Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Its Wednesday...So That Means

Evenin' peeps, Hazel and those of you who aren't either one of the aforementioned...

Today has been weird...we have had wicked rainstorms today - and as quickly as the rain came, it went and it was clear...until the next wave of rain came back. Today's run was hard...probably the after effects from landscaping yesterday - 6 KM in 31+ mins, and no rain or wind to blame it on. Work was funny today...angry French guy seems to be growing crustier by the day - he left work half-way through the morning today (surprise surprise, our boss wasn't in today).

So if you have checked in before you know that Wednesdays are to recap some of the strange occurances in the world of sports. If you are new here...enjoy the read.

He Should Have Had A Swaggart Instead Of The Falwell He Took
Wyatt Sexton, Quarterback at FSU, had a run in with police in Talahassee Florida. Police were called to investigate a young man doing pushups on the street - when asked by police to identify himself...Sexton identified himself as God. He was eventually pepper sprayed and subdued - police say he was under the influence of a narcotic or alcohol...gee...you don't say? Hey...if Wyatt was high and calling himself God...does that mean he is actually Kellen "The Chosen One" Winslow's daddy? or does the alcohol/narcotic thing explain Kellen Jr's behaviour?

Carlton Meet Pat Robertson - Or Wyatt Sexton
Carlton Dotson, former Baylor basketball player, was sentenced to 35 years in prison for shooting his teammate Patrick Dennehy. Dotson originally told police that he thought people were trying to kill him because he was Jesus, the son of God. Dotson was deemed to be competent to stand trial - he obviously wasn't convincing enough...he should have had Wyatt hook him up.

How Much Did This Research Cost?
In a non-sports related story, the University of McMaster recently concluded that men's judgement can be swayed and negatively affected by the presence of attractive women. The study placed men in a room, filled with pictures of attractive women, where they were asked to decide between two options:
  • take $15 dollars immediately, or
  • wait a couple of days and get $75 dollars
Apparently more than half took the $15 - thus opting for instant gratification. Ladies, how true does that ring? Hahahaha...I wonder if they had Hazel's pic up there.

A Salary Cap?
I still don't understand how the NHL expects fans to be excited that they may have solved salary cap - one where each team's individual cap is based on team revenues. So how does this solve the problems small market teams have long complained about? This is a load of crap - they came up with this "cap based on revenues" so that they don't have to lower ticket prices - it allows them to look at their fans and say "we can't lower prices - the more we take in, the more salary cap room we have to improve our team." Don't buy it gang...literally.

Do you think it is a coincidence that Hockey Canada is trumpeting the fact that Gretzky has agreed to lead Team Canada's entry into the 2006 Olympics? They are trying to get our attention away from the fact that they are a bunch of screw ups.

Robinson Vs. Scioscia
Things got pretty heated in LA - when Frank Robinson of the Washington Nationals had the umpires check the glove of Angels pitcher Brendan Donnelly - Donnelly was found to have pine tar on his glove and thrown out of the game. For his part, Mike Scioscia claimed that pine tar has no effect on the ball - for those of you that didn't know...Scioscia was a teammate of Jay Howell - when Howell was suspended for the same infraction...the Dodgers were playing Oakland in the 1988 World Series. Way to go Mike.

Ok...I'm sure there is plenty more to report on - but these were the ones that caught my attention.

Night peeps...Hazel et al.

In paying hommage to Rory Sabatini and his meltdown last weekend...where he basically abandoned his playing partner Ben Crane (17th hole).

Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day


I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash.

Peesth out.


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