Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in; a special hey to Ms. Hazel Mae.

Long day today so not going to post much tonight - I may be the only freaking person in North America that doesn't benefit from the extra hour...turning clocks back my...

Halloween brings some very shocking news, downright scary in some respects.

ESPN reported this afternoon that Theo Epstein had resigned as GM of the Boston Red Sox. This was a shock to say the least - some people have speculated that Theo may have his eye on a the now vacant job with the Dodgers (since Paul Depodesta was fired). Former Jay GM Pat Gillick is also being considered for the job in L.A. But that is neither here nor there...the downright scary thing about Epstein's resignation is that the Chickenhawk (aka J.P. Ricciardi) will likely be on a short list to replace Epstein. Word of warning to Red Sox Nation - be wary of the snake oil salesman who is forever building and forever making excuses...if he goes home to New England, you can count on the fact that he is going to try to make an impression right impression that will weaken Boston. He will definitely try to put his stamp on the team by trading Ramirez; but he is an ego-maniac and he wouldn't stop there. More to come on this...oh, for the record - I don't buy this stuff about Epstein. I think something will happen to make him "reconsider" his decision.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders says they knew a year ago that police were considering charges against LB Trevis Smith. It was recently revealed that Smith, who is now under arrest for aggravated sexual assault is also HIV positive.

Anyone catch the guy who ran out on the field and took the ball away from Favre at the Packers/Bengals game? Should that have counted as Favre's six INT of the day?

I am not going to get into the Leafs/Senatards game...scary, ugly...yuck.

Ok, not much more tonight...more to follow this week. Thank you for taking the time to stop by for a few minutes (whenever you read this). To Ms. Hazel Mae...I say, I hope things are groovy in your world...I'm still writing that opinion peace - I swear I will finish it soon.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps...for Red Sox Nation that might be saying goodbye to Theo (though I'm not convinced - yet) some current Dodgers (J.D. Drew and Jeff Kent) who got big fat inflated contracts from Paul Depodesta...

My Favorite Mistake - Sheryl Crow.

Peesth out.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Friday's Follies

"Muinto boa noite senhoras e senhors" (peeps too) - I was listening to Amalia today and this is the opening to one of my favourite songs by her "Fado Serrano" - doesn't take a genius to figure out what she was saying.

So I had to log in to post a couple of things for tonight - still working on that opinion'd think with a mouth as big as mine, I would have finished it by now...I will. I posted my NFL pool picks (Straight Up) on the yahoo site - its not as easy as you would think. A couple of things that got my attention today...

According to Rob Brodie of the Ottawa Sun - Pierre McGuire is leaving the airwaves...before some of you get too excited, it simply means that he is cutting back his radio gig. TSN Management has asked him to cut back on radio spots he does in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver...and focus on his work with TSN and NBC. Thank you TSN...we won't have to hear McGuire try to impress everyone with his big (and often incorrectly "utilized" hahaha) vocabulary. Something tells me that TSN brass may have gotten sick of hearing McGuire bash the Leafs. I forget who it was, but someone suggested that Mario Lemieux might bring McGuire in to coach the Penguins if/when Eddie Olczyk gets canned.

While I would love to see McGuire coach...he won't do it. Too easy for him to sit up high and critique everyone, he is waiting for Muckler's job.

The Team 1200 morning guys sunk to a new they are picking on OHL players. The morning half-wits were on a tirade this morning at comments Bobby Clarke made about the "Sentards" resident weasel Martin Havlat...why they had to take up the cause for Havlat, I don't know, but instead of going after Clarke...they pointed to Clarke as the guy who drafted and holds the rights to Steve Downie of the Windsor Spitfires. For my American friends, Downie was involved in a vicious fight with a rookie who refused to participate in a Spirtfires hazing ritual earlier this year. So these "grown men" are going to attack the conduct of an 18 year old - I am by no means condoning what Downie did...but to attack a kid? That is week...even for the Team.
Newsflash (well, not really but): Johnny Damon files for free agency...Red Sox Nation start the rumour mill. I wonder how long it will take for the Boston fans to start calling for the Sox to sign Paul Konerko and Brian Giles - dumping Olerud, Millar for Konerko...and finding a way to insert Giles in there (I can almost hear the "trade Manny" calls now"). You know who might have an inside track on this issue...helloooo Hazel?

Jean Van de Velde, he of the British Open meltdown of 1999, has gone on record as saying he is going to challenge the LPGA to play in a sanctioned tournament. Van de Velde is using the tired old argument "If women can play in a PGA Tournament...Men should be able to play in an LPGA Tournament."

Ok, for the French guy... PGA "Professional Golf(ers) Association" - meaning open to anyone...even Hazel and her hot golf cleats. LPGA "Ladies Professional Golf Association" - meaning open to females only. With this sort of logic, it is no wonder he tried to hit out of that trap. Geezus, this guy brings men's collective IQ down by a full point. I would almost want to see him play in an LPGA tournament and lose.

Ok...just a quick check in to say hey peeps and everyone else...back to my other entry. Hazel, if you are checking in...I hope things are groovy in your world - I'm going to the Renegades game tomorrow (vs the Als)...I'm bringing a "Hey Hazel!!!" sign (I understand NESN will be picking up the feed). Have a great weekend everyone!

Ok, so on that note...I'm back to the other entry.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps...

For the angst Sox fans must be feeling with Damon's filing...for the players they may soon be calling for...for Mario Lemieux, if he is crazy enough to want McGuire to coach the Penguins...I give you

Quando Quando (Latin beat) - by Englebert Humperdink

"Tell me when will you be mine
Tell me quando quando quando"

Peesth out.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Whacked Thursday

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in...a special hey goes to Ms. Hazel Mae (you know the deal with the "if she is..." ) thank you for taking the time to stop by. I should say hey to "Howdy" who left me a cryptic, yet amusing comment on yesterday's post - Bravo to Dr. Howdy and I suggest you visit his blog...rather amusing and I think it would get a thumbs (with perfectly manicured nails) up from Hazel herself.

So, Thursdays aren't usually "entry" days, but I had to take a bit of a break from writing my opinion piece - tentatively titled "The Double Entente & The Double Standard" coming soon to this page.

A quick entry for it an addendum to Wednesday's entry...most of it sad though.

