Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Evenin' peeps, Hazel (if she's peeking) and "you" for checking in. It's Wednesday so it means a recap of some of the silly things in the world of sports.

I still haven't gotten around to recounting my silly weekend last week - maybe tomorrow...ya, tomorrow as we move closer to the coming weekend. Oh well, there was some funny things worth recounting.

No further trade talk coming out of Jays land...I guess someone realized the humour in suggesting that Eric Hinske was trade bait.

Red Sox are considering bring back Gabe Kapler - yes, the great "team guy" who just happened to forget guys like Manny, Pedro and Ortiz on his list of players he missed in Boston. For those who didn't know, it seems that Kapler is having such a tough time with the Yomuri Giants...that he's been taken off the roster. Before I wonder what is going through Epstein's mind...John Olerud is leading the Sox to a comeback victory over the Indians - don't question the GM.

More on the Sox - seems Curt Schilling wants to come back a bit earlier than the All-Star break. While Red Sox fans are anxiously waiting for his return, I ask you this. My first thought was - "He wants to come back because he misses talking to the media." Earlier this season, Schilling said he only wanted to talk to the media about pitching...and since he wasn't pitching - he wasn't talking. Must be killing him to sit there quietly.

Speaking of our friend "Schill" - I thought of him the other day when i read an article in a MA paper "The Eagle Tribune", the paper published an article that launched a scathing attack on the toughness and character of Manny Ramirez (still always hear Hazel roll the Rs) . The article crapped all over Manny, calling him a quitter - looking for excuses to leave games, and basically quit on the Sox. The writer mentioned that "unnamed teammates" were seething when Manny left the game two innings after being hit by a pitch that wouldn't have kept a little leaguer our of the game. Did anyone else think of Schilling as the unnamed teammate? (If Hazel is checking in...she is probably shaking her head - that was kind mean of me - my bad...sorry Hazel).

The guy shouldn't be questioning Ramirez...what I have come to learn is that pain is a relative thing - everyone's pain threshold is different. Maybe Ramirez was hurting a lot more than you would in the same circumstance, not his fault - Ramirez isn't Schiling - get over it Red Sox fans. Bad article - but Manny's revenge was going on an HR tear Monday and Tuesday. Good for Manny.

Speaking of playing hurt...another pitcher on Hazel's Heroes went on the DL. That makes four damn starters on the DL...we are clinging to 3rd now. Hazel, send that roster some karma...we need them back.

Hazel won't like this, but Az-Hakim decided not to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs, opting instead to sign with New Orleans. I'm thinking its for the music, and not for the team or QB. Trent Green and that offence is among the best - why he wouldn't want to sign with them (and potentially have Hazel as a fan) is beyond me. Aaron Brooks "ain't no Trent Green." CBS Sportsline writer Clark Judge is picking the Chiefs to be a surprise team in the NFL. I'll believe it when I see their defence stop someone...anyone...on a 3rd and 9 - hahahaha. Hazel, still time to join the Cowboys bandwagon - you interviewed Bledsoe...come and join the Boys!

The Laurie family, owners of the St. Louis Blues, are looking to sell the NHL team because they can't justify operating a team that loses that much money ($60 M in the last two years). This family includes the heiress to the Walmart fortune...guess billions don't go as far as it used to.

The NHL players, led by Jaromir Jagr and seconded by Wade "ah you know" Redden, are publicly admitting that they didn't expect the owners to be so tough...and have admitted defeat. Way to go guys... way to tow the union line - you palookas are a dream come true to both the owners and the media. I didn't miss Roenick, you had to expect him to say something stupid - so no surprise there.

There's probably more...hell, I'm sure there is more - but after working all day, and shovelling and "wheeling" 6 tons of crushed stone for this damn patio I'm working on this weekend - I'm dead tired - what a freaking work out...I realized that I have traps...imagine that! Hazel is welcome to come share a beer or port anytime. Everyone else? apply in comment box! haha

Night peeps, night Hazel - I'm glad things are looking up in Sox land...and thank "you" (yes you..anonymous reader) for checking in if you got this far.

Have a great night one and all.

Song of the day on Hazelspeeps at yahoo - to reporters who write nasty stories or use "unnamed teammates (sources)" to write stories...or those "unnamed teammates" who are actually talking to dumbasses like Jagr and Redden...I give you...

Shut Up - the Black Eyed Peas (I know the lyrics don't fit the above...but the chorus works).

Peesth Out.


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