Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Who Takes Tuesdays Off?

Morning peeps, morning Hazel

Yep, I took the day off today to study for a test I have tomorrow - so I thought I'd stop in to wrap up the weekend in the world of sports (and for those that find it funny...) the "life of me". The weekend was good in terms of running - Sunday's run started out slow (feeling sluggish after having a big Mother's Day lunch), but it picked up nicely after 2KM and I ended up doing 8 8KM in about 42 minutes - a good part of the run was into a pretty stiff breeze too. Yesterday was an "off day" 5.5KM in 28 minutes. No sign of the "Filapina Femmes Fatale". (I think I should be including an "s" after fatale...thinking of my test tomorrow - its a French test). So all in all, things are chugging along just fine I guess.

Jays Crown The Royals
The Jays beat up on the Royals yesterday - after having a very bad weekend, which we won't re-hash. Josh Towers looked pretty damn good yesterday, but I think part of it was the lineup he was facing - wow, K.C. are a bunch of babies, really young - oh, what a small market team has to do to survive. Vernon Wells finally had a couple of hits and a stolen base - a couple more games like that and he might actually crack .225 (ok...boo me for being mean).

Red Sox are really turning it up now - they are playing some great baseball right now, with the exception of the double-header split with Seattle. Red Sox Nation wasn't very happy with the way Francona handled the second game of the twin bill with the Mariners...isn't Francona lucky? At any one moment, he can turn to 5 Million managers in Red Sox Nation and find out what he should have done...I guess it's like that in most major league cities - except Toronto. I don't think Jays fans care enough to second guess Gibbons - after all, the Chickenhawk makes all the decisions there. Finishing off with the Sox, Manny Ramirez got plunked in the head last night - he left the game - here's hoping it isn't anything too serious. I wonder if Hazel has the scoop on "Manny RRRRRRRRamirrrrrrrrrrez".

Is there a reason to discuss the Yankees? Shouldn't the O's get more attention right now? The O's are stock piling wins - beating the teams they should be beating. The Yankees are scrapping every night, with fans holding on to the hope that "this team is too good to go on like this - and that they can real off 10 in a row at anytime" (Memo to Yankees fans, they haven't done it yet - don't hold your breath on that). Dodgers lost last night in St. Louis...damn we can't beat those friggin Cards.

Hazel Mae's Heroes slipped to fourth place last night in Rotisserie League - we'll make it up.

Red Sox Nation
A check of the site yesterday was on one hand disturbing and on another hand downright silly. We'll start with the silly - Red Sox fans were actually talking about an abundance of pitching, with the likes of Jeremi Gonzalez filling in and picking up a win. There was actually a comment that talked about how strong their starting pitching was, that David Wells could be "insurance" when he came back. I don't think they are that deep that they can be looking at Wells as insurance - Schilling hasn't shown anything yet this year, he's hurt again, and he's not getting any younger. Wade Miller just came back from an injury - so we'll see what happens there. Arroyo, Clement and Wakefiled are good...but good enough to have Wells serve as insurance? I don't know about that. As for Jeremi Gonzalez - be thankful with what you got from him...the bell tolls for Jeremi. Interview him sooner than later Hazel...he'll be heading to Pawtucket soon me thinks...

The disturbing - Red Sox fans normally have a pretty good sense of humour. But yesterday? There was discussion on the board about the Chef who died after falling at the Fleet Center. Some guy, without evidence or support, makes the quantum leap alluding to the fact alcohol was probably involved - and the board picked it up. There had not be one report of alcohol being involved...yet a bunch of them picked up on it. That's harsh gang...and uncalled for. Bad observation of the week goes to Kevin Millar - in the Boston Globe he was quoted saying something to the effect that the chef was there at the game cuz the Sox were rained out...and had the Sox played, the guy wouldn't have died. Kevin, please shut up - while what you say may be correct...I'm sure it doesn't provide his family with any comfort - and only serves to deepen the pain. Geezus...

Conspiracy Theory?
Scott Carson, bring up an interesting angle on why Barry Bonds isn't playing - the theory goes that Bonds isn't really hurt...but rather suspended. I've mentioned this in a previous blog - have a read, it's worth it.

One Nash Up - The Other Nash Down
While Canada celebrates Steve Nash winning the NBA's MVP - the country looked on in dismay with the antics of Rick Nash, forward team Canada - at "the tournament". Nash assaulted a referee, hooking him and pushing him - the Swedes had video evidence and tried to get him kicked out of the tournament. The IIHF didn't suspend Nash - he should consider himself lucky.

Maybe Athletes ARE Telling The Truth
In a strage twist, two universities in Texas claimed they didn't know that supplements they were buying for student athletes contained illegal substances. Hell, if athletic directors and team doctors don't know...how can players? hahaha

I gotta wrap this up for the morning - I want to go for a run today.

Have a great morning Hazel...I'm still willing you give you access to comment on here. :)

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day will be posted tonight.

Peesth out.


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