The Bruins beat the Leafs tonight - if Hazel was doing sportsdesk on NESN, then that would explain why the Leafs lost. If she was at the Fleet Center...then I just don't know. A 2-1 loss in the new NHL - who'da thunk it? Well, the Senatards are on tap this weekend...

Speaking of the 'Tards - they beat the Habs 4-3 in O/T tonight. The game winning goal saw Jason Spezza deke Sheldon Souray out with what can only be described as a Pee-Wee League move. I can't believe he got away with that crap. Souray threw a half-assed shoulder at Spezza while two Habs watched him waltz in front of Theodore and backhand one upstairs...Montreal looked weak. Speaking of Mr. Souray...

The Toronto Star carried a story about Montreal Police being called to Souray's residence after his wife Angelica Bridges (former Baywatch "star"????? and Playboy cover girl) claimed that Souray had assaulted her. I got this story from a Hab fan friend of mine...with the title "No Wonder Souray is Sucking"... you gotta love Montreal Canadien fans huh?

For our American friends...yesterday's Lotto 6/49 draw was worth $54M (I can't even make the "which equals about 25 bucks U.S" joke anymore)...and was won by one single ticket. There was a story on yahoo about the lottery frenzy up here last night...with a classic anecdote at the me, it is well worth the read...there is a hysterical ending - one I'm sure Hazel herself would find amusing.

So that is about it for tonight, as it is going to be a very long day tomorrow; but a bit more writing is in order...right after I go get myself some Port.

Have a great one gang...from the peeps, to those of you that check in regularly or semi-regularly, to the first time of course Dr. Howdy. To Ms. Hazel Mae I say, I hope things are groovy in your world...enjoy your weekend!

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps...for the Leafs who lost to the damn Bruins...for Sheldon Souray who not only got served by his wife - but also Jason the drunken millionaire who got taken in the strip joint - I give you:

All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down - The Mavericks

A latin-infused country song that rocks! I am certain Hazel would is a cool song - even if you don't like Country... you gotta like this one!

Peesth Out!


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in...a special hey goes "you know who" (I wonder "you know who" ever takes a peek).

So I wasn't going to post tonight...I'm still in the midst of writing my opinion on what happened a couple of weeks ago with the fallout from John Molori's interview with Hazel (I can't believe she's selling her place in T.O - someone, anyone, or Hazel, please tell me it isn't a permanent move) - but I felt a quick post was in order, given some of the stuff I heard today.

First of, let me say this - Fox Sports Radio rocks. We get the afternoon drive from Fox and I am telling you it is great. Former NFLers Bryan Cox and James Washington (of the Dallas Cowboys) are absolutely great; especially Cox - the guy is hysterical, and he pulls no punches. James Washington is a pro at dealing with the issue of race in sports - his views are honest, real, well-thought out and to the point - without getting up on a soap box. But I guess that what you get from NATIONAL sports personalities - personality, charisma, a sense of humour...sound familiar? Anyone? Hello Hazel??????? Read Molori's article - she was national up here.

Wednesday's Poster Boys
Joe Morgan, always a favourite whipping boy of Red Sox Nation for his supposed "pro-Yankee/anti-Sox" views, made news by worrying about the makeup of the National League Champion Houston Astros. Forget the fact that these guys are a great story, overcoming a disasterous start to the season...forget how they did it - knocking of the Braves and Astros... No, Joe wants to talk about the fact that there are no players of African descent on the team. Way to go Joe.

Morgan should get together to talk to Fisher Deberry, head coach of the Air Force football team. Fisher wants to recruit more African American players because they are faster. If you heard Fox this afternoon - Cox and Washington address it. Read the article...there is nothing more I can say.

Ok, back to my blogging...for the record - before any of the peeps send me an email - Chelsea losing today to Charlton doesn't count for a Wednesday. Mourinho and the Portuguese National Team North are in the midst of an undefeated campaign in the Premiership, the have Champions League and a lot of his players are internationals - the Carling Cup means nothing to them this year. Note to Hazel: it's pronounced - Moe'reee - nyou. And lets not get into the "jo-zay" stuff.

Ok gang...I'm out for the night. Have a great one...whenever you check this out. I don't always say it, but thanks for stopping by - because of you this page is getting more attention than I ever thought it would...ok...maybe it's because Hazel's name is in the title - hahahahaha. But thanks for coming back.

Hazel (again if you are checking this out) hope things are groovy in your world...keep the faith.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - because its weird wednesday; and who is more weird and wacked that Jacko

Black or White - Wacko Jacko

"If you're talking about my baby
It don't matter if your black or white."


Ebony and Ivory - Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder

Peesth out.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Hazel Comes Through - Again

Leafs win in a shootout over the Bruins...

Leafs win in a shootout...with one goal by Lindros.

Leafs winning in a shootout - thank you Hazel...Leaf Nation is happy you are one of us!

I sign off with

Two Tickets to Paradise - Eddie Money.

Peesth out now.

Monday's Abbreviated Recap

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in - a special hey to Ms. Hazel Mae (if curiousity has gotten the better of her).

Long day today - team-building retreat up in the mountains. You know, a retreat...a know...for team-building? This is where the most passive-aggressive pricks who are usually the cause for the dissension go up to the "love-in" and talk about how "negativity" and "bad vibes" are impacting the team...and how they try to bring a positive attitude and energy to work everyday - but the negativity (ie. the people who actually do the work and "drive the damn bus") keeps them from contibuting. They usually start each comment with a negative comment...before going into a long-winded explanation of how they aren't negative.

These are the people who usually dominate the day with respect to suggestions on how to improve things...and build team spirit - which usually goes out the window before their asses hit the car on the way home. Wow...that was a mouthful and a half huh? Team big freakin' happy family - can someone tell me where it is printed or written that in order to have a great team, everyone has to love each other and be best friends? I can think of a few teams where guys on the team couldn't stand each other and the teams won - The Oakland A's of the 70's, some of the Yankees teams of the 80's, Shaq and Kobe - hahahahaha. Ok enough about that.

I have started to using Monday entries to recap the "Heroes and Not-So Heroic" from the world of sports - given that last week was a bit of a write off with the conference I attended...and this week has started with "team-building" - a few things to bring to the forefront.

