Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday A Little Wild - A Lot Wacky

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in tonight (or whenever)...from the semi-regulars to those who are new to the of course Ms. Hazel Mae (if she has chosen to peek in). I know the regulars must get sick of this Wednesday intro...but for the unintiated - Wednesday entries look back on the week that was in the world of sports...highlighting some of the more weird, wild or just plain wacky/silly stories from the past seven days or so.

Tonight's thought... Port - Pistacios - Good (20 year old vintage port no less...nice).

You had to figure that when the Sox released Mark Bellhorn, the New York Yankees would go out and pick him up. The first question I had when I heard about it was "How much does this have to do with the Yankees trying to rattle Boston by picking up a Sox castaway?" Think of it - part of it has to be a bit of a mind game with Boston...picking up Bellhorn, hoping that he does something...messing with the collective head of the Sox and Red Sox Nation. Hey, maybe I'm wrong.

My next question was "How long will it take for Bellhorn to be Public Enemy no. 1 in Red Sox Nation?" My question was answered with a quick check of the board - the members of the Nation didn't take long to voice their collective displeasure with Bellhorn's decision to join the Yankees. A few of the more intelligent posters on the board rightfully acknowledged that Boston let him go...and he went to the place that offered him the best chance for success and exposure. When it is all said and won't mean much - Bellhorn won't help New York - and as one person in Red Sox Nation said "He was hurting us more by being here."

Curt Schilling got pounded by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays...I said Curt Schilling got pounded by freaking Tampa Bay - its Curt Schilling...its Tampa Bay...Schilling is getting lit up on a regular basis these days...that in itself is weird. I hate to say it...but when I asked the magic 8 ball if Schilling would turn it around this year - the answer was "My Sources Say No." Then again I've asked the Magic 8 Ball if Hazel checks in here and it said...never mind. hahahaha I'm's a damn joke. I wonder if Schilling can turn it around, things don't seem to be getting better for him...and I wonder if it is a loss in velocity that is making him look rather ordinary. I'll shut up now before Red Sox Nation comes looking for me.

David Wells keeps talking about Bud Selig and MLB...David Wells keeps getting himself into more trouble...See David spit...See David bump...Hear David talk...See David get into more trouble. For the record...again...I hate it when he calls other players into question...about "getting away with it" - if you are going to say that names...or keep quiet.
I know there is a logical answer to this...but did anyone else see the humour in watching Wells address the media with the Dunkin Donuts logo in the background? I know...they sponsor the Sox...still funny though.

Mark Buerhle of the White Sox gets roughed up by the Texas Rangers earlier this week and talks about rumours going around MLB that the Rangers cheat by relaying signs to hitters in the box using a high tech lighting system. Of course Buerhle claims that he isn't the only one that thinks this..."a lot of other guys do too". I saw the interview on television...he goes on and on about Texas - then says "hey, they hit me excuses" - ummmm HUH? the whole interview was an excuse...was it not? The media has pointed to the big difference between the Rangers' home and away hitting stats - coincidental I would say...home cookin' maybe...or maybe it is cheating...bottom line, PROVE IT or shut it.

Last weekend, Prince George, B.C. played host to a pay per view "Battle of the Enforcers" with a bunch of semi-pro hockey players beating the tar out of each other for a 1st prize of $75,000 and a 2nd prize of $25,000. Some yahoos actually paid $200 for "VIP" tickets. Of note, former NHL tough guy - Link "The Missing Link" Gaetz, a heavy pre-tournament favourite lost in the first round. Link went into the tournament boasting that it was his to lose... I guess he now knows what "adding insult to injury" means.

A blog in the Czech Republic claimed that Toronto Maple Leaf Defenceman Karel Pilar had a heart condition that might force him to miss some time this year...Sportsnet has picked it up...not sure how credible it is. We were discussing as much on a Toronto Maple Leafs board the other day...I wonder. The guys on the Leafs board weren't convinced...but what do we know? We don't read Slovak.

Michael Owen signed with Newcastle United today of the English Premiership. What is funny about this (for those of you who haven't read some previous musings on Owen) - last year, he left Liverpool to play for Real Madrid...claiming that he didn't think Liverpool could or would win European titles. He leaves and not only does Real have a bad season...Liverpool wins Champions League. Now, he goes to Newcastle United...a big spender...but small time achiever in English soccer last year - finishing 14th out of 20. Newcastle recently was knocked out of the Intertoto cup competition which is open to any European team who wants to have to win four or five rounds to get to final...and the winner of the final gets the privilege of joining a bunch of other teams for UEFA cup. Nice move Mike.

I think that about does it for tonight...its been a long day. I want to point out a good article in the New Hampshire Union Leader - a columnist by the name of Joe Sullivan wrote an article about a baseball roadtrip and he had kudos for Hazel. Mr. Sullivan gives Hazel credit for displaying "charisma, professionalism and quality of delivery" - I ask you...have you heard that before? I wonder if Mr. Sullivan has seen this blog before...if he hasn't...I've sent an email suggesting he visit! hahahahaha Hazel..if you are reading this...keep up the good work - we are behind you, even all the way up here! Don't listen to the haters...there are a lot more Joe Sullivans down there than the "vocal minority".

Night Peeps and anyone else checking in - thank you for taking the time to stop by and spend a few minutes on a wacky Wednesday...the "wild" part of it was being pounded by the remnants of Hurricane was nasty up here today...but nothing compared to what we saw on tv...if you are reading this...get in touch with the Red Cross and donate some cash...those people need it. Hazel...if you are reading this...hope things are good in your world - if you hadn't seen the article before...I hope this page brought it to your attention. Good work!

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for Red Sox Nation who asked Mark Bellhorn..."why the Yankees?" ... for the Texas Rangers who seem to be in the eye of a storm of controversy questioning their the ongoing saga between Boomer and the losers in the Hockey Brawl...I give you...

Do You Really Wa
nt To Hurt Me - Culture Club

what can i say? it's that damn "playing what we want" radio station. You know you are all singing it...and you know that if she read this...Hazel's laughing at that one. Night peeps

Peesth out.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday's Heroes and Zeros

Evenin' peeps, and anyone else checking in - welcome and thank you for stopping by. Before I start, let me say four words that sums up my state of mind/mood right now - before any smart ass asks if two of those words include "Hazel" and "Mae"...well never mind. The four words are, in order...Port - Dark Chocolate - Good. I always prayed that modern science would see the benefits of chocolate...lets hear it for research on anti-oxidants.

Ok so to recap some of the highlights and lowlights over the weekend, and in the last week or so in the wonderful world of sports. There are a few people who should be applauded for their actions...this week - European soccer figures prominently in both the Heroes and Zeros section.

I would love to start with Adriano and or Luis Figo of Inter Milan...but I have to start with Italian soccer referee Pierluigi Collina for the show of honesty and integrity he has long been lauded for. If you don't know Mr. Collina, he is a bald man (resembling the weird looking bald guy in the old Friday the 13th know who I'm talking about right?). Mr Collina recently retired from officiating international soccer matches - Collina was going to focus on Italian soccer and move into an easier life. He recently signed a sponsorship deal with a car manufacturer called Opel - Opel happens to sponsor Italian soccer club A.C. Milan (who are definitely in this week's zeros). Collina, against the wishes of the Italian soccer federation, resigned from his duties, citing a conflict of interest. There isn't a person in the world that could possibly think that Collina would let this deal interfere with his duties on the pitch...but he showed himself to be a man of honour, integrity and honesty. Bravo Mr. really didn't have to...but bravo! (I think Hazel would approve).

Adriano, Brazilian striker for Inter Milan scored all three goals on Sunday as Inter won their opening match of the Italian Serie A season, 3 - 0. At the risk of boring any of the regular readers with this...I am picking Adriano to be this year FIFA World Player of the Year...I think he will edge out Ronaldinho and Steven Gerrard.

Luis Figo merits mention for his debut too...from all accounts it was a very good showing for THE MAN deemed expendable by Zinedine...errrrrrrrrrr sorry, Real Madrid. Inter's fans gave him an ovation every time he touched the ball...with this being a World Cup year, expect big things from the man who brought Portuguese soccer back to the world stage. Start practicing that pronounciation Hazel...

