Thursday, June 30, 2005

Weird and Wacked Wednesdays Part 2

Evenin' peeps, Hazel Mae and anyone else who isn't one of the aforementioned - but is checking in or has happened to come by this page.

Update: Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians...with a special shout out to one Canadian in living in New England right now (three guesses as to who).

Before I start tonight...Bell is still giving some of us the business - it would seem that "We are NOT all connected" - not with any consistency this week. So if this entry ends abruptly (like yesterday) - you'll know that I'll be on the horn asking Bell - What the Foulke happened? Speaking of which, tonight's entry will be about asking Hazel "what the Foulke happened?" (with the usual qualifier - if she's peeking)

Update: This Wednesday update is extremely late - thank you very much Bell. Server being down two nights in a row...great service you have there. So some of the news will be really out of date, some of it will have had subsequent news updates, but most of it should still be or interest or amusement.

His Namesake Wouldn't Approve
Everyone must have seen Kenny Rogers lose it this week. Rogers snapped on Wednesday afternoon, shoving a cameraman and throwing his camera to the ground. When I first saw what happened, I couldn't believe it - Rogers has never struck me as a hothead or a meathead...but I was thinking "suspend his ass for a while and fine him too - you can't be doing that to someone who is doing their job". Surprise surprise, there is talk the cameraman is going to sue Rogers - I can't say that I blame him.

I wonder what Mr. Fred Rogers would think of Kenny right now, it obviously wasn't a beautiful day in Kenny's neighbourhood. I bet Hazel would have gotten up and kicked Kenny's ass.

Update: MLB announced today that Rogers was suspended for 20 games and fined an undisclosed amount of cash (speculation is $50,000) - while the lesson was expensive, in the grand scheme of things I think Rogers got off much too easily. The Rangers brass haven't exactly lept to Rogers defence - opting instead to show reserved support.

The "attack" / altercation was a clear cut case of assault - he could have really messed the guy's neck up when he pushed the camera back; I think a 40 game suspension (maybe 50) and a fine in the range of $250,000 would have been more appropriate. I'd like to hear Hazel's take on this one, given that she is in the media - big surprise huh...the whole damn blog is about what Hazel's take would be...

Was Vlad "Putin" One Over On Kraft?
Big news this week when Vladimir Putin met with a group of Americans, including New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Mr. Kraft allowed Mr. Putin to see his Super Bowl Championship ring; Putin tried the ring on, admired it, and then put it in his pocket and walked away. The media in attendance speculated that Kraft didn't expect Putin to pocket the ring - Kraft subsequently said that he had given the ring to Putin as a sign of respect and admiration for the Russian people. I have a very hard time believing he would give away his world championship Super Bowl ring.

How many of us think that Putin took the ring, figuring that Kraft probably wouldn't ask for it to be returned (thus avoiding an international incident/embarrassment). Kraft was then left to do the only classy thing - that is to say that he gave the ring to Putin. I bet he never shows his ring to anyone again. Betcha Hazel could get it back for she could convince Vlad to give it back.

The NFL was making news this week - most of it was bad...the kind of news that Tagliabue hates.

Lavar Arrington (Washington Redskins) and Julian Peterson (San Francisco 49ers) hosted a party as a mansion they rented in Maryland - during an altercation at the party a security guard was shot...he was in serious, but stable condition in hospital. No arrests have been made. And to think, people thought that Michael Irvin and some of the Dallas Cowboys of the early to mid 90's were bad asses...jayzus.

Another member of the 'Skins - safety Sean Taylor is currently facing 3 years in prison if convicted on charges of pointing a gun during a dispute over an ATV. Two thoughts on this one:
  1. why in the hell would you point a gun? over a freaking ATV? is this what they mean by "roid rage"? or is the guy just severely unbalanced or crazy?
  2. doubtful that they will send him away that long - football hero and all...

Mike Tice, coach of the Minnesota Vikings, was fined $100,000 for scalping his Super Bowl tickets last year. He "scalped" the tickets - he scalped them...he doesn't make enough money that he has to scalp them. Mike wasn't even smart enough to try to cover it up with a dumb story about giving the money to charity or something.

You had to know Terrell Owens couldn't keep this big mouth shut for more than a month. After the Eagles confirmed that they were exploring the possibility of trading Owens to the Raiders for Jerry Porter and another player/draft pick or two - Owens comes out and says he can co-exist with Randy Moss, "as long as he gets the numbers of balls he deserves." Oh ya...this is going to be rich - Moss and Owens.

Because this entry is about the weird and silly in the world of sports - boxing makes it. Two ridculous stories from the world of boxing.
  1. Kendall Gill, NBA Guard, beat the crap out of a tomato can in his professional debut - Gill says he wants to fight again, the guys on Pardon The Interruption think he's crazy and that he would get killed by any half-decent club fighter. To this I say...after watching him pounding his chest after the 1st round KO, follow your dream Kendall - you will one day be the tomato can you pounded on.

  2. Thomas Hearns, yes that Thomas Hearns, wants to make a comeback - he wants to be a champion again. For those of you that lost count, he's 46. If I'm a promoter...I'm putting together a Thomas Hearns/Kendall Gill fight and see what - win if you ask me.

The Toronto Raptors GM Rob Babcock did nothing to endear himself to Canadian basketball fans at this week's NBA draft. Babcock used the number 7 overall pick to draft UConn's Charlie Villanueva - Raptors fans saw it as a wasted pick, given that Chris Bosh is there and the cornerstone of the franchise. This was seen as another Babcock blunder, the same guy who traded Vince Carter to the Nets for next to nothing.

The Raptors are a mess, and I don't think Charlie is the man to pull them out...having said that...he also isn't going to make things worse. The Raptors problems start with the front office and go right down the management ranks. Babcock really messed up when he didn't use a late round pick to choose Juan Mendes of Niagara (a Canadian kid). Mendes refused the Raptors invitation to play on their summer league team. I say good for Juan...the Raptors are not the team you want to play for right now.

Is Jody Vance Checking In?
I have no idea of whether or not Jody Vance of Sportsnet has found this (we have all heard she had it in for our friend Hazel) - but after watching her fantasy baseball spot on Sportsnet earlier this week, I had to wonder. Why you ask? (even if you aren't asking...I'm going to tell ya).

Jody's astute baseball mind (emphasis on the first syllable "ass") recommends dumping Morgan Ensberg (3rd baseman for the Astros). Jody calls it "selling high", and picked Ensberg as a guy that should be sold high because he is in the midst of a career year and has never been known as a power guy. Ok...let me get this straight - career year and trade him. Huh? It made absolutely no sense (not to mention the fact he has hit 4 or 5 HRs and had 12+ RBI since). The light went off - do you think Jody knows that Morgan is part of Hazel's Heroes? I think I've mentioned it before. Why else would she suggest trading Ensberg? There is no reason to trade a guy in the middle of a career year.

Jody, if you are peeking and you are wondering...Hazel's team is in second place and we got Prior and Beckett back this week. Jody, stop hating on Hazel and move on.

I'm outta here for tonight - I spent the better part of Canada Day working outside again. I'm becoming quite the freakin expert with interlock - ripped up the walkway out front and did it in interlock. I'd work cheap for Hazel - hahaha.

Night peeps, night's hoping you made your way back up here for the big Canada Day celebrations...if not, enjoy watching the Jays at Fenway.