Scott Podsednik - jeezus how does he hit a home run in the bottom of the 9th? I mean, good for him...but Podsednik? I would have expected a walk/single, a stolen base or two - manufacturing a run...Scott Podsednik? Congratulations to the White Sox, but how does Houston allow this to happen in two of three games? Their bullpen was supposed to be solid. I still think they can (and will) come back to win the series; Oswalt shuts the Sox down in the next game and the scratch out a win in Game 4...Pettitte wins game 5 and they go back to Chicago up 3-2. That is what I am going with.

A lot of very good performances by RBs yesterday - Willie Parker, Thomas Jones, Lamont Jordan, Rueben Droughans, Stephen Jackson...just a few. Mark Brunnell and Peyton Manning both had very good games...Favre did too - but you saw what happened to the Pack. You know who didn't have a good game yesterday? Drew Bledsoe didn't have a good game - calling on Hazel...calling on Hazel.

Can kickers make the list? I would say No...unless they do it on a consistent basis - Vinatieri would make the list - everyone else has to make two game winning kicks before being included here.

Not-So Heroic
Bill Romanowski, for his 60 Minutes interview - while he tries to hock his memoirs. I'd like to know what Publisher saw any sort of value in a book recapping the life and troubled times of Bill Romanowski.

Martin Havlat's big mouth is out of control - again. Havlat apolgized to his teammates for the incident with Hal Gill; saying that he is sorry his action took him out of the lineup - BUT...he is not sorry for kicking Hal Gill, because he was just defending himself. Don't you think he needs an elbow upside his stupid head? A la - Tie Domi on Scott Niedermeyer a few years back? Ok...that might be harsh...but you won't be able to get a hold of him to beat on him.

Pierre McGuire's voice grates on me...and his misuse/butchering of the English language would be laughable...if it wasn't so painful. Some of Pierre's nuggets this morning on sports radio Team 1200 -

"I was watching him tremendously close" - huh?

"When Ray Bourque tells you something...that's gigantic." as in hugely important? (another McGuire-ism)

"The line of Lemieux, Recchi and Leclair is the fossil line" - funny, Recchi and Leclair were very good pick ups for the Penguins a month or so they are fossils...and the Penguins are "putrid".

and what else would a McGuire segment be without the name dropping - how Scotty Bowman was staying with him...and how they watched hockey together.

That's about it for tonight...long day, and I am writing my thoughts on the Hazel-WEEI controversy. Leafs playing Bruins tonight - the score is 4 - 4 late in the 3rd. Hazel is cheering for the Leafs...isn't she? If she is broadcasting tonight (Monday) and anyone wants to report on whether or not she looked happy with a Leaf win...please feel free.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for my damn team-building retreat...for Bill Romanowski and his tearful recounting of his agonizing days in the NFL, and for Havlat

Liar - Sex Pistols

The Pistols were led by Mr. John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) - the man who once said of rock stars like Mick Jagger and David Lee Roth and their rock and roll lifestyle...

"Liars, cheats and frauds - they all go to bed early like everyone else."

Peesth out.

p.s. New Englanders (and Canadians) find a way to show Hazel your support...for the misunderstanding.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in - whether you are a regular, a semi-regular, a first time visitor (welcome) or even Ms. Hazel Mae if she is peeking in.

Sometimes the NFL really sucks, I mean REALLY REALLY sucks. The Cowboys lost to the Seahawks today...dominating them for 55+ mins. The Seahawks get a 55 yard field goal to end the first half...and 10 points in the last minute - the game winning field goal (a 50 yarder) being set up by a Bledsoe interception. Hazel Karma didn't work this week...was it something I said? That's two games they have lost like that; they should be 6-1 instead of the 4-3...almost forgot to mention - I think Hazel's broadcast tomorrow might include a "buh bye" to Jose Cortez, he missed a 29 yard field goal today...Parcells is gonna cut his can loose. (Now playing: Fall to Pieces - Velvet Revolver. Hello Dallas Cowboys)

I am sure San Diego fans can relate given the way they lost today - a blocked field goal returned for a TD by the Eagles - Marty must have blown a gasket.

The Packers lost to the Vikings...yes. A 56 yarder to end the game. Say buh bye to Brett Favre and the won't see Favre after this year, and the Packers will be gone for a few years.

The Broncos blew one, giving up a touchdown to the Giants with 5 second left - wonder if Shanahan was flashing that tooth smile of his - those chiclets creep me out. (Now playing: Deep End - Swollen Members. Think some NFL fans want to take a walk into the deep end tonight?)

That's enough about the NFL...

The Astros and the White Sox are into game 2 of the World Series - both have a sad story to tell about not winning a Championship in a billion years (in baseball terms). I am picking the Astros to six games - I'll take their three over the Sox big three (yes, even though Clemens is hurt). I think both teams dropped the ball though - had the paid attention to the Red Sox last year...they would have reached out to try to make contact with Hazel - you saw what she did for Boston. (Now playing: Rock the Casbah (Dance Remix) - artist unknown. Joe Strummer would have liked it)

Ok...back to writing my opinion piece on the controversy around John Molori's interview with Hazel.

Bruins in Toronto to face the Leafs tomorrow...wonder if Hazel came home to watch the game.

Have a great peeps...Hazel, as always, hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for Hazel.

The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

"Don't you worry what the bitter hearts are gonna say".

Peesth out.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Brought To You By The Letter H

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in - a special hey to Ms. Hazel Mae if she's checking in. Back from a week in Toronto; it was a great week all around, and some highlights will be added to the page some other time. Hazel's hometown rocks...I even got to spend an afternoon down in my old haunts (family visits).

So tonight's entry could have and probably should have been titled "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & ummmmm well...Hazel" (but that would have long on words and short on originality); all brought to you by the letter H. I still wanna punch the IT guy at work...lugging a laptop to Toronto that wouldn't connect to our network - Horse's Ass...add that to the H day.

The Good - What In The Hull Was He Thinking?
Brett Hull, most recently of the Phoenix Coyotes retired from the NHL earlier this week. Always known as much for his mouth as his lightening quick release, Hull said that he realized he couldn't compete in the NHL anymore. It was strange seeing Hull so humble and somber, saying he realized that his body couldn't do the things his brain was telling it to do; in essence the game had passed him by. I heard someone say that the great irony is that Hull could no longer play in the NHL he had always campaigned for and wanted to play in. While many Canadians still love to boo Hull lustily (for join Team USA after being snubbed by Team Canada one year) - you gotta respect the fact that Hull stood up like a man and said he couldn't do it anymore. Anyone who had seen his last year with Detroit could tell the end was near, if not already knocking on his door. NHL beat writers must be wondering how in the Hull they are ever going to replace the NHL's best public speaker and quote machine.

