Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday's Picks

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in. A special hey goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae if she is taking some time out from her NFL Sunday afternoon to check in (still waiting on her picks on of these weeks). I wanna sit around all afternoon and watch the NFL with Hazel.

I'm posting picks with spreads - before you ask, the lines were locked on Wednesday (in other words...BEFORE McNabb was deemed "out").

16) Giants -3.5 over Eagles - no McNabb... Manning versus McMahon. Enough said.

15) Panthers -2.5 over Bears - The Panthers play field position football and score 16 points - enough to win and cover.

14) Seattle -12.5 over 49ers - Alexander runs for 150+ and a couple more TDs...Hasselback throws for at least two more and the rout is complete.

13) Jacksonville -3.5 over Titans - have the Titans called YOU yet for a try-out?

12) Kansas City -6.5 over Texans - "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" enough said.

11) Dallas -8.5 over Lions - The Tuna doesn't let them slip up this week...Watch for Terry Glenn to run circles around the pussy cats today.

10) Broncos -13.5 over Jets - Broncos at home vs. Bollinger. Jets will be lucky to get 10 points.

09) New England -10.5 over New Orleans - New England starts the march to the playoffs by laying a beating on the Saints...oh yeah and "Thoughts of Hazel Mae".

08) San Diego -8.5 over Buffalo - I'll take the real deal LaDanian over the ultra cocky (why I don't know) J.P. Losman. Losman is in for a long afternoon.

07) Green Bay -4.5 over the Vikings - the Love Boat Vikings have to come to port soon...

06) Pittsburgh -6.5 over Ravens - Steelers keep Baltimore under 10 points and do just enough to cover...Run Fast Willie Run

05) Tampa Bay +6.5 over Atlanta - After last week vs. the Redskins...the Bucs ride their high to keep it close. The D is fast enough to contain Vick...

04) Miami +2.5 over Cleveland - Miami's defence wins it for them.

03) Cincinnati +5.5 over Indy - Carson and Chad keep it close...late TD to cover.

02) Oakland +6.5 over Washington - after what lil' Sims did to the Skins last week...expect Collins and Moss to have a good day. Collins celebrates with a beer or TEN.

01) Arizona +9.5 over Rams - Hazel's Cowboys have Fitzgerald and Boldin...they'll keep it close.

there you have it for the week...I'll be back at halftime to post straight up picks...

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps...because I could use some help with my picks lately...

Black Magic Woman - Santana

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon...

Peesth out!


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