or a defensive TD... a "against the norm" pick.

03) New Orleans +3.5 over Chicago: If I picked Chicago...Brooks would throw for 400 yds. (this might change before tomorrow)

Straight up (losses count as negatives) these had to be submitted Friday

14) Jacksonville: Its Houston.

13) NY Giants: See above

12) Seattle: See above

11) Kansas City: Again for Hazel

10) San Diego: See above

09) Carolina: See above

08) Atlanta: See above

07) Pittsburgh: They win by the skin of Cowher's chinny chin chin

06) Washington: I didn't know T.O had been suspended

05) Indianapolis: Forgive me Hazel for I have sinned

04) Cincinnati: Anthony Wright can't win a game..can he?

03) Detroit: Did I mention "YUCK"?

02) New Orleans: See above

01) Tennessee:

Leafs won tonight...Love listening to drunk Senatards Fans crying about the CBC showing the Leafs! Mats comes back. For tonight...things are good in Leaf Nation ( are still a member right?)

Ok, I'm gonna get a glass of Port and pick up the Canucks and Flames now.

Later peeps. Hazel...enjoy your NFL Sunday (you should think about making picks for the board) hope things are groovy in your world. I bid one and all a goodnight to:

Right Here Waiting - Stain'd (I swear...its the damn shuffle)

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Revisions Revisions Revisions

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in - from those of you that check in periodically to those who are here for the first time - thanks for stopping by. A special "hey" goes to Ms. Hazel Mae if she is peeking...I really hope the opinion piece didn't create more trouble.

So I was supposed to post Monday and Wednesday's thoughts/content here tonight...but I decided to revise my last post - I don't know who will be the judge of whether it was worth it or not...but I am ok with the final product. It may be a bit rough around the edges, but I think I got the point across nicely.

So for tonight, I'm just going to go with the Wednesday entry - the weird and whacked.

Our boy Terrell Owens has told the Philadelphia Eagles that he hurt his ankle last week against the Broncos and may not play against Washington this Sunday...what is so weird about that you ask? Terrell has also told the team he might not be ready to play Dallas on a Monday night game - is Terrell posturing? griping about the fortunes of the Eagles this year? Or is this about his contract...I'll let you be the judge.

What would a Wednesday update be without mention of another charge laid against an NFL player? Rueben Droughans of the Browns was charged with DUI this week - while I applaud Droughans for owning up to question is - with the money you couldn't call a damn cab? Jayzus...Poor Romeo Crennell has his hands full with Rueben and Mr. Winslow Jr. Makes Trent Dilfer look a hell of a lot better.

Joey Harrington is going to start for Detroit this week - luckily for Joey and Detroit fans...its the Vikings. That is gonna be ugly.

Damn...Theo Epstein was serious about leaving the Red Sox...or???? (Dodgers...Dodgers...Dodgers) - I still think he will wind up in Boston again...

What is a sure fire cure for depression? Well, if you are A-Rod, its gambling in illegal poker clubs. The Yankees are worried about the image of their "Latino Roy Hobbs" - funny thing, A-Rod's agent Scott Boros was quick to point out the Yankees never talked to A-Rod about this stuff...ummm ok. But he still attends games in these clubs...correct?

Speaking of the Yankees...they hire "laid back Lee Mazzilli" and "crazy and uptight Larry Bowa" to their coaching staff - Torre is going to have one fun freakin' club house.

Doc Gooden made the news again...if you care to the link. I'm tired of Doc.

John Ruiz is suing James Toney. Ruiz lost a title bout to Toney in the spring - Toney was found to have used steroids and was subsequently stripped of the title he won and suspended from fighting for the WBA title (he can fight for others?) for two years. Ruiz is claiming that the fraudulent victory cost him money...only in America I guess.

I think that about does it for tonight...long freakin day.

Goodnight to one and all...thanks for stopping by. To Hazel: I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps

For Terrell who wants more of it
For Rueben who seemingly didn't have enough of it to call a cab
For Theo Epstein who claims his decision wasn't based on it
For A-Rod who hits illegal clubs to get more of it...or watch it being thrown around
For John Ruiz who is going to court for it...

Money - Pink Floyd

Money, its a trip
don't give me that
do goody good

Peesth out.

The Double Entente & The Double Standard

The opinions expressed reflect those of the author (namely ME) and should not be construed as those of Ms. Hazel Mae. The following has not been reviewed, commented on, revised, approved and/or sanctioned by Ms. Hazel Mae.