Another good "H" - having a cold pint of Harp Lager. The Editor of "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" likes Irish beer.

The Bad - Houston We Have A Problem
So if you read the page earlier this week, you know that I got to update on Wednesday. The day was great, the conference was great, the people I got to talk to where great (especially my new friends from Lisbon - Filipa and Emila) - I get back to my room to open up my copy of the Globe and Mail. What are the chances that the first time I open up the Globe in weeks is when William Houston is on a rant about Hazel, and the interview on the John Molori page. Houston went on to reference the article in the Boston Globe - seemingly chuckling at the bit of controversy that had been raised. Houston took what I considered to be a cheap shot at Hazel...and ended off his column "Truth and Rumours" in a rather rude and abrupt fashion. Mr. Houston should take his own advice. I think Houston has a crush on Hazel - he is like the little boy in the school yard who picks on the girl he has a crush on. Note to Hazel (or anyone from NESN who may be interested) I have a copy of the Houston article.

You have to know that "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" will include an op-ed piece on this whole controversy...later this weekend. Kudos to Hazel for not backing down to detractors; again, more to come on that this weekend.

The Ugly - Ain't Havlat'ing Any Of That
Ottawa "Senatard's" resident weasel Martin Havlat was at it again this week. During a game with the Bruins, Havlat tried to kick a Boston defenceman in the "snuts" while being roughed up behind the net. This is nothing new for the weasel, he did the same thing to Islanders resident Manimal Eric Cairns. Havlat picked up a five game suspension for his cowardly act...when you combine that with his spitting incident, the vicious cross-check on Recchi, and his nightly acts of cowardice that often go unnoticed - he (as Ken Hitchcock once said) is going to have someone in the NHL feed him his lunch. Havlat needs a beat down. If you put credence into anything Bill Watters says...The Senatards are said to be trying to get rid of Havlat, albeit quietly, because he isn't Bryan Murray's kind of player. Havlat is a moron, plain and simple.

Two incidents of hazing gone very wrong this week. One incident at McGill University, where football program was cancelled after an incident came to light - a veteran (one report said five veterans) where prodding a rookie with a broomstick...(though the school says "no nudity or penetration). Second one in Windsor, where a rookie refused to participate in hazing incident where rookies where locked in bathroom of their bus...naked.

The Ugly this week could also be my NFL Picks...which I will put on the Yahoo site (ya, to generate some traffic).

And Ummmm Well... Hazel
So our friend Hazel sets another city on its collective ear - those of us in Canada are smiling at that one. While I didn't hear the original WEEI radio program in question, I saw the story/interview on Molori's site (which I still think was very good), I saw the blurb William Houston wrote and I read the story in the Boston Globe - and all I have to say to everyone is (I will quote Hazel) "chill out".

To suggest that Hazel was doing anything but having a little fun with some radio geeks and drumming up some publicity for NESN is downright wrong. I'm sure some of her critics in New England were listening along and "pitching tents" - the problem always is the "after"...when the lovely Hazel signs off the airwaves. Then it become a topic of discussion, and people question her motives, her abilities, her credibility, and worst of all morals - she has put up with a lot of crap (starting up here in Canada) and seemingly now in New England for nothing more than being attractive, having a personality and a sense of humour - chill out gang...but like I said, more to come later this weekend. I am sure Hazel doesn't need to read this page for support and reaffirmation - but I'm going to say it anyways...(if you are checking in) You are doing a great job down there Hazel, you have nothing to apologize for, and certainly nothing to be ashamed of - don't let anyone minimize your accomplishments or your achievements (liking "the look" is a nice bonus) - you are there because you are good...very good. Don't let them try to shape you...the good press/recognition you are getting is proof positive.

I am on about 2 hours of sleep today, so I am going to wrap this up early...Toronto has some nightlife (still trying to figure out how Hazel left that)
- have I told you before how nice Red Bull and Vodka is? or that
- monster slices of pepperoni pizza at 4 am work too?

So much more to say about Toronto...but another day.

A groovy weekend to one and all who check in...particulary Ms. Hazel Mae - hang in there (no pun intended - "pitching tents" - hang in there.... never mind). Hope things in your world are good...great even!

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps, for Mr. Brett Hull who is leaving behind a distinguished career in the NHL and a library of Mr. William Houston who must still be missing Hazel (someone should point him to this site and the yahoo site - or maybe he wants a support group?) to Martin "The Weasel" Havlat, whose latest 5 game suspension might end up being his ticket out of town...I give you (with no lyrics since I don't know them)

Baby Bye Bye Bye - Backstreet Boys (I think...or maybe those New Kids from Boston)

I just remember the chorus wailing

Baby Bye Bye Bye

Peesth out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hazel's Haunts

Hey peeps...and anyone else checking in...

Toronto has been unbelievable...Here across from the ACC and the Rogers Centre (Hazel's old haunt) I have one question...

" could you leave?"

The city is electric, cool. Oh yeah, the convention is great too (got to connect with a few people from Lisbon).

First chance to check in cuz the IT guy at my work gave me a laptop that can't connect.

I have a 10 minute time limit...but lots to write about later this week...

Briefly though...
Leafs winning - Hazel, its a blast down here with them winning
Cowboys winning - did Hazel karma rub off on Bledsoe?
Raptors lost to Maccabi Hazel karma there

That is it from downtown Toronto...Hazel why did you ever leave...this city is missing something without you...

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps...

Bright Lights - Matchbox 20 (i know I have nominated it before....but it fits).

Peesth out from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre...

Friday, October 14, 2005

Toronto Here I Come...But Not Before

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in - whether you have happened by here by accident or by choice...a special "hey" if you happen to be Ms. Hazel Mae.

So I'm off to Toronto tomorrow for a conference next week - funny thought, the freakin' Bruins are coming to town...but Hazel couldn't be making that trip...right? She isn't covering the Bruins...somebody in New England - say it ain't so! Hazel should be in TORONTO...visiting her family after a long season...shouldn't she? Hazel?