Today's song of the day at Hazelspeeps at yahoo - what else? The National Anthem

O Canada - traditional.

Peesth out

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Weird Wednesday Part 1

Evenin' peeps, Hazel (if she's peeking in) and to you...if you aren't either of the aforementioned but check in from time to time or if you have happened on the page.

Before I go further...tonight's post is "Part 1" for a couple of reasons:
  1. A lot of stuff has happened over the last week - and in thinking about all of it, it's going to take a while to get it all down. If you think I've missed something - please feel free to submit...that goes double for Hazel (again, if she's peeking)

  2. My connection keeps cutting out - thanks alot Bell.... "We are all connected" - to what may I ask? I won't even get into Rogers service (Apologies to Hazel...Rogers gets on my nerves).

  3. Jeremy Roenick's lastest embarrassment deserves an entry all to itself.

What The Foulke Happened?
No, not just to my internet connection...frigging Bell. The question is not "How did Keith Foulke give up 5 runs in the 9th to the Indians on Tuesday." The question Red Sox Nation should be asking is "Why did Francona leave him in there that long?" Keith your job is to be the closer (pronounced Cloh'Zrrrr - as in a pitcher who enters late in the game with the sole purpose of preserving a victory - as quickly and efficiently as possible). Closer should not be taken to mean allowing the other team to score runs to bring their score up to yours, in other words its not "Cloh'ssser". Many will pass this off as just another game - I don't subscribe to that, its bigger than that.

The well documented trials and tribulations of Keith Foulke will haunt the Sox. Teams will play the Sox differently...knowing that Foulke will enter late in the game. In earlier innings, they'll peck away, try to make the score closer to be within striking distance when Foulke opposed to what teams to when they are faced with a top-flight closer - they play for big innings earlier in the game, because they know they are dead in the 8th and 9th. Think I'm crazy? Mark my words...Foulke will be the death of the Sox dreams for a repeat performance this year. (I wouldn't ask Hazel what she thinks - it wouldn't be appropriate for her to comment).

Monday, June 27, 2005

Weekend Flew By

Evenin' peeps, Hazel (if she's peeking) - and anyone else checking in - yes, that would be you.

It was a long weekend for some of us up here - mine started a bit earlier, Thursday to be exact. This weekend was lost to putting in a patio in the backyard- Jaaaayzus it was exhasting and I barely survived it (40 C temps each day)...but more on that later or tomorrow (I still owe a recap of two weekends ago - it had a few moments worth recounting - I hope I'm not building it up too much).

Can someone tell me what has happened to the O's this past week? The way they are going these, me, Hazel and a few friends could beat the O's - before you start laughing, Hazel was once called "Hurricane Hazel" by her Sportsnet teammates for her pitching prowess...check out the home page on Hazelspeeps...she wears her hat like a ball player. The O's can't seem to catch a break - while the Sox are kicking the crap out of everyone (even though they are losing tonight). A quick check of Red Sox Nation shows that fans are giddy these days, and why not...
  • Sox are in 1st place and the hated Yankees show no real signs of being a threat
  • Schilling is coming back relatively soon; and
  • Manny is smoking hot these days (hear that Eagle Tribune?).
While a number of theories are being thrown about - on what got the Sox going -
  • some credit Epstein comment that if things didn't get going, he'd have to consider trading someone;
  • others say it was a couple of key starts by certain pitchers - Wakefield was singled out a couple of times,
  • others feel that it might have something to do with the NL cream puffs they played - including the Reds.
While all of these things may have played a part, with number three being the most plausible - I submit, for your review and consideration this - Hazel Karma. She got some good press in Boston a couple of weeks ago...she's paying Boston back. Laugh all you want - remember Sox win their first World Series in 86 years shortly after her arrival at NESN (apologies to Red Sox brass and team) coincidence? I don't think so.

The Jays are hanging around, but does anyone really think they have a legitimate shot at anything? I have a hard time seeing them compete with some of the guys in that lineup - not enough power (Hinske, Hill, Hillenbrand)...I still think the Yankees are old and tired.

I'm not giving up on the O's. Everyone knows that teams go through a slump or two every year and a couple of long winning streaks - the O's are in their slump...if they can stay within striking distance - they'll be ok (not that I'm an O's fan or a Sox hater).

The Dodgers are sucking these days...and the loss of Gagne pretty much ends the season. On Friday, I heard Jim (the Horse's Ass) Rome rip the crap out of J.D. Drew. Rome was pretty hard on Drew, basically calling him a waste. I don't think its Drew's fault - the Dodger's DL is a scary sight these days. A lost season for the boys in blue.

Still waiting for that deal? I'm tired of hearing about "the deal" -
  • the numbers being thrown around with respect to the proposed cap;
  • media laughing the players by talking about the deals they didn't sign;
  • players who are the big losers talking about how they have to get the game back on the ice for the fans - wouldn't have anything to do with your salaries.
I'm sure you know where this is going - Roenick. Last week I wrote that you can always expect Roenick to say something stupid - this past weekend, he crossed the "stupid line" and went right into the land of the assinine. It's funny, last week - the great Bobby Hull spoke to TSN, saying that players today had lost touch with the fans...that they didn't care about the fans. So from one former Chicago Blackhawk to another - Roenick tells fans that he will personally tell each and every fan who calls today's players spoiled "Kiss my ass!"

Now Roenick is controversial at the best of times, a jerk at the worst of times - but this latest rant takes it. Talking to fans about how he and others are losing MILLIONS - Roenick is talking about millions the way most fans talk about 20's. I want to thank Roenick for one thing though - supporting my position that fans should just stay away. Just stay away from the games...and watch that cap spiral down into the toilet - it's time to blow the NHL up and start over - again, more another night. I'm too damn tired (the patio nightmare will be recounted too).

Classic Line
To end tonight's entry on a high note - did anyone catch Shaq's comment on getting his MBA? I busted a gut reading Shaq's quote about needing something to put on his resume when he returns to reality and has to get a 9 - 5 job. The guy sucks as a rapper - but you have to love his sense of just have to - classic. Bravo Shaq...I'd hire ya hahahahaha.

I'm dead dog tired I'll bid everyone a very good night. Have a groovy week's hoping all is well with ou.

The Song of the Day (weekend) on Hazelspeeps at yahoo - for the NHLPA and Owners...for the Sox and the O's (AL East now a two team race)...and for my weekend against the monsterous patio that had to be built -

Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

I saw the video over the weekend - one of the only videos I have ever liked.

In the immortal words of Kip Dynamite - Peesth out.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Evenin' peeps, Hazel (if she's peeking) and "you" for checking in. It's Wednesday so it means a recap of some of the silly things in the world of sports.

I still haven't gotten around to recounting my silly weekend last week - maybe tomorrow...ya, tomorrow as we move closer to the coming weekend. Oh well, there was some funny things worth recounting.

No further trade talk coming out of Jays land...I guess someone realized the humour in suggesting that Eric Hinske was trade bait.

Red Sox are considering bring back Gabe Kapler - yes, the great "team guy" who just happened to forget guys like Manny, Pedro and Ortiz on his list of players he missed in Boston. For those who didn't know, it seems that Kapler is having such a tough time with the Yomuri Giants...that he's been taken off the roster. Before I wonder what is going through Epstein's mind...John Olerud is leading the Sox to a comeback victory over the Indians - don't question the GM.

