Monday, June 27, 2005

Weekend Flew By

Evenin' peeps, Hazel (if she's peeking) - and anyone else checking in - yes, that would be you.

It was a long weekend for some of us up here - mine started a bit earlier, Thursday to be exact. This weekend was lost to putting in a patio in the backyard- Jaaaayzus it was exhasting and I barely survived it (40 C temps each day)...but more on that later or tomorrow (I still owe a recap of two weekends ago - it had a few moments worth recounting - I hope I'm not building it up too much).

Can someone tell me what has happened to the O's this past week? The way they are going these, me, Hazel and a few friends could beat the O's - before you start laughing, Hazel was once called "Hurricane Hazel" by her Sportsnet teammates for her pitching prowess...check out the home page on Hazelspeeps...she wears her hat like a ball player. The O's can't seem to catch a break - while the Sox are kicking the crap out of everyone (even though they are losing tonight). A quick check of Red Sox Nation shows that fans are giddy these days, and why not...
  • Sox are in 1st place and the hated Yankees show no real signs of being a threat
  • Schilling is coming back relatively soon; and
  • Manny is smoking hot these days (hear that Eagle Tribune?).
While a number of theories are being thrown about - on what got the Sox going -
  • some credit Epstein comment that if things didn't get going, he'd have to consider trading someone;
  • others say it was a couple of key starts by certain pitchers - Wakefield was singled out a couple of times,
  • others feel that it might have something to do with the NL cream puffs they played - including the Reds.
While all of these things may have played a part, with number three being the most plausible - I submit, for your review and consideration this - Hazel Karma. She got some good press in Boston a couple of weeks ago...she's paying Boston back. Laugh all you want - remember Sox win their first World Series in 86 years shortly after her arrival at NESN (apologies to Red Sox brass and team) coincidence? I don't think so.

The Jays are hanging around, but does anyone really think they have a legitimate shot at anything? I have a hard time seeing them compete with some of the guys in that lineup - not enough power (Hinske, Hill, Hillenbrand)...I still think the Yankees are old and tired.

I'm not giving up on the O's. Everyone knows that teams go through a slump or two every year and a couple of long winning streaks - the O's are in their slump...if they can stay within striking distance - they'll be ok (not that I'm an O's fan or a Sox hater).

The Dodgers are sucking these days...and the loss of Gagne pretty much ends the season. On Friday, I heard Jim (the Horse's Ass) Rome rip the crap out of J.D. Drew. Rome was pretty hard on Drew, basically calling him a waste. I don't think its Drew's fault - the Dodger's DL is a scary sight these days. A lost season for the boys in blue.

Still waiting for that deal? I'm tired of hearing about "the deal" -
  • the numbers being thrown around with respect to the proposed cap;
  • media laughing the players by talking about the deals they didn't sign;
  • players who are the big losers talking about how they have to get the game back on the ice for the fans - wouldn't have anything to do with your salaries.
I'm sure you know where this is going - Roenick. Last week I wrote that you can always expect Roenick to say something stupid - this past weekend, he crossed the "stupid line" and went right into the land of the assinine. It's funny, last week - the great Bobby Hull spoke to TSN, saying that players today had lost touch with the fans...that they didn't care about the fans. So from one former Chicago Blackhawk to another - Roenick tells fans that he will personally tell each and every fan who calls today's players spoiled "Kiss my ass!"

Now Roenick is controversial at the best of times, a jerk at the worst of times - but this latest rant takes it. Talking to fans about how he and others are losing MILLIONS - Roenick is talking about millions the way most fans talk about 20's. I want to thank Roenick for one thing though - supporting my position that fans should just stay away. Just stay away from the games...and watch that cap spiral down into the toilet - it's time to blow the NHL up and start over - again, more another night. I'm too damn tired (the patio nightmare will be recounted too).

Classic Line
To end tonight's entry on a high note - did anyone catch Shaq's comment on getting his MBA? I busted a gut reading Shaq's quote about needing something to put on his resume when he returns to reality and has to get a 9 - 5 job. The guy sucks as a rapper - but you have to love his sense of just have to - classic. Bravo Shaq...I'd hire ya hahahahaha.

I'm dead dog tired I'll bid everyone a very good night. Have a groovy week's hoping all is well with ou.

The Song of the Day (weekend) on Hazelspeeps at yahoo - for the NHLPA and Owners...for the Sox and the O's (AL East now a two team race)...and for my weekend against the monsterous patio that had to be built -

Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

I saw the video over the weekend - one of the only videos I have ever liked.

In the immortal words of Kip Dynamite - Peesth out.


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