Ok, not a lot to write I'm submitting my football picks for this week...feel free to comment, laugh, or offer suggestions - as always, I would welcome Hazel's input here. For those who may or may not be interested...Hazel Mae's Cowboys are 3-1-1 in Fantasy Football action!

16 - Patriots+3.5
15 - Panthers +1.5
14 - Kansas City -5.5 (Hazel...your boys better come through)
13 - Cincinnati -3.5
12 - Buffalo -3.5
11 - Atlanta -4.5
10 - Indianapolis -13.5
09 - Dallas -3.5
08 - Oakland +2.5
07 - Jacksonville +2.5
06 - Houston +9.5
05 - Miami +4.5
04 - Chicago -3.5
03 - Cleveland +5.5

Straight Up
14 - Indianapolis
13 - Seattle
12 - Kansas City
11 - Cincy
10 - Baltimore
09 - Atlanta
08 - Carolina
07 - Buffalo
06 - New England
05 - Dallas
04 - San Diego
03 - Chicago
02 - Jacksonville
01 - Tampa Bay.

There you have it...laugh if you must.

Leafs SPANKED the Thrashers (a team that McGuire picked as up and comers)...Leafs scored 7...count them...1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Power Play goals..wasn't I complaining about this the other night...looks a whole lot better tonight. Habs tomorrow...we'll see what tomorrow brings...but I'll be in Hockey Mecca - Toronto! Stop by the MTCC next week! Still no offers for guest writers...crap! Oh well...I'll try to get online while I'm in Toronto.

To one and all, have a great Hazel, hope you have a groovy weekend (Hazel spotting seems to be a sport in New England these days...lucky buggers).

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - I was driving home in the rain tonight...had it on a cd I burned...fitting.

I Miss You - Everything But The Girl

Peesth Out.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wednesday Part II (Pronounced "D'uh" In French)

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in - from the regulars, to the semi-regulars (semi-interested), to bloggers/writers of note/repute/ill-repute, to the first timers...and, to of course, Ms. Hazel Mae (which may seem far fetched and ridiculous to some - but who knows? stranger things have the number of hits on this page - growing daily)...thank you for taking the time to stop by.

If you read my earlier post today (Wednesdays post was a day late) you know it was a stupid day at work today...trying to wrap things up before my week in Toronto (woo hoooo me - if you are in T.O., try to find me at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre - hahahahaha) - I wanna go to the T Dot guilt free, with work NOT having to call me/email me. etc. On days like today, big boys don't have Port at the end of a long day...they have Single Malt I'm having a nip of the Balvenie 10 Year Old Single Malt (perhaps considered baby Scotch to those in the know - but I like it).

So in keeping with some of the silliness - you have to look at the last couple of days in MLB.

I mentioned early that the Angels must be smarting after last night's call/non-call (depending on how you look at it) - I have seen the replay over and over - the game should have went into extras...not saying the Angels would have won - but... and as I type this Dip It Low - Christina Milian is playing. Tell that to Josh Paul and the Angels "pop tss pop tss pop that thang".

I am still picking the Angels to beat the White Sox, the last two months of the season showed that that White Sox are human and can be rattled - the Angels have done that to them. Angels in 6, with Vlad and Figgins getting untracked in Anaheim - Anderson and Cabrera step up too. I'm taking the Astros as this year's team of destiny - they may be like the old Minnesota Twins of the 90's - winning with three very good starting pitchers. They'll ride those horses (Clemens, Pettitte and Oswalt) and eek out just enough runs to get by the Cards - they too will have to do it in 6...cuz they won't win a Game 7 in St. Louis.

Out Of The Muck & The Stottlemyre
Members of Red Sox Nation will get a kick out of the fact that Mel Stottlemyre "is almost certain he is stepping down" after 10 years as the Yankees pitching coach. Seems Mr. Stottlemyre has finally had it with George - good of him to take a stand when he is quite likely on his way out anyways. One look at Cashman and you can tell he is a bit of a weasel - he is going to fire someone's can before George fires him - Mel (not to be confused with Vera) ain't no dummy...he's going down, but he is gonna hit back. Think Mel and Joe painted their faces and started singing We Ain't Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister. So as Mel rides off into the sunset...I'm listening to Stand Inside Your Love - Smashing Pumpkins - and wonder if Mel is looking at Joe and George and asking "who wouldn't stand inside your love?"

I bet Hazel would rock out to that it! NOW! Go can come back here later.

Funny reading some of the stuff coming out of Boston these days - seems like Red Sox Nation is ready to get rid of everyone but Big Papi, Manny, Varitek, and Hazel! (can't blame them...but geezus, you would think they were the Blue Jays the way they are talking). Rainy Dayz - Mary J. Blige seems to sums things up on the East Coast of the U.S. both in terms of weather and the mood of the fans.

Speaking of the Blue Jays Ken Huckaby and Frank Menachino have filed for free if they could find a way to get rid of Hinske - ouch...sorry. In other news, the Chickenhawk has been relatively silent - which is news in and of itself.

I still can't figure out how or why the Dodgers let Jim Tracy go - they should have gotten rid of Paul DePodesta for bringing in Jeff Kent and J.D Drew - speaking of which...never mind, much like Jays fans with Hinske - we are stuck with Kent and Drew. I Want to Break Free - Queen - how freaking fitting is that?

So I hear everybody is diggin' the new NHL...I'd really like to know what Hazel thinks of it...hell, I just wanna know if she is still part of Leaf Nation (she can't make that switch...she just can't). I'm not diggin it so far - when the first line after the score is "Team X scored 3 goals on the PP", I just can't get into that. Face it peeps...the NHL is not selling an improved game, they are selling a different game - they will continue to change rules to make it more exciting for casual fans...but it still stinks. Goals are up - Scoring chances are up - Stoppages are down. Three factual statments that mean JACK. This is all because the game is being played on the Power Play...and, when teams are at full strength - defenders don't know what to do in their own zone - so guys are hanging around in front of the next untouched. That isn't hockey... Try Again - Aaliyah "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again" the new motto of the NHL. All the same..go Leafs go.