More on the Sox - seems Curt Schilling wants to come back a bit earlier than the All-Star break. While Red Sox fans are anxiously waiting for his return, I ask you this. My first thought was - "He wants to come back because he misses talking to the media." Earlier this season, Schilling said he only wanted to talk to the media about pitching...and since he wasn't pitching - he wasn't talking. Must be killing him to sit there quietly.

Speaking of our friend "Schill" - I thought of him the other day when i read an article in a MA paper "The Eagle Tribune", the paper published an article that launched a scathing attack on the toughness and character of Manny Ramirez (still always hear Hazel roll the Rs) . The article crapped all over Manny, calling him a quitter - looking for excuses to leave games, and basically quit on the Sox. The writer mentioned that "unnamed teammates" were seething when Manny left the game two innings after being hit by a pitch that wouldn't have kept a little leaguer our of the game. Did anyone else think of Schilling as the unnamed teammate? (If Hazel is checking in...she is probably shaking her head - that was kind mean of me - my bad...sorry Hazel).

The guy shouldn't be questioning Ramirez...what I have come to learn is that pain is a relative thing - everyone's pain threshold is different. Maybe Ramirez was hurting a lot more than you would in the same circumstance, not his fault - Ramirez isn't Schiling - get over it Red Sox fans. Bad article - but Manny's revenge was going on an HR tear Monday and Tuesday. Good for Manny.

Speaking of playing hurt...another pitcher on Hazel's Heroes went on the DL. That makes four damn starters on the DL...we are clinging to 3rd now. Hazel, send that roster some karma...we need them back.

Hazel won't like this, but Az-Hakim decided not to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs, opting instead to sign with New Orleans. I'm thinking its for the music, and not for the team or QB. Trent Green and that offence is among the best - why he wouldn't want to sign with them (and potentially have Hazel as a fan) is beyond me. Aaron Brooks "ain't no Trent Green." CBS Sportsline writer Clark Judge is picking the Chiefs to be a surprise team in the NFL. I'll believe it when I see their defence stop someone...anyone...on a 3rd and 9 - hahahaha. Hazel, still time to join the Cowboys bandwagon - you interviewed Bledsoe...come and join the Boys!

The Laurie family, owners of the St. Louis Blues, are looking to sell the NHL team because they can't justify operating a team that loses that much money ($60 M in the last two years). This family includes the heiress to the Walmart fortune...guess billions don't go as far as it used to.

The NHL players, led by Jaromir Jagr and seconded by Wade "ah you know" Redden, are publicly admitting that they didn't expect the owners to be so tough...and have admitted defeat. Way to go guys... way to tow the union line - you palookas are a dream come true to both the owners and the media. I didn't miss Roenick, you had to expect him to say something stupid - so no surprise there.

There's probably more...hell, I'm sure there is more - but after working all day, and shovelling and "wheeling" 6 tons of crushed stone for this damn patio I'm working on this weekend - I'm dead tired - what a freaking work out...I realized that I have traps...imagine that! Hazel is welcome to come share a beer or port anytime. Everyone else? apply in comment box! haha

Night peeps, night Hazel - I'm glad things are looking up in Sox land...and thank "you" (yes you..anonymous reader) for checking in if you got this far.

Have a great night one and all.

Song of the day on Hazelspeeps at yahoo - to reporters who write nasty stories or use "unnamed teammates (sources)" to write stories...or those "unnamed teammates" who are actually talking to dumbasses like Jagr and Redden...I give you...

Shut Up - the Black Eyed Peas (I know the lyrics don't fit the above...but the chorus works).

Peesth Out.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekend Recap Part 1

Evenin' peeps, Hazel and anyone else happening on this page; especially those of your that are dads...a belated Happy Father's Day to all of you. I hope everyone got in touch with their father yesterday - no excuses, no one gets off the hook for not seeing or calling their dad.

Things stayed pretty much the same in the AL East over the weekend. O's maintained their slim lead over the Sox, the Yankees swept their way to their 6th straight win (but I still think they are done like dinner - tonight's effort against the D-Rays would support my thought) and the Jays continue to slowly slip back. For those keep track...yes the Dodgers are sucking right now - losing their 6th straight last night, but without Milton Bradley and Eric Gagne - what do you expect?

Some funny observations from the weekend out of Jays land. The Chickenhawk has gone on record as saying there are very few players on the Jays that are "untouchable" - the tone of the article and the quote attributed to him was one of reservation, like a man who is already throwing in the towel on the season. Possible names mentioned as trade bait - even Eric Hinske and Orlando Hudson, once thought to be untouchables. One question for the Chickenhawk, the Toronto Sun and any Jays fan who thinks this is plausible - "Huh?" Eric Hinske? You gotta be kidding me, what contender in either league is weaker at 1st base than Eric Hinske? Or weak enough to think that a guy who is hitting .250 and on pace for 20 HRs is the 1st or 3rd base. Hinske has been belly-aching about playing time - does he really deserve to be a full-timer? (his current 2 - 19 homestand says NO). Before anyone goes off on me about Hinske being better that (chant one and all) HEE SEOP CHOI - Choi makes less cash than Hinske and has better numbers this year.

The Jays can't seriously believe that trading Eric Hinske will bring them anyone who can help in the here and now - or a viable prospect...not unless some GM loses his mind.

The other name being thrown about is (apologies in advance to Hazel if she reads of her favourites) Orlando Hudson. Hudson, who joined Hazel to co-host a few episodes of JZone last year (eventually doing a couple on his own when she was in Boston) , is in the midst of a sub-par year. In watching him over the last couple of weeks, he seems totally lost up at the plate - lunging at pitches, guessing at what is coming...his bat is looking very slow. While Hudson might bring more than Hinske...the question is, how much more? and Who would replace him? I'm sorry Jays fans - the Chickenhawk is selling you all a bill of is time for Mr. Godfrey to take a good hard look at him and cut him loose - he's no Billy Beane, no Theo Epstein...hell, he ain't even me! Hazel's namesakes are in second place...with a cap no less! hahahaha. Seriously...his time should be considered to be up.

Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun went on record Sunday with a comment that has likely crossed the mind of a Jays fan or two in Toronto - "after seeing Frank Menechino hit two HRs on thing came to mind ...steroid testing." Gee, do ya think? Frank has muscle coming out of his face for chrissakes. Speaking of steroids...

"Creatine" A New Body
This won't be news to anyone who has watched baseball this year...but has anyone seen the new and reduced Sammy Sosa? Geezus, he's shrinking into the big-fro skinny kid who started out with the Texas Rangers. He's got to be 20 to 30 lbs lighter...his big 9 HRs this year would tend to support the allegation that he has lost significant girth and power.

As had been speculated for the last week or so - Brian Burke, former GM of the Canucks and resident TSN sour-puss and NHL Owners supporter, was named GM and VP of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. Love, like or hate Burke - the guy is rock solid (amazing for an American) and one of the best hockey minds in the NHL. I say Burke has Anaheim competing for a Cup in 3 - 5 years. If the NHL does adopt a salary cap - look for the Ducks rise to be closer to 3 than 5 years. The NHL negotiations and proposed salary cap is crying out for a rant on this page...maybe later this week.

The Business Of Sports
Last week I read an article about David Beckham and what he has meant to Real Madrid since his arrival. Rather than talking about how much Beckham had brought to Real - with them winning La Liga and Champions League this year - the article focused on Beckham's financial impact. What's that you say? Barcelona won La Liga, and Liverpool won Champions League - oh, maybe that's why they didn't talk about his play.