Ken Griffey Jr. You may or may not know this, but Jr. is one of the leaders of Hazel's roto league team (currently in 2nd place despite a rash of pitching injuries). Griffey has had a tough go of it over the last few years...but he is having a great season. Good on Jr. Good for Hazel's Heroes. :)

Now for the Zeros
Rogers Sportsnet (Hazel's former employers...and no this one doesn't have anything to do with the fact they dropped the ball when they let her get away). The Jays aren't playing tonight...and Rogers decides to show fans in Ontario the Cards vs. Marlins game. HUH? St. Louis and Florida? With all of the Tiger fans in Southern Ontario, not to mention Red Sox Nation north...and Rogers shows us that crap? talk of Wild Card Races in the NL...we are talking Tigers and Sox...enough said. Ok..FINE. Tigers, Sox and Hazel's updates...enough said. Rogers sucks...ok, maybe they don't suck (strictly to disuade them from ever pulling plug on Sox games - hahahaha)...but they really piss me off sometimes.

Fans of the Ottawa Senators - they are telling anyone who will listen that Marian Hossa had lived out his usefulness in Ottawa and had to go. I think everyone knows that is a load of was strictly a money move and Ottawa would have loved to keep him if the price was to their liking - in other words, had he signed for $ 4 Million...$4.5 Million...or maybe even $5 Million...the trade for Heatley never happens and Ottawa fans continue to say he is one of the best players in the league. Senator fans (especially the media hacks) you guys really bite the big one.

Pierre McGuire, TSN Hockey Analyst (no jokes on that...I swear). For those of you fortunate enough not to live in Ottawa...McGuire does a daily radio spot on the sport radio station here - consider it his ongoing audition/job interview for the Sens GM job. While its bad enough to listen to him gush about the Ottawa Senators...its impossible to listen to him continue to butcher the English language has he repeatedly bashes listeners over the head with big words that he uses incorrectly and out of context - the latest one from Friday...talking about Hossa leaving the Senators and the mistake he and other players are making in asking for big contracts...Pierre says "Players still operate in an air of INEVITABILITY...they still think they can get away with anything...without reprecussions" - huh? inevitability? I think you meant to say invincibility...thanks Pierre.

Ok, time for the disclaimer "the following does not reflect thoughts, comments or suggestions from Hazel was not reviewed, amended or commented on by Hazel Mae...the thoughts and opinions about to be expressed are those of the author (me) and do not reflect the views of Hazel Mae" ( you never thought I could get "Hazel Mae" in a sentence three times).

David Wells and Curt Schilling of the Boston Red Sox...If you have read this page before, you know I'm not a fan of Schilling - outside the diamond - he's a fantastic pitcher...but. This past week both Wells and Schilling publicly turned on Rafael Palmeiro - with Schilling taking a shot and Wells complaining about what Palmeiro did this year...what if some of the games he had against Boston ends up costing them the division. I'm not saying that what either of them said was necessarily wrong...but what ever happened to solidarity? Palmeiro is part of the same player's union as these turn on one of their one is weak. I wonder how someone like David Ortiz or Manny Ramirez might feel about the comments of these two. Ortiz has maintained a neutral position in all this...I don't think he would take kindly to remarks like those. Here is another thought for Wells...what if someone on his team this year...or in any years previous...was or were on steroids? I'm sure Wells has benefitted from some steroid-enhanced performances...just ask Schilling - didn't Curt say that 30 - 50% of major leaguers were on something? Just a thought've always been a character...don't turn into a jack ass at the end of your career.

The Florida Marlins management who suspended a bat boy for six games who threw up in the Marlins club house after trying to down a gallon (4.4 litres) of milk on a dare/bet from Dodgers' pitcher (and former Marlin) Brad Penny. Penny offered to give the kid $500 bucks if he could. Suspending the bat boy? Give me a break...Penny shot back to the Miami Herald "It's kind of ridiculous you get a 10 game suspension for steroids and a six-game suspension for milk". Nice.

I think that about wraps it up for tonight...there are a couple of other people who deserve honourable mention...but let's not go there. After all, we ended on a high note with the Brad Penny crack...didn't we? I would like to think that one would make Hazel crack a smile if she was peeking in.

So I'm going to wish one and all a great night (or day...depending on when you are checking in - some people actually check in late at night...imagine that...I wonder if ... never mind...I won't go into who might be checking in). As usual...a wish for a groovy day for Hazel..from the author of this's hoping that the content in tonights entry would not meet with her disapproval..but rather bring a smile/smirk/snicker.

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - what Marian Hossa must be saying to Ottawa Senator fans...what Palmeiro must be thinking when his peers and members of his own union turn on him...what Pierre McGuire must be saying to Ottawa Senators management everyday that he isn't in their colours...what the Marlins batboy must have been thinking when we was suspended...

I give you a slice of 80's Cheese/Fromage (what can I say...I flicked the radio to one of those "playing what we want...when we want" stations...

Don't You Want Me - Human League
(no complaints...unless you wanna make a suggestion)

Peesth Out.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Closing Out The Weekend

Evenin' peeps, and anyone else checking in - from the semi-regular visitors to those checking in for the first time, whether by accident or by design (like the newest member of hazelspeeps who said he did a search on Hazel and found the site - nice) to of course...Ms. Hazel Mae (if she has chosen to peek in tonight - think she has the page bookmarked? wishful thinking? perhaps...oh well...its here).

So its Sunday night - a bit of port, some almonds and a quick update before I log off to call my buddy in Southern Ontario for our catch up chat for the week. A great weekend here, except for this a.m. I was in a bit of a surly mood this morning, I had a few long-shot proline tickets on the English Premiership...Everton's failure to win against Fulham saw $1,200 bucks disappear and the Ontario gov't laughing at me for giving them $15 bucks - if that wasn't bad enough, I had another ticket worth $200 bucks that looked like a sure thing this morning -

I needed Manchester United to beat Newcastle United (they did...2 - 0)
I needed Inter Milan to win (they did 3 - 0, with three goals from Adriano...FIFA world player of the he accounts Figo had a very good game too)

and I needed AC Milan to win against a team that was promoted to Serie A this year...THOSE PINHEADS TIED!!!!!!!!!!! unbelievable...they friggin tied a team that was in the "B" division last year....grrrrrrrrrrr. Ok, enough venting...but you know who will be leading off "Zeros" in the Monday morning Heroes and Zeros entry.

Another thing that got my morning off to an annoying start was reading the Sun today. Ya, I know, I shouldn't be starting my morning off reading the Ottawa Senators PR dep't - but what can I say, I needed a proline list and the probable pitchers for the day today.

Back to the Sun, they have a freelance writer who publishes on Sunday, her name is Erin Nicks - she writes an opinion piece in the Sports section (some of it mildly amusing, some of it interesting, most of it uninformed). Today's entry was a shining example of an award winning article from the Bruce Garrioch School of Journalism - as one would expect, the entry was about the Senators trade for Dany Heatley. The article, which read more like a Senators promo piece, talked about what Heatley brings the Senators - leadership, grit and a guy who is "brimming with potential" (I won't even get into how one "brims with potential") which is exactly what the Senators need.

I say this comes from Garrioch's school because it is so woefully uninformed and not grounded in anything that comes close to being fact. The Ottawa media is working very hard (in conjunction with the Senators Management and PR teams) to portray Dany Heatley as this tough, fierce, gritty competitor who is going to be a physical force and supply the Senators with a lot of muscle down the middle. This is a myth, Dany Heatley is NOT the second coming of Eric Lindros as the Ottawa media would have you believe - he is a good player, but certainly not everything he is being made out to be. Nicks goes on to promote myth number 2 - that Brian Smolinski is a bona fide second line centre in the NHL and the Senators did a great things by signing him to a $2.2 Million contract - yeah right. An no "Made in Ottawa" article would be complete without taking a few shots at the departed player - Nicks muses about:
  • how John Muckler laid down the law with Hossa and any other Senator that is thinking of asking for too much money - huh? he laid down the law how? by trading a guy who is making at least $3 Million more than you wanted to pay him? The Ottawa media keeps talking about what a privilege it is to play in Ottawa, and as such, players should take much less to play here - Nonsense
  • and of course there has to be a reference to Dirty Marty Havlat and what a great player he is going to be...especially now that Hossa is gone. Big things predicted for he won't be asking for a major raise next year.
I don't mean to hate on Nicks...but today's article was more suited to something Garrioch would write...and certainly not a freelancer who wants to be seen as credible. The article was garbage - the funny thing was that two pages later, in bold lettering Steve Simmons calls Atlanta the winners in the trade, because they got best player - Hossa. You figure it out. Hazel (if you are peeking) do you wanna wade in here? Who do you think won?