Our old friend Pierre McGuire is at it again. This morning on the radio...this guy was talking about how the Flames signing of Bryan Marchment was a great move, a great pick up for them. A few weeks ago, the fact that Marchment was at the Leafs camp was a testament to how bad the Leafs were and how desperate things were for them - today he covered it by saying that Marchment is better than Berg or Belak. The guy is a joke.

To end this entry off on a positive note - I have to give kudos to my boys in Portugal. The National Team qualified for the World Cup in Germany next year...of note, Pedro Pauleta (an island boy from the Azores) eclipsed the great Eusebio's (pronounciation for Hazel Ee'zeh-bee-ooh") record for goals at the international level. While Eusebio did it in far fewer is still an impressive feat. For those wondering, while my man Figo missed a penalty shot earlier this week - he set up a couple of goals. Sharpen up that latin pronounciation Hazel...the peeps in New England are gonna be watching Portugal advance this summer.

That's about it for tonight - big day tomorrow before I go to Toronto next week...still accepting applications for guest writing while I'm gone - preference given to those with background in blogging or sports journalism...being Hazel Mae is a definite asset and will merit special consideration and an immediate job offer.

Goodnight one and all...hope you all have a great Friday and/or weekend. Hazel (if you are peeking) hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps for a Wednesday kind of post...

Fadista Louco - Antonio Mourao

Literal translation is "Mad Poet" - an old song from the 60's.

Peesth out.

You May Laugh At Wednesdays...But

Good Thursday morning to you peeps, and anyone checking in from wherever you may be - it's cold and rainy here today in my little corner of Ontario - hope the weather is better in your part of the world.

If you opened up a sports page, tuned into Hazel's Sportsdesk (or Rogers/TSN/The Score in Canada), or even if you turned on sports know that yesterday was a day worthy of special recognition on "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" - cuz I would really like an explanation or thought from Hazel on what in the hell is going on these days...on days like this, the theme song for these entries should be On Any Other Day - The Police (Regatta de Blanc). It is worth finding, its actually a pretty funny song...about how dumb things can get - Hazel would definitely see the humour in it.

where to start? hmmmm let me see - oh wait.

"Tice" As Nice Without Moss?
At the beginning of the season, Mike Tice of the Vikings (and many of the players) claimed the team was better without Randy Moss. The party line was that while Moss was a great player, he was a cancer in the dressing room and disruptive - hell...MOSS EVEN ADMITTED TO SMOKING WEED!!!!! I'm sure this current crop of Vikings don't smoke weed - they may use the Whizzinator to try to pass drug tests...but they don't smoke weed - they would never do anything to sully the image of the Vikings. Well, almost anything - if you aren't at least 18 years of age, move on to the next paragraph. On Wednesday, it was revealed that Police in Minnesota were investigating a party attending by up to 17 Vikings, with accusations of drunkeness, nudity and sexual actions (alledgedly mostly oral...and you thought Moss was the big mouth huh? Clinton must be smiling). For his part Mike Tice has gone on record as saying he "is not happy about it." I say cut them some slack, I often does an NFL player get the opportunity to be on a boat cruise with scantily clad women who would be willing to get a little nasty with them? I mean...Lake Minnetonka freezes over in the they had to take advantage right? It's not like these NFL players get the chance everyday - Tice is going to bring them together and not let this tear them apart. Nice job...Moss must be sitting back smoking a cracker and laughing his ass off. I swear that as I type this...I'm at my desk listening to Is This Love? - Bob Marley - a question I would have for the Vikings right now...I wonder if Hazel would ask the same thing.

Who Is T.O's Daddy?
No, this is not about a paternity suit - though with the NFL these days, it could easily be. Terrell Owens, who is still on a free pass for his gesture towards victims of the Hurricane Katrina, was seen wearing a Michael Irvin jersey after the Eagles got pounded by the 'Boys. For his part, Andy Reid said he allows players to wear "comfortable clothes" - ya, I'm buying this one. After the crap Owens has pulled at Texas's nice to see him walk away paying hommage to one of the great receivers - Irvin.

So, I have to ask...comfortable clothes? - Over to Hazel for her thoughts.

He Doesn't Even Deserve A Hair Extension
Somebody please tell me what Romeo Crennell and the Cleveland Browns are thinking signing Kellen Winslow Jr. to a contract extension? He misses his rookie season with a football-related injury, he misses sophomore season after getting into an accident with his motorcycle (see posts from spring...he was the leading candidate for half-wit of the week)...and they sign him to an extension? Romeo should have called Bill in New England for advice on this one...Winslow is cursed, and worse than that, he is dumb. An extension??? This may surprise you...but for Kellen, it wasn't about the money...really. Haven't we heard that before? Hell, even Hazel got a brand new set of golf clubs when she went to Boston...isn't that right Hazel? haha

Speaking Of Half-Wits
The poster boy for steroids, supplements and every other "foreign substance"- Bill Romanowski - made headlines for admitting to breaking former Giant RB Dave Meggett's finger...oh and surprise, surprise Bill took steroids, HGH and is suffering brain damage. Bill is taking his story to 60 Minutes...sad and pathetic...both on his part for appearing on 60 Minutes and on their part for giving this half-wit any airtime. He was a dirty player and an all around jerk from most accounts (he broke a teammate's jaw in practice) and now we are looking at him to school the world on the evils of steroids and the NFL? Give me strength.

That's about it for this afternoon - I started this post at 10:00 am this morning...and after a day of meetings, this is all I've got...more to come tonight...MLB on tap. Don't forget to visit John Molori's page to see the article on Hazel...send him your thanks - he did good.

How would you like to be an Angel today? A Los Angeles Angel from Anaheim? They must still be steaming...maybe Hazel would calm them down a little and get them to focus on the task at hand...avenging the loss of the Red Sox.

So I'll leave you with...

She Talks To Angels - Black Crowes.

Peesth out

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Welcome Tina!!!!!

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in - especially if you happen to be the one and only Hazel Mae (more to come on that thought a bit later). So for those of you who have visited this page on a semi-regular basis - Wednesdays are ha-ha days when we look at the weird, the whacked and the downright stupid/silly in the world of sports. Believe it or not, some people actually check in on Wednesdays for a laugh...well, ok - I know of three people who have actually emailed me to tell me that something or other was funny (my personal favourite is still "Vicks 44D won't cure this one" - the recap on Ron Mexico...aka Mike Vick - but I digress).

