Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wednesday Part II (Pronounced "D'uh" In French)

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in - from the regulars, to the semi-regulars (semi-interested), to bloggers/writers of note/repute/ill-repute, to the first timers...and, to of course, Ms. Hazel Mae (which may seem far fetched and ridiculous to some - but who knows? stranger things have the number of hits on this page - growing daily)...thank you for taking the time to stop by.

If you read my earlier post today (Wednesdays post was a day late) you know it was a stupid day at work today...trying to wrap things up before my week in Toronto (woo hoooo me - if you are in T.O., try to find me at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre - hahahahaha) - I wanna go to the T Dot guilt free, with work NOT having to call me/email me. etc. On days like today, big boys don't have Port at the end of a long day...they have Single Malt I'm having a nip of the Balvenie 10 Year Old Single Malt (perhaps considered baby Scotch to those in the know - but I like it).

So in keeping with some of the silliness - you have to look at the last couple of days in MLB.

I mentioned early that the Angels must be smarting after last night's call/non-call (depending on how you look at it) - I have seen the replay over and over - the game should have went into extras...not saying the Angels would have won - but... and as I type this Dip It Low - Christina Milian is playing. Tell that to Josh Paul and the Angels "pop tss pop tss pop that thang".

I am still picking the Angels to beat the White Sox, the last two months of the season showed that that White Sox are human and can be rattled - the Angels have done that to them. Angels in 6, with Vlad and Figgins getting untracked in Anaheim - Anderson and Cabrera step up too. I'm taking the Astros as this year's team of destiny - they may be like the old Minnesota Twins of the 90's - winning with three very good starting pitchers. They'll ride those horses (Clemens, Pettitte and Oswalt) and eek out just enough runs to get by the Cards - they too will have to do it in 6...cuz they won't win a Game 7 in St. Louis.

Out Of The Muck & The Stottlemyre
Members of Red Sox Nation will get a kick out of the fact that Mel Stottlemyre "is almost certain he is stepping down" after 10 years as the Yankees pitching coach. Seems Mr. Stottlemyre has finally had it with George - good of him to take a stand when he is quite likely on his way out anyways. One look at Cashman and you can tell he is a bit of a weasel - he is going to fire someone's can before George fires him - Mel (not to be confused with Vera) ain't no dummy...he's going down, but he is gonna hit back. Think Mel and Joe painted their faces and started singing We Ain't Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister. So as Mel rides off into the sunset...I'm listening to Stand Inside Your Love - Smashing Pumpkins - and wonder if Mel is looking at Joe and George and asking "who wouldn't stand inside your love?"

I bet Hazel would rock out to that it! NOW! Go can come back here later.

Funny reading some of the stuff coming out of Boston these days - seems like Red Sox Nation is ready to get rid of everyone but Big Papi, Manny, Varitek, and Hazel! (can't blame them...but geezus, you would think they were the Blue Jays the way they are talking). Rainy Dayz - Mary J. Blige seems to sums things up on the East Coast of the U.S. both in terms of weather and the mood of the fans.

Speaking of the Blue Jays Ken Huckaby and Frank Menachino have filed for free if they could find a way to get rid of Hinske - ouch...sorry. In other news, the Chickenhawk has been relatively silent - which is news in and of itself.

I still can't figure out how or why the Dodgers let Jim Tracy go - they should have gotten rid of Paul DePodesta for bringing in Jeff Kent and J.D Drew - speaking of which...never mind, much like Jays fans with Hinske - we are stuck with Kent and Drew. I Want to Break Free - Queen - how freaking fitting is that?

So I hear everybody is diggin' the new NHL...I'd really like to know what Hazel thinks of it...hell, I just wanna know if she is still part of Leaf Nation (she can't make that switch...she just can't). I'm not diggin it so far - when the first line after the score is "Team X scored 3 goals on the PP", I just can't get into that. Face it peeps...the NHL is not selling an improved game, they are selling a different game - they will continue to change rules to make it more exciting for casual fans...but it still stinks. Goals are up - Scoring chances are up - Stoppages are down. Three factual statments that mean JACK. This is all because the game is being played on the Power Play...and, when teams are at full strength - defenders don't know what to do in their own zone - so guys are hanging around in front of the next untouched. That isn't hockey... Try Again - Aaliyah "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again" the new motto of the NHL. All the same..go Leafs go.

Our old friend Pierre McGuire is at it again. This morning on the radio...this guy was talking about how the Flames signing of Bryan Marchment was a great move, a great pick up for them. A few weeks ago, the fact that Marchment was at the Leafs camp was a testament to how bad the Leafs were and how desperate things were for them - today he covered it by saying that Marchment is better than Berg or Belak. The guy is a joke.

To end this entry off on a positive note - I have to give kudos to my boys in Portugal. The National Team qualified for the World Cup in Germany next year...of note, Pedro Pauleta (an island boy from the Azores) eclipsed the great Eusebio's (pronounciation for Hazel Ee'zeh-bee-ooh") record for goals at the international level. While Eusebio did it in far fewer is still an impressive feat. For those wondering, while my man Figo missed a penalty shot earlier this week - he set up a couple of goals. Sharpen up that latin pronounciation Hazel...the peeps in New England are gonna be watching Portugal advance this summer.

That's about it for tonight - big day tomorrow before I go to Toronto next week...still accepting applications for guest writing while I'm gone - preference given to those with background in blogging or sports journalism...being Hazel Mae is a definite asset and will merit special consideration and an immediate job offer.

Goodnight one and all...hope you all have a great Friday and/or weekend. Hazel (if you are peeking) hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps for a Wednesday kind of post...

Fadista Louco - Antonio Mourao

Literal translation is "Mad Poet" - an old song from the 60's.

Peesth out.


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