Ok, I've really gotta book here - its getting pretty late to call my buddy. One funny thing before I leave...I've got people on Maple Leafs message board talking about Hazel's departure...the consensus from Leaf Nation in Canada "we miss Hazel, Sportsnet not the same without her." I'm not kidding...seriously, and to my brothers and sisters (there was one there too) in Leaf Nation who miss Hazel...HERE HERE!

If you are a regular or know that there is usually a song of the day to reflect the theme of the entry - and that on days where there is no real is editor's choice. This may be stretching it a bit...but here it goes.

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps at yahoo - In honour of Adriano's hat trick today (with plenty of help from Mr. Figo)...and to slap AC Milan and Everton around a bit today...(and for the CD I rediscovered early this week - Hazel you have to have a copy of Nelly Furtado's Folklore...seriously)

Forca - Nelly Furtado

Forca (Four'Sah) was the theme song for Euro 2004 *sigh* which sadly wasn't won by Portugal.

So I'm outta here for the night...have a great one peeps...Hazel, hope your week is a groovy one.

Peesth out.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Quiet Thursday

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in.

A quiet day in the world of sports today - what with today being getaway day in MLB; the NHL being relatively quiet - except for talk about the Hossa/Heatley trade; and Europe holding its collective breath watching the draw for this year's Champions League group draw (32 teams).

A quick entry tonight - watching the Sox vs Royals tonight (thank you Rogers Sportsnet Ontario) - as things stand now, Sox losing 6-2 (Schilling looked very ordinary, very hittable) but the game is in the 6th...Lima was just pulled. Hazel was her usual smooth self on the 4th inning Sports Desk Update - sure as hell beat the "Rogers Boys" (Hazel if you are peeking the off-white/beige suit was a very good choice - classic...stunning actually) - have I mentioned recently that Rogers STILL hasn't managed to replace Hazel with anyone as good as she was?

Funny thing about the telecast tonight - they had an interview with Millar about his HR vs the Royals...first HR in 180+ at bats. I may be pushing it a little...but don't you find it funny that that shortly after "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" blog nominates Millar as a Monday Hero (for putting team ahead of himself) he hits his first HR in what seemed like forever? Would that be a case of Hazel's karma helping Millar out? I mean...she did it for the Sox last year, whose to the acknowledgement on Monday didn't help out? Stranger things have happened, been recorded, and argued.

Good News Story of the Day
The Team1200 highlighted the work of former CFLer Glen Kulka and Ottawa Renegades coach Joe Paopao who are working with Aboriginal kids in Northern Quebec (Cree Nation) on a mini (few days) football camp that helps kids with life lessons as well as football. Good for you guys...nice job. I think Hazel would second that thought.

Bad News Story of the Day
Again with the Team 1200 - afternoon guy Gord Wilson did an interview with Marion Hossa today...where he repeatedly tried to put the kid in a bad spot, some of the low lights of the interview included Wilson making silly statements such as the following:
  • claiming that John Muckler tried to do a three player deal this summer to lock up Chara, Redden and Hossa...that two of the three agreed to take less money, but Muckler said one player wouldn't...Wilson pointed to Hossa. Hossa was quick to point out that another player said "no thanks" to Muckler.
and asking Hossa some inappropriate questions such as:
  • do you regret comparing yourself to Iginla and Lecavalier? Hossa stated he claimed he was a top player in the league and never compared himself to Iginla - Wilson ignored it and continued on the line of thought - good on Hossa for standing strong.

  • did you expect to be traded? What in the hell is Hossa supposed to say? Wilson later mused that Muckler should have said if you want the deal you are is the deal to remain part of the Senators - $5 Million per year. If you haven't listened to Wilson...consider yourself lucky...if you are a sucker for punishment - afternoons from 3 - 6 pm...though you might have trouble making through more than an hour.

  • knowing what you know now...would you change how you handled things with the Senators? Hossa of course said "no" - what is he supposed to say. Again, after the tape of the interview playerd...Wilson snickered that he wasn't going to win crap in Atlanta. That was weak.
The Ottawa media never ceases to amaze me in plunging to new lows of "small time...small town" journalism. The station is an embarrassment - as are much of the wackos that call in to talk about the Senators.

UPDATE - Hazel in the 7th inning a word..."damn"..."damn"..."damn". I'll shut up now...

Ok...time to head over to Maple Leafs site to see what my brothers and sisters in Leaf Nation is talking about.

Thanks for stopping in tonight (or whenever you are reading this) from the "peeps", to the semi-regulars, to those finding this page for the first of course, Ms. Hazel Mae (if she's peeking) - hope things are groovy in your world (great new "do").

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps

I was going to nominate the groovin beat on the new Budweiser commercial...but I hate that damn beer...and its not really a song now is it?

You are so beautiful - Joe Cocker
OK, I'M KIDDING...sorta, kinda, maybe...Jayzus...ok..sheesh...I could have nominated a real cheezy/catching song like...

When You're Gone - Brian Adams, ft. Mel C (I actually like that song...ssshhhhh) - and an emphatic NO if you are wondering about anything Bette Midler...not even as a joke.

but I give you instead a song that those kids up in Northern Quebec must have been singing today when Kulka and Paopao packed up to come the real feeling behind Gord Wilson's bush league line of questioning -

Don't Go - KWS (a 90's remake of the old KC and the Sunshine Band hit)

Ok, tonight's entry was light on content and opinion...but hey, Hazel was attention was divided - and if you are a semi-regular would have had the exact same reaction - you know it! hahahaha. I'm outta here now.

Peesth out.

Late Start Today

Hey peeps,

Today was a bad day for commuting...listening to the half-wits on the radio today talking about Dany Heatley like he is the second coming of Mario Lemieux was enough to want to make me pull a Van Gogh and cut my damn ear off. They were saying things like "A player of this calibre comes along once in a lifetime." HUH? WTF

Dany Heatley? come on..the guy is a very good player...but certainly not one of the NHL's elite...not yet. Memo to Ottawa fans who may read this...Heatley is no Mark Messier, not even a guy like The Big E - he isn't that gritty. For you people that think he brings toughness to your team...ummm he doesn't.

But on a positive note - after having enough of them...I listened to my girl Nelly Furtado's CD Folklore...easily one of the best CDs I have heard in the last 5 years. If Hazel is checking should have a copy, a lot of the songs may resonate with you - heck, I'll buy it for ya.

Ok, back to work...going out at lunch...a Rome Report in the offing later this aft? Who knows...

Before I go...CFL last night, Bashir Levingstone not one...but TWO - 100+ yard kick returns for touchdowns...amazing.

One more thing - question for fantasy football team...a dude emailed me this a.m. wants to know if I want Priest Holmes...he wants a first round pick for Holmes - as he said "come on got Green, Gonzalez...if Hazel was your GM..she'd pull the trigger for the troika of K.C. Chiefs" - thinking about it...not sure. Comments? thoughts?

Peesth out.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Its Wednesday So That Can Only Mean...

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in.

If this is your first time on the page, Wednesday entries take a look back on the weird, the whacked and the downright silly in the world of sports over the last seven days. If you think of anything that I have missed, please feel free to post in the comments box.

So this was a relatively quiet week - do you think maybe athletes around the world know that we are watching? So where to start...oh hell, why not go back to the NHL?

Former Ottawa Senator, and newest Atlanta Thrasher, Marian Hossa told the Ottawa Sun that he wasn't angry that he was traded yesterday - rather, he was shocked and disappointed because he loved playing in Ottawa, loved playing for the fans and wanted to be part of this team that was a cup contender (anyone who has read this page knows I'm not in agreement with that last statement). This story is funny for a number of reasons
  • Hossa was already on record as saying that exercising his option to take the Senators to arbitration was just business and nothing personal - ok Marian, so its was trading you to Atlanta; or did you not expect that?

