Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Whacked Wednesday Spills Into Thursday

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in - thanks for taking the time to stop by. A special hey goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae if she has taken a few seconds out of her busy schedule to stop by and see what's what here. So if this is your first visit - Wednesday entries are used to highlight some of the more notable stories in the world of sports over the past week.

Don't Phunk With My Heart - Black Eyed Peas

Damn Leafs lost again on Wednesday night - we get a Wednesday game (no blackout in the land of the Senatards) and they lose for the second week in a row. First the stinking Bruins and now the Lightning.

Mike Danton, formerly of the St. Louis Blues and currently in prison for trying to hire someone to kill his agent, has made the news again. CBC's Fifth Estate aired an episode on the sad life of Mike Danton, and the twisted relationship he had with his agent David Frost. Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun wrote about this mess. This can only be summed up as "icky" have to read about it to believe it.

From the sad to the downright stupid. Bruce Garrioch, resident Senatard Cheerleader and wanna be water boy, wrote an article today that contrary to speculation, the Senatards were not in the market to acquire Doug Weight from the St. Louis Blues. If Garrioch is to be believed, which if you have heard him speak or read his know that is foolhardy, the Senatards have pulled out of a deal with the Blues which would have seen the 'Tards send Vaclav Varada and Brian Smolinski to the Blues for Weight. According to Garrioch the Senatards are too happy with the pair to let them go. Yeah right Garrioch...keep going with your tried and true method of "throwing things against the wall to see what sticks." I think Eklund has a job for you on his site.

I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash

The Chickenhawk owes the San Diego Padres a load of thanks. The Jays had reportedly offered Giles a 5 year/$55M deal..but CBS Sportline is reporting that Giles has reached a preliminary deal with the Padres on 3 year/$30M deal. Ricciardi had been getting some heat from the media in Toronto...enough heat that he went on record as saying that the Jays had an offer in to Giles...but not what was being reported. "We have an offer but its not for five years. We wouldn't do that on Giles." Gee, and you wonder why Giles chose to stay with the hometown Padres...especially with how hard J.P. was wooing him. Ricciardi's quote was more than likely a direct result of media pressure and him trying to back out of his offer to Giles. Have fun Blue Jays Hinske on the block yet?

Look Who's Dancing - Ziggy Marley

Barry Bonds could be the one who is dancing. Bonds told the PA he wants to play in the World Baseball Classic next year. I'll let you mull that one over. Speaking of the Classic - Canada has asked Ernie "wanna-be Canadian" Whitt to manage the team. Why Dave McKay was not asked is beyond me.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are reportedly talking to former Sox Manager Grady Little about the manager's job. The Dodgers have pretty well talked to everyone but me - and if they wanna give me a call, I'd be more than happy to consider an offer of employment. After all, I did a bang up job managing a roto team named for Hazel...I couldn't be any worse than that freakin' Depodesta...who thought the way to go was to get rid of all the Dodgers' latin players and replace them with white bread like Kent and Drew. Red Sox Nation must be laughing. Hey must have connections in Beantown that can hook you up with Frank McCourt - how about working with the good guys in blue?

Smoke Baby - Hawksley Workman


Not for Doug Mientkiewicz - you had to know this was going to happen. The Boston Red Sox are taking Dougie to court for the World Series Ball. The argument being thrown put forth is that Doug was an employee of the Red Sox, giving him access to the ball - so the ball is the property of the Sox. Its about time...give the damn ball back Minky - it belongs to New England. If it was up to would be displayed on Hazel's desk during her nightly broadcast - after all, Hazel was the reason they won.

Hey Ya - Outkast...shake it like a poloroid picture...I think we know who's name should have been added after Lucy Liu and Beyonce...but I'm biased.

Ok, because I was reminded by one of the peeps that my man Michael Irvin got in some hot water with being charged with possessing drug paraphenalia last week. Michael claims that the pipe was his friend's pipe...I heard a very humble Irvin discuss it before Monday night footbal - I'm not buying the friend story; but innocent until proven guilty...right? Irvin claims ESPN has suspended him for a week - that's tougher than MLB penalties...isn't it?

