Monday, June 13, 2005

Manic Monday

Evenin peeps, Hazel (if you are peeking in) and as always, anyone else who has happened by here.

A very long and very busy day today...sometimes I hate being "the person with the answers" or "the person you should go see for advice" - on so many levels...but this blog is supposed to be sports related, so until "Office Ass Kicking" becomes an Olympic sport, I'll keep that stuff to myself (or to my friends when I call them to rail). Too damn tired to recap the weekend in my world - maybe tomorrow...though I realize that with each passing day, the relevance of the weekend that was fades. If anyone cares - at 10:03 pm eastern time, Aramis Martinez of the Cubs can ensure success on my proline ticket ($100 bucks) with a HR...he's leading Delgado in total bases 2 - 1 - but as has been my luck lately...Delgado will probably get a nothing hit in the ninth.

Everyone in the East should be relatively happy. Halladay baffled the Cards...I don't see many pitchers make Albert Pujols look bad - but Halladay did, so kudos to him. The Sox are spanking the Reds (which should mean a relatively enjoyable night on Sportsdesk for Hazel) - Martinez got a cheap HR...but they all count. And last but not least, the O's are trying to nail down a victory against the Astros (which has been anything but a given lately). So the American League East all gain ground on the Yankees. Hell, the D-Rays and Big Lou gained ground - another great article by Scott Miller on CBS Sportsline about how Lou probably won't get fired for his tirade...get this...mainly because current ownership is too cheap to buy him out (is that what I was getting at last night? I swear I was).

More coverage on the end of Mike Tyson era. Most newspapers ran an AP story on Mike - the end was kind of sad...he talked about how he doesn't want anyone to feel sorry for him...that he doesn't know how to deal with sadness, that he is hardened and de-sensitized. It was actually kind of sad to see what has happened to him - what those bloodsuckers did to him...Don King and his entourage are going to hell - I'm convinced of that. More thoughts on Mike later this week...sad though.

Saw the reply of Winky Wright and Tito Trinidad - what boxing should be...not that I'm a big fan, but sometimes, it really is the sweet science. Greg Johnson of Nova Scotia is making a bit of a comeback.

I'm gonna cut it short tonight - I've got a crap load of work tomorrow...both at work and with landscaping my backyard...the shovel goes in tomorrow.

Night peeps...night to anyone getting this far...and of course a very fond goodnight to Hazel.

Today's song of the day for Hazelspeeps at yahoo - after seeing a very humble, very sad and very different Mike Tyson...

Be Yourself - Audioslave (Chris Cornell writes another classic).

To be yourself is all that you can do

Words to live by I would say...

Peesth Out.


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