  • John Muckler said a few weeks ago that no one on the team would make more than Captain Daniel "Krusty the Clown" Alfredsson ($5.5 Million) - ok Marian, by my estimation an avg salary of $6 Million is more than $5.5; and you didn't expect to be traded after signing the deal? wake up man...B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S

  • Reports indicate that before signing the deal yesterday morning, Hossa and his agent Jiri Chra (former Leaf goalie - Hazel would remember his playing days), requested a no-trade clause...the Senators refused - ok Marian and Jiri, you think you are the cornerstone of the franchise...the foundation...the building block - and they say no to a no-trade clause, did you not think something was up?
While we can all have a chuckle at the plight of Marian Hossa, the NHL's new Six Million Dollar Man (again...I'd think Hazel would remember Lee Majors and that slow motion run), there is something to be said for the weasel factor John Muckler has displayed. The day to day operation of the Ottawa Senators under the watch of John Muckler, could give Ashton Kutcher and the gang at Punk'd an idea or two...Just ask Jacques Martin, Patrick Lalime, Marian Hossa, Todd White, and Greg deVries (who received a vote of confidence from Muckler earlier) - Ottawa Senator fans beware...your team is watching this all unfold, and I'm willing to bet they aren't thrilled with "Mucks" - not nearly as thrilled as you all claim to be with him.

I was going to lead off with a Randy Johnson observation - but the Cardinals and Pirates came up with a classic. Before their game tonight, Pirates Manager Lloyd McClendon and Cards Pitching Coach Dave Duncan were have a nice pre-game chat...that suddenly turned into a brawl bringing both benches out. Excuse me while I laugh my ass off - aren't the Managers and Coaches supposed to be the grown ups? I wonder if Lloyd pulled Duncan's surfer hair - hahahaha. I'm sure Hazel is laughing as she broadcasts this one to New England - Hazel, call Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair and get his can to Pittsburgh...he'd love that!

Last week all the talk was that two MLB players would be suspended by major league baseball for violation of their drug policy - names being mentioned were...never mind, they weren't suspended. My question is this - "What in the world happened?" Is MLB going to suspend someone? If the story was bogus from the beginning, would they not have come out and issued a statement to quash the rumours? This is starting to stink...Palmeiro gets suspended, hmmm he's latin...any other big name major leaguers who are NOT latin suspended? Kinda makes ya wonder, I expect to hear something from David Ortiz soon...I would ask Hazel for her thoughts, but she may be too close to this one.

Randy Johnson gave up 4 HRs in an inning last week...FOUR DONGS in an inning - I mean freaking Randy Johnson. Ok...I've snapped out of it...its not that I care, I'm just shocked. Speaking of shocked - Curt Schilling is going back into Boston's starting rotation...he's been getting rocked in the pen...yet he's ready to go back to the rotation? Huh? I won't question Francona, but I'll be ready to say I told ya so - kidding.

Former New York Met Dwight Gooden is wanted by police for fleeing from police after being stopped for drunken driving. Gary Sheffield, Gooden's nephew, says the family is at their wits end with "the Doc". A sad ending is in the cards for Gooden if he doesn't get his crap together.

Michael Owen, Striker for Real Madrid, left Liverpool last year because he wanted to play with a team that had a chance to win European Championships...Liverpool goes on to win Champions League. Owen went from being the #1 Striker for Liverpool to being Real's #4 choice - he has asked for a transfer. He wants to leave Real to get first-team football...England's National Team Coach Sven Goran Ericksson has said England's World Cup Team will be made of ONLY of players getting first team football. The funny thing here is that English Premiership Team Everton contacted Owen about playing for them (they are competing in Champions League qualification) - Owen refused, saying it wasn't in his best interest. Liverpool's Manager Rafael Benitez doesn't want Owen back...stay tuned, this promises to be good. Another athlete about to get himself...bring new meaning to the team go "make love" to yourself huh? Hazel's gotta be smirking if she's reading this one.

LeBron James is affiliated with a racing team - there was LeBron talking about how some dude was his favorite driver (I think it was NASCAR or something) - again....HUH? LeBron James has a favourite NASCAR driver? Let me go think about that one...

Did anyone catch Karrie Webb take the camera out of a photographer's hands last weekend? Webb hit a tee shot...turned around...walked over to the gallery and took the guy's camera and kept it. The poor dude must have felt like he was back in grade school. Nice.

Ok all, that's about it for tonight - long day here.

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps at yahoo - from the trades and eventual moves of Marian Hossa and Dany (where's the second "n") Heatley...from Dwight Gooden's flight from Schilling leaving the Michael Owen's desire to leave the movement of LeBron's brain from his craninium (if he expects us to believe he's into NASCAR or whatever)..

Has Anybody Seen Hank - The Waterboys

It's a weird, but cool, little song off their Fisherman's Blues album (a burned copy available to Hazel on request). Have a great one gang...Hoping things are groovy in Hazel's world.

Peesth Out.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

How Ya Liking The New NHL?

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in from the semi-regulars to the first-timers who have happened by here, to of course Hazel Mae (if she's having a look-see - since she isn't an official member of her peeps - funny huh? haha)

Tonight's topic is obvious - from the hardcore NHL fan to the casual observer...the talk is about the Ottawa Senators signing and trading their "star power forward" Marian Hossa and defensemen Greg de Vries to the Atlanta Thrashers for forward Dany Heatley. As you can well imagine, Ottawa Senator fans were all over the radio voicing their opinions...90% of it was negative. is the disclaimer - the following opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Ms. Hazel Mae. She has not collaborated in the development of the following statements, not has she reviewed, commented, or approved the following. (How is that for a disclaimer? pretty good huh?)

What you need to know first and foremost about Ottawa Senator fans - most of them are former Montreal Canadien fans (I've voiced my thoughts on this issue in previous entries) enough said. Last year, Senator fans would tell anyone who would listen that Hossa was one of the best players in the league, the quintessential power forward, a great team guy...blah blah blah. The love-in soured over the last week when Hossa announced he was going to arbitration with Ottawa - suddenly, he was a greedy jerk who wasn't worth Jerome Iginla money, a guy who hadn't done anything to deserve that kind of jack, a 3 to 4 million dollar player tops - this was of course followed by the sentiment that he should be a team guy and take less win a cup for Ottawa. Just think, that was last week.

Today's sentiment was - good riddance to him, he's greedy and he priced himself right out of Ottawa; it was about time Ottawa got rid of that Euro, he never did anything for the Sens; he wasn't a leader, he never showed up when it counted; we'd rather have Heatley any day of the week...a good Canadian boy. It was almost funny...but more than anything it was downright sickening to hear this bunch of half-wits turned on their once beloved Senator - people think Leaf Nation is bad? They should try listening to Senator fans, I swear these people are like Scientologists - they are the Tom Cruises of NHL hockey fans.

Suddenly, Dany Heatley is the guy they have been begging for all along - the guy who is going to one day be their captain and lead this team - ahhhh what about Daniel "Krusty the Klown" Alfredsson? What about Spezza? What about Redden?

I can't believe they actually believe they won this trade - they are no closer to a cup today...Heatley is not the player Hossa is...not yet anyways; and before Heatley gets to that level (I would think 2 - 3 years) he will be an unrestricted free agent and Ottawa will have undoubtedly suffered a few more cap casualties. Today's sign and trade proved to me that Muckler is not the brightest GM; and that under his watch the Senators will never win the Cup. Muckler's job is to put a team on the ice to win a Stanley Cup - instead today's move was pre-emptive in nature rather than pro-active. He got rid of a guy he couldn't keep, rather than risk losing him for nothing next year - Muckler's job would have been to keep Hossa and take his shot at the Cup...I don't think he can legitimately say that his team is as good today.