From all accounts this year, Beckham has been a non-factor on the pitch (but making plenty of headlines off the pitch). Beckham has been largely invisible for Real and has not done anything to distinguish himself or remind anyone of the final for the FIFA World Player of the Year a few years ago (won by...guess who? That's right Luis Figo), Madrid estimates their net gain after paying Beckham's salary is 30 million Euros - they attribute a couple of upcoming lucrative tours to his presence. So, as I said a couple of months back - the reason they are open to letting Figo leave Real has nothing to do with his play - its because they don't have the balls to cut Beckham loose and admit to the world they signed a good player in Beckham...but not a great one. Real suck... and I hope Figo embarrasses your dumb asses if he leaves for Valencia or a team in the Premiership - World Cup 2006 will be his (and Portugal's) triumph...and here's hoping Hazel is there to recap it for the good folks in New England!

More People Who Suck
I'm adding a new wrinkle to the Weekend Recap - people/teams who have managed to really piss me off this week. For the week ending June 19th, my shit list is headed by Carlos Beltran of the Mets. Beltran went 0-4 on Saturday night, not even managing a hit against Ryan Franklin of Mariners (yes...that Ryan Franklin). His failure to get a hit, even hit a single (when Ichiro took an 0-for against Pedro) cost me $200 hundred bucks on my proline ticket (okay...I only spent five...but still).

The one-trick pony known as the Greek National team - who lost to Japan at the Confederations Cup on Sunday. They cost me $150 bucks on another proline ticket - stupid buggers (for those who might have misread that...that was BUGGERS...and not what you think I wrote - hahahaha). The match report summarized the Greek attack as "lofting crosses into Charisteas and Zysis". I still can't believe these frigging clowns won Euro 2004 - beating Portugal twice...damn. Greece...your run is over - as the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld would say "No World Cup for you!"

Freddie Mitchell signed with K.C. I can almost see Hazel rolling her eyes saying "What is Vermeil thinking?" I think Trent Green gives up on him by Week 6. If you've read this page before - you would know that Freddie is part of my Three Stooges of the NFL - Freddie, Kellen Winslow Jr. and of course...T.O. I won't go hatin on Vermeil...he might start cryin'. Apologies to Hazel's boys in K.C - but...damn, Freddie Mitchell? Hazel, there's room for you on the Cowboys' bandwagon.

Ricky Williams is coming back to the NFL. Is there anything I can say that hasn't been said about Ricky? He quit on his team - enough said.

Retief...never mind. I feel bad for Goosen - and for the record, I don't think he sucks. I just can't believe he shot 11 over in the last round of the U.S. Open - he was the defending champ for chrissakes. Hey wait, golf isn't really a sport...but then again, neither are my weekends and I find a way to report on those (tomorrow). hahahaha

Ok, I'm calling it a night - there is lots more to say, but it's been a long day and if you have gotten this far - you are probably thinking I have said enough for the night. More to follow later this week - if you see anything in the world of sports that strikes you as silly or dumb...please submit them (via comment box) for inclusion into weird'll be given proper credit for submissions - weblinks appreciated.

Night peeps, night Hazel (if you are peeking in) here's hoping your week is going well (Congrats on Boston Globe article highlighting your MC'ing of a high school awards dinner on Sunday - bravo to you!)...and night to anyone else checking in.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps at yahoo...with the talks of trading Jays, new GMs in the NHL, allowing good players to leave your team (again Figo), questionable free agent signings and reinstatements...

Change - Tears for Fears (look it up if you haven't heard it - an 80's classic).

Peesth out.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

An Eventful Tuesday

Evenin' peeps, Hazel (if you are peeking) and anyone else who is checking in (the counter says quite a few more than I ever expected)

A day and a half to say the least. Today at work, was one of those days that everything falls into place - and people actually see things for what they are...after months of trying to make people "get it" - the light bulb over their head clicks on. A colleague of mine who is a fake laugher, pat on the back "yes man" - is undergoing a transformation, from a big-talking, ass kisser - to an angry French man who is coming to the realization that he isn't as important as he thinks he is...he's walking around scowling...and I think its HI-larious. But I'm not here to talk about work - speaking of which...I started digging out part of my backyard to start construction on my interlock patio - son of a "beep" I'm tired (I'm getting too old for this crap) - but what took me about 6 hours saved me $1,500 (I was an idiot for going to University - I should have been a landscaper).

Where to start tonight? It certainly won't be a recap of my weekend, cuz I'm too damn tired to talk about growing up and hanging out with people you were once a kid with - and how life changes and takes some pretty interesting turns. Maybe better suited for a weird Wednesay entry.

David Wells pitches a great game against the Reds (can you say "a great game" when the Reds are light hitters? - except for Jr. of course...he's a key member of the Heroes). Nonetheless, Wells gives the Sox a great game - they spank the Reds for the second night in a row...but can't gain ground on the O's who beat Pettitte. (for the record - the pitching staff had a brutal night...we are gonna feel this tomorrow, I think we are falling out of second place).

Chris Carpenter went back to Toronto and humiliated the Jays - I mean he really made them look like an over-matched Double A club. 1 hit and 10Ks on the night...If anyone sees Eric Hinske, please return him to the Skydome...the Chickenhawk is going out of his mind wondering where Eric went. The BA keeps dropping...the HR and RBI remain constant, and he isn't getting the job done. He and Vernon must have switched water bottles or something.

Phil Jackson has decided to return to the Lakers - and Kobe Bryant trusts Dr. Buss and Mitch Kupchak's judgement. This should be good - without Shaq, and Kobe running the made the right decision Phil. Funny, I heard him say in an interview that he has a three year contract and he's not sure if Lakers will be a contender by then. I don't think I've ever heard the Zen Master be quite so humble (he can't need the money)....ego? cheap drugs?

What would an NFL entry on "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" be without a Kellen Winslow Jr. update. Seems he is now coming clean about hurting his kidney, liver and breaking a bone in his upper leg while impersonating Fonzie or Evil. Winslow, being the smug, spoiled brat he is - rambled on about being young and feeling he was invincible - then saying that lots of people have motorcycles and he happened to get hurt, and half-hearted apology. Romeo Crenell just said that he'll wait to see what kind of player they have in Winslow..."when he gets back". Oh that was a ringing endorsement...right? I can see this guy getting cut when he walks back into camp next year.

For his part, Winslow insists he's coming back. Let's see "Chosen One" - in two years, a broken legs, damaged liver and kidney, broken bone in legs and a TORN ACL - and you think you are coming back? as what? Dude...if Crenell is anything like Belichek - you are so gone as soon as you recover. Hazel, you must have had an opportunity to speak to Romeo a little - do you think he is counting down the days to welcome Kellen Jr. back into the fold? Get all that signing bonus back Cleveland...every damn cent of it.

News Out Of New England
Seems that Mr. Bill Borson and NESN have parted ways - he apparently didn't see "eye to eye with a senior member of NESN's Management team. Mr. Borson, Vice-President of Programming and Production, was one of the key players in wooing Hazel away from Rogers and heading to New England (still haven't totally forgiven him for that - but hey, if its working out for Hazel...what can you say?). Here's hoping that his departure doesn't adversely impact Hazel's run with NESN. Maybe Rogers should hire Borson to re-vamp their broadcasts...hmmm - let me send "Ted" and the gang at Sportsnet an email. Ha ha ha. I'm sure Hazel will be fine.