As I type this entry...I am sipping on my favourite Port (have I mentioned before that Port is God's gift to mankind - I said MANKIND..."not man"!) and Mess Around - Ray Charles is playing...which may be the theme song for tonight's post. For those of you old enough to remember...Mess Around was what John Candy was dancing to in the car scene with Steve Martin in Planes Trains and Automobiles.

Ok, the title. Hazelspeeps at yahoo would like to welcome our first female member - Tina (I'm not giving out the email) so I guess the site has really crossed the gender line and is getting some attention (50+ members)...we are getting there. Hazel (if you are peeking), you have plenty of support from both sides of the border.

So where to start today? A while back I had to give a shout out to Mr. Joe Sullivan, Editor of the New Hampshire Union Leader, for a great article he did on Hazel. Well, another shout goes to Mr. John Molori. Mr. Molori's media blitz included a great article on far the best written to date (though I am still putting together my thoughts on an article with a different spin). Mr. Molori has been one of Hazel's supporters since she made the trip down to New England - and he did a great job of letting her personality and sense of humour shine through in his article (though he didn't poke fun at Hazel being a K.C. Chief fan...which I most certainly would have - kidding!). A lot of people who join the yahoo site state that "they want to know more about Hazel" - this article would give a great glimpse into what made her one of the favourites in Canada. Classic line about how she played the doofuses (that's a word up here in Canada...i swear!) on WEEI "I knew they were pitching tents" - hahahahaha. Sweet. Anyhoo...go read the article, he did a good job on it and deserves some credit. I'm going to write an article...I swear - I think there is a great story to tell about Hazel.

As an aside...Mr. Molori mentioned something about a number of websites in Canada dedicated to Hazel...I wonder if he has visited our page? I wonder if Hazel has visited our would have to at least hope that she did...wouldn't one? I hope she would take it in the positive way in which it is meant. (that may be the subject matter for an entry..."why the blog" - which has been asked of me more than a few times...and which I have answered).

So file Mr. Molori's reference as a positive one...Richard Griffin of the Star (in an April article) referenced how some of Hazel's supporters rallied to give her credit on Red Sox Nation - I wonder...someone send a copy of this page to Mr. Griffin (he by the way is another big Hazel supporter). I know this page has been mentioned on some other sites - in rather negative fashion...but big deal. At least this page gives Hazel her just do...for being a professional.

Hazel, if you are indeed reading this...good for you - way to stand up for yourself on Molori's page - you have won the battle and won New England over...but we'd still have you back in a heartbeat (psst. go with the homesick thing...your family misses you, come on back - hahaha kidding...we wish you all the best down there).

Boricua, morena...Boricua, morena...Dominicano, Columbiano, - that's a little song for a friend of mine from Boston who reads this page... (I think she has a crush on Hazel...I won't say "too" - hahaha) - que paso mami? - N.O.R.E ft Nina Sky is on in the background (this song always makes me think of David Ortiz...don't know why). for this entry, that is about it. Welcome are a fine addition to Hazelspeeps and hopefully this spurs some of our casual readers to go join the site. Mr. Molori...if you found your way here after my email...Good job! Very Good.

This might be it for tonight...I have work to do...I have a lot of crap to get done before going to Toronto next week...all week! So if I can't get a lap top from work...I am not posting - however, posting privileges would be given to Hazel...and maybe Mr. Molori, Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Griffin - as guest writers...though wouldn't the page really get a boost from "thoughts of Hazel Mae" in the first person? ok...I'm pushing it.

I will leave you with....

Dirty Girl - Threat...

If you haven't heard it...don't make assumptions on the content...listen to it. Somewhat reminiscent of a great sportscaster, who won awards for being a good christian soldier...who has them pitching tents and toys with them...hahahaha

Bravo rock!

Peesth out.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Shootouts Suck

Ya, you guessed it.

I hope somewhere in the U.S. - the MILLIONS of people watching the game were happy with the shootout - two "losses" on shootouts.

Be proud bite.

I hope things are groovy in your world Hazel...

I'm out for the night.

Peesth out.


Another O/T game between the Leafs and the Senatards...Chad Kilger had a breakaway with 5 mins left...he didn't score - maybe there is a limit to what Hazel Karma can do for the Leafs...but there is O/T.

In case you didn't know...or are not able to watch tonight's game - Sentards resident weasel Martin Havlat once again has provided a few shining examples of why he truly is a piece of crap and one of the dirtiest players in the league. In the 3rd period...late - Rogers had an ISO camera on him - he took a run and went knee on knee on Domi; and if you know Havlat, this will come as no surprise - it was when Domi wasn't looking and the play moving up ice. And Marty just being Marty (do you like that Red Sox Nation? "Marty being Marty")...he ran McCabe from behind.

I think Ken Hitchcock had it right when he said that someone was going to feed Havlat his lunch one day.

Looks like it is going to be a shootout...

If there was a time this season that this team needed Hazel Karma...right now would be good. Hazel if you are watching...

Is Hazel Watching? Listening?

Domi and Clark Wilm just scored to tie the game...Hazel if you are watching the game...thank you

HOLY CRAP...ANTROPOV scored!!!!!!!! Antropov...Hazel has to be watching the game...that is Hazel Karma


We are getting up off the "Mats"...

Back later...

The New NHL Sucks

2nd intermission...4 - 2 Sentards.

5 power play goals between both of them, and the refs are whistle happy tonight. There have been some really weak calls...but hey, as long as people in Nashville, Carolina, Phoenix and every other damn NHL city south of New York get to hear those gawd awful horns blaring...its all good I guess.

Newsflash: Jason Spezza is a punk. He's been flopping around tonight...somebody should punch his visor off and give him the beating of his life for being such a wimp and a diver.

Hazel...if you are watching the!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hazel Karma Strikes!

I post a few minutes ago...Leafs score TWO goals on the PP. Thank you Hazel...we are happy to have as part of Leaf Nation!

Peace...hearing the damn Corel Centre quiet is nice!

Back later (or after the next Leaf goal)...Hazel's gotta be watching the Leafs in the studio of NESN...I know the Bruins are on...but you have to think she's peaking at the Leafs.

Go Leafs!

Did I mention that the Cowboys dismantled the Eagles yesterday? I love the sound of that.