And here my peeps is the game of the Ottawa Senators - they are a team that constantly teases their fans with thoughts of the future..."we are building for the future...our guys are maturing together" blah blah blah - while this would seem reasonable, the flaw in this thinking is not realizing the "future is now". In the new world of the NHL, teams are going to be forced to make moves due to salary cap considerations - you can build teams through a draft, but your window of opportunity will be a few years...before you start losing guys. Hossa was once considered a cornerstone of the Ottawa untouchable - today, they can't wait to get rid of him. I can't stand Ottawa fans.

Speaking of Ottawa fans, Pierre McGuire was on TSN gushing about this trade - about how it was a great trade for Ottawa, they get younger and bigger - and that they are closer to a cup now. If you have watched TSN, you know how McGuire loves to talk about the nucleus of the they have grown together and all that crap. He has always loved Hossa.

Tonight, no sooner is McGuire finished gushing about the trade - he warns Senator fans that this isn't the Heatley they may be expecting...this Dany Heatley isn't fully recovered from his injuries...he is missing a gear...he hasn't played well in the last two international competitions...he isn't having a good time at the Team Canada orientation camp - yet, he thinks it was a great trade. He thinks that trading Hossa and de Vries and signing Heatley (a net gain of about 3 million for Ottawa) will allow them to keep all of their other players (Chara, Redden - and Spezza, Phillips, Heatley and everyone else who is going to take a paycut to win a cup for Ottawa). McGuire couldn't be more wrong - today's move sent a message to those players in the Ottawa dressing room....its all about make too much, you are gone. The exodus out of Ottawa starts next summer with Chara and Havlat...count on it.

McGuire is so blinded by that damned condom logo they call a Senators crest that he can't be objective when talking about Ottawa. His life is a constant audition for a job with the Senators - I'd love to see them hire his dumb ass.

More to come tomorrow on Weird Wednesday...not sure what the point of tonight's entry was...hope it didn't bore you to tears (if you made it this far).

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for Marian Hossa who leaves a bunch of bitter Ottawa fans behind for Atlanta...and Dany Heatley who gets a fresh start in Ottawa after requesting a trade..

On My Way - The Proclaimers

I'm on my way
From misery to happiness today
ah huh ah huh ah huh

If Hazel's checking in...I think the song of the day made her crack a smile...probably made you laugh too - can't you hear those two little Scottish dudes and those wailing voices? Hazel, if you are reading...hope things are groovy in your world.

Peesth Out.

Late Additions To Monday's Entry

Mornin' peeps et al.

Late Monday night brought more interesting news...

Bob Probert, best known for his days as the Red Wings enforcer is in trouble again. Probert who was awaiting charges for punching a police officer outside of a Windsor now wanted by police for another incident where he allegedly hit someone else. Somebody tell Tie Domi to get down to Windsor to straighten Probert out. File Bob's case under Zeros.

(Leaf fans remember the fight with Tie Domi where Tie was taking a beating and came up with a round house that knocked Probert on his can - Tie wasn't with the Leafs during that one though, but we all loved it anyways). I wonder if Hazel appreciates the occasional good hockey brawl.

Speaking of good hockey brawls - Hazel's K.C. Chiefs keep making news. Former Renegades placekicker Lawrence Tynes got in trouble for breaking a bouncer's nose in a bar fight. Who knew kickers were so tough? I think a cage match between Lawrence and former Australian Rules Footballer Darren Bennett (now a punter for the Vikings) would get better pay per view numbers that Mike money would be on Bennett.

Sean Millington, former CFLer - who was part of CBC Broadcasting crew - has decided to come out of retirement and suit up for the Argos at age 37. Millington was a pretty decent fullback in his day, but that was at least 3 or 4 years ago - I wish him well...but I wonder what in the "hey" Pinball Clemons was thinking about when he pulled this one out. Hazel...any Skydome connections to the Argos?

Big freaking news - a report from French Daily "L'Equipe" reported today that Lance Armstrong tested positive for EPO during the 1999 Tour de France. Armstrong has always maintained his innocence with relation to using performance enhancing drugs - the catch here? The governing body of world cycling didn't begin using a urine test for EPO until 2001 - they couldn't test for it before that. I don't know where to slot Armstrong in - the story/evidence isn't compelling enough to put him in the Zero category...

Even BIGGER freaking news - a writer for the BBC has applauded Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho for the way he has handled a public dispute with one of his star defenders - Ricardo Carvalho. This may not sound like much...but it must be killing the English media to read a story that gives Mourinho any sort of credit.

I wonder if Hazel would have thoughts on any of these...

On the drive in today...I heard Speed of Sound by Coldplay...kind of fitting when you think about Lance Armstrong huh?

I'm outta here for a while...moving offices today. Hazel...if you are checking in...have yourself a groovy day.

Peesth Out.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday's Heroes & Zeros

Hey peeps, hey Hazel (if she's checking in) and anyone else who has arrived at this page either on purpose, by accident, or by hitting a link - thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day/night to stop by.

So today was a bit of a slow day in the world of sports, but as the title of this entry would indicate - a few stories caught my attention. Quite simply, some people came out of the weekend looking like heroes...and some, well...I'll let you decide.

Portuguese National Team Striker Pedro Pauleta(born in Sao Miguel, Azores), scored for Paris St. Germain this past weekend - his 100th career goal in La Ligue. Pauleta blossomed when he made the move from the Spanish La Liga to the French Ligue in 2000 - he has played well enough to have been voted the "Foreign Player of the Year" in France. Let's hope this is an omen for upcming World Cup Qualifiers...and next year in Germany. Start practicing that name Hazel - remember to roll the "r" or you can just call him Pauleta - we do.

Kevin Millar of the Boston Red Sox, a lot of guys talk about being "team players" - well Millar showed just how much of a team guy he is. With the Red Sox charging towards a divisional title - with guys like Ortiz and Ramirez having big years...Millar is suffering through a sub-par year - just ask Red Sox Nation...they are giving it to him almost daily. Millar hasn't hid or made excuses - the man who made "Cowboy Up" famous, has himself stepped up...acknowledging both to Terry Francona and Red Sox Nation that John Olerud is full value for the playing time he has won from Millar - he owned up to the fact he is having a bad year and will do anything to help the team. Millar showed me a lot today.

On a side note...Millar was one of the dudes that helped ease Hazel's transition to Boston...shortly after she announced she was going, Rogers aired an episode of JZone where Hazel was hanging out with Millar, Ortiz and Pedro Martinez. I'm sure that was the Red Sox's unofficial "welcome to Boston Hazel - Millar's ok in my books...hope he regains his form.

Would I be a horse's a** for nominating myself? I was pretty happy with this weekend - I ran 6 km in 29 mins on Friday night (in rain), golfed Saturday morning and went out for a 20KM bike ride on Satruday afternoon (in light rain), ran 8 km in 38.5 mins on Sunday and ran another 6km tonight in 29 minutes. Ok, maybe the hero is my running buddy who won't let me "call in tired" for a run - she's tough. Ok, so my buddy is the hero.

Lawrence Phillips, former Nebraska Cornhusker RB, former Montreal Alouette, former St. Louis Ram, former Miami Dolphin, former Barcelona get the picture huh? Lawrence was arrested Sunday after allegedly running his car into three teenagers he got into an argument with - AT A PICKUP FOOTBALL GAME. It gets better...Lawrence was already wanted by police in connection with two incidents of domestic violence (including allegedly choking his girlfriend to the point of unconsciousness). He is being charged with suspicion of attempted murder and domestic abuse - he is being held without bail. I remember this guy in college...what ever happened to him, I'll never know...he had it all - except a brain and an "off" switch on his temper. Way to go Lawrence.

This guy in my building who walks down four floors every morning to grab the newspaper and use our washroom for "his morning deposit/thought/constitutional" or whatever you want to call it. I can't get over it - this clown actually comes down to get a paper and use our facilities. Ok, it's not sports related...but there are days I'd like to pull a Roy Jones Jr. on this guy and kick his can back up to his own damn floor.

Ok...that's about it for tonight. I didn't connect with my buddy last night - I was too busy here with a Sunday I'm making the call tonight. I hope you all have a great night (or day - depending on when you are checking in)'s hoping that Hazel is in the midst of a groovy week (still holding faint hope that she "just said no" to Stones tickets - haha).

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps at yahoo - in honour of crazy Lawrence Phillips...