I'm I'm calling it a night.

Night peeps, Hazel (see intro) and anyone else checking in...

So for my angry French colleague, for Phil Jackson who is going back to LA with Kobe, for Kellen "the Chosen One/new millennium Bionic Man" Winslow...and (never mind..I won't go near NESN on this one - out of respect for Hazel)...the song of the day on Hazelspeeps...

You're So Vain - Carly Simon

Have a great night one and all...Hazel here's hoping your week is going well and isn't in too much turmoil

Peesth out.

Its Wednesday...So That Means

Evenin' peeps, Hazel and those of you who aren't either one of the aforementioned...

Today has been weird...we have had wicked rainstorms today - and as quickly as the rain came, it went and it was clear...until the next wave of rain came back. Today's run was hard...probably the after effects from landscaping yesterday - 6 KM in 31+ mins, and no rain or wind to blame it on. Work was funny today...angry French guy seems to be growing crustier by the day - he left work half-way through the morning today (surprise surprise, our boss wasn't in today).

So if you have checked in before you know that Wednesdays are to recap some of the strange occurances in the world of sports. If you are new here...enjoy the read.

He Should Have Had A Swaggart Instead Of The Falwell He Took
Wyatt Sexton, Quarterback at FSU, had a run in with police in Talahassee Florida. Police were called to investigate a young man doing pushups on the street - when asked by police to identify himself...Sexton identified himself as God. He was eventually pepper sprayed and subdued - police say he was under the influence of a narcotic or don't say? Hey...if Wyatt was high and calling himself God...does that mean he is actually Kellen "The Chosen One" Winslow's daddy? or does the alcohol/narcotic thing explain Kellen Jr's behaviour?

Carlton Meet Pat Robertson - Or Wyatt Sexton
Carlton Dotson, former Baylor basketball player, was sentenced to 35 years in prison for shooting his teammate Patrick Dennehy. Dotson originally told police that he thought people were trying to kill him because he was Jesus, the son of God. Dotson was deemed to be competent to stand trial - he obviously wasn't convincing enough...he should have had Wyatt hook him up.

How Much Did This Research Cost?
In a non-sports related story, the University of McMaster recently concluded that men's judgement can be swayed and negatively affected by the presence of attractive women. The study placed men in a room, filled with pictures of attractive women, where they were asked to decide between two options:
  • take $15 dollars immediately, or
  • wait a couple of days and get $75 dollars
Apparently more than half took the $15 - thus opting for instant gratification. Ladies, how true does that ring? Hahahaha...I wonder if they had Hazel's pic up there.

A Salary Cap?
I still don't understand how the NHL expects fans to be excited that they may have solved salary cap - one where each team's individual cap is based on team revenues. So how does this solve the problems small market teams have long complained about? This is a load of crap - they came up with this "cap based on revenues" so that they don't have to lower ticket prices - it allows them to look at their fans and say "we can't lower prices - the more we take in, the more salary cap room we have to improve our team." Don't buy it gang...literally.

Do you think it is a coincidence that Hockey Canada is trumpeting the fact that Gretzky has agreed to lead Team Canada's entry into the 2006 Olympics? They are trying to get our attention away from the fact that they are a bunch of screw ups.

Robinson Vs. Scioscia
Things got pretty heated in LA - when Frank Robinson of the Washington Nationals had the umpires check the glove of Angels pitcher Brendan Donnelly - Donnelly was found to have pine tar on his glove and thrown out of the game. For his part, Mike Scioscia claimed that pine tar has no effect on the ball - for those of you that didn't know...Scioscia was a teammate of Jay Howell - when Howell was suspended for the same infraction...the Dodgers were playing Oakland in the 1988 World Series. Way to go Mike.

Ok...I'm sure there is plenty more to report on - but these were the ones that caught my attention.

Night peeps...Hazel et al.

In paying hommage to Rory Sabatini and his meltdown last weekend...where he basically abandoned his playing partner Ben Crane (17th hole).

Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day


I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash.

Peesth out.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Manic Monday

Evenin peeps, Hazel (if you are peeking in) and as always, anyone else who has happened by here.

A very long and very busy day today...sometimes I hate being "the person with the answers" or "the person you should go see for advice" - on so many levels...but this blog is supposed to be sports related, so until "Office Ass Kicking" becomes an Olympic sport, I'll keep that stuff to myself (or to my friends when I call them to rail). Too damn tired to recap the weekend in my world - maybe tomorrow...though I realize that with each passing day, the relevance of the weekend that was fades. If anyone cares - at 10:03 pm eastern time, Aramis Martinez of the Cubs can ensure success on my proline ticket ($100 bucks) with a HR...he's leading Delgado in total bases 2 - 1 - but as has been my luck lately...Delgado will probably get a nothing hit in the ninth.

Everyone in the East should be relatively happy. Halladay baffled the Cards...I don't see many pitchers make Albert Pujols look bad - but Halladay did, so kudos to him. The Sox are spanking the Reds (which should mean a relatively enjoyable night on Sportsdesk for Hazel) - Martinez got a cheap HR...but they all count. And last but not least, the O's are trying to nail down a victory against the Astros (which has been anything but a given lately). So the American League East all gain ground on the Yankees. Hell, the D-Rays and Big Lou gained ground - another great article by Scott Miller on CBS Sportsline about how Lou probably won't get fired for his tirade...get this...mainly because current ownership is too cheap to buy him out (is that what I was getting at last night? I swear I was).

More coverage on the end of Mike Tyson era. Most newspapers ran an AP story on Mike - the end was kind of sad...he talked about how he doesn't want anyone to feel sorry for him...that he doesn't know how to deal with sadness, that he is hardened and de-sensitized. It was actually kind of sad to see what has happened to him - what those bloodsuckers did to him...Don King and his entourage are going to hell - I'm convinced of that. More thoughts on Mike later this week...sad though.

Saw the reply of Winky Wright and Tito Trinidad - what boxing should be...not that I'm a big fan, but sometimes, it really is the sweet science. Greg Johnson of Nova Scotia is making a bit of a comeback.

I'm gonna cut it short tonight - I've got a crap load of work tomorrow...both at work and with landscaping my backyard...the shovel goes in tomorrow.

Night peeps...night to anyone getting this far...and of course a very fond goodnight to Hazel.

Today's song of the day for Hazelspeeps at yahoo - after seeing a very humble, very sad and very different Mike Tyson...

Be Yourself - Audioslave (Chris Cornell writes another classic).

To be yourself is all that you can do

Words to live by I would say...

Peesth Out.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Slow Sunday

Evenin' peeps, Hazel and anyone else checking in or happening upon this page

Sipping on my favourite Port, winding down a great (but busy) weekend - one spent working hard and playing hard outside...yes, in this damn heat (and I was BBQ'ing). A couple of weeks ago, I said I found out I don't mind running in really hot weather; this weekend put that crazy notion to the test. Both runs were reasonably good, but cut a bit short due to heat (close to 40 C with humidity) 6KM in 29 mins on Saturday, and 7KM in 36 mins today. I celebrated getting through both runs with a couple of Caffery Draught, BBQ Burgers and Dairy Queen ice cream cake - was my godson's 5th birthday, I'm allowed to indulge. Some pretty interesting things happened this weekend, especially today - but we'll leave that for a "weekend wrap-up" entry tomorrow or something.

