Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Let's do it!

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in.  A special Euro 2012 Ola goes out, as always, to Hazel Mae.

Ok, I crapped the bed with my picks for Tuesday's games - hey, everyone has a bad day.  The ship gets righted on Wednesday - count on it.

Netherlands 2 - 2 Germany
Two of this page's most hated sides - the Dirty Dutch and the boring mechanical Germans.  The Dutch will go into this game knowing that a loss pretty much sends them home, while the Germans know that at tie will pretty much get them into the quarters.  The Dutch have enough offensive firepower to exploit what I think is a relatively slow German team - their finishing has to be better than the first game.  However, the Dutch's back four is awful...if Johnny Heitinga is starting for you, you are in very big trouble - the Germans will exploit that back four.  The Dutch extend their tournament lives for another few days, until Portugal beats them on Sunday.

Portugal 3-1 Denmark
The recent history between these two teams is strange - Denmark has routinely been outplayed, actually, they have been beaten all over the pitch like rented mules, but the manage to get a result.  2-1-1 in their last four against Portugal, but it all changes on Wednesday.  Portugal will go into this game knowing that they should have had a result against Germany, they won't let this one slip away.

The Danes will sit back like they always do and try to play for the tie - it is just the way they roll.  They hope to catch a break and hit on the counter or a set piece.  This game holds a lot more urgency for Portugal and they will play like it.  While most will look to our captain Ronaldo to have a break out game, some of us know the Danes will look to take him out of the game by double and triple teaming him.  That's why I'm tipping Nani to have a big game - he usually takes advantage of the extra space to abuse the Danes, he just needs to be more clinical in his finishing.  Portugal grabs a first half lead and builds on it in the second when the Danes get drawn out chasing the game. 

I have to think our girl will be watching the game

So the song of the day goes out to her - from our man of the match Nani...he's gonna take us where we want to go

Enjoy your Euro match day six.

Hazel, here's hoping things are groovy in your world.

I'm Out


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