Drive - R.E.M

"maybe your crazy in the head little baby"

ok...I'm gone.

Peesth out.

Should Have Cracked The Berry Last Night

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in...unusual for me to be on during the day.

Came in to work to find 40 emails and only 10 urgents...I guess that's a good thing.

Started the day off by hearing "Black Betty" by Ram Jam...a Monday morning motivator if I have ever heard one...kinda starts your day off with some jam huh?

Lots of strange stuff happening...a Monday night entry is definitely in the offing.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Crappy Weekend That Was Great

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in.

So I am foregoing what has become my Sunday night ritual - to get a headstart on Monday mornings, by turning on my damn blackberry to sift through the 50 - 70 so-called urgent emails that are waiting for me...a perfect way to start a Monday morning...wouldn't you say?

Tonight, I'm having a glass of my favourite Port - Taylor and Fladgate's 10 Year Old Tawny Port - with some almonds and pistachios and sitting down to try to recap what was a pretty good weekend when its all said and done.

The great part of the weekend included my first round of golf this year, it has been a very busy summer (remember the patio?) so I haven't been able to get out yet. I played at one of the nicer/tougher courses in town, and was pretty happy with my game. I shot a 95, while that may not be overly impressive to most, it was a 95 that included a 44 on the back nine - with no mulligans, no gimmes, no "foot wedges", no forgotten strokes, or cheating of any kind. I left about six or seven shots on the course (lost four balls and missed 2 three-foot putts - not to mention of few "oh for f***s sakes" shots). That was on a day that was cloudy, damp, wet and kinda cold...with a few showers thrown in for good measure.

If Hazel is checking in tonight, I just wanted to say that... I got to break in my new golf cleats yesterday...they weren't "hot golf cleats" but I like them just the same. haha

For those of you that may be wondering what that is about - when Hazel was asked about how much coin NESN offered her to lure her away from Toronto - she answered only by saying - that it was enough to buy a new set of clubs...on her NESN bio her favourite article of clothing was "her 'hot' golf cleats".

In addition to my round of golf, the weekend included lots of great food - I was a BBQ'ing maniac - steaks and crab legs...some great Port and a "couple" of Kilkenny's and Smithwicks to celebrate my round of golf. Oh yeah...a call "home" this weekend to the Azores was pretty good (a couple of my cousins left Friday for a two week visit - I'm eating my heart out), I got game reports of Portugal's 2-0 win over Egypt.

Other good things this weekend - things in the world of sports that Hazel probably wouldn't be reporting on...of course European soccer heads the list.

Inter Milan, Figo's new team, beat Juventus over the weekend 1-0 - in the Italian Super Cup. The Super Cup (no Hazel jokes about super club or gold club) is the pre-cursor to the Serie A season and pits the previous year's champions vs. the winners of the "scudetto" (Inter). So Figo's debut with Inter results in victory...get used to it peeps. I wonder if NESN talks about Champions thinks that before next year's World Cup, which Hazel will hopefully announce that Portugal has won, she might be talking about Inter winning the Champions League trophy (though I'd settle for Chelsea, Barcelona or FC Porto). Hazel, remember is Luis Figo - Loo'eee-shge Feeee-gou.

Chelsea - aka Portuguese National Team North - beat the hated Arsenal gunners today. Jose Mourinho is the talk of the English media for feuding with one of his star defenders (Ricardo Carvalho - pronounciation lessons for Hazel available at her request). I have gone on record as saying this is something Mourinho has planned with Carvalho (a member of the REAL national team - 5 quinas) to take some media attention away from Chelsea and some of their recent troubles and acquisitions. That is neither here nor there - Chelsea won. In other Premiership news...Cristiano Ronaldo (Hazel...remember to roll the R - like in Rrrrrrramirrrrrez) came on, and provided the cross that Ruud Van Nistelrooy potted to lead Man U to a 1-0 victory over Aston Villa (who have no Portuguese players on their roster), which would explain a lot.

The NHL was pretty quiet over the weekend - I think the league is in hangover mode after the rash of signings that took place over the first week. I think a lot of GMs are looking at what they did - or didn't do and asking themselves "what was I thinking?" Kinda like a wild night at a bar and winding up with the friend of the girl you wanted...except her friend ain't quite her in some respects...and a whole lot more than her in other respects.

In Roto news - come on, anyone checking in here must be a poolie. My roto baseball team, named after Hazel, is holding on to second place - all this without the benefit of crazy free agent spending or "less than up and up" trades that some guys pull. Hazel's boys (led by Ensberg, and a bunch of other "not household names" are fighting the good fight and look like they are going to finish in the money. I entered a fantasy football pool on Friday - it was an established league, so I got three free draft picks from unprotected list. Hazel would get a kick out of this - Hazel's Cowboys first two draft picks - Trent Green and Tony Gonzalez of the Chiefs - no lie. I was waffling between Jason Whitten of the Cowboys and Gonzalez... before you say it, Hazel was not the deciding factor. I went with the numbers and picked Gonzalez, the fact that Whitten plays for my Cowboys and Gonzalez plays for Hazel's Chiefs is a "co-inky-dink".

So, a pretty damn good weekend.

The "crappy" - not that I'm a negative person (not a peep out of the peeps...or else, you are all banned! hahahaha) - the weather sucked this weekend, it rained all day Friday and Saturday. Today was ok I guess, there was some sun during the afternoon - but it was cloudy most of the afternoon and evening. It was a crazy weekend in Southern Ontario, Environment Canada reported that a couple of tornados touched down in not far outside of Toronto (Hazel's hometown).

The other bad part of the weekend happened in the NFL - I'm sure most have heard that Thomas Herrion, a 23 year old offensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers collapsed and died after their game against Denver last night. 23 years old...crazy. I'm sure it won't take long for the speculation to start - about why he died....what caused it... was it something he was on, or something he took. I hope it doesn't get to that - out of respect for the young man and his family - I hope people don't start rumour-mongering and speculation. I'm sure there will be a coroner's report...let's all wait for it to come out. Pete Prisco wrote a sobering article about the young man...its worth the read. Remember the young man and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Ok, I'm out of here for watching the NESN broadcast of the Sox/Angels game today (thanks a lot Rogers...for picking up an NESN game Hazel wouldn't be part of....Sunday aft...grrrrrrr - hahaha - I heard the Stones were playing at Fenway tonight and Tuesday. First off, I'm not a Stones fan - not in the least; and while I would like to think Hazel wouldn't see the Stones...I have to resign myself to the fact that anyone who was connected to Fenway would have to see them - the reason being, "It's the Stones." (picture me grimacing now).

I was going to nominate a Stones song for the Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps tonight...but out of respect for Mr. Herrion and his family, that doesn't seem appropriate. If Hazel is peeking in tonight...have yourself a great week!

Where's my damn blackberry?
Peesth Out!

Friday, August 19, 2005

A Day Of Mixed Emotions - I Would Think

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in or happening upon this page for the first time - thank you for stopping by. I said on Wednesday, I would be doing a Friday entry this week to mark an occassion/event, so here I be. As I sit here and sip on my glass of port, a funny thought just hit me; so please bare with me with for a few seconds.

A few times a week, I sit down to type in some random thoughts, musings, and rants related to the world of sports - somewhat jokingly asking "What would Hazel Mae think?" I say "somewhat" because while I would generally be interested in hearing Hazel's thoughts and opinions - as I told a member of the peeps who emailed me with suggestions and comments on the yahoo page and this blog... "Dude, I while I would like to think she's taking a peek and cracking the occasional smile - I don't expect her to be posting or acknowledging her presence/participation. I don't think she can, or would want to, for a variety of reasons. " (no need to get into them here - maybe when I sit down and write my "Why I write Thoughts of Hazel Mae Blog" entry)

So here is the funny thought/irony of tonight's entry, from my perspective of course. While I would like to think that Hazel might be one of the semi-regular people who check in to see what's being said here - I kinda hope that she wouldn't see tonight's entry...something tells me she might not want attention drawn to tonight's topic - shrugging it off as "no big deal". But tonight's entry is directed more at the Canadian members of the peeps (many of whom have emailed me to say Rogers Sportsnet just isn't the same without her) and of Hazel herself - whether or not she's sneaking a peek at tonight's entry.