If Dallas didn't have enough distractions...Jerry Jones was on record last week saying the Cowboys would think about taking on Terrell Owens. While Owens is a locker room cancer...if anyone knows how to handle a guy like Owens...its Parcells; just ask "MEshawn" Johnson and Terry Glenn. I still don't want to see him in a Cowboys uniform.

Stand Inside Your Love - Smashing smart remarks about Hazel's bling (have I said congrats if its true?).

Can someone tell me how the Detroit Lions fire Steve Mariucci, but keep Matt Millen? I said last week that it look like Mariucci had quit on his team...but isn't Millen the choreographer in this debauchery?

The New Orleans Saints are getting the boot from the Alamodome for a Women's Volleyball Tournament. The NFL can't be friggin happy about this one. Hazel was a volleyball player in her day...I wonder what her take on all this would be?

During the Grey Cup last week, word leaked that Esks QB Jason Maas would be sent to the Hamilton Tiger Cats. For American readers, Maas had come off the bench to lead the Esks to wins in the two playoff games leading up to the Grey Cup. If that wasn't retarded enough - the fact that a guy who is playing in a Championship game is going to be traded...there were rumours that Maas was the "Player to be named later" in a mid season trade that saw RB Troy Davis sent to the Esks. So I guess it is true - Hugh Campbell, GM of the Esks really does own the damn league if he can pull crap like that.

Wholehearted - Extreme...a New England band with a strong connection to the Azores!

Wrestler Ric "Nature Boy" (Boy???) Flair was wanted by state troopers in North Carolina for an incident of road rage. Why is this relevant? Cuz Hazel interviewed him for Rogers a couple of years back...and Hazel admitted that she and her family (like all good "new Canadians") were wrestling fans. WOOOOOOOOOOO!

(Port break)

Lovers In A Dangerous Time - Barenaked Ladies...Scarborough boys, Hazel's gotta like that, even if they are doofuses who got caught up in their 15 mins of geeky fame

I wish people would stop talking about the "Blockbuster" trade between the Bruins and the Sharks. I don't know if Hazel referred to it as a blockbuster...if she did...sorry Hazel. The trade can be classified as a shocker - but certainly not a blockbuster...not with the guys coming to the Bruins.

Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz...Thornton certainly can't after closing a deal on a $3M reported by the Team 1200's Dean Brown (more to say on Brown a bit later).

Back to the trade. I actually got a couple of emails from angry Bruin fans for my post yesterday speculating that something else must be in the works...according these fans, O'Connoll trade Thornton cuz he was terrible in the playoffs in 03/04...and the B's are going forward with Samsonov, Boyton and Raycroft. HELLO?

Are you kidding me? I have heard garbage about him not being able to play against teams in the Northeast...and the last playoffs. Thornton was hurt against the Canadiens...he is a freakin franchise player...the other three are not. Something has to be coming, another shoe has to drop - or O'Connoll has to be fired. This can't be the end of it...if he isn't going to turn Sturm and Primeau around for someone else...then he just doomed the Bruins to a few more years of mediocrity - and that is just a flat out shame. Hazel shouldn't have to spend her winters talking about a sad sack Bruin team and a Celtics team that is as far away from the promised land as the Bruins are.

We'll see what unfolds...but I think the Bruins just guaranteed their non-participation in the 2005/06 Stanley Cup playoffs...Go Leafs Go...right Hazel? If you are in New England...what do you think? Do you understand the trade?

Back to Brown...he was on the Team 1200 this morning discussing the trade - the idiot claims he heard about the trade on Action News 7 or something to that effect...and then went to the internet to check it out. Why wasn't he watching NESN and a fellow Canadian who made good in New England - Hazel. Another reason to hate the damn Senatards and everyone connected to them.

Time to start mulling over my NFL picks for the week...stay tuned...or check back in. If you think I have missed all means submit your story. Have a great one peeps...Hazel if you are indeed checking in - I hope things are groovy in your world.

I am going to end this entry with NFL Round Up.

Peesth Out.


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