Who can predict anything these days? While the Yankees go into St. Louis and lose two out of three - which was to be expected, check out what else happened:
  • the O's lose two of three to the woeful Reds (though Griffey Jr had a good weekend for Hazel's Heroes);
  • the Red Sox lose two of three in Chicago to the Cubs, which I didn't expect - they should have gone in thinking two of three...shouldn't they? (I'd ask Hazel, but in this case - what could she say except "yes" - maybe the standard "you can't take anything for granted" line)
  • the Jays get swept by the Astros - I know they were facing Clemens and Oswalt, but they couldn't even win one game? If they want to think of themselves as contenders...they can't be getting swept by bottom feeders (just ask the Yankees after the Royals series).
The O's look like the start the week off with a 3 game lead over the Sox (who are talking about getting Schilling back by the All-Star break - we'll see. Speaking of the Sox, I am starting to see why Red Sox Nation can't stand Joe Morgan - he really hates the Red Sox, he rarely had anything positive to say about the Sox. After interviewing Francona, he tells Jon Miller and the viewing audience that he really wanted to ask Francona about how much (if at all) the Sox missed Pedro. Huh?

Joe, the season is 60 games old, Pedro is in New York and I don't think the Sox want to talk about it...they shouldn't have to. Morgan's tone was a bit antagonistic, like he wanted to kind of rattle Francona's cage about not having Pedro - I thought it was cheap and ultimately... pointless. But I'm not going to go ragging on the ESPN crew, and I won't even say that I think Hazel is as good as Sam Ryan (I see ESPN calling in the near future). I think Hazel should have a sit down with Morgan and ask him why he hates the Red Sox so much - I'm sure she could change Joe's attitude.

Speaking of attitude, seems that Lou Piniella has blown another gasket. Lou is now calling out the ownership of the Devil Rays, blaming their cheap ways for the team. You think Lou has lost it? or like you think this is an attempt to get his ass fired so he can get away from the Rays and really let the Rays ownership have it?

Montreal Expo (or former) fans - how angry does it make you to see the Nationals reeling off 10 wins in a row? I won't push it...just thought I'd ask. I remember seeing Hazel say that she would get down to the "Big O (Owe)" for some Expo games - I wonder if she is pulling for the Nationals in the NL.

For anyone (other than me) who cares, the Dodgers are within striking distance of the Padres - 2 1/2 back and charging. Hee Seop Choi (another member of the Heroes) hit three HRs today against the twinkies. I see a bit of a run coming...and at the end of it, 1st place by the All Star break.

Anyone still waiting for announcement of a deal? Notice how there hasn't been a lot of talk these last couple of days? I would be very interested in hearing what people think of this proposed cap - based on team revenues. Is this not the dumbest thing you have ever heard? How can you have a salary cap system that favours big market teams who have huge revenue sources? Doesn't this just mean "status quo"? Or is this simply their excuse for not lowering tickets prices on the premise of "more money to spend under cap system"? They are trying to pull a fast one here - Damien Cox had it dead on last week. If they come out after 9 months of negotiating - with a floating salary cap...the fans of the NHL should revolt and not go back. They gave up an entire season of hockey for essentially the same system...I can't wait to hear the spin Brian Burke puts on this one (and NO, I'm not looking forward to hearing Bob McKenzie's thoughts on it).

Go Leafs Go. Right Hazel? (she can't become a Bruin fan - she just can't).

Like A Car Accident Sad
Mike Tyson loses again, this time - I felt a bit sorry for him...really. In the past, he had some entertainment value - but now it is just plain sad. To see the look on his face as he realized that he is losing to "this calibre" of opponent...the man might be the most tragic figure in professional sports (maybe ever). He should just retire - but with the money he owes, he'll be back - maybe they should stage a fight at the Fleet Centre - between Mike and Joe Morgan...I'm sure Red Sox Nation would turn out in droves to see that one...with each and every one of them volunteering to do the play by play or colour commentary.

Maybe Rocket Ismail Had Something
So while I was BBQ'ing lunch today (chicken and shrimp) I hear a guy on Fox Sports Radio talking about the Belmont Stakes yesterday - talking about Afleet Alex and jockey as athletes...ummm ok? I remember when Rocket Ismail raced a horse...hahahaha. Horse's and Jockeys as athletes...Let me think about that and get back to you.

Ok, it's been a tiring weekend - so time to wrap it up.

Goodnight peeps...Goodnight Hazel (here's hoping your upcoming week is a good one)

In honour of the Belmont Stakes - the song of the day on Hazelspeeps is

Bottle of Smoke - The Pogues

Thanks and praises - thanks to Jesus
I bet on a Bottle of Smoke
I went to hell and to the races
To bet on a Bottle of Smoke

The day being clear - the sky being bright
He came up on the left like a streak of light
Like a drunken fuck on a Saturday night
Up came the Bottle of Smoke

Twenty fucking five to one
My gambling days are done
I bet on a horse called a Bottle of Smoke
and my horse won

Stewards inquiries, swift and fiery
I had the Bottle of Smoke
Inquistions and suppositions
I had the Bottle of Smoke

Fuck the stewards - A trip to Lourdes
Might give the old fuckers the power of sight
Screaming springers and stoppers - and call out coppers
But the money still gleams in my hand like a light

Bookies cursing - cars reversing
I had the Bottle of Smoke
Glasses steaming - vessels bursting
I had the Bottle of Smoke
Slip a fifty to the wife - and for each brat a crisp new five
To give me a break on a Saturday night
When I had the Bottle of Smoke
Priests and Maiden - drunk as pagans
They had the Bottle of Smoke
Sins forgiven and celebrations
They had the Bottle of Smoke

Fuck the Yanks and drink their wives
The moon is clear - the sky is bright
I'm happy as a horse in shite
Up came the Bottle of Smoke.

And with that I say...Peesth Out.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wednesday Can Only Mean...

Evenin' peeps, Hazel and/or anyone else checking for for weird and wacky Wednesdays - a look back at some of the stories making news over the last week.

A good story coming out of the NHL these days - three new members inducted into the Hall of Fame. Cam "Seabass" Neely, the man who defined the position of power forward was inducted, along with the late Valeri Kharlamov (the man who had his ankle broken by Bobby Clarke in the 1972 Canada/USSR Series), and Mr. Murry Costello - President of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Assocation.

I remember watching Neely (damn I feel old) flying up and down that wing - he scared the crap out of most of the defencemen in the NHL. Bruin fans must be celebrating tonight - as well they should.

A minute to congratulate Mr. Costello and his family - I got to know his family on a personal level as I went to school with four of his kids, they were a great family, great people. I remember playing street hockey outside the house and he always had time to stop and ask who was winning...Congrats to the Costellos.

The weird part of the inductions - Glenn Anderson and Dino Ciccarelli didn't make may not like Anderson, but the guy was definitely a great player, an integral part of those Oilers' dynasty of the 80's...and Dino scored 600+ goals. Come on NHL - smarten up...put your grudges and prejudices aside and give them their due (for the record...I wasn't a huge fan of either...but I respect what they did).

The Whizzinator Gets Whacked
Onterrio "The Whiz" Smith of the Minnesota Vikings was suspended for the upcoming season for violating the league's substance abuse policy. The funny thing (not so funny if you are Onterrio) is that he wasn't charged by police for having the whizzinator and the NFL has said that possession of the device doesn't violate the league's policy - so why/what was he suspended for?