One year ago today - actually Thursday, August 19th, 2004, the lovely, talented and always upbeat Hazel Mae ended her broadcast by announcing to Canadian sports fans that she would be signing off the Canadian airwaves to accept a position with the New England Sports Network - NESN. Yes, (yesterday if you are a stickler for days) marked the one year anniversary of Hazel's departure from Rogers; I think most Canadian fans would agree that Hazel left a big hole in Rogers morning programming...a hole they haven't been able to adequately fill (just ask members of hazelspeeps and fans of JZone). Her departure had the country buzzing last year - it was a topic of conversation on a number of messageboards - and one year out, she is still missed; about half of all hazelspeeps are Canadian sports fans who say that they thought she was pretty damn cool and they miss starting their mornings off with a cup of coffee and checking in with Hazel to see the previous night's happenings (don't I know it! hahahaha).

So if you are checking in from Canada and you want to show your support, good wishes or just say "Hey Hazel, we miss ya" - leave a comment/message here. If you are checking in from New England...well, ummmm...your entry comes in September.

So I hope I didn't build this entry up too much - hope it wasn't a disappointment for anyone who checked in to see what it was going to be. More to come throughout the weekend I think - quiet weekend here.

So to end the entry for tonight - on behalf of all hazelspeeps - Congratulations to Hazel Mae for great run up here, she was a bright light in the Canadian sports broadcasting's hoping her future holds many more successes. Is it proper to say Happy Anniversary? or is that more for the official 1 year at NESN? Either way...go get 'em have lots of support. If you are indeed peeking in tonight, or whenever - I hope this entry did not embarrass you - you have much to be proud of; celebrate it.

Ok...two songs for today/tonight on Hazelspeeps...both have to do with departures, while not totally reflective of Hazel's situation in leaving for Boston - they are great songs...and might hold meaning for someone close to her.

Bright Lights - Matchbox 20

Yeah well maybe maybe maybe
You'll find something that's enough to keep you
But if the bright lights don't receive you
You should turn yourself around and come on home

and my choice

When Ye Go Away - The Waterboys

Now he's brought down the rain
and the Indian summer is through
In the mornin' you'll be following your trail
fair play to you
You ain't callin me to join you
and I'm spoken for anyway
But I will cry,
when ye go away

Your beauty if familiar
and your voice is like a key
It opens up my soul
and torches up a fire inside of me
Your cloak is made of magic
and around your table angels play
I will cry,
When ye go away

Somebody left his whiskey
and the night is very young
I have much to say
and I have more to tell
The words will soon be spillin' from my tongue
I'll rave and I will ramble
I'll do everything but make you stay
But I will cry
when ye go away

Goodnight one and all - as always Best wishes to Hazel Mae.

Peesth out!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Wednesday Quickie

Hey peeps, and everyone else checking in, from the regulars to those happening upon this page for the first of course - do I even have to say it?

As the title would suggest, today's update is a quick one - I have a big job competition/interview to prepare for tomorrow - so tonight's entry won't go into all the weird, whacked and downright silly events in the last week or so. Having said that, there are a few things worth mentioning on this fine Wednesday.

Today was a day of "International Friendlies" in the world of soccer. First and foremost, Portugal wins - they beat Egypt 2-0, in a match that featured many of Portugal's up and coming players. For those that didn't read yesterday's post, the game was played in Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores - check out yesterday's post for the story on Ponta Delgada and a website for more info (as an aside - some family members are crossing the ocean to go visit family back home on the island...tomorrow).

England got their cans kicked in Denmark, 4-1. Funny thing, England's goalkeeper - David "Calamity" James had another bad game in the net for England and will probably see his international career come to an end, much to the chagrin of the rest of the world - with James in net, you always had a chance against England. James was quoted as saying he "didn't go through his normal preparation to play in the game" because he didn't think he'd start. Now there is a true professional. There were a few other surprises - Germany and the Netherlands playing to a did Brazil and Croatia. Good news for Portugal - Slovakia tied today...leaving them 2 points behind Portugal...with the boys having a game in hand. I'd say our ticket for Germany is pretty well booked!

Practice the pronounciation on those names Hazel - you are going to be repeating them a lot next year during the World Cup! (I'll gladly volunteer my services to coach you on Portuguese pronounciation).

I was out and about at lunch today and turned the radio on to hear Jim Rome - just when I think this man cannot get any worse...he outdoes himself. This guy is like the Jerry Springer of Sports Radio. Rome was going off on Canadians sports fans - according to Rome, we all support Todd Bertuzzi and the NHL's decision to bring him back. Rome spent the better part of an hour talking about how he was bombarded with emails and calls from Canadian sports fans (you mean all 10 of them who listen to his show regularly) - the prevailing sentiment being that we feel sorry for Todd, and we are fully supportive of his reinstatement.

This embellishment and misrepresentation (if not a total fabrication) wasn't enough for Rome - no, he had to go on and on about how Canadians are so blind in our support for Bertuzzi that we were making up excuses like "the code of the NHL", "that Steve Moore deserved it for not fighting when challenged" and a host of other ridiculous statements he attributed to Canadian hockey fans. Rome pontificated about how is he "pretty sure that there is no code about sucker punching and breaking a guy's neck" and so know Rome...over and over. I have to admit that he got to me today - his arrogance about his statured in the world of sports and his ignorance towards Canada and Canadian sports fans was too much...even for him. He even had a bunch of half wits on the air; so-called Canadian hockey fans from Calgary and Winnipeg who were embarrassed to be part of a nation of people and fans that supported a criminal like Bertuzzi. I don't know what to say abou these guys - especially the dude from Calgary that claimed "his grandmother was a "Patrick" - named for the Patrick Division and that they built the first arena in Vancouver."

First, how in the hell could his grandmother be named after a division in hockey? (ya ya..he probably screwed up his words...but still funny to laugh at that)

Second, I thought the Patricks were American - certainly not from Vancouver...and we are to believe his family built the first arena in Vancouver

Third, why would you call an American sports show to say you are embarrassed to be a Canadian?

I shouldn't even have to say it, but -almost everyone I have spoken to agrees that Bertuzzi got off lightly and NO ONE is feeling sorry for him. So to Jim Rome and all his clones - YOU SUCK.

I was heartened to see that at least so of the smarter sports fans in Boston hate Rome too - though a poster on Red Sox Nation has given himself the handle of "SonofHazelMae" grrrrrrrrrrrr to him.

A City Councillor from Ottawa is in a bit of a pickle today - she was quoted in the Ottawa Sun referring to the President of the Ottawa Renegades - Lonie Glieberman as "a little bitch" and went on to insult his maturity...linking it to the size of his manhood (Lonie is a short guy) - stay tuned...this promises to be good.

That's about it for tonight gang...I have to go read some stuff for tomorrow. There will definitely be an entry Friday - for those of you that are fans of Hazel - you will know why. For those of you that don't know'll have to check in Friday! (you included Hazel...if you are peeking in tonight...but I'm guessing you would know why there is going to be an entry on Friday).

See you all on Friday!

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - loosely connected to the crap on the Jim Rome show today

Don't Lie - Black Eyed Peas.

Ok...back to my reference material...night peeps...night to Hazel Mae, and goodnight to you.

Peesth out!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Who Knew Sports Fans Could Be So Angry?

Hey peeps and anyone else stopping by or happening on this page for the first time (here's hoping you check back). Monday entries are used to recap the weekend in the world of sports - I mean, would you anyone really want to check in to see Friday, Saturday and Sunday roll ups? I doubt it, but if I'm wrong - feel free to tell me you can't get enough of this page and we'll start this weekend (insert laugh track here).

I tuned in to watch a bit of the Jays vs Orioles on Sunday afternoon, I wasn't going to watch any of it, had better things to do than watch a couple of also rans in the A.L. East (it pains me to put Baltimore in there...I really thought they had a good thing going earlier in the season)...but Jamie Campbell (a former colleague of Hazel's from her days are Rogers Sportsnet) wouldn't stop talking about this being Palmeiro's first game back - so I had to watch his first at bat. I was saddened to see the reaction of the O's fans. A few weeks ago, I read something about Boston sports fans being the best sports fans in the U.S. (I always thought St. Louis had the best fans...but that's neither here nor there) - if Boston has the best fans, Baltimore has to have some of the worst fans.

