Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Monday Heroes "T.O." Wednesday's Weirdos

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in - as always, a very special "hey" to Ms. Hazel Mae if she checks in. Its been a tough start to the week, so condensing Monday's Heroes and Whacked Wednesdays into one entry. Has this been a freakin' week or what?

So a few that deserved special mention for their performances from the past weekend:

Trent Green of the Kansas City Chiefs (no I'm not sucking up to Hazel) led his team to a last second victory just a few days after losing his father. Vermeil finally had a very good reason to cry...though I heard he made a joke about going for it on the last play of the game.

LaDanian Tomlinson of the San Diego racks up 153 yds from scrimage and scores 4 TDs...rushing for 3 and catching a pass for 1. Maybe the best football player in the league.

Shaun Alexander of the Seattle Seahawks rushed for 173 yds and two TDs in leading his boys over the Arizona Cardinals - Alexander rushed for more yards than Matt Hasselback passed for.

A pretty quiet day in the NFL...ok, so a few T.O. stories will follow - so much for a quiet week.
Fitting that as I go into the Heroes - Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz is playing.

The Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony took place on Monday - with Cam Neely, Valeri Kharlamov, and Murry Costello all taking their place alongside hockey's greats. Boston must be celebrating with "Seabass" being honoured. I know the Costellos are celebrating...good for Mr. Costello.

Special mention goes to Toronto Maple Leafs Captain Mats Sundin who made an immediate impact on the team last weekend. Sundin lead the Leafs to a victory over the Lightning on Saturday night...perhaps more important for Leaf Nation - Jeff O'Neill has come alive, thanks to Captain Mats.

MLB Hardware being handed out this week - so I guess they all get special mention.

The Not-So-Heroic
I wasn't going to go into this one. This will be the one and only time I do this...

Chelsea screwed me this weekend. Yes, the "Portuguese National Team North" lost to Manchester United to blow a Pro-Line ticket that would have netted me $775.00. What made things worse was that Cristiano Ronaldo set up the goal to kill my ticket...dammit.

Ok, so if you have turned on the radio or watched Hazel on NESN Sportdesk...or in Canada where we are stuck with TSN or Rogers...Ontario is lucky enough to get the Score. You will have undoubtedly heard some of the more amusing stories in the world of sports...this stuff can't be made up. Speaking of Hazel on Sportsdesk...Now playing You're Beautiful - James Blunt.

How could this segment not feature those lovable (no pun intended) Carolina Panther cheerleaders (dancers?) - Renee Thomas and Angela Keathley. Right now Your Love Feels So Good - Sonique is playing. You must have heard about these two - they were having sex in washroom stall at a place in Tampa called Banana Joes...when the women waiting in line started to complain, a fight broke out. You have heard all the stories...the latest is Renee is now wanted on a fugitive arrest warrant. Now the ladies' Attorney, Peter Anderson is saying that they didn't have sex, that this story is all rumours and inaccurate facts - on behalf of men in North America - SHUT UP PETER...don't ruin it for us. As I finish this, Cars by Gary Numan just came on...I guess they didn't have one, though I hear Rueben Droughans has one that might now be available; wasn't there a team bus they could have used? The most popular and over-used joke is that they should have gone to the men's washroom instead.

Terrell Owens has now officially becomes the NFL's bitch. After a week in which he:
  • crapped all over the Eagles for not acknowledging his 100th catch (weren't most with S.F?);

  • crapped all over Donovan McNabb again, claiming Favre would be better with him than McNabb; and

  • admitted that he and former teammate Hugh Douglas got into a fight in the Eagles locker room.

T.O. gets suspended for four games, and will subsequently put on the inactive list - meaning he doesn't get paid at all. He and his agent Drew Rosenhaus hold a news conference demanding he be reinstated...then T.O. goes back on everything he ever said and is kissing everyone's ass - from McNabb to Andy Reid. The latest is that the players union (ya, what a joke that is) is demanding that the Eagles reinstate or trade him. I swear, now playing Quando Quando (Latin Beat) - Englebert Humperdinck - think T.O might be singing that?

Timmy Smith, former Washington Redskin RB, pleads not guilty to charges of cocaine possession. I heard he pulled the Eddie Murphy "It wuddent me" routine. 20 ounces of cocaine...20 ounces...tell the truth, can't you hear Eddie doing that "ooooooouuuuuuu" noise?

For anyone that follows, or cares, about Canadian Football League news. Joe Paopao was fired by the Renegades this week after another losing season. While that might not sound weird to most - here is the twist...his replacement, one John Jenkins was the Renegades' Director of Player Personnel, he had a clause in his contract that if the head coach got fired, he would get the job. Before taking the job, Jenkins insisted he did his best to get the players Ottawa needed to be successful...they must have gotten lost on the bus ride up here. (Maybe their connector flight was out of Logan and they decided to stick around and watch NESN full time).

While Major League Baseball hands out hardware - those not winning awards are doing their best steal the headlines. Now playing Rainy Dayz by Mary J. Blige, which would sums things up for MLB right now...briefly

  • Rafael Palmeiro still has not knowingly taken steroids - he felt the need to reiterate this before a congressional report is to be released.

  • Ugueth Urbina was arrested in Venezuela on charges of attempted murder - he and a few of his friends attacked some people with machetes and pour gasoline on them (gas? oh wait, Venezuela is an oil producing nation isn't it? cheap gas I guess). The Phillies were counting on him to come in and put out fires in the late innings. Ouch.

  • Rumours are circulating around Boston (though they say "MLB") that Theo Epstein might be coming back after all. Didn't I say before that I didn't believe it for one second? Hazel, if you are checking in...can you confirm that for us?

  • More talk in Boston...Manny still wants out. hmmmmm I wonder what happens to Ortiz. ok, I swear...I'm not freaking playing Follow You, Follow Me - Genesis. Manny and David...hmmm this is...never mind.
So I think I'm going to wrap things up for now. Hope you all found this moderately amusing. Later peeps and anyone else checking in. To Ms. Hazel Mae - I hope things are groovy in your world. As I close it out...Days Go By - Dirty Vegas.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps...loose connection...but for "Cameron Nealy's" induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame

Oh Boy - Cam'ron

Peesth Out.


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