Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Good/Bad Afternoon

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in. A special hey to goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae - this afternoon's picks prove without a shadow of a doubt that I could use your help or input. So the afternoon included some surprises -

Carolina stinking against Chicago - please, no more talk about Carolina being the class of the NFC, they can't play on the road.

New Orleans with a late cover against the Patriots - but the chowdaheads must be happy nonetheless. I wonder if Hazel attends Patriots' games...or is her Sunday ritual still in tact? She said in an interview once that she holed up on Sundays and watched the NFL all day and night.

Baltimore taking Pittsburgh to O/T. Go figure...Cowher's chin must really be sticking out now.

Tennessee scoring a nothing touchdown with 10 seconds left.

But on a positive proline ticket is still in tact. I put 10 bucks down on seven picks...

The one o'clock covers were:

Tampa Bay +6.5
Giants -7.5
Oakland +7.5
Arizona +10.5

Four o'clock picks
Bengals +6.5
Seahawks -13.5

Last Game - if Hazel is checking in...she'll be smiling

K.C. -6.5

On a good note...the Cowboys win again and are tied with the Giants atop the NFC East... the Eagles are done for (as I said weeks ago).

Check back later...

Peesth out.


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