On October 10th,
John Molori's Media Blitz featured an interview with Hazel - who would have thought that it would create such a controversy? How could one innocuous (I would say "honest") statement give rise to so much discussion and media attention?

"I have recently begun to date. NESN has never put down rules to me about dating players, colleagues, or anyone else. If they did, I wouldn't work there..."

New England sports fans and media chose to focus on this statement, rather than a number of other positives in the interview:

  • from her rise from working at York University to the Fan 590 radio in Toronto to hosting a national edition of Sportsdesk news at Rogers and JZone to the “center of the sports world” Boston.

  • overcoming a rough welcome from some of the media outlets in Boston "I got absolutely hammered by the media. The guys on WEEI said a lot of derogatory things about me..." – and having the intestinal fortitude to persevere in a city where she was essentially on her own with no support system.

  • having the strength of character to stand up to detractors who question her wardrobe choices and try to equate it to a lack of credibility - while most would simply ignore it and not talk about it, Hazel took a stand and didn't apologize for her choices, demonstrating that she is indeed a strong female and a professional in every sense of the word.

  • Her community work, which she was known for in Canada, was not highlighted during the interview.

As has become the focus of many articles and statements directed at or about Hazel Mae - her gender, her ethnicity, her "look", and her personal life have often garnered much of the attention and been the basis for discussion. Her professionalism and her passion for sports are often thrown in as an afterthought, if at all. While the cavalier would pass this off by saying "She is a public figure, she chose this life. She chose to be in the public eye and therefore must accept public perceptions/opinions of her." I would simply ask, "Did she? Did she really choose the field of broadcasting with the knowledge/acceptance that her work and her accomplishments would be attributed to her being just another pretty face, as opposed to her being a talented broadcaster.

Did she know that her views and knowledge of the sports would be dismissed (by a vocal minority) on the basis of her gender and where she was raised? Some New England sports fans have not gotten over the fact that she was raised in Canada, and therefore could never know Boston sports like they do.

Did she know that her personal life would be open to public scrutiny because of her job? Did she know that her morals and values would be called into question (and in some cases slandered) based on unsubstantiated rumours and anonymous comments because of the exposure her job gives her? Is it not somewhat sad (not to mention unfair) that she has to go on record to the Boston Globe to state that she knows the line between her job and her personal life…that she has to say that she has done nothing wrong and has no problem living with her choices…that she has to address the “bimbo-factor” when there is nothing to suggest or point to the fact that she is one? Please, no comments on “personal” choices.

Did she know that her employers could and would step in to tell her or "suggest" what kind of image they wanted her to project, for the station and for herself? I am not media savvy, and I don't know the ins and outs of television - but I have been told that stations often plant controversial stories about their staff to get viewers talking and tuning in. I thought it a bit bizarre that the Mr. Sean McGrail had to go on record as saying
''We talked it through and Hazel has my support and the organization's," he said. ''I'm comfortable that [the interview] doesn't reflect her core beliefs and values."– well of course not, she told Mr. Molori in plain English that her spot on WEEI was about giving them what they wanted to hear - it was a JOKE...or does everyone want to think she has an WEEI thong?

I would hazard to say that the answer is "no" she didn't know or accept it - but that she has done her best to adapt and overcome many of the barriers before her, and excel in an area of professional sports which still trivializes and often dismisses the participation of women (particularly visible minority women) - while maintaining a sense of professionalism and staying true to her values...and striving to achieve career/personal goals.

I was among those who applauded Mr. Molori's article, for giving readers in New England another view of Hazel Mae - one that Canadians viewers have known since she burst on to the Canadian broadcasting scene - she has personality, a sense of humour and is pretty easy going about most things; always choosing not to take the high road in dealing with her critics, never getting into mud-slinging or public arguments. I still stand by my original thoughts, it was a very good article that was misinterpreted and misused by some to create controversy.

Whether by Hazel Mae's choice, the instruction/insistence/suggestion of NESN Management or Mr. Molori's questions (Mae mixes sex appeal and savvy for success) – the interview went back to a somewhat provocative guest spot on WEEI radio and how she interacted with the host; her sex appeal and how it works with viewers, and her public image (her sexuality). I am not here to make a judgement on whether the content of the interview is “right or wrong” – what I am saying is that it is wrong to make value judgements or professional judgements (as some have chosen to do) on the woman because of a couple of pages of text – snippets of what was certainly a much more in-depth conversation. I am certain that Mr. Molori would attest to the fact that she is a woman with a lot more substance than her detractors want to give her credit for.

