Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Welcome Tina!!!!!

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in - especially if you happen to be the one and only Hazel Mae (more to come on that thought a bit later). So for those of you who have visited this page on a semi-regular basis - Wednesdays are ha-ha days when we look at the weird, the whacked and the downright stupid/silly in the world of sports. Believe it or not, some people actually check in on Wednesdays for a laugh...well, ok - I know of three people who have actually emailed me to tell me that something or other was funny (my personal favourite is still "Vicks 44D won't cure this one" - the recap on Ron Mexico...aka Mike Vick - but I digress).

As I type this entry...I am sipping on my favourite Port (have I mentioned before that Port is God's gift to mankind - I said MANKIND..."not man"!) and Mess Around - Ray Charles is playing...which may be the theme song for tonight's post. For those of you old enough to remember...Mess Around was what John Candy was dancing to in the car scene with Steve Martin in Planes Trains and Automobiles.

Ok, the title. Hazelspeeps at yahoo would like to welcome our first female member - Tina (I'm not giving out the email) so I guess the site has really crossed the gender line and is getting some attention (50+ members)...we are getting there. Hazel (if you are peeking), you have plenty of support from both sides of the border.

So where to start today? A while back I had to give a shout out to Mr. Joe Sullivan, Editor of the New Hampshire Union Leader, for a great article he did on Hazel. Well, another shout goes to Mr. John Molori. Mr. Molori's media blitz included a great article on far the best written to date (though I am still putting together my thoughts on an article with a different spin). Mr. Molori has been one of Hazel's supporters since she made the trip down to New England - and he did a great job of letting her personality and sense of humour shine through in his article (though he didn't poke fun at Hazel being a K.C. Chief fan...which I most certainly would have - kidding!). A lot of people who join the yahoo site state that "they want to know more about Hazel" - this article would give a great glimpse into what made her one of the favourites in Canada. Classic line about how she played the doofuses (that's a word up here in Canada...i swear!) on WEEI "I knew they were pitching tents" - hahahahaha. Sweet. Anyhoo...go read the article, he did a good job on it and deserves some credit. I'm going to write an article...I swear - I think there is a great story to tell about Hazel.

As an aside...Mr. Molori mentioned something about a number of websites in Canada dedicated to Hazel...I wonder if he has visited our page? I wonder if Hazel has visited our would have to at least hope that she did...wouldn't one? I hope she would take it in the positive way in which it is meant. (that may be the subject matter for an entry..."why the blog" - which has been asked of me more than a few times...and which I have answered).

So file Mr. Molori's reference as a positive one...Richard Griffin of the Star (in an April article) referenced how some of Hazel's supporters rallied to give her credit on Red Sox Nation - I wonder...someone send a copy of this page to Mr. Griffin (he by the way is another big Hazel supporter). I know this page has been mentioned on some other sites - in rather negative fashion...but big deal. At least this page gives Hazel her just do...for being a professional.

Hazel, if you are indeed reading this...good for you - way to stand up for yourself on Molori's page - you have won the battle and won New England over...but we'd still have you back in a heartbeat (psst. go with the homesick thing...your family misses you, come on back - hahaha kidding...we wish you all the best down there).

Boricua, morena...Boricua, morena...Dominicano, Columbiano, - that's a little song for a friend of mine from Boston who reads this page... (I think she has a crush on Hazel...I won't say "too" - hahaha) - que paso mami? - N.O.R.E ft Nina Sky is on in the background (this song always makes me think of David Ortiz...don't know why). for this entry, that is about it. Welcome are a fine addition to Hazelspeeps and hopefully this spurs some of our casual readers to go join the site. Mr. Molori...if you found your way here after my email...Good job! Very Good.

This might be it for tonight...I have work to do...I have a lot of crap to get done before going to Toronto next week...all week! So if I can't get a lap top from work...I am not posting - however, posting privileges would be given to Hazel...and maybe Mr. Molori, Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Griffin - as guest writers...though wouldn't the page really get a boost from "thoughts of Hazel Mae" in the first person? ok...I'm pushing it.

I will leave you with....

Dirty Girl - Threat...

If you haven't heard it...don't make assumptions on the content...listen to it. Somewhat reminiscent of a great sportscaster, who won awards for being a good christian soldier...who has them pitching tents and toys with them...hahahaha

Bravo rock!

Peesth out.


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