Show Terrell The Monaaaaaaay
Terrell Owens keeps talking about the respect he feels he is owed - of course respect = money in Terrell's world and he sees nothing wrong with it. While many are quick to condemn him, I want to ask one question - how many players are sitting back in their chairs saying "Go Terrell!!!" I think a lot of these guys secretly agree and support Terrell's stance - it furthers their cause when their contracts are up for renewal. I think Owens' stance is indicative of today's athlete - it's not about respect, the adulation of the fans/kids - it's all about the money...I give Terrell credit for having the guts to set the record straight. By the way...I still can't stand the guy. Apologies to Hazel for linking Terrell to the Jerry MacGuire movie...but if Hazel you see this...doesn't Terrell remind you a little of Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character?

PrimeTime or Twilight Zone
The Baltimore Ravens signed Deion Sanders to a one year deal - in his prime Deion didn't hit or make tackles...but his speed and coverage ability negated other defensive short comings. But at his age, having lost a step or two...signing him to a one year deal...HUH?

Ebay Would Have Been Cheaper
If you are Clinton Portis - 26 equals 38,000, as in dollars. Portis originally agreed to pay a former Redskin teammate $40,000 for the jersey number. Clinton paid $20K upfront, but when the dude got cut after training camp - the subsequent cheques from Clinton didn't get cut.

Depending on who you talk to - NHL Owners and Players Association is close to reaching a deal that involves a salary cap that may or may not be attached to individual team revenues. There are opinions, sources, unnamed sources, sources close to the negotiations, sources speaking on the condition of anonymity - they all say the same thing "Please keep the NHL in the news so that our fans don't forget us." If you find this confusing, try reading the dreck Bob McKenzie publishes on TSN - he continues to make a living saying that while he is connected to the NHL...and a supposed "insider" - he actually knows nothing about what is happening. Steve Simmons of the Sun goes with the "unnamed" sources (does anyone actually believe that? or is "unnamed sources" journalistic code for "I'm making it up") to give you his views on the lockout. Damien Cox of the Star has written some very interesting and insightful articles and opinion pieces on the lockout - he hit the nail on the head when he shed some light on the fact that the NHL should be worried that fans will find out that the deal they are expected to sign...could have been done in December...thus averting a lost season. I would put the question to Hazel...about the "unnamed sources" - but my sources tell me that being part of the journalistic fraternity...she wouldn't say (some journalists - Simmons...Bruce Garrioch are like magicians...the make things up or make them appear). can tell can whisper it to me. Come tell.

One more funny thing about the state of the NHL - Mike Milbury is making news by telling us what we can expect to see when the NHL comes back - shootouts. Does the NHL condone a half-wit like Milbury talking to the media? Why would they let the man who signed Yashin to a 10 year $90M contract speaking about the state of the NHL? Milbury let the Senators off the hook for the dumbest signing ever - Daigle's rookie contract. Randy Sexton must have sent Milbury a case of champagne after he traded for Yashin.

World Cup Qualifying
Good news, Portugal beats Estonia...but not without a fight. Cristiano Ronaldo saved the day with a goal...heading a cross sent in by Luis Figo! So we go into the summer in 1st place...setting up nicely for Germany.

The weird? The Greeks get beaten at home by the Ukraine - they get shut out twice in a row, in the same header to save their asses this time around. Italy ties in Norway, the Republic of Ireland (at home) ties Isreal...and friggin Spain (at home) ties Bosnia-Herz... the USA is somehow in FIFA's top 10 when they don't play anyone of any consequence...other than Mexico another team in the top 10 - even though they don't really play anyone either.
Go figure!

Ontario viewers get stuck watching the Yankees tonight - we were supposed to get Hazel and NESN's feed of the Sox and the Cards - that sucks!

Jays have Halladay on the mound and lose to Sergio Mitre and the Cubs - and Vernon Wells screws my proline ticket with an 0 - 4 today. that wraps up some of the dumber things that have happened this week...if you know of any that I missed...send them my way - I'd love to read them.

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps, given that we like to look back and laugh at the world of sports - while thinking we know so much better

The Grass is Green - Nelly Furtado (I've said it before...pick up her CD...well worth it).

If you see a theme this week...Amalia Rodrigues, the Portuguese National Anthem, Nelly Furtado - well...D'UH. It's World Cup Qualifying week and we welcomes our captain and inspirational leader - Luis Figo back to the fold.

Night peeps, Hazel and anyone else who took the time to get this far - or maybe it's just a good night to me.

Peesth out.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Finishing Off Weekend Recap

Evenin' peeps, anyone else checking in, and Hazel (if she is checking)...

Yesterday's weekend wrap up was quick one - I didn't talk about Toronto too much. I was in Toronto over the weekend for a meeting on Saturday. I got quite a bit done Friday evening, while watching the Sox and the Angels in my hotel room (no Hazel on the broadcast...but the were promoting Sportsdesk with Hazel's pic big time). After the game, a few colleagues got me to go out for a beer or two (Friday was a Red Bull and Vodka night) - but we ended up at a country bar...Jayzus, the clientele was choice to say the least...and in a damn country bar no less. I couldn't believe how many beautiful women were in one bar - but as my colleagues told me...welcome to Toronto my friend. I behaved - damn. A country bar...I never thought my ass would be in a country bar.

I wrapped my stuff up early on Saturday and was out by lunch time - I was about to head home when I heard there was a celebration for Camoes Day at the Dufferin Mall - that, coupled with the fact that Portugal was playing Slovakia meant I had to make the call home that I'd be a bit late...I had to go. The Bloor/Dufferin area was like a second home to me - I used to visit family in Toronto 3 or 4 times a year...that whole area was cool, you were more likely to hear Portuguese or Italian before you'd hear English. So I went to the mall and just took in the celebration with a number of strangers who could have easily passed for aunts, uncles, real people. My aunts are too old to go to that stuff...and my cousins in Toronto don't feel the pull of our heritage - they are good little Canadians with funny last names. Speaking of which... "Mae" has Portuguese origins - me thinks that somewhere along the line...oh never mind. The day was great, Portugal won, the food was great, the music reminded me of the stuff I would hear as a kid...and it was a good day. Toronto is a great place to visit...not sure I would want to live there though.

World Cup Qualifiers
Tomorrow is that last round of qualifiers before a summer break. Portugal is in Estonia, and a win there would pretty much set them up for Germany. So we'll say a prayer for them and hope for the best, there is no reason why they shouldn't win this one...they probably won't increase their lead as Slovakia has a gimme game against Luxembourg. Its time for Pauleta to start capitalizing on scoring chances and for Figo to reassert himself as a dominant presence (preferrably by scoring). I'm sure they'll do fine...Deus permitta.

Thoughts of Hazel Mae Blog Reaches Asia
Honestly, I never expected anyone to ever read this blog - especially not Hazel (who knows though) was done as a lark, something in my spare time to let off a bit of steam. I got an email from someone at Hazelspeeps saying that this blog was referenced by a singapore sox fan - imagine that! "Off Kilter" indeed... haha...but I think its pretty cool all the same, so thank you singapore sox fan (if you have checked back).