This brings me to the crux of this post/entry. Why is having a sense of humour and personality such a bad thing for a female? The Boston Globe article linked her appearance on WEEI, and her comments in Mr. Molori’s article to flying in the face of the image women sportscasters had worked to build and promote. I am pretty sure she went into the WEEI segment with full knowledge of what was being said about her, about how they had been and were portraying her – so she went into it with a sense of humour, plays up to the host and the audience …and she gets lambasted by some media outlets for it. Ok, so New Englanders who pride themselves on having a sense of humour are not cool with their broadcasters having a sense of humour – good to know. So if you are a smart and sexy woman, you can’t have a sense of humour or be provocative…because there is something inherently wrong with playing and having fun with an image created for you by people who know nothing about you. Gotcha - that's how things go down in New England.

The article with Mr. Molori touched on her dating (I would assume because “New Englanders want to know”) – why this is important, I don’t know. Hazel Mae, the public figure, should be entitled to her own personal life, a certain amount of privacy about what she does when she isn’t talking to New England sports fans. Why should she have to discuss that? Her male counterparts are never asked about who they are or aren’t dating/seeing…so why should she? Not to bring it up again, but...In the Boston Globe article she had to reiterate that:

''They [NESN] don't need to say it. It's an unwritten rule. To me, having dealt with two major league teams [Blue Jays, Red Sox], it goes without saying and it's understood that reporters don't date players.

''I'm comfortable with my conduct. I sleep soundly at night. That's absolutely, with a capital A."

How much more clear does she have to be? Let it go people.

Another funny thing in the interview...The now famous "Fever Pitch Dress". I don't see why this was such an issue. The dress was an appropriate choice for the event - it was the opening of a hollywood movie...that happened to be held at Fenway Park - it wasn't a baseball game. Get over it was a glitzy hollywood event - the fact that the message wasn't conveyed to those who attended and thought it was a Red Sox event, isn't her issue. Hazel you looked stunning. Enough said.

Her brief tenure in New England, has been for the most part very positive – her station says ratings are up in large part due to her (though she would be modest and not want to take the credit for it); some New England sports fans acknowledged that she has brought a more professional approach to NESN’s Sportsdesk than previous anchors, she has gotten a lot of credit for this past springs Red Sox reports from Florida and she has gotten kudos for work Red Sox Rewind (she was great on JZone).

Hazel says she loves Boston and that there is no where else she would rather be – sadly, for Canadians, we will have to accept that. We will wish her the best.

Songs of the day on Hazelspeeps...given the content of this one...for Ms. Hazel Mae

Crucial - K-Os
"All around my home town
They try to chop me down
But the truth shall not forsake me
Take me up to higher ground"

The Grass is Green - Nelly Furtado (a favourite of Pogue) - kinda fits in with what's been happening in her world the last year or so...or so i would think.
Oh, I once had something 
Something that was so good
Better than the last thing I touched
Then turned right around on that something
And figured I didn't like that much

Oh yeah, the grass is green
But can you tell me, can you feel it, I just wanna feel it
Oh yeah, the grass is green
But I think I stained my jeans and now everybody knows that I been in it

I am a believer
But as I was standing
In line, somebody took my place
Yes, I'm a believer, nver mind what they say
I got so tired along the way

Oh yeah, the grass is green
But can you tell me, can you feel it, I just wanna feel it
Oh yeah, the grass is green
But I think I stained my jeans and now everybody knows thah I been in it

I've got a skeleton that's deeper than any closet
And a bomb that I will drop on it
But you opened up to me
'Til I could only see the beauty in your dishonesty

Oh yeah, the grass is green
But can you tell me, can you feel it, you just wanna feel it
Oh yeah the grass is green
But it think I stained my jeans and now, baby, you can tell that I been in it

Oh yeah, the grass is green but it's not what it seems cause when you think
You want it you just need it
Forget just what you need
The clock is ticking and this life is a train, man, I think you're on it
But it's what you wanted, and what you needed
It's what you wanted, and what you needed
Or is it what I needed and what you wanted


There will be more to say on this...but these are my thoughts...long overdue. But I hope that if Hazel (or it is brought to her attention *cough cough* Mr. Molori) sees this, she smiles and realizes that some people are in her corner. My man Adam didn't get back to me to review I'm posting it (I'm sure he'll touch base soon enough).

To those of you that took the time to read this - thank you. Find a way to show your support if you agree.

To Ms. Hazel Mae I would say "I hope things are groovy in your world. Keep the faith"

Peesth out.

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