Thursday, October 13, 2005

You May Laugh At Wednesdays...But

Good Thursday morning to you peeps, and anyone checking in from wherever you may be - it's cold and rainy here today in my little corner of Ontario - hope the weather is better in your part of the world.

If you opened up a sports page, tuned into Hazel's Sportsdesk (or Rogers/TSN/The Score in Canada), or even if you turned on sports know that yesterday was a day worthy of special recognition on "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" - cuz I would really like an explanation or thought from Hazel on what in the hell is going on these days...on days like this, the theme song for these entries should be On Any Other Day - The Police (Regatta de Blanc). It is worth finding, its actually a pretty funny song...about how dumb things can get - Hazel would definitely see the humour in it.

where to start? hmmmm let me see - oh wait.

"Tice" As Nice Without Moss?
At the beginning of the season, Mike Tice of the Vikings (and many of the players) claimed the team was better without Randy Moss. The party line was that while Moss was a great player, he was a cancer in the dressing room and disruptive - hell...MOSS EVEN ADMITTED TO SMOKING WEED!!!!! I'm sure this current crop of Vikings don't smoke weed - they may use the Whizzinator to try to pass drug tests...but they don't smoke weed - they would never do anything to sully the image of the Vikings. Well, almost anything - if you aren't at least 18 years of age, move on to the next paragraph. On Wednesday, it was revealed that Police in Minnesota were investigating a party attending by up to 17 Vikings, with accusations of drunkeness, nudity and sexual actions (alledgedly mostly oral...and you thought Moss was the big mouth huh? Clinton must be smiling). For his part Mike Tice has gone on record as saying he "is not happy about it." I say cut them some slack, I often does an NFL player get the opportunity to be on a boat cruise with scantily clad women who would be willing to get a little nasty with them? I mean...Lake Minnetonka freezes over in the they had to take advantage right? It's not like these NFL players get the chance everyday - Tice is going to bring them together and not let this tear them apart. Nice job...Moss must be sitting back smoking a cracker and laughing his ass off. I swear that as I type this...I'm at my desk listening to Is This Love? - Bob Marley - a question I would have for the Vikings right now...I wonder if Hazel would ask the same thing.

Who Is T.O's Daddy?
No, this is not about a paternity suit - though with the NFL these days, it could easily be. Terrell Owens, who is still on a free pass for his gesture towards victims of the Hurricane Katrina, was seen wearing a Michael Irvin jersey after the Eagles got pounded by the 'Boys. For his part, Andy Reid said he allows players to wear "comfortable clothes" - ya, I'm buying this one. After the crap Owens has pulled at Texas's nice to see him walk away paying hommage to one of the great receivers - Irvin.

So, I have to ask...comfortable clothes? - Over to Hazel for her thoughts.

He Doesn't Even Deserve A Hair Extension
Somebody please tell me what Romeo Crennell and the Cleveland Browns are thinking signing Kellen Winslow Jr. to a contract extension? He misses his rookie season with a football-related injury, he misses sophomore season after getting into an accident with his motorcycle (see posts from spring...he was the leading candidate for half-wit of the week)...and they sign him to an extension? Romeo should have called Bill in New England for advice on this one...Winslow is cursed, and worse than that, he is dumb. An extension??? This may surprise you...but for Kellen, it wasn't about the money...really. Haven't we heard that before? Hell, even Hazel got a brand new set of golf clubs when she went to Boston...isn't that right Hazel? haha

Speaking Of Half-Wits
The poster boy for steroids, supplements and every other "foreign substance"- Bill Romanowski - made headlines for admitting to breaking former Giant RB Dave Meggett's finger...oh and surprise, surprise Bill took steroids, HGH and is suffering brain damage. Bill is taking his story to 60 Minutes...sad and pathetic...both on his part for appearing on 60 Minutes and on their part for giving this half-wit any airtime. He was a dirty player and an all around jerk from most accounts (he broke a teammate's jaw in practice) and now we are looking at him to school the world on the evils of steroids and the NFL? Give me strength.

That's about it for this afternoon - I started this post at 10:00 am this morning...and after a day of meetings, this is all I've got...more to come tonight...MLB on tap. Don't forget to visit John Molori's page to see the article on Hazel...send him your thanks - he did good.

How would you like to be an Angel today? A Los Angeles Angel from Anaheim? They must still be steaming...maybe Hazel would calm them down a little and get them to focus on the task at hand...avenging the loss of the Red Sox.

So I'll leave you with...

She Talks To Angels - Black Crowes.

Peesth out


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