Saturday, October 29, 2005

Friday's Follies

"Muinto boa noite senhoras e senhors" (peeps too) - I was listening to Amalia today and this is the opening to one of my favourite songs by her "Fado Serrano" - doesn't take a genius to figure out what she was saying.

So I had to log in to post a couple of things for tonight - still working on that opinion'd think with a mouth as big as mine, I would have finished it by now...I will. I posted my NFL pool picks (Straight Up) on the yahoo site - its not as easy as you would think. A couple of things that got my attention today...

According to Rob Brodie of the Ottawa Sun - Pierre McGuire is leaving the airwaves...before some of you get too excited, it simply means that he is cutting back his radio gig. TSN Management has asked him to cut back on radio spots he does in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver...and focus on his work with TSN and NBC. Thank you TSN...we won't have to hear McGuire try to impress everyone with his big (and often incorrectly "utilized" hahaha) vocabulary. Something tells me that TSN brass may have gotten sick of hearing McGuire bash the Leafs. I forget who it was, but someone suggested that Mario Lemieux might bring McGuire in to coach the Penguins if/when Eddie Olczyk gets canned.

While I would love to see McGuire coach...he won't do it. Too easy for him to sit up high and critique everyone, he is waiting for Muckler's job.

The Team 1200 morning guys sunk to a new they are picking on OHL players. The morning half-wits were on a tirade this morning at comments Bobby Clarke made about the "Sentards" resident weasel Martin Havlat...why they had to take up the cause for Havlat, I don't know, but instead of going after Clarke...they pointed to Clarke as the guy who drafted and holds the rights to Steve Downie of the Windsor Spitfires. For my American friends, Downie was involved in a vicious fight with a rookie who refused to participate in a Spirtfires hazing ritual earlier this year. So these "grown men" are going to attack the conduct of an 18 year old - I am by no means condoning what Downie did...but to attack a kid? That is week...even for the Team.
Newsflash (well, not really but): Johnny Damon files for free agency...Red Sox Nation start the rumour mill. I wonder how long it will take for the Boston fans to start calling for the Sox to sign Paul Konerko and Brian Giles - dumping Olerud, Millar for Konerko...and finding a way to insert Giles in there (I can almost hear the "trade Manny" calls now"). You know who might have an inside track on this issue...helloooo Hazel?

Jean Van de Velde, he of the British Open meltdown of 1999, has gone on record as saying he is going to challenge the LPGA to play in a sanctioned tournament. Van de Velde is using the tired old argument "If women can play in a PGA Tournament...Men should be able to play in an LPGA Tournament."

Ok, for the French guy... PGA "Professional Golf(ers) Association" - meaning open to anyone...even Hazel and her hot golf cleats. LPGA "Ladies Professional Golf Association" - meaning open to females only. With this sort of logic, it is no wonder he tried to hit out of that trap. Geezus, this guy brings men's collective IQ down by a full point. I would almost want to see him play in an LPGA tournament and lose.

Ok...just a quick check in to say hey peeps and everyone else...back to my other entry. Hazel, if you are checking in...I hope things are groovy in your world - I'm going to the Renegades game tomorrow (vs the Als)...I'm bringing a "Hey Hazel!!!" sign (I understand NESN will be picking up the feed). Have a great weekend everyone!

Ok, so on that note...I'm back to the other entry.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps...

For the angst Sox fans must be feeling with Damon's filing...for the players they may soon be calling for...for Mario Lemieux, if he is crazy enough to want McGuire to coach the Penguins...I give you

Quando Quando (Latin beat) - by Englebert Humperdink

"Tell me when will you be mine
Tell me quando quando quando"

Peesth out.


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