Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Good, The Bad, and The Wrong

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in, from those of you who check in on a regular or semi-regular basis, to those of you that have happened upon this page for the first time. A special hey to goes out Ms. Hazel Mae if she has chosen to check in. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

So in looking back at the events of last weekend - there were some outstanding performances...and if Hazel was here to hand out the hardware...we would be talking about -


Nathan Vasher of the Chicago Bears who recorded the longest ever play in the NFL. As time was running out in the first half - Vasher return a missed field goal attempt for 108 yards - if you saw the play, you had to laugh at Joe Nedney purposely "faking himself" out of the play with no one around look at the wedge that was coming at him (at least 15 yards away) and he was shuffling the opposite way.

Shaun Alexander (yes again) of the Seattle Seahawks rushes for 165 yards on 33 carries (5.0 avg) and adds 3 more touchdowns. Yes it was against the Rams...but its still 165 and 3 TDs - he deserves mention.

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots who leads a makeshift offence to a late 4th quarter TD against the Miami Dolphins. The Patriots lose Dillon early...and Brady still finds a way to get it done against a very tough Miami D. I'd still take this guy over anyone in a big game...he does more with less. Brady really does make everyone around him look much better than they are.

The Minnesota Vikings...yes the Sex Boat Boys. In beating the Giants (and killing my NFL pool hopes last week) the Vikings became the only team in NFL history to score a TD on a kickoff return, a punt return and an INT return in the same game! Whizzinators.

Honourable mention goes to:

Joey Galloway of the Bucs - for making a couple of amazing catches that "Lil' Simms" look good and had Redskins' DBs playing 10 yards off him.

Joey Harrington of the Lions - for not making any mistakes and "managing" the Lions to a victory...granted it was against Arizona; but he still made it happen with 3 TD passes.

Hines Ward of the Steelers - for a pretty good game...but more importantly entering the Steeler record books for most career receptions by a Steeler - I still hate them, like any good Cowboy fan.

A weekend for goalies with Eddie Belfour standing on his head against Montreal, holding the fort to help the Leafs to a 5 - 4 OT win - special mention to Jeff O'Neill for a beautiful one-timer to win it for the Leafs.

Marty Turco of the Dallas Stars won 2 games this weekend giving up a goal in each game, which is quite the feat in the new NHL.

Curtis Joseph of the Coyotes made 43 saves against the Coyotes win 2-1 in OT. Still not loving Cujo since he bailed on the Leafs a few years back - but I'd take Eddie over Cujo.

Honourable mention goes to a few 3 goal scorers from the past few days - though not as impressive a feat as in days gone by...still an accomplishment in the new NHL. Bertuzzi, Jagr, Frolov, Conroy and Prospal all get mention.


You hear it all the time - "It's a team game...we win and lose as a team." In keeping with that, this weekend's "Not-So-Heroic" will focus on teams who mailed it in.

The New York Giants (no, not just for screwing my pool) for losing to a Minnesota Vikings team that didn't score a TD on offence - just plain weak. This team is benefitting from an extra home game vs. the Saints and a very weak schedule. Dallas is going to get these guys.

The Atlanta Falcons (another bunch of clowns that screwed my pool) who under the leadership of Ron Mexico...can't beat a Green Bay Packer team that is terrible on the defensive side of the ball and is down to WR # 4 and RB #3 as the first options.

The Carolina Hurricanes who got waxed by the Atlanta Thrashers 9 - 0 on Saturday night. How these guys have managed to beat the Sentards twice is beyond me...but thanks anyways!

David Ortiz being passed over for the MVP. Lots to say on this one...No way Rodriguez should have won that...if you are in New England, I'm sure you agree and can add a million other reasons. But more to come on this one...I have some thoughts on this one - later this week though.

Going to check out now... More to come tomorrow...the Weird Wednesday entry - featuring a New England notable. Have a great one peeps...thanks again for stopping by. Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world...keep sending that good karma to the ACC.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for Nathan Vasher's return...the for Vikings who used their legs to score TDs, for Alex Rodriguez as he strolls down the street in Boston (if he dared).

Run For Your Life - Pink Floyd

"You'd better run"

Peesth out.


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