Going back over the past week, there is lots of stuff for "Weird Wednesday" segment

Terrell Owens' rant on about "getting paid"
Onterrio Smith a.k.a the Whizzinator is gone for a year - though he wasn't charged by police
The NHL continues to meet, and depending on who you talk to...oh forget it...let's just ask Hazel to post her thoughts
that and a whole lot more...I think.

Night peeps, Hazel and anyone else peeking in

In honour of tomorrow's last qualifier before summer break - the Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps at yahoo is

Heroes do Mar (Portuguese National Anthem) - Traditional

Love watching them sing it when the camera scans the team. FORCA HOMENS

Peesth out

Monday, June 06, 2005

Weekend Recap

Evenin peeps, and anyone else who might have happened by... in particular if your name is...

A great weekend - part of it spent in Toronto, but I'll get into that later.

Things continued as they have been lately - the O's win another series, the Sox keep pace winning two of three from the Angels - the Jays had a bad weekend, losing 3 of 4 to a suddenly awaken Eric Chavez and the A's...and the Yankees got kicked again - this weekend in Minnesota (when are people going to realize that this is not the Yankees of old, they aren't that good).

Some observations about baseball broadcasting last week

1) Baseball fans in Ontario were treated to NESN feeds last week - Hazel was her usual impressive self - whether it was behind the desk doing sportsdesk updates or in the crowd doing in game reports - from this chair, she was the bright spot in the broadcast...but then again, I may be a bit biased. While she wasn't on the Friday broadcast, NESN has saw fit to promote sportsdesk quite a bit - and attaching Hazel's pic to the shot (bravo NESN).

2) Former players don't necessarily make good "colour" broadcasters. The Sportsnet duo of Jamie Campbell and Tom Candiotti were proof of that. Some of the stuff these guys said left me scratching my head and saying HUH?

Campbell on Friday night - "With Halladay pitching tonight, (and naming saturday and sunday's starters) the Jays have a legitimate shot at winning the last three games of the series."

Candiotti in the 3rd inning Saturday with the Jays not having had a hit "The Jays have to get a baserunner on - they have to get something going, they need a hit or something." Gee thanks Tom.

Darren Fletcher has been doing some broadcasts too, given that he is new, we'll say "marginal".

All this to say...Rogers, let's bring back some personality to the broadcasts. Here's another funny thought...has anyone seen an episode of JZone this year? What's that you say? It's not on anymore? I wonder why...hmmmmm? Imagine that... Rogers not having someone to fill in the void our favourite sports personality left...

World Cup Weekend
Ok, so Hazel probably didn't cover the results - and she probably doesn't care either...BUT. The Portuguese National Team celebrated the return of their captain and the heart and soul of their squad, Luis Figo, with a 2- 0 victory over Slovakia, the game was played in "The Luz". Figo ended his retirement last month and was welcomed back by his teammates, with Deco going on record to extend his welcome (there had been a bit of friction in the past). This past weekend marks the beginning "Camoes week" in Portugal and Portuguese communities across the world - if you don't know who Camoes is - he is to Portuguese literature what Shakespeare was to English lit. Getting back to the National team - we are going to Germany and WE WILL WIN this time...I'm hoping Hazel and NESN give the World Cup some play! I'm available to go through pronounciations and such.

Some other interesting Italy playing to a draw in Norway; the Republic of Ireland tying Isreal (surprise surprise, the Irish tied), European Champs Greece (I STILL hate saying that) playing to a goaless draw in Turkey.

In other news, yes - I saw that Jose Mourinho was fined by the English Football Association for tampering with Ashley Cole (the man who has since stated his desire to leave Arsenal). I'm standing by Mourinho...he did it in the interest of his team - and I think the fine was more because it was him (I'm sure Ferguson or Wenger wouldn't have gotten hit that bad).

The NHL is scheduled to meet again on Tuesday - for those that thought a deal was close - one question..."Are you serious?" More on this nonsense tomorrow or later this week...

Time to call it a night - my weekend recap can wait til tomorrow.

Night to one and all - especially "you know who"

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps on yahoo - given the world cup qualifying win this weekend.

Uma Casa Portuguesa - Amalia Rodrigues

"Uma promesso de beijos
Dois brassos a minha espera
A uma casa Portuguesa com certeza
A com certeza uma casa Portuguesa"

That's it for me tonight -

Peesth out.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wednesdays Mean...Weird and Wacky

Evenin all

The middle of what has already been a long and tedious week...if I hear another person talking about the importance of Management Accountability Frameworks in business planning...I'm gonna - never mind. All is good. The weather is great, running is good (don't mind running in really warm weather - normally hate it).

The O's are handing it to the Sox tonight 9 - 3 in the ninth inning...thus guaranteeing that they will not leave Boston with a smaller lead than they rolled into town with. Watching the game tonight, the O's are pretty damn impressive - even with four regulars out, they keep finding ways to get the job done.

Having watched the Sox the last four nights, ESPN on Sunday - and Rogers picking up NESN feed the last three nights (thank you Rogers)...something isn't right with them, something is missing, there doesn't seem to be belief in their eyes - last year, there was an intensity about them that doesn't seem to be there this year. Tonight, Kevin Millar made an error and he looked like he was ready to give up. Maybe I shouldn't say anything...what do I know? Its not like I see them day in and day out like Hazel. So if she wants to shed some light...or her two cents - I'd sure like to hear her thoughts...wait for it..."Thoughts of Hazel Mae" - hahaha.

Speaking of Hazel. She was doing the SportsDesk updates on the broadcast - in a word, "smooth". I won't get go into any long winded explanations on why she is great, I think those 30 seconds snipits spoke for themselves. If you saw it tonight, compare that to the guys currently doing updates on Rogers or even worse...TSN - Hazel beats them hands down. From this chair, she was the highlight of the broadcast, and after the performance of the Sox tonight, I would think Red Sox Nation would agree.

Attention please, attention...Toronto Blue Jays or Mr. Chickenhawk- please report to Safeco Field...Vernon Wells has been found. Vernon had a monstrous night last...we will see if he keeps it up.

Yankees are in K.C, losing to the Royals - there was a time when a Randy Johnson start was almost a guaranteed times have changed - they are done.

Bob McKenzie is back at it again - wasting valuable web space with his take on the NHL Lockout. His latest article is about how "unnamed" sources from both sides say that an agreement isn't coming in the near future. Bob provides his expert insight to us readers with such indepth analysis and insider information including...

We shouldnt' be expecting a deal in hours...could it be done in days? perhaps...could it be done in weeks? perhaps...could it still blow up? perhaps. (wow - thanks Bob...I never thought of it that way).

Collective bargaining is a delicate process (gee...ya think? after this many months...i didn't think it was an easy one).

I swear...the NHL toys with this guy to keep themselves in the news...he is a fish that keeps biting. Bob, do yourself a favour - stroll through the TSN Newsroom, check the satellite feed for the Sox on NESN and wait for the SportDesk updates...much better use of your time.

World Cup 2006
Qualifiers going this weekend - Portugal hosting Slovakia in Lisbon on Saturday - a win pretty much puts us through to Germany. Nuno Gomes and Miguel Monteiro aren't going to be with the team...but shouldn't hurt our chances.

Figo has been given green light to negotiate with another club...more to follow at a later date while this injustice is digested - Real suck.

Ok...time to call it a night...long day. Night Hazel (if you see this)

Song of the Day at Hazelspeeps at yahoo - going back to the broadcast tonight..

Smooth - Carlos Santana ft. Rob Thomas.

Peesth out.

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