Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Weird, Wild and Wacky Wednesdays

Evenin' peeps, evenin' Hazel.

Nothing to report or talk about in Pogue's world - things are good.

MLB Tonight
Red Sox Nation wants someone's head, and there are plenty of names being thrown around - tonight's names (sacrificial offerings) once again include Francona and Renteria - though Millar is really starting to become a favourite whipping boy of the Nation. Tonight's comment on Millar - "Why do you have to be so slow?" Mark Bellhorn is starting to get some airtime (cyberspace) too - tonights issue is Ks to HRs for Bellhorn (baseball fans are funny - we can pick anything to make someone look bad - I don't think Hazel would approve of this negative attitude.) The Nation was a little concerned that Ted Lilly would be starting tonight - as he owns the Sox...but Ted Lilly? Ted has been getting his ass handed to him all year and he still managed to stifle the Sox - me thinks the problems in Red Sox land run deep. There are too many stories floating around this team, from:
  • Curt Schilling's weekly call to a Boston radio station - because he feels he doesn't have to talk to print media if he isn't pitching...he "can't be misquoted" on the radio - figure that one out!

  • Questions about racism in the clubhouse - with fans pointing to comments by the recently departed Gabe Kapler who listed a number of guys he misses (all happened to be white).

  • The impact of losing guys who were seen as the heart and soul of the Sox - Derek Lowe...and yes...PEDRO.

  • What players do when they aren't in uniform - David Wells attending the Celtics game or being out drinking during the season, Johnny Damon threatening to test free agency pool and peddling his book (by the way...saw that his wife got a lot of coverage on his segment on MLB this week - too many shots of her holding NESN mic...grrrrrrrrrr - NESN, give Hazel more play!).
There are too many distractions for the Red Sox...they are giving up too many games they should be winning - this will come back to haunt them. I wonder what Hazel would have to say about all this...she must have her finger on the pulse of the Sox and The Nation. Giving up the first two games of a series to the Blue Jays is a cause for concern.

Speaking of giving up too many games they should be winning - NO, I'm not going to eat my words on the Yankees...they aren't playing anyone of consequence these days. The Yankees' test will come, and I think the old guys are gonna fold this time around - they look old, tired and very beatable (unless you are Oakland, Seattle or Detroit - see the trend?).

The Los Angeles Dodgers are taking it on the chin these days - which is a cause for concern - but the West Division is weak enough that a couple of good weeks puts them right back into 1st place. Can I get a "Whoa Barry!"?

For those keeping track or interested - Hazel Mae's Heroes continue to hold down second place in the Rotisserie League! Still waiting for the request for access from our favourite sports personality (as a co-owner or GM with full authority to make moves, is she so chooses).

Champions League
UNBELIEVABLE - no other way to say it. I called for a 2-0 win for AC Milan - they lost on penalty kicks after blowing a 3-0 1st half lead. Liverpool scored three goals in 6 minutes of the 2nd half against an AC Milan defence that came into this season regarded as the world's best (though I bet Jose Mourinho never thought that of them - hahaha) - Andriy Shevchenko missed a glorious chance to win the game in the 117th minute. Soccer fans are in a state of shock - funny thing...Liverpool probably won't be able to defend their title next year as they finished 5th in the Premiership - it will be interesting to see what the English FA tries to come up with...can they strong arm UEFA? (I think they will).

A Class Act - Even Hazel Would Be Proud Of
In today's era of selfish, whining athletes - some continue to set themselves apart. Gentlemen and Ladies (Hazel at the top of that list) I give you - Portugal's greatest soccer player Luis Figo. I said it before and will continue to say it - Figo got screwed by Real Madrid this year...being made a scapegoat for asses like Beckham, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo who haven't done squat this year - but would garner much more attention if they were benched. Figo for the first time went public, simply asking for the Manager and/or the club to tell him where he stands in the plans of the team. Figo hasn't threatened to quit or holdout - and will honour his contract (yes, a lucrative one...but one he could match elsewhere) with the club. Today's athlete would do well to learn a lesson or two from Figo - I am admitting him "in absencia" to Hazelspeeps. Boa sorte meu amigo - forca para ti e a seleccao!

Time to call it a night...

Goodnight Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes - here's hoping all is well with you in the land of Red Sox Nation - Canada still misses you...the Jays are proving that by taking it out on the Sox - OUCH!

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day

Ladylike - Big Wreck

If you haven't heard it before - download it, it really kicks - you make up your mind on whether or not it conjures up visions of Hazel.

Night peeps.

Peesth Out.


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