Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Turkey Day

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in, from those of you who check in on a regular or semi-regular basis, to those of you that have happened upon this page for the first time. A special hey to goes out Ms. Hazel Mae if she has chosen to check in. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

If you are one of the regulars, you know that Wednesday's entries usually highlight some of the weird, whacked, and downright silly events in the world of sports over the past seven days.

Before starting...a very Happy Thanksgiving to anyone in the U.S. If Hazel didn't take the long weekend off to come home and visit her family; I hope someone in Boston has invited her to be part of their Thanksgiving celebrations. In case you (American readers) were wondering - yes we know its Thanksgiving in the U.S (we watch NFL Football too!) and no we are not celebrating Thanksgiving (our is the second Monday in November). So enjoy your football, your turkey, and your friends and families.

Like A Stone - the guitar solo.

So in keeping with the spirit of giving thanks - let us give thanks for the fact that we will not have to hear from Terrell Owens again this year...if only that we could believe that. The Eagles' decision to suspend T.O. was upheld by an arbitrator today. So for all intents and purposes - the mouth that roared is shut out of the NFL for the season. I don't know about you but I can't wait to hear Rosenhaus' comments on this one. What in essence should have been a minor story turned into an hour of Jim Rome (he has takes...THEY SUCK) talk about the decision from the Eagles perspective, from Andy Reid's perspective (aren't they really one in the same) - - one genius "clone" called in to say the Eagles should continue to pay T.O for the remainder of his contract NOT to play...Rome didn't say much...7 minutes of Rome and his band of idiots was enough for me.

Timeline of T.O's tantrums - funny.

Deep End - Swollen Members...Canadian Hip Hop kings...Hazel would know of them.

The dumbass who ran out on the field during Bengals/Packers game to take the ball away from Brett Favre was sentenced to probation - no need to post link, his 15 minutes of fame are up.

Weird/Funny...a Wal-Mart banner on CBS Sportsline features a guy that has to be Raul Mondesi's twin brother (if it isn't Raul himself).

Give Me Tonight - Will Smith...a past Song of the Day on it

Can someone tell me how in the hell Major League Baseball allows the Florida Marlins to trade their whole team? First Beckett and Lowell to Carlos Delgado to the New York Mets. They are screwing their fans and turning a contender into the new Montreal Expos (and to think, one guy owned both teams..Lorie presided over the capsizing of the Expos before jumping to Florida) because they can't get someone to build a stadium for them? Oh wait...they are now going to be a major league farm team for Boston and New York - now I get it. So Juan Pierre will be headed to the Yankees soon? Or will he be Damon's replacement if "Jesus" goes to the Yankees. They are looking at relocating...gotta suck to be any one of the ten remaining Marlins fans.

Fuel Injected - Swollen Members

Losers of their last six game, the friggin Bruins beat the Leafs tonight - hey Hazel...I thought you were on our side. The first weekday Leaf game I get to see in weeks and you didn't send your good karma Toronto's way? Please tell me you are still part of Leaf Nation.

Days Go By - Dirty Vegas ... not going to say a word

Champions League update -
Andriy Schevchenko of A.C. Milan scores FOUR goals against Fenerbache. The Turkish team's coach summed things up by saying "I'm very disappointed." I would be too buddy! In other, more important, news - in addition to Adriano's hat trick, Luis Figo scored today to lead Inter Milan into the next round of the competition. Not a good week for Benfica of Lisbon and F.C. Porto - both tying.

Elvis is Everywhere - Mojo Nixon / ft. Skid Roper...he sure as hell wasn't at the Leaf game tonight.

Now for the truly NFL picks...still waiting on Hazel for her picks/advice/ input.

16) Carolina +4.5 over BUFFALO - road wimps yes...but +4.5 has to be a mistake, too good to pass up

15) INDY -7.5 over Pittsburgh - Manning makes a statement on Monday night...Ben is a punk!

14) Atlanta -3.5 over DETROIT - yes I crapped on Ron Mexico...but Mariucci looks like he has given, Joey "Happy Feet" Harrington

13) TAMPA BAY -2.5 over Chicago - two great D's...I'll take lil' Sims and Cadillac over Orton and Jones

12) San Diego -3.5 over WASHINGTON - the clock has struck twelve for Brunnell and the Skins. LaDanian makes Portis look like a punk.

11) Jacksonville -3.5 over ARIZONA - Hazel Mae's Cowboys (Fitzgerald and Boldin) will have good games...but Jacksonville will run Cards' D into the count on Warner to throw 2 INTs.

10) SEATTLE -4.5 over N.Y Giants - too much Shaun Alexander for the Giants.

09) New England +2.5 over KANSAS CITY - Bless me Hazel for I have sinned...though you have to give me a free pass since its the Pats...Vermeil sings Eva Peron this week

08) New Orleans -1.5 over N.Y. JETS - crazy perhaps...but Joe Horn shot his mouth off this week.

Hot Stuff - Donna Summer...hopefully my picks...but definitely Hazel.

07) Miami +7.5 over OAKLAND - giving Saban's team more than a TD, with Collins pitching (no pun intended...get it?) - no way. Collins has two turnovers on his own.

06) CINCY -9.5 over Baltimore - I'm a bit worried about Indy-hangover.

05) TENNESSEE -7.5 over San Fran - 49ers are terrible...but McNair and the Titans haven't been anything to right home about (weird my straight up suicide pool...I picked Tennessee - go figure).

I Gotta Get Through This - Daniel kidding!

04) Green Bay +4.5 over Eagles - Favre atone for a horrid performance on Monday, with McNabb and Sheppard...oh yeah. AND T.O!!!! no way should the Eagles be favoured by 4.5

03) HOUSTON +3.5 over St. Louis - Bulger is banged up...Davis runs his way through Rams...Carr pulls a Trent Dilfer and "manages" the game.

02) DALLAS +1.5 over Denver - yes I'm gutless...but I want to watch the game for the game...I'll change if IF and ONLY IF HAZEL posts a message to put more on the Boys. I'm not taking Shanahan and his horse teeth.

01) Cleveland +4.5 over MINNESOTA - Yuck. Brad Johnson's horse shoe falls out this weekend.

Shook - Shawn Desman..this girl she's got me shook...with her pretty brown eyes (I'll shut up now).

One more thing - a couple of days ago, I posted that someone from Hazelspeeps on yahoo asked about Hazel...claiming he hadn't seen her on NESN for a while. A quick check of NESN shows a picture of Hazel in the NESN Sportsdesk video recap section - they normally show a still of the story itself...for the 1st time in a long time they feature a still of Hazel announcing story...coincidence? are they checking in? or does the fact that my computers (at work and home) are both so crappy that I can't view video preclude me from seeing that she is featured on the video clips? I'm signoff thinking that they are peeking.

Ok, I'm outta here for this Wednesday...have a great one peeps. Happy Thanksgiving to all the American readers...Happy NFL Football Day for all of my fellow Canadians who are taking the day off to celebrate.

To Hazel Mae I say - I hope things are groovy in your world...enjoy your long weekend!

You're Beautiful - James Blunt...I joke. Enough said.

Peesth out.


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