Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Weird Wednesdays

Evenin peeps, evenin' Hazel.

Tonights entry will hit on some stuff that happened yesterday. But as per usual, let's kick things of with Pogue's world. Tonight's run was decidely better than Monday's jaunt; I did 7 KM in 34 mins. Given that Hazelspeeps has welcomed five new members to the yahoo site - I should clarify for our American friends that 7 KM is equal to roughly 4.5 miles. I'm gearing up to run some 10KM (6.5 miles) events this summer - for the fun of it, and I'm going to try to raise money for Canadian Diabetes Association.

For those wondering, no sign of the Filapina Femmes Fatale on my run tonight; but this morning on the way to work, I stopped in at a corner store near work and was stopped dead in my tracks by a lovely asian woman who smiled and said hi to me for no apparent reason (I think she was a Filapina - but she could have been Thai) - when we left the store and I drove by her, she looked and smiled again. So I'm guessing this is God messing with my head - every single Filapina but Hazel.

So as I bang out this blog (sounds like something the Offspring would sing - "Bang Out This Blog") and sip on a glass of Port wine - I am reminded of the great deal I got on a bottle of vintage Port. The LCBO put up a bottle of 1982 Krohn on sale - I had to snap one up; for anyone that is familiar with this blog, I once said I'd break open my bottle of 1982 A.A. Ferreira for Hazel. Ok, now I've made it no secret that I think there is a great Hazel story to be told, one that previous interviews and newspaper articles have not yet done - so, I'm putting together my proposed Hazel story, complete with interview questions that I will post and submit to NESN in hopes she might read it and provide some quotes or detail etc. So all this to say, I would put up my new prized bottle of Port 1982 Krohn for an interview (dare I dream - sitdown interview) with Hazel. For newbies to this motto for this blog is - "dare to dream".

Speaking of Hazelspeeps site on yahoo - no one fessed up to posting Hazel pictures. I wonder if people are joining the site in hopes of seeing pics - I don't want it to be just a pic site - but, I'm sure they aren't signing up just for my witty blogs...or are they? I wonder...I wonder if Hazel will ever join the site - or at least find it - remember peeps...what's my motto? all together now on three...1 - 2- 3!!!!!!! DARE TO DREAM!!!!!

Do You Think Players Fehr the Bud?
Bud Selig is at it again, trying to clean up baseball - Scott Miller from CBS Sportsline wrote a great article on Selig and the players association - a classic comment in there about the players appearance before Congress. From my perspective, I like what David Ortiz had to say about how this has impacted Latin players...I think Ortiz hit on something that is making the PA and MLB as a whole a little nervous - Good for David Ortiz. By the way, I'm liking Miller more and more, he's really on the ball and has a pretty dry sense of humour.

Burning Down The House
Tom House, a former major leaguer pitcher, claims a lot of major leaguers in the 70's were using roids - he admits it didn't help him much. I wonder why he came out with this now? I wonder how his peers feel - I guess he was to the 70's what Schilling is to players today - you draw the parallel - Tom's gotten too much coverage already.

Speaking of Schilling, he's at it again. Funny how the day Pedro Martinez gets his World Series Ring - Schilling goes on a Boston radio station WEEI and talks about the difference in this year's Sox team and last year's Sox - he chalks it up to chemistry, and how much guys like David McCarty, Dave Roberts, Gabe Kapler and Derek Lowe are missed - you don't think that was a shot at you? nooooooo not Curt. Check out Boston Dirt Dogs for the interview - with apologies in advance to Hazel - I wish Schilling would just shut his cake hole. I can't believe the Boston Red Sox and the Boston media let him spout this garbage.

Curt, you think the problem with the team's chemistry and the guys you lost (except for Pedro)...dude, don't you think some of it has to do with - oh..where do I start?

1) a lack of focus in the offseason - appearances on television shows?
2) players writing books?
3) appearances before congress and having teammates have to cover your ass for backtracking on all the things you said and then retracted?
4) how about making remarks in the media about things you claim other players said about their manager...and having your teammates have to answer?
5) think some of the players in the clubhouse may be a little pissed that they got rid of Pedro and Derek Lowe? Think there may be a bit of mistrust there?

Yes Curt, chemistry has something to do with the slow start of the Sox...but so does the owner of one historic bloody sock.

This Half Week In Baseball
The Jays took 2 of 3 from the O's - no small feat these days. Still no sign of Vernon Wells.

The Sox put the boots to the Tigers - Ramirez is heating up. Red Sox Nation is starting to point fingers at Renteria - they keep talking about players on the farm; but in listening to Fox Sports Radio last night, they seem to think the Sox farm system has been tapped and that there isn't much to go down and get. Hazel, any thoughts on the Sox farm system? Any inside information from Red Sox Rewind? or Granite City (forget full name) show?

For those counting - The Yankees had it handed to them by the D-Rays - George is having a stroke - looks good on them.

Dodger are still going strong in the NL West - there pitching staff might be the best in the majors...and Gagne is coming back - with that bullpen, they are now playing 6 or 7 innings games.

Hazel Mae's Heroes are in third place in the Ottawa Rotisserie League. We might actually do it Hazel, the hitting is coming around and our pitching staff is pretty damn good, wait til we get Sheets back! Finishing in the money is looking good.

World Hockey Championships????
Have you looked at the list of countries sending teams? Can you call this a Championship without laughing? Why don't they just say the top six teams in the world play a round robin series - top three advance to final - oh never mind. Hazel, are you watching this crapola? I know you have to report on it...but do they make you watch it?

Champions League
Yes, Jose Mourinho and Chelsea (aka Portuguese National Team North) lost out to Liverpool. Mourinho was gracious in the post-game, wishing Liverpool all the best - but it wasn't a goal. No way, no how. Jose, if you want to call me to discuss - go ahead. I should say though...if Hazel calls, I have to take her call first - hahahahaha (for those that think I'm nuts...see previous blog entry, it was a dream I had). So much for seeing if Hazel would get to report on Chelsea winning Champions League - I'd like to hear her roll the R in Mo-rrrrr-eeee-nyo. Damn.

Funny entry on live commentary of Chelsea and Liverpool...from soccernet "If you're not excited by this, you are either boring or dead. And if you're dead, it means there is internet in the afterlife. I bet the broadband speeds are incredible."

Dumbass Of The Week
Hands down, this week's dumbass is Kellen Winslow Jr. of the Cleveland Browns. Winslow may miss the entire season after having a motorcycle accident. The best part is that he may be in violation of his contract - and may have to pay back his signing bonus. The guy who dubbed himself "the chosen one" is the dumbass of the week.

I think that about does it for tonight - thank you to the new members of peeps nation - I hope you found your way here from the yahoo site - if not, I'll post this on yahoo - eventually.

Goodnight Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes - here's hoping that all is good with you as you head into your weekend.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - a great song, from a great Canadian group - for the Filapina girl I saw today, for the Filapina Femmes Fatale I didn't see, and the one Filapina I'd love to see (but probably won't).

Smile and Wave - The Headstones.

Goodnight peeps...thanks for dropping by.

Peesth Out.


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