Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday Means Weekend Leftovers

Evenin' peeps (for those members that check in) - evenin Hazel.

Monday was typically long - lots of crap going on at work, but I won't bore you with the latest trials and tribulations of the Government of Canada - after all, this is blog is called Thoughts of Hazel let's get on with what's happening in the world of sports.

In my own world - tonight's run was 7 KM, but it was a little slow...a little over 36 mins. I think I might have overdone it this weekend on the treadmill...I was a little sluggish tonight, and no Filapina well wishers in the neighbourhood tonight.

He Ain't No Bud Of The MLBPA
Bud Selig is talking tough now. Selig's new proposal for cracking down on steroids (no pun intended on the "cracking") calls for 1st time offenders to be suspended for 50 games, 2nd time offenders for 100, and 3rd time offenders for life. Wow, Bud and the boys are really serious about cleaning up baseball - too bad this is nothing but grandstanding and putting the players in a no win situation. I'm not buying argument put forth by some "steroid use is most prevalent among lower echelon players" - guys trying to make it to the show, or guys who shouldn't be hitting any HRs hitting 15 - 20. You can't tell me Selig and MLB owners would ever OK a superstar being suspended for 50 or 100 way, no how - it would cost them. I don't blame the players for not responding...what Selig and the owners are proposing is under-handed and cheap - I wonder if the Sox owners are supporting this - I'd like to ask Hazel that.

Do You "Rincon" Juan Knew It Was Coming?
Juan Rincon, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins is the latest baseball player to be suspended. Rincon's agent says he was devastated and stunned by the result - gee thanks dude. I wonder how long it is before some of these guys start spilling the beans or giving up peers. Rincon is by far the highest profile player suspended - is MLB going after major leaguers? Stay tuned.

Leftover Chicken(hawk)?
Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun wrote in the Sunday Edition that when the Jays were originally looking for a G.M. - they were looking to hire current Dodger G.M. Paul Depodesta, and that the Chickenhawk was their second choice. Simmons went on to point out that Depodesta has won a division title.

Ok, anyone who has read this blog knows I'm not a fan of the Chickenhawk (for a number of reasons), but this is a bit of an unfair comparison. Being a Dodger fan, I know Depodesta has much more in the way of salary dollars to work with - a luxury the Chickenhawk didn't have. One thing I will say about Depodesta, that can't be said about the Chickenhawk - Paul has balls. He pulled some major trades, he took chances, and transformed the Dodgers - he fleeced the Yankees into taking Kevin Brown, he got rid of Shawn Green - he made a couple of boners (LoDuca and Mota for Penny), but for the most part, he was creative enough to get things done...something the Chickenhawk hasn't been able to do (he should have been fired for not getting anything for Delgado).

Did Vermeil Shed A Tear?
The Kansas City Chiefs released former Heisman winner, Oklahoma Sooners QB Jason White after a three day mini-camp. No word on whether Dick cried when he gave White the news.

T.O. Might Be As Free As An Eagle
Terrell "It's Not About Money - But Respect" Owens didn't make it to the opening of the Eagles minicamp. Not only was Terrell a no-show, but he took a shot at Donovan McNabb. Rather than answer why he feels he shouldn't be at camp...he brings up McNabb in the Superbowl - the Terrell show continues. To his credit, McNabb used the media to politely bitch-slap Owens, saying he wasn't going to air this stuff in public...that he'll handle it like a man. OUCH!!!!

CBS Sportline columnist Clark Judge thinks Terrell is making a big mistake and could be gone if he isn't careful - just like big mouth Freddie Mitchell, who was asked by Andy Reid NOT to attend camp. I don't like the Eagles...but they don't mess around with players - ask Jeremiah Trotter.

If anyone cares...Celtics still fighting (Hazel Karma) - and is it just me...or is it great to see Vince Carter out of the playoffs in four games?

World Hockey Tournament
Championship, ya ya whatever. Canada won...Luongo is playing against Slovenia tomorrow - wooooo hoooooo. I checked out NESN today...there was a story on their website about the U.S whipping someone 7 - 0...can you hear them chanting U.S.A? I'm going to shut up...cuz Hazel has to report this stuff.

Time to wrap things up - as I end things...the Red Sox lost to the Tigers, the Yankees put it to the D-Rays...and the Jays and O's are in the 11th - with men on second and third with two out...and NO I'm not waiting for the end - I'm not a Sport Ticker! hahahahaha

Goodnight Hazel Mae...fondest regards and best wishes to you (as always) - here's hoping that the team named after you "Hazel Mae's Heroes" do you proud this week!

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day

Magnificent Seven - The Clash (for a Monday morning - and the seven topics/stories I hit tonight)

Ring ring seven a.m
Move yourself to go again
Cold water in the face
Brings you back to this awful place
Knuckle merchants and your bankers too
Let's get up and learn those rules

Night peeps...

Peesth Out.


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