Monday, May 23, 2005

Happy Victoria Day

Evenin' peeps, evenin' Hazel

To any and all Canadians who check in to read this - Happy Victoria Day to our American friends - Victoria Day is celebrated on the second last Monday of every honour of the Queen Mother of England Victoria (except in Quebec...where they hate the Monarchy so much they call today "Samuel Genest Day").

Ok, not that anyone has missed me...but I'll apologize for not posting in a week or so - it was kind of a difficult week here, but things are back on track. Speaking of being back on track - running has been going pretty good, still sticking to the 5 - 7 KM runs; the times are good, the energy level is seemingly there, so its all good.

Hazel Mae's Heroes are in second place in my Rotisserie baseball league - we are making our move...right up towards the top of the standings! Thinking about whether or not we should try to pick up David Weathers on the chance he might be the new closer - but I won't bore anyone with managerial decisions - that is unless Hazel wants to throw in her two cents (2.54 cents Cdn), her opinion is welcome anytime.

MLB Last Week
The American League East saw three of the top four teams playing average baseball - the O's, the Sox and the Jays have all gone 5-5 over their last ten; the Yankees (can you hear their fans?) have been blistering, winning 8 of their last ten. Before Yankees fans and haters alike get their shorts in an uproar, remember that the Yankees have been beating the likes of Seattle, Oakland and the Mets (who fumbled their way to a loss in Pedro's start). The true test for the Yankees comes when they start to play in their own division - Detroit might have a surprise or two for the Yankees (they'll win one, but something tells me 2 of 3 after the Yankees long road trip).

One Foot In The Graves
The Cincinnati Reds released their closer Danny "Scare The Crap Outta Ya" Graves. For those that aren't familiar with Graves, he is a soft throwing closer who rarely went 1,2,3 in any game he entered...but always managed to get the job done. Graves was having an awful season, and had verbal altercation with a fan when he left Sunday's game. The fan was shouting at Graves as he came off the field - Graves responded in kind and threw in an "obscene gesture" for good measure. Again, this brings up the question about what fans should be able to get away with. If you have read this blog, you know that I don't subscribe to the theory that fans can do what they want, since they pay for the price of a ticket. No way, I refuse to accept that - this kind of behaviour would not be acceptable in a place of work, so why on a baseball field or any other sporting venue? What makes fans think that they can heap abuse on a player, shouting at them, insulting them, booing them - when they would not put up with it in their own place of work. These guys are out there doing their best (it's how they earn their living) - no matter what they make, they don't deserve that kind of garbage. I bet Hazel never pulled that kind of crap...when she was a paying fan. Come on people, lighten up - enjoy the game...and as Eddie Murphy once said, "have a coke and a smile and shut the f**k up".

Why Does The Media Interview Players?
Ok, I probably shouldn't be so nasty...after all, it's a holiday weekend - but JAAAAYZUS. I was watching the Score this weekend, seeing post game interviews after Roy Halladay beat Montr - errrrrr Washington. Why the media talks to these guys is beyond me...I know that it is their job...but do they really expect to get anything reasonably insightful from most of these guys? I mean really - check out the pearl of wisdom from Eric Hinske when talking about Halladay. Hinske's thoughts on the game amounted to "Ya, you know, when Doc is out there, we like to go out and get him some runs early in the game and let him do his thing. Halladay can be nasty." Gee Eric, you like to go out and get him some runs early in the game? As opposed to other pitchers on your team who like you guys to sit around on your asses until the 5th or 6th inning? Why that got the fifteen seconds of air time it did is beyond me. (Hazel, if you'd like to shed some light on this for poor dumb old me - I'd be much obliged.) Do reporters really need these quotes to write up a story? I would think the answer is no.

Then there was Orlando Hudson, who mumbled incoherently about how "that's what the good doctor do when he goes out there...the doc does...the good doctor" - he sounded like a g-damned auctioneer - barely understand a word he said..and most of what he said was pointless. He was like that last year when he hosted J-Zone with Hazel - but with her doing most of the talking, it was ok. Speaking of there a J-Zone this year? hmmmm How much is Rogers missing Hazel? hahahaha How much is Canada missing her? BIG TIME BABY! So for all you haters...enjoy Hedger or Vance.

Speaking of Vance - for those of you that think she's all that, give me a break. I caught her on Saturday with "Plastic Boy" (Mr. Jennifer Hedger) the dumb surfer dude who looks like he's wired everytime he is on T.V. These two were without a doubt the WORST duo to ever host a broadcast - they were so bad it was painful. Why would I say that? (Bet you think it's just cuz I side with Hazel...but it's not.)

1) Neither of them have any can tell that these two would be about as exciting or interesting as a root canal

2) Their enthusiasm is forced at best - hearing Jody Vance yelp "He goes yaaaard" was weak...even plastic boy had a pained look on his face when they cut back to the desk.

3) Juan Marichal threw out the first pitch at a game between the Giants and the A's on Saturday - Jody butchered the name of a hall of fame pitcher...stuttering before coming out with "Juan, Muh-raw-shawl." So for someone who talks about how much she knows about sports - and comments on how others don't...STICK TO THE DAMN QUIZNO'S COMMERCIALS YOU DULLARD (Disclaimer: The viewpoint expressed is that of the author's [me] - the opinion has not been reviewed, seen, or approved by Hazel Mae). In case you were wondering, Plastic Boy sat there like a lump...he is worse that Vance...proving as always, white/anglo announcers have no clue of how to pronounce a foreign last name.

I'm sticking to the Score - their lineup is much better than Sportsnet or TSN (Caroline Frolic is better than 90% of the announcers on other networks...but like Hazel, she is probably a victim or her good looks). Let me take a deep breath now...

NFL News
Is there anything more to say...Kellen Winslow is probably out for the year with a torn ACL from his motorcycle accident. The Browns should make him pay back every cent of his signing bonus - dumbass.

Memorial Cup
American readers can scroll to the end as this probably won't interest you (Canadian Major Junior Hockey Championship). The Ottawa 67's beat Kelowna on Sunday...meaning they have a pretty good shot of finishing 3rd and making the playoff round of the cup - they probably won't win, but given what they have accomplished this year - they are champs (like Hazel!).

Ok, time to call it a night now.

Goodnight Hazel Mae, as always - fondest regards and best wishes to you. If you followed the Sox to Toronto this week - Welcome home and have a great week!. Come check out the Lynx sometime!

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - on this Victoria Day...what else but...

Holiday - Green Day (or Madonna if she is more your speed).

Night's good to be back.

Peesth Out.


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