Later peeps.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in...especially if happen to be "you know who". For those of you in the U.S. that may not know - today is Thanksgiving Day up here.

Monday's update will be short and rather fragmented. Leafs and "Senatards" are on tonight... 1 - 0 for the bad guys in the first. Monday Night Football tonight (a so-so week in the pools) and the Yankees and Angels. The shock of the Red Sox being swept by Chicago is wearing off slowly...I really thought they would come in the hell could they have lost game 3?

Well, I was right about Houston taking games 3 and 4 from Atlanta - and I'm sure the Angels will bail me out and spank the Yanks tonight. So I wonder who Hazel is choosing the rest of the way? I'm thinking she will go with the Angels - with the former Expos connection "Vlad and Cabrera" - though she might like the way the Cardinals and agressive. Who knows...but as always, she is free to chime in and tell everyone who she likes.

Why they are "Senatards" - apparently the NHL must have sent the wrong memo to the Sentards and their fans...apparently in the new NHL you aren't allowed to bodycheck anyone...even if they have the puck. Seriously...the Senatard faithful were at their best tonight - doing their imitation of Hab fans...screaming bloody murder on two very legal and legit hits. Alfredsson got smoked coming out from behind the net and the Senatards were howling - apparently Ottawa players should be allowed to skate around like freakin' Elvis Stojko or Kurt Browning...without being so much as touched.

Ok...wrapping up this 1st intermission entry. Oh yeah...couldn't wrap it out without a major shout out to the Dallas Cowboys for smacking the Eagles...Bledsoe had a great game (thank you Hazel...I knew you would send Bledsoe some of the good karma!), Glenn ran circles around the Eagles and the defence shut McNabb, T.O and Westbrook right down. Yesterday signalled the beginning of the end for the Eagles this season...McNabb is hurt a lot worse than he is letting on. It's over...Cowboys are going to win that Division...Thank you again if you could just help me out in my pools. By the way, Hazel Mae's Cowboys are now 3-1-1 in Fantasy Football action.

Hope things are groovy in your world Hazel...if you didn't come home for Thanksgiving...I hope you had something to commemorate the day down there.

Back later...Song of the afternoon/evening on Hazelspeeps...

For the Yankees and the Eagles...

It's Over - Roy Orbison.

Peesth out

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Confusion Never Stops...Closin' Walls And Tickin' Clocks

Hey peeps, and anyone else checkin in...especially you know who.

The title of this entry has less to do with (the late) Weird and Whacked Wednesdays updates...and more with the song I am listening to right now... "Clocks" -White Label Remix (Coldplay)...I highly recommend downloading it. So as I look at the clock...sip my port...and have some dark chocolate, I'm seeing this entry as a "weekend long update/stream of consciousness" with no real rhyme or reason (no smart assed comments on that last thought)...

Closin' Walls and Tickin' Clocks
Does this sound like the plight of the Boston Red Sox? While some people are pushing the panic button (are any members of Red Sox Nation reading?) I am not quite ready to do that. Yes, I know it is easy to say that when my interest in the Red Sox is merely a bit more than casual (I like the Sox...but the Dodgers are my team). The Red Sox are going home for games three and four - they WILL win ifs, ands, or buts - watch Ortiz, Ramirez and Millar (yes...i'm saying Millar will come through) lift the Red Sox. Given how shaky the White Sox have been over the last month and a half...they are fragile. It may be the Port talking...but the Red Sox will walk into Chicago next week, with thoughts of Hazel Mae - sorry - thoughts of last year's visit to Yankee Stadium, and they will spank the Sox. They won't do it with pitching...which may be their ultimate downfall...but not in this Series.

"Hey Ya" - Outkast is on right now...fitting as I finish thought..."shake it, shake it, shake it like a poloroid Beyonce, and Lucy Liu (and Hazel Mae) know what to do."

"She Talks To Angels" - Black explanation needed.

Speaking of closin' walls...say goodnight and goodbye to the San Diego surprise. The Angels won last night...they had to - I think last night's win carries over into a split in NY; and going back to LA for a game five - Angels and the Sox in American League Championship Series...Vlad and Figgins carry the Angels. The Astros split in Atlanta, and Roger Clemens got kicked tonight - it will only happen once in the series. The series won't go back to Atlanta.
"Mystic Eyes" - Van Morrison... these songs bringing anyone to mind?

Clock is tickin on my NFL picks this week...I guess I'll post them tomorrow - for all to laugh at. Still looking for suggestions; I should post them earlier and start a discussion on yahoo...get feedback there. This week's pics are really tough...a lot of road favourites; always a scary proposition. "I Like To Move It" - Reel to Reel.

Damn, the clock just struck on tonight's post - my buddy is on the phone. Days Go By - Dirty Vegas

Thank you for stopping by and spending a few minutes...hope things are good with you.

Hazel, hope things are groovy in your world. Keep the faith - the Leafs will be fine!

More to come tomorrow.

Peesth out. Oye Mi Canto - N.O.R.E (for Big Papi and Manny)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Happy Freakin' Hump Day

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in.

What a beautiful freakin day...just beautiful. The NHL is about to start up tonight, Leafs vs. "Senatards" - and the Habs vs. Bruins (the two games that should have Hazel's attention tonight...she's still part of Leaf Nation - even in the land of the chowdas). Doom and gloom predicted for the Leafers...lead by that half-wit Pierre McGuire - but we are gonna be ok. Leaf Nation has Hazel Karma on our side...

The Sox are playing the Sox...I still think Boston will win that one...again, Hazel Karma...though - if the freakin' Bruins win the Cup this year - that would just be too damn freaky. Don't do it Hazel...not the Bruins - please...think of the Leafs.

Oh...and on another note? I'M GOING TO TORONTO!!!!!!!!! I am registered for a conference I have wanted to go to for a long time...I got approval...Toronto later this month - follow up conference in LISBOA, PORTUGAL - October 2006! FREAKIN RIGHT...

What a beautiful freakin day...I hope things are half as good for you today - Hazel (if you are peeking in) hope things are groovy in your world!

Song of the morning on Hazelspeeps -

I Can See Clearly Now - Johnny Nash

"Its gonna be a bright, bright, bright
Sun Shiny Day!"

Peesth out peeps!

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