Friday, October 21, 2005

Brought To You By The Letter H

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in - a special hey to Ms. Hazel Mae if she's checking in. Back from a week in Toronto; it was a great week all around, and some highlights will be added to the page some other time. Hazel's hometown rocks...I even got to spend an afternoon down in my old haunts (family visits).

So tonight's entry could have and probably should have been titled "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & ummmmm well...Hazel" (but that would have long on words and short on originality); all brought to you by the letter H. I still wanna punch the IT guy at work...lugging a laptop to Toronto that wouldn't connect to our network - Horse's Ass...add that to the H day.

The Good - What In The Hull Was He Thinking?
Brett Hull, most recently of the Phoenix Coyotes retired from the NHL earlier this week. Always known as much for his mouth as his lightening quick release, Hull said that he realized he couldn't compete in the NHL anymore. It was strange seeing Hull so humble and somber, saying he realized that his body couldn't do the things his brain was telling it to do; in essence the game had passed him by. I heard someone say that the great irony is that Hull could no longer play in the NHL he had always campaigned for and wanted to play in. While many Canadians still love to boo Hull lustily (for join Team USA after being snubbed by Team Canada one year) - you gotta respect the fact that Hull stood up like a man and said he couldn't do it anymore. Anyone who had seen his last year with Detroit could tell the end was near, if not already knocking on his door. NHL beat writers must be wondering how in the Hull they are ever going to replace the NHL's best public speaker and quote machine.

Another good "H" - having a cold pint of Harp Lager. The Editor of "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" likes Irish beer.

The Bad - Houston We Have A Problem
So if you read the page earlier this week, you know that I got to update on Wednesday. The day was great, the conference was great, the people I got to talk to where great (especially my new friends from Lisbon - Filipa and Emila) - I get back to my room to open up my copy of the Globe and Mail. What are the chances that the first time I open up the Globe in weeks is when William Houston is on a rant about Hazel, and the interview on the John Molori page. Houston went on to reference the article in the Boston Globe - seemingly chuckling at the bit of controversy that had been raised. Houston took what I considered to be a cheap shot at Hazel...and ended off his column "Truth and Rumours" in a rather rude and abrupt fashion. Mr. Houston should take his own advice. I think Houston has a crush on Hazel - he is like the little boy in the school yard who picks on the girl he has a crush on. Note to Hazel (or anyone from NESN who may be interested) I have a copy of the Houston article.

You have to know that "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" will include an op-ed piece on this whole controversy...later this weekend. Kudos to Hazel for not backing down to detractors; again, more to come on that this weekend.

The Ugly - Ain't Havlat'ing Any Of That
Ottawa "Senatard's" resident weasel Martin Havlat was at it again this week. During a game with the Bruins, Havlat tried to kick a Boston defenceman in the "snuts" while being roughed up behind the net. This is nothing new for the weasel, he did the same thing to Islanders resident Manimal Eric Cairns. Havlat picked up a five game suspension for his cowardly act...when you combine that with his spitting incident, the vicious cross-check on Recchi, and his nightly acts of cowardice that often go unnoticed - he (as Ken Hitchcock once said) is going to have someone in the NHL feed him his lunch. Havlat needs a beat down. If you put credence into anything Bill Watters says...The Senatards are said to be trying to get rid of Havlat, albeit quietly, because he isn't Bryan Murray's kind of player. Havlat is a moron, plain and simple.

Two incidents of hazing gone very wrong this week. One incident at McGill University, where football program was cancelled after an incident came to light - a veteran (one report said five veterans) where prodding a rookie with a broomstick...(though the school says "no nudity or penetration). Second one in Windsor, where a rookie refused to participate in hazing incident where rookies where locked in bathroom of their bus...naked.

The Ugly this week could also be my NFL Picks...which I will put on the Yahoo site (ya, to generate some traffic).

And Ummmm Well... Hazel
So our friend Hazel sets another city on its collective ear - those of us in Canada are smiling at that one. While I didn't hear the original WEEI radio program in question, I saw the story/interview on Molori's site (which I still think was very good), I saw the blurb William Houston wrote and I read the story in the Boston Globe - and all I have to say to everyone is (I will quote Hazel) "chill out".

To suggest that Hazel was doing anything but having a little fun with some radio geeks and drumming up some publicity for NESN is downright wrong. I'm sure some of her critics in New England were listening along and "pitching tents" - the problem always is the "after"...when the lovely Hazel signs off the airwaves. Then it become a topic of discussion, and people question her motives, her abilities, her credibility, and worst of all morals - she has put up with a lot of crap (starting up here in Canada) and seemingly now in New England for nothing more than being attractive, having a personality and a sense of humour - chill out gang...but like I said, more to come later this weekend. I am sure Hazel doesn't need to read this page for support and reaffirmation - but I'm going to say it anyways...(if you are checking in) You are doing a great job down there Hazel, you have nothing to apologize for, and certainly nothing to be ashamed of - don't let anyone minimize your accomplishments or your achievements (liking "the look" is a nice bonus) - you are there because you are good...very good. Don't let them try to shape you...the good press/recognition you are getting is proof positive.

I am on about 2 hours of sleep today, so I am going to wrap this up early...Toronto has some nightlife (still trying to figure out how Hazel left that)
- have I told you before how nice Red Bull and Vodka is? or that
- monster slices of pepperoni pizza at 4 am work too?

So much more to say about Toronto...but another day.

A groovy weekend to one and all who check in...particulary Ms. Hazel Mae - hang in there (no pun intended - "pitching tents" - hang in there.... never mind). Hope things in your world are good...great even!

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps, for Mr. Brett Hull who is leaving behind a distinguished career in the NHL and a library of Mr. William Houston who must still be missing Hazel (someone should point him to this site and the yahoo site - or maybe he wants a support group?) to Martin "The Weasel" Havlat, whose latest 5 game suspension might end up being his ticket out of town...I give you (with no lyrics since I don't know them)

Baby Bye Bye Bye - Backstreet Boys (I think...or maybe those New Kids from Boston)

I just remember the chorus wailing

Baby Bye Bye Bye

Peesth out.


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