Monday, May 30, 2005

Weekend Recap

Evenin everyone

Where to start - a great weekend. Memorial Day in the U.S, not sure of what the proper greeting would be (wishing someone Happy Memorial Day doesn't seem right...can it really be happy?). Went to a great party Friday(some people from work actually - small get together...great result) stuff done around here Saturday and ran my first 10 KM on Sunday - less than 50 mins!!!!

MLB This Weekend
A weird weekend in the A.L East - but I'm sure anyone reading this knows what happened.
O's got swept by the Tigers (still shocked)
Jays lost 2 of 3 to the Twins (no surprise - Halladay saved the day on Sunday)
Sox ripped the Yankees on Saturday and Sunday after losing Friday (Yankees looked they had no solution for the Red Sox).

So the O's went into tonight 3 up on the Sox...but they are laying the lumber to them as I type - it's 8 - 1 in the 9th. The only bright spot for Sox fans tonight has been Hazel's updates (thank you Rogers for picking up NESN's feed). These O's are for real...

Weekend Headlines
Curt Schilling's injury is worse than expected - he said today that he might not be back until "around" the all-star break. Red Sox Nation is concerned, and with very good reason I would say. While David Wells and Matt Clement both had good starts over the weekend, the rest of the starting staff is looking very beatable - and having owned Clement for the last four years in my Rotisserie League...I can tell you that he is a good pitcher, but not a number 1. David Wells can't be counted on to pitch like he did last night; Wade Miller doesn't look fully recovered; and Bronson Arroyo looks shaky out there, almost like the league is figuring him out (a few weeks ago, I posted a start about his ERA on the first and second times through a batting order). Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy discussed the chances of Clemens returning to the Sox this year...with Houston being out of the race already. From everything Clemens has said about Boston, do you really think he'd go back? Do you think Boston would welcome him back? I think not...but then again - the Sox now have "the Hazel factor" hahahaha. Stay tuned.

Weekend Warriors
Saw something that impressed me - two guys who stood up and were accountable for their actions. Josh Towers of the Jays and Carl Pavano of the Yankees - both had pretty bad outings this weekend, and both stood up and took the heat for sub-par performances. Pavano went so far as to apologize to his teammates for his performance. This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but I thought it showed a lot of class, and took some guts to stand up in front of the media and accept all that blame.

Another interesting interview came from Mike Mussina on Sunday...he was talking to ESPN about pitching, warming up in the pen...not really knowing what you have until you get out on the field. He talked about how rare it is to go out there and have every single thing working for you - that it is a battle out there. I thought of Arroyo tonight when the O's were smacking him around.

Sad News From The NHL
John D'Amico, probably one of the best known linesman in the history of the NHL passed away this past weekend. Every Canadian kid knew who John D'Amico of the toughest men on any NHL ice surface, and one of the great skaters in the league. A prayer goes out to Mr. D'Amico's family.

Pathetic News From The NHL
Last week's discussions, without dumb (Bob) and dumber (Gary) didn't produce any ground breaking they've both decided to join the discussions this Thursday. Do you get the feeling that the NHL will never be the same again? Oh never mind...What can I say that hasn't been said before?

NFL Stuff
Kellen Winslow apologized to Cleveland Browns fans last week - saying it was "unwise" to be riding a motorcycle, and that no one is more disappointed than he is. He's disappointed alright...disappointed that he is going to have to pay back some of that fat ass signing bonus. Cleveland fans are disppointed that their team wasted a pick on this horse's ass - and will never see him reach his potential. Two major knee surgeries in two years? He's done.

Clark Judge, wrote an interesting story about the possibility of the Kansas City Chiefs moving. The reason revolves around what and a new proposed tax. Stay tuned...but if this happens - there is more than enough room on the Cowboys bandwagon for Hazel. She doesn't strike me as an L.A. Chiefs kind of fan. But I digress..

Ok, that's it for me tonight. Have a good night one and all.

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The World I Know - Collective Soul. Just cuz...

Peesth out.


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