Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wednesday Can Only Mean...

Evenin' peeps, Hazel and/or anyone else checking for for weird and wacky Wednesdays - a look back at some of the stories making news over the last week.

A good story coming out of the NHL these days - three new members inducted into the Hall of Fame. Cam "Seabass" Neely, the man who defined the position of power forward was inducted, along with the late Valeri Kharlamov (the man who had his ankle broken by Bobby Clarke in the 1972 Canada/USSR Series), and Mr. Murry Costello - President of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Assocation.

I remember watching Neely (damn I feel old) flying up and down that wing - he scared the crap out of most of the defencemen in the NHL. Bruin fans must be celebrating tonight - as well they should.

A minute to congratulate Mr. Costello and his family - I got to know his family on a personal level as I went to school with four of his kids, they were a great family, great people. I remember playing street hockey outside the house and he always had time to stop and ask who was winning...Congrats to the Costellos.

The weird part of the inductions - Glenn Anderson and Dino Ciccarelli didn't make may not like Anderson, but the guy was definitely a great player, an integral part of those Oilers' dynasty of the 80's...and Dino scored 600+ goals. Come on NHL - smarten up...put your grudges and prejudices aside and give them their due (for the record...I wasn't a huge fan of either...but I respect what they did).

The Whizzinator Gets Whacked
Onterrio "The Whiz" Smith of the Minnesota Vikings was suspended for the upcoming season for violating the league's substance abuse policy. The funny thing (not so funny if you are Onterrio) is that he wasn't charged by police for having the whizzinator and the NFL has said that possession of the device doesn't violate the league's policy - so why/what was he suspended for?

Show Terrell The Monaaaaaaay
Terrell Owens keeps talking about the respect he feels he is owed - of course respect = money in Terrell's world and he sees nothing wrong with it. While many are quick to condemn him, I want to ask one question - how many players are sitting back in their chairs saying "Go Terrell!!!" I think a lot of these guys secretly agree and support Terrell's stance - it furthers their cause when their contracts are up for renewal. I think Owens' stance is indicative of today's athlete - it's not about respect, the adulation of the fans/kids - it's all about the money...I give Terrell credit for having the guts to set the record straight. By the way...I still can't stand the guy. Apologies to Hazel for linking Terrell to the Jerry MacGuire movie...but if Hazel you see this...doesn't Terrell remind you a little of Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character?

PrimeTime or Twilight Zone
The Baltimore Ravens signed Deion Sanders to a one year deal - in his prime Deion didn't hit or make tackles...but his speed and coverage ability negated other defensive short comings. But at his age, having lost a step or two...signing him to a one year deal...HUH?

Ebay Would Have Been Cheaper
If you are Clinton Portis - 26 equals 38,000, as in dollars. Portis originally agreed to pay a former Redskin teammate $40,000 for the jersey number. Clinton paid $20K upfront, but when the dude got cut after training camp - the subsequent cheques from Clinton didn't get cut.

Depending on who you talk to - NHL Owners and Players Association is close to reaching a deal that involves a salary cap that may or may not be attached to individual team revenues. There are opinions, sources, unnamed sources, sources close to the negotiations, sources speaking on the condition of anonymity - they all say the same thing "Please keep the NHL in the news so that our fans don't forget us." If you find this confusing, try reading the dreck Bob McKenzie publishes on TSN - he continues to make a living saying that while he is connected to the NHL...and a supposed "insider" - he actually knows nothing about what is happening. Steve Simmons of the Sun goes with the "unnamed" sources (does anyone actually believe that? or is "unnamed sources" journalistic code for "I'm making it up") to give you his views on the lockout. Damien Cox of the Star has written some very interesting and insightful articles and opinion pieces on the lockout - he hit the nail on the head when he shed some light on the fact that the NHL should be worried that fans will find out that the deal they are expected to sign...could have been done in December...thus averting a lost season. I would put the question to Hazel...about the "unnamed sources" - but my sources tell me that being part of the journalistic fraternity...she wouldn't say (some journalists - Simmons...Bruce Garrioch are like magicians...the make things up or make them appear). can tell can whisper it to me. Come tell.

One more funny thing about the state of the NHL - Mike Milbury is making news by telling us what we can expect to see when the NHL comes back - shootouts. Does the NHL condone a half-wit like Milbury talking to the media? Why would they let the man who signed Yashin to a 10 year $90M contract speaking about the state of the NHL? Milbury let the Senators off the hook for the dumbest signing ever - Daigle's rookie contract. Randy Sexton must have sent Milbury a case of champagne after he traded for Yashin.

World Cup Qualifying
Good news, Portugal beats Estonia...but not without a fight. Cristiano Ronaldo saved the day with a goal...heading a cross sent in by Luis Figo! So we go into the summer in 1st place...setting up nicely for Germany.

The weird? The Greeks get beaten at home by the Ukraine - they get shut out twice in a row, in the same header to save their asses this time around. Italy ties in Norway, the Republic of Ireland (at home) ties Isreal...and friggin Spain (at home) ties Bosnia-Herz... the USA is somehow in FIFA's top 10 when they don't play anyone of any consequence...other than Mexico another team in the top 10 - even though they don't really play anyone either.
Go figure!

Ontario viewers get stuck watching the Yankees tonight - we were supposed to get Hazel and NESN's feed of the Sox and the Cards - that sucks!

Jays have Halladay on the mound and lose to Sergio Mitre and the Cubs - and Vernon Wells screws my proline ticket with an 0 - 4 today. that wraps up some of the dumber things that have happened this week...if you know of any that I missed...send them my way - I'd love to read them.

The Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps, given that we like to look back and laugh at the world of sports - while thinking we know so much better

The Grass is Green - Nelly Furtado (I've said it before...pick up her CD...well worth it).

If you see a theme this week...Amalia Rodrigues, the Portuguese National Anthem, Nelly Furtado - well...D'UH. It's World Cup Qualifying week and we welcomes our captain and inspirational leader - Luis Figo back to the fold.

Night peeps, Hazel and anyone else who took the time to get this far - or maybe it's just a good night to me.

Peesth out.


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