Monday, May 16, 2005

Heeeee's Baaaaaack

Evenin' peeps, evenin' Hazel.

A weekend away, so what is there to catch up on? For those who are keeping track - running has been pretty good, though I think I'm "plateau-ing" a little. I haven't been able to muster up the energy or will to go past 7 km this last week (it has been cold and rainy these last few days) - but the times are where I want them to be; somewhere between 33 - 35 mins. No exciting news to report this weekend - kinda ho hum, but that's ok.

He's Baaaaaaack!!!!!!
From my perspective, the most important news of the weekend was that Luis Figo announced that he would come out of international retirement to play for the Portuguese National Team in World Cup Qualifying action. Figo, arguably the best Portuguese-born soccer player ever, retired from international competition after representing the "cinco quinas" for 15 years at the international level. We all want to welcome the man simply known as "Figo" back to the fold, his leadership and heart will carry us to Germany - and to a World Cup; I think he's got something to prove to fans all over the world and Real Madrid, he is by no means washed for big things. may yet be calling that World Cup victory for the "Heroes do mar"! we come.

MLB This Weekend
Biggest news might have been that Vernon Wells had a couple of multi-hit games and he actually hit a HR! Hey, Alex Rios hit two...that might be a bigger story! Jays still lost two of three though, saved the sweep by Roy Halladay.

Congrats to Manny Rrrrrrramirrrrrez! He hit his 400th career HR this weekend - seems like the 3 to 4 shake up between Manny and Ortiz has paid off for both; unfortunately the Sox lost two of three to the Mariners...the Mariners? Seems like the man Red Sox Nation affectionately referred to as "JGo" (Jeremy Gonzalez) is coming back to earth after a good start or two - John Halama is falling quickly as well - somehow, I'm not seeing the "embarrassing abundance of good pitching" that Sox fans claimed they had.

Yankees are streaking - but remember, not against good opposition - they should be sweeping the A's. I'm not buying into the Yankees yet...I don't care if they've won 8 in a row. O's are still getting the job done.

Dodgers lost two of three to the Braves - but Milton Bradley showed me something this weekend (thank you TBS) - a clutch grand salami (or as Hazel would say "Buh Bye Mr. Rawlings") to cancel out Adam Laroche's grand slam in the top of the 8th on Friday night. Two grand slams in the same is exciting again!

That Hockey Tournament In Europe
Canada lost to the Czech Republic on Sunday 3 - 0, so the Czechs win the tournament they called the World Hockey Championship. Funny thing about the Czechs, they are all relatively good players in league play (NHL), but they turn into supermen when they wear their colours - I wonder if NHL GMs pull their hair out. The Czechs are noted for that in soccer - superhuman efforts in international tournaments and then indifferent play when they sign for big money (Pavel Nedved of Juventus being the exception). NESN carried a story on I'm guessing Hazel announced the loss with heavy heart.

So that about wraps things up for the weekend.

Goodnight Hazel Mae fondest regards and best wishes to you - here's hoping that all is groovy with you!

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - what red-blooded male hasn't thought this...and I'm going to bite my case Mr. Anonymous reads this and sends me another silly comment...

Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry

A very powerful song...and one that conjures up so many nice visions! "A bottle of wine..."

Night peeps...

Peesth Out!


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