Sunday, June 12, 2005

Slow Sunday

Evenin' peeps, Hazel and anyone else checking in or happening upon this page

Sipping on my favourite Port, winding down a great (but busy) weekend - one spent working hard and playing hard outside...yes, in this damn heat (and I was BBQ'ing). A couple of weeks ago, I said I found out I don't mind running in really hot weather; this weekend put that crazy notion to the test. Both runs were reasonably good, but cut a bit short due to heat (close to 40 C with humidity) 6KM in 29 mins on Saturday, and 7KM in 36 mins today. I celebrated getting through both runs with a couple of Caffery Draught, BBQ Burgers and Dairy Queen ice cream cake - was my godson's 5th birthday, I'm allowed to indulge. Some pretty interesting things happened this weekend, especially today - but we'll leave that for a "weekend wrap-up" entry tomorrow or something.

Who can predict anything these days? While the Yankees go into St. Louis and lose two out of three - which was to be expected, check out what else happened:
  • the O's lose two of three to the woeful Reds (though Griffey Jr had a good weekend for Hazel's Heroes);
  • the Red Sox lose two of three in Chicago to the Cubs, which I didn't expect - they should have gone in thinking two of three...shouldn't they? (I'd ask Hazel, but in this case - what could she say except "yes" - maybe the standard "you can't take anything for granted" line)
  • the Jays get swept by the Astros - I know they were facing Clemens and Oswalt, but they couldn't even win one game? If they want to think of themselves as contenders...they can't be getting swept by bottom feeders (just ask the Yankees after the Royals series).
The O's look like the start the week off with a 3 game lead over the Sox (who are talking about getting Schilling back by the All-Star break - we'll see. Speaking of the Sox, I am starting to see why Red Sox Nation can't stand Joe Morgan - he really hates the Red Sox, he rarely had anything positive to say about the Sox. After interviewing Francona, he tells Jon Miller and the viewing audience that he really wanted to ask Francona about how much (if at all) the Sox missed Pedro. Huh?

Joe, the season is 60 games old, Pedro is in New York and I don't think the Sox want to talk about it...they shouldn't have to. Morgan's tone was a bit antagonistic, like he wanted to kind of rattle Francona's cage about not having Pedro - I thought it was cheap and ultimately... pointless. But I'm not going to go ragging on the ESPN crew, and I won't even say that I think Hazel is as good as Sam Ryan (I see ESPN calling in the near future). I think Hazel should have a sit down with Morgan and ask him why he hates the Red Sox so much - I'm sure she could change Joe's attitude.

Speaking of attitude, seems that Lou Piniella has blown another gasket. Lou is now calling out the ownership of the Devil Rays, blaming their cheap ways for the team. You think Lou has lost it? or like you think this is an attempt to get his ass fired so he can get away from the Rays and really let the Rays ownership have it?

Montreal Expo (or former) fans - how angry does it make you to see the Nationals reeling off 10 wins in a row? I won't push it...just thought I'd ask. I remember seeing Hazel say that she would get down to the "Big O (Owe)" for some Expo games - I wonder if she is pulling for the Nationals in the NL.

For anyone (other than me) who cares, the Dodgers are within striking distance of the Padres - 2 1/2 back and charging. Hee Seop Choi (another member of the Heroes) hit three HRs today against the twinkies. I see a bit of a run coming...and at the end of it, 1st place by the All Star break.

Anyone still waiting for announcement of a deal? Notice how there hasn't been a lot of talk these last couple of days? I would be very interested in hearing what people think of this proposed cap - based on team revenues. Is this not the dumbest thing you have ever heard? How can you have a salary cap system that favours big market teams who have huge revenue sources? Doesn't this just mean "status quo"? Or is this simply their excuse for not lowering tickets prices on the premise of "more money to spend under cap system"? They are trying to pull a fast one here - Damien Cox had it dead on last week. If they come out after 9 months of negotiating - with a floating salary cap...the fans of the NHL should revolt and not go back. They gave up an entire season of hockey for essentially the same system...I can't wait to hear the spin Brian Burke puts on this one (and NO, I'm not looking forward to hearing Bob McKenzie's thoughts on it).

Go Leafs Go. Right Hazel? (she can't become a Bruin fan - she just can't).

Like A Car Accident Sad
Mike Tyson loses again, this time - I felt a bit sorry for him...really. In the past, he had some entertainment value - but now it is just plain sad. To see the look on his face as he realized that he is losing to "this calibre" of opponent...the man might be the most tragic figure in professional sports (maybe ever). He should just retire - but with the money he owes, he'll be back - maybe they should stage a fight at the Fleet Centre - between Mike and Joe Morgan...I'm sure Red Sox Nation would turn out in droves to see that one...with each and every one of them volunteering to do the play by play or colour commentary.

Maybe Rocket Ismail Had Something
So while I was BBQ'ing lunch today (chicken and shrimp) I hear a guy on Fox Sports Radio talking about the Belmont Stakes yesterday - talking about Afleet Alex and jockey as athletes...ummm ok? I remember when Rocket Ismail raced a horse...hahahaha. Horse's and Jockeys as athletes...Let me think about that and get back to you.

Ok, it's been a tiring weekend - so time to wrap it up.

Goodnight peeps...Goodnight Hazel (here's hoping your upcoming week is a good one)

In honour of the Belmont Stakes - the song of the day on Hazelspeeps is

Bottle of Smoke - The Pogues

Thanks and praises - thanks to Jesus
I bet on a Bottle of Smoke
I went to hell and to the races
To bet on a Bottle of Smoke

The day being clear - the sky being bright
He came up on the left like a streak of light
Like a drunken fuck on a Saturday night
Up came the Bottle of Smoke

Twenty fucking five to one
My gambling days are done
I bet on a horse called a Bottle of Smoke
and my horse won

Stewards inquiries, swift and fiery
I had the Bottle of Smoke
Inquistions and suppositions
I had the Bottle of Smoke

Fuck the stewards - A trip to Lourdes
Might give the old fuckers the power of sight
Screaming springers and stoppers - and call out coppers
But the money still gleams in my hand like a light

Bookies cursing - cars reversing
I had the Bottle of Smoke
Glasses steaming - vessels bursting
I had the Bottle of Smoke
Slip a fifty to the wife - and for each brat a crisp new five
To give me a break on a Saturday night
When I had the Bottle of Smoke
Priests and Maiden - drunk as pagans
They had the Bottle of Smoke
Sins forgiven and celebrations
They had the Bottle of Smoke

Fuck the Yanks and drink their wives
The moon is clear - the sky is bright
I'm happy as a horse in shite
Up came the Bottle of Smoke.

And with that I say...Peesth Out.


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