Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Evenin' peeps, evenin' Hazel.

Today was a slow motion kind of day to be sure - long weekends have a way of doing that to you. I couldn't motivate myself to go running today, so instead I took the night off running and went bike riding instead (time and distance unimportant, as I don't know what would be considered good or not). I've got to get my ass in gear this week, and do something about this plan to start fund raising for the Canadian Diabetes Association - I want to get a golf tournament and a club/pub night going...unfortunately my day job takes me away from some of the stuff I want to do.

MLB Tonight
That blood-curdling scream you might have heard was Red Sox Nationcalling for heads to roll as Alan Embree gave up a 3 run homer to Reed Johnson of the Jays...in the bottom of the ninth no less. The Nation is growing increasingly frustrated with some of "Tito's" decisions and questioning the wisdom of Theo Epstein (aka Jesus Jr. in Boston) and some of his signings. As you can imagine, David Wells and Alan Embree were tonight's whipping boys - but the bigger surprise might have been that they are turning on guys like Kevin Millar - calling to see what Roberto Petagine can do - Roberto Petagine? Give me a damn break Red Sox Nation - you must know his history...if you are demanding that Millar sit for a Japanese League terror...well, ummm ok then. Some members of the Nation are even calling for John Olerud - now THAT is funny. It's time for you to step in Hazel, its time to settle the Nation down...this isn't very becoming of fans of the World Series Champions. I know the Nation is getting a little antsy that the Yankees are on a roll right now...but look at who they are playing? Hazel, time for you to summon up all that good karma and project towards the Sox - before they start blaming you! Just kidding, hahaha.

Blue Jays fans, while you celebrate this win tonight - you should all be very concerned that Vernon Wells is still no where to be found - 9 runs, and 11 hits for the Jays and Vernon contributed one lousy single. This is starting to look like a bad year for him, he's getting to the point where he won't be able to pull himself out of this season and salvage anything...but I'm talking too much. I still think the Chickenhawk needs to be fired.

Yankees beat up on the Tigers and A Rod hits two HRs in a game where they were up 11 - 0 (thanks A Rod...how about some of those in close games where your team needs you?). The O's are fighting back against the M's (2 - 2 in the 8th).

Dodgers are in S.F and had better get their asses in gear and pull themselves out of 3rd place.

NFL Players Making News Again
Carolina Panthers traded the NFL's best punter, Brian Sauerbrun, to the Broncos. Normally this wouldn't be newsworthy, but the story highlights how much of a character he is...and for that, he makes "thoughts of Hazel Mae." Hazel has been known to have a wicked sense of humour and I think she'd get a kick out of this guy...anyone who starts a feud with those little bastard Grammatica brothers is A-Ok in my book. Sauerbrun threatened to pull the ball out from under one of them if the Panthers signed them (when John Kasay got hurt). Classic! It's worth the read for the laughs.

The Dallas Cowboys of the nineties were known for getting into trouble - they were bad asses...but still one of the best teams ever put together. Michael Irvin was the bad ass of all bad asses (still one of my favourite players ever, next to Tony Dorsett) - but even Michael never got into the trouble Tyrone Calico of the Titans got into. Calico was busted for having sex in public with an 18 year old - which begs the question...did someone really check her I.D? Tyrone, join Mr. Ron Mexico and Kellen Winslow (he's so dumb he doesn't deserve to be called Mr.) as the NFL's version of the Three Stooges.

Champions League Tomorrow
I don't even want to watch - but I'm calling for A.C. Milan to win 2 - 0. I'm hoping for a goal or something from Manuel Rui Costa. It should have been Chelsea...dammit.

Ok, I'm going to wrap this up and hope that friggin Omar Vizquel amasses more total bases tonight that Jeff Kent (yes...I picked Omar on my proline ticket...but I'm hoping that other Dodgers can get to Schmidt).

Goodnight Hazel Mae - fondest regards and best wishes to you as you lead Red Sox Nation out of the fear and panic they are in right now...show them the Hazel way...cool and collected.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - In Honour of Red Sox Nation and how much they are hating on the Sox right now

I Feel Love (12 inch extended remix) - Donna Summer.

Night peeps...have a great one.

Peesth Out.


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