Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wednesday's Whizzinator

Evenin' peeps, evenin Hazel

So is it just me...or was today a crazy freakin day?

The Whizzinator

Onterrio Smith, running back for the Vikes gets busted with powdered urine - used to pass drug tests. No surprise...he claims it was for his cousin.

In another funny story, it was revealed that James Toney , who recently won one of the World Heavyweight boxing titles - WBA (mix and match alphabet) tested positive for steroids and will be stripped of the title. He should have called Onterrio. James Ruiz, has decided to come out of retirement - who knew he retired?

MLB Today
Jays won a bit of a wild one with the Royals - and holy crap...Vernon Wells had two hits. That in itself makes for a Weird Wednesday - to make it even wackier, Hinske also picked up two hits - I guess the Chickenhawk's decision to fire the hitting coach is really paying off now.

Sox win a wild one in the ninth - the go into the ninth leading 4-1, Keith Foulke comes in and promptly blows it, giving up four runs to the light hitting As (did you know that the majority of Red Sox Nation never really liked the signing of Foulke? They decided to share that THIS year). Trailing 5-4 in the ninth, Ortiz walks and Varitek bails Foulke out with a two run shot in the ninth - nice. Two blown saves in one game - for the record, same thing happened in Colorado, but's Colorado - stuff happens.

Yankees give up five in the first - score five in the bottom of the first and go on to beat Seattle - Pavano (who I really thought would be better) and Moyer (who I really thought would have retired by now) both get kicked around. Speaking of getting kicked around - the Twins lose to the O's, who seem to be kicking lost of people around.

It Is Not About The Money Jason
Does anyone remember the press conference when the Yankees announced the signing of, then steroid pumped," Jason Giambi? Giambi told anyone who would listen it wasn't about the money. Funny, the Yankees have discussed the possibility of sending Giambi to the minors to straighten things out - if he gets sent down, they save money on their luxury tax hit (about $37.5 per day he isn't on the roster). Yankees just want Jason to work on some things - Jason thinks he's better off staying up with Mattingly. Jason, it's not about the money...right.

For Terrell It Is All About Respect
The Eagles owner says they won't redo Terrell's contract. Donovan McNabb says the Eagles can go to the superbowl - with or without Terrell. Stay tuned for Terrell's crack back, cuz you know there is going to be one.

Damaging The Legacy?
Wayne Gretzky is reportedly going to coach the Phoenix Coyotes after the lockout - after a storied career, after putting together a winning Team Canada - he may be pushing it this time. Time will tell, but he might regret this decision.

I got my second comment - this one from Anonymous. Thanks for taking the time to leave your opinion - dude, read it for what it is...not meant to piss anyone off alright - lighten up.

Time to call it a night...

Goodnight Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes...glad to see that things are relatively happy in Red Sox Nation.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - after having to go downtown earlier today...and seeing all the spring/summer fashions out and about...

Summertime - Will Smith

A cool groovin song from the last far as videos go (I normally hate them) - this one is pretty good..simple...but good.

Night Peeps

Peesth Out.


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