What I saw on Sunday was, to sum it up in one word, "sad". There was a mix of cheers and boos, understandable but still not acceptable, but the good fans of Baltimore didn't stop there - that would have been too easy. What I saw was parents standing there next to their kids...lustily booing Palmeiro, encouraging their children to do the same (some had their kids holding up homemade signs denouncing Palmeiro). I think it was very week of Rogers to show that (apologies to she was a Rogers employee...but nonetheless) - what purpose did it serve? Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star wrote an article on Palmeiro and his return to the O's yesterday. Normally I like Griffin, he's a big Hazel Mae backer/booster - today's article was pretty harsh (calling Palmeiro a cheater) and didn't need to be written; like I said, normally I like Griffin, but today's article contained no new information, no new opinions or just took a shot at Palmeiro - something that is too easy to do these days.

I have never subscribed to that old adage "I paid my money...I can come and boo if I want." Everybody is paying the shot for something - and it doesn't give them the right to come boo you at your place of work if you screw something up. Palmeiro's infraction is more than simply "screwing up" - but if Baltimore fans were that disgusted and outraged they should have just stayed away (according to media reports - a great number left after his at was supposed to be Rafael Palmeiro day at Camden Yards). I have a lot of trouble thinking that anyone would support taking your kid to a ball game for the express purpose of booing an athlete. There is a perfect way to encourage or foster a love of the game in your kids huh? Hazel, if you are reading - feel free to chime in on this one. :-) (I gotta think Hazel wouldn't approve of that stuff)

Steve Simmons of the Sun mused that maybe Eric Hinske isn't as good as Jays fans want to think he is/can be - Simmons wondered if what Hinske has shown to date is all Jays fans can expect from him. If you have read some of the earlier postings - you'll know that I think pretty much the same thing. Hinske had a good rookie season..but what Jays fans can legitimately expect from him is a batting avg of .245 - 260, 15 - 18 HR, and maybe 65 - 70 RBI (depending on where he hits) all this to say - these number are not good enough for a player in a power position. The Chickenhawk made a big mistake by not getting rid of Hinske before the trade deadline - trading Hinske would be a case of "addition by subtraction" for the Jays. J.P. will never get rid of him though - that would be like admitting he made a mistake when he got Hinske...and he isn't going to do that. Suffer Jays fans...suffer.

The Red Sox keep rolling - but questions are starting to come about:
  • what to do with Foulke now that he is coming back (most fans don't want him closing) ,

  • what to do with Schilling, who wants back into the rotation even though he is getting hit hard in the pen (he blew a save against the Tigers tonight),

  • how comfortable is Matt Clement - he's been getting hit since back from the incident a few weeks back (remember I asked if he would be gun-shy when he came back)

  • what to do about Bellhorn and Graffanino.
I'm sure well all have an opinion - but who better to comment than Hazel? After all - doesn't she host the Sox show down there? (Still no sign of JZone up here - not without Hazel). Red Sox Nation - rest comfortably knowing that your bats will carry you to a division title this year (yes...I still believe the Yankees are too old and tired do make any serious run at the Sox). The playoffs may be a different story - you had better hope the "Hazel Karma" rubs off on them again.

What a weekend! No, Figo hasn't started his inaugural Serie A campaign with Inter Milan.
However, I had a couple of proline tickets that I started on Saturday and finished with Arsenal and Chelsea both winning - Arsenal threw a scare into me, waiting until the 80th minute to score...Chelsea (aka Portuguese National Team North) waited until the 92nd minute to score (I was on the verge of ripping up my tickets in disgust) - Hernan Crespo scored a beauty and made Sunday - a beautiful day!

Jose Mourinho showed himself to be a man of class (regardless of what the English press tries to make him out to be) - when Crespo scored that beauty, breaking the heart of Wigan's fans, Mourinho immediately went to Wigan's manager..shook his hand and told him that his side deserved a better fate. The commentators pointed out that it was a very classy thing for Mourinho to do. I'm sure Hazel would approve.

Speaking of Portuguese National Team - Manager Scolari has called up Portuguese wonderkid Joao Moutinho to play in a friendly against Egypt this week. Why is this signifcant you ask? ( even if you aren't asking) I will tell you - two reasons. One, Moutinho is seen as the future - a midfielder they will build their team around - with Christiano Ronaldo up front of course. But secondly, and from my perspective, more importantly - the game is to be played in Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Acores - my favourite place in the whole wide world (click the link and check out the pic - "the gates of the city" - the homeland). Forca Portugal!

An interesting weekend to be a fan of the NHL - the free agent frenzy has calmed down a bit...which means that fans can now start voicing their opinions on how their teams came out of it. Funny story, I was at a birthday party on Saturday night, enjoying a nice tall frosty glass of Kilkenney Irish Cream Ale - when a guy I was introduced to five minutes before launches into a tirade and a verbal attack on me for being a Leaf fan. The guy went ballistic, screaming at me, telling me how much Toronto sucks, how we should be ashamed for signing "gimps like lindros and allison" and "goons like domi" - so he's screaming at the top of his lungs...mocking all Leaf fans and then he asks me what I have to say about that.

I looked him dead in the eye and said "Hazel Mae likes the Leafs" - he shakes his head and says "what? huh?... I'M ASKING YOU ABOUT THE LEAFS!!!! YOU P***Y - A***D LEAF FAN" - I should mention the guy was loaded and about 6'4" and 240 lbs. So, again, I look at him calmly and say "I don't care what you say...Hazel Mae likes the Leafs." A friend of mine heard me, starts laughing hysterically - the guy who was yelling at me looked totally confused...and asks who in the hell Hazel Mae is. I walked away laughing, afer telling him I couldn't talk to any Canadian sports fan who didn't know who Hazel was - I think he left to go find an internet cafe...cuz I didn't seem him after that. Why do people hate us Leaf fans? Has any member of Red Sox Nation felt this kind of hatred? I think Leaf and Red Sox fans have a kinship. Maybe I'm wrong - as usual, Hazel's perspective on this one would be most welcomed - she has the perspective of Leaf Nation - and she experienced the euphoria in Boston last fall.

I like the Leaf signings - while they didn't make a huge splash on the free agent market, I think they did as well as could be expected with the resources they had left - they didn't make any huge blunders. Allison could be the bargain of the year if he comes back and plays anything like he did in Boston - if he doesn't, no big deal...they don't have a lot of $ tied up in him. Same goes for the Big E - he may be the most intriguing signing of the summer. Lindros took a lot less money to come home to Southern Ontario - saying it was where he wanted to be (ahem....ahem - I hope Hazel shares Lindros' sentiment - hahaha). Lindros is coming back home to prove a point to the Rangers and the Flyers who gave up on him - to a lot of NHL fans who think he's washed up. If Lindros plays with Sundin and Jeff O'Neill - watch out! Lindros will be a point a game player and could once again be a dominant force in the NHL - especially if he plays on the wing where he won't get caught skating across the middle. Stay tuned Leaf Nation...I really think we got better this past week - as much as it hurt to lose Roberts and "Niewy" - Anson Carter or the man Leaf Nation affectionately refers to as "ALMO" (Mogilny) may be signed sometime this is one of them will be.

Todd Bertuzzi (or as someone on Red Sox Nation called him "Scott Bertuzzi") made a statement to the media today as he went to the Team Canada Orientation Camp - blah blah.

Well, that's about it for me for tonight. If you have made it this far - thanks for taking the time to read these random's hoping a few of them made you laugh a little - or at least a smile...especially Hazel if she's peeking. Night everyone - more tomorrow.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - tough one today...but for Leaf Nation and our hope that Eric Lindros will pan out the way we hope...

Elvis is Everywhere - Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper

When I look out into your eyes out there
When I look into your faces - you know what I see?
I see a little bit of Elvis in each and every one of you out there
Let me tell ya...

Weeeeellllllllllllllllllllllll Elvis is everywhere
Elvis is everything
Elvis is everybody
Elvis is still the king


It's definitely one of those novelty songs you have to have - that's it.

Peesth out!

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