Saturday, May 07, 2005

Google'd - At Last!

Evenin' peeps, evenin' Hazel (who might actually see this now that google lists this blog - repeat after me peeps - "Dare to dream").

Went out last night, so no Friday entry (hey, even Hazel gets Fridays and Saturdays off). Great night out - dinner at a place called the "Baton Rouge", I highly recommend it, and some pints after dinner. It was a Guinness/Caffrey kind of night, which suited me just fine - no Red Bull and Vodka though, yesterday had more of a pub-feel to it. The band was pretty good, and I was dragged out to dance a few times - I think some of my female colleagues got a little more than they bargained for - I don't think they were ready to dance with me. One of them is a little sweetie, just a little young thing - she told one of our colleagues that she had a bit of a crush on me (but I think its mostly cuz I'm older - she's 26) - well, we danced...she came back to the table and just said "Damn, he's good. Is he always that nasty when he dances?" hahahaha (She told a friend of mine she felt like she had done the nasty up there).

For those keeping track (as if), today's run was one of the better ones. I did about 7.5KM in LESS that 35 mins - the start was a bit sluggish, but something happened and it started to feel pretty damn good. I thought about stretching it to 10 Km, but after last night - it was better to leave well enough alone. Speaking of today's run...

Freaky Friggin' Filapina Femmes Fatales
Yes, I saw them today - both of them. As I finished my run, who was coming around the corner as I was on my cool-down walk home? These two are messin' with me - again one of them says hello, so I smile politely and say hello. She asks about where I run, because they see me running by a few times a week - I explain the story, wanting to run 10KM races/runs this summer and wanting to raise money for Canadian Diabetes Association - she smiles and says, "Maybe you should teach us to run your route." I kind of nervously laugh it off - she introduces herself as Filomena, her friend is Helen. I'm just thinking I gotta get out of there, this can't be happening - so I excuse myself, wishing them a good day, and I head back home. Damn, I'm telling you - I don't know why...why...why, Filapinas and me. Scary

If you've been here before, you know I don't really give the NBA much thought - but kudos and congratulations to B.C. born Steve Nash, who is reportedly going to be named M.V.P tomorrow. Steve seems like a genuine, down to earth, grounded kind of guy. Nash is the first Canadian to ever win the award, and makes a very exclusive list of NBA guards to have won the award (Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, Bob Cousy).

Speaking of Cousy - Celtics lost tonight. Hope Hazel has the night off and doesn't have to report that to basketball fans in New England. I for one thought the Hazel karma might elevate the Celtics to something good this year - oh well...she can't do it all...or can she? Can you Hazel?

Baseball This Weekend
The Blue Jays lost again today to the White Sox - today's game was ugly, with the Jays scoring a few runs to make it respectable. Dropping Vernon Wells to the number 7 hole has not helped him...he's still struggling around .200, with no real power or RBI numbers to speak of. I don't disagree with moving him down (I said last week that they should do that), but I wonder if moving him up to number 2 might not be better - not seen as a slap to Vernon, and might get him thinking of just making contact, shortening up on the swing. But what do I know? I'm not the Chickenhawk, and everyone knows he makes ALL the decisions in Jays land. Speaking of the Chickenhawk and "his decisions" - Eric Kinske's avg is dropping like a stone - he's down to .257 and he isn't producing any runs.

Sox won on Friday and were rained out today. Big news in Red Sox land - Schilling hasn't opened his mouth and said anything outlanding or inflammatory today - stay tuned, as I type this, he still has 45 minutes to change that. Red Sox Nation still isn't worried about the Orioles - I think they are making a big mistake. The O's won again today, they are stockpiling wins against teams they should be beating - the Sox have been dropping a few...could come back to haunt them.

Yankees? Steinbrenner's horse didn't win the Kentucky Derby, somebody in Yankee land is going to suffer George's rath - oh yeah, Mussina shut out the A's - the way Oakland hits? big whoop. Eric Chavez is running neck and neck with Wells for most disappointing player so far this year.

Hazel Mae's Heroes are in fourth place this weekend. But we picked up two wins and a save today, so stay tuned for our run up the standings. Right Hazel?

World Hockey
Canada lost to the Swedes. I tuned in few times tonight - Pierre McGuire must have had a gun to his head - he ACTUALLY critcized Chris Phillips of the Ottawa Senators. For anyone who hasn't heard McGuire, he's on Ottawa radio almost every day gushing about the Senators - not today though, he pointed out that Phillips was one of the weak links. Chris Phillips on Team Canada - kinda sums things up doesn't it? Hazel, are Americans into the tournament? Do they care? What do you think of the tournament? (I'll give you rights to write on blog if you ever find it *smile*)

NFL News
Funny, a quick check on CBS, shows rookies holding out (Shawne Merriman of the Chargers - thank God Dallas didn't draft this guy), big mouths being released (Freddie Mitchell of the Eagles) and one classy guy doing the right thing - Tom Brady is the epitome of a professional...he is what all professional athletes should strive to be. Brady signed a contract extension this week - long overdue and very well deserved.

Doug Flutie weighed in with his thoughts "He just very quietly got it done. Very classy, I just like the way he goes about his business...I can tell Tom is a great leader for the team." You know Doug...for a guy that said he wanted to be a sounding board for Tom...I'm thinking you can learn a lesson or two from him - "very quietly got it done." Enough said.

Ok, time to call it a night - didn't get enough sleep last night.

Goodnight Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes from north of the border - here's hoping you are enjoying a great weekend.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - for dancing last night

I Like To Move It - Reel to Reel (house song from the 90's)

Goodnight peeps...have a great weekend.

Peesth out.


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