Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in...especially if happen to be "you know who". For those of you in the U.S. that may not know - today is Thanksgiving Day up here.

Monday's update will be short and rather fragmented. Leafs and "Senatards" are on tonight... 1 - 0 for the bad guys in the first. Monday Night Football tonight (a so-so week in the pools) and the Yankees and Angels. The shock of the Red Sox being swept by Chicago is wearing off slowly...I really thought they would come in the hell could they have lost game 3?

Well, I was right about Houston taking games 3 and 4 from Atlanta - and I'm sure the Angels will bail me out and spank the Yanks tonight. So I wonder who Hazel is choosing the rest of the way? I'm thinking she will go with the Angels - with the former Expos connection "Vlad and Cabrera" - though she might like the way the Cardinals and agressive. Who knows...but as always, she is free to chime in and tell everyone who she likes.

Why they are "Senatards" - apparently the NHL must have sent the wrong memo to the Sentards and their fans...apparently in the new NHL you aren't allowed to bodycheck anyone...even if they have the puck. Seriously...the Senatard faithful were at their best tonight - doing their imitation of Hab fans...screaming bloody murder on two very legal and legit hits. Alfredsson got smoked coming out from behind the net and the Senatards were howling - apparently Ottawa players should be allowed to skate around like freakin' Elvis Stojko or Kurt Browning...without being so much as touched.

Ok...wrapping up this 1st intermission entry. Oh yeah...couldn't wrap it out without a major shout out to the Dallas Cowboys for smacking the Eagles...Bledsoe had a great game (thank you Hazel...I knew you would send Bledsoe some of the good karma!), Glenn ran circles around the Eagles and the defence shut McNabb, T.O and Westbrook right down. Yesterday signalled the beginning of the end for the Eagles this season...McNabb is hurt a lot worse than he is letting on. It's over...Cowboys are going to win that Division...Thank you again if you could just help me out in my pools. By the way, Hazel Mae's Cowboys are now 3-1-1 in Fantasy Football action.

Hope things are groovy in your world Hazel...if you didn't come home for Thanksgiving...I hope you had something to commemorate the day down there.

Back later...Song of the afternoon/evening on Hazelspeeps...

For the Yankees and the Eagles...

It's Over - Roy Orbison.

Peesth out


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