Saturday, November 05, 2005

This Week's NFL PIcks

Hey peeps, and anyone who happens to check in to laugh at my NFL picks for Week 9. A special "hey" goes to Ms. Hazel Mae (if you are checking in - I could really use your help here). Fitting that as I sit down to put down my playing: Mystic Eyes - Van Morrison; you figure it out.

For those wondering (believe it or not a couple of people do - so says my Yahoo mail) I'm middle of the pack in my "vs. the spread" pool and 3rd in the "straight up" pool. Hazel Mae's Cowboys are in 3rd place in the fantasy pool with a record of 5 - 2 - 1 (yes, there was actually a tie in Fantasy Football). Now playing: Locura - Marisza (definitely a download song to try her music the CD though).

Vs. Spread
16) Washington -2.5 over Philadelphia: No Terrell = No threat

15) Seattle -4.5 over Arizona: Hasselback & Alexander vs ????? for Arizona. Enough said

14) Carolina -1.5 over Tampa: Wacky cajun & mighty mouse over "Little Sims" and Cadillac

13) Giants -10.5 over San Francisco: Giants Offense vs. the worst D in the league.

12) Green Bay +6.5 over Pittsburgh: Beating Favre at home by more than a TD without Ben? I think not.

11) Kansas City -4.5 over Oakland: A pick for Hazel. Green plays for his dad (and Hazel Mae's Cowboys) this week.

Now playing: In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel (damn this shuffle has a purpose tonight huh?)

10) New England +3.5 over Indy: Another pick for Hazel. Peyton 0-7, and Brady gets 3.5 on a Monday night? Done.

09) Atlanta -2.5 over Miami: Risky yes, but Atlanta is coming off a bye week. Vick vs. Frerotte.
08) Tennessee +3.5 over Cleveland: Cleveland lost to Houston. Plus, Rueben might might not be able to find a ride to the game...unless Kellen Jr. picks him up on his motorcycle.

Now playing: You'll Be A Woman - Maximum Overdrive

07) Jets +6.5 over San Diego: too much to give up with the Chargers...the Jets "manage" their way into a close game...maybe with a late TD.

06) Detroit +1.5 over Minnesota: Harrington vs. a word...YUCK.

05) Baltimore +3.5 over Cincinnati: Palmer sits for Hazel's Cowboys this he is going to have a bad game. Cincinnati hasn't really beaten anyone...not that Baltimore is "anyone".

Now playing: Stand Inside Your Love - Smashing Pumpkins (one of my favourite songs of all time).

04) Houston +13.5 over Jacksonville: I'm hoping for a punt return TD or a defensive TD... a "against the norm" pick.

03) New Orleans +3.5 over Chicago: If I picked Chicago...Brooks would throw for 400 yds. (this might change before tomorrow)

Straight up (losses count as negatives) these had to be submitted Friday

14) Jacksonville: Its Houston.

13) NY Giants: See above

12) Seattle: See above

11) Kansas City: Again for Hazel

10) San Diego: See above

09) Carolina: See above

08) Atlanta: See above

07) Pittsburgh: They win by the skin of Cowher's chinny chin chin

06) Washington: I didn't know T.O had been suspended

05) Indianapolis: Forgive me Hazel for I have sinned

04) Cincinnati: Anthony Wright can't win a game..can he?

03) Detroit: Did I mention "YUCK"?

02) New Orleans: See above

01) Tennessee:

Leafs won tonight...Love listening to drunk Senatards Fans crying about the CBC showing the Leafs! Mats comes back. For tonight...things are good in Leaf Nation ( are still a member right?)

Ok, I'm gonna get a glass of Port and pick up the Canucks and Flames now.

Later peeps. Hazel...enjoy your NFL Sunday (you should think about making picks for the board) hope things are groovy in your world. I bid one and all a goodnight to:

Right Here Waiting - Stain'd (I swear...its the damn shuffle)

Peesth Out


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