Tuesday, June 14, 2005

An Eventful Tuesday

Evenin' peeps, Hazel (if you are peeking) and anyone else who is checking in (the counter says quite a few more than I ever expected)

A day and a half to say the least. Today at work, was one of those days that everything falls into place - and people actually see things for what they are...after months of trying to make people "get it" - the light bulb over their head clicks on. A colleague of mine who is a fake laugher, pat on the back "yes man" - is undergoing a transformation, from a big-talking, ass kisser - to an angry French man who is coming to the realization that he isn't as important as he thinks he is...he's walking around scowling...and I think its HI-larious. But I'm not here to talk about work - speaking of which...I started digging out part of my backyard to start construction on my interlock patio - son of a "beep" I'm tired (I'm getting too old for this crap) - but what took me about 6 hours saved me $1,500 (I was an idiot for going to University - I should have been a landscaper).

Where to start tonight? It certainly won't be a recap of my weekend, cuz I'm too damn tired to talk about growing up and hanging out with people you were once a kid with - and how life changes and takes some pretty interesting turns. Maybe better suited for a weird Wednesay entry.

David Wells pitches a great game against the Reds (can you say "a great game" when the Reds are light hitters? - except for Jr. of course...he's a key member of the Heroes). Nonetheless, Wells gives the Sox a great game - they spank the Reds for the second night in a row...but can't gain ground on the O's who beat Pettitte. (for the record - the pitching staff had a brutal night...we are gonna feel this tomorrow, I think we are falling out of second place).

Chris Carpenter went back to Toronto and humiliated the Jays - I mean he really made them look like an over-matched Double A club. 1 hit and 10Ks on the night...If anyone sees Eric Hinske, please return him to the Skydome...the Chickenhawk is going out of his mind wondering where Eric went. The BA keeps dropping...the HR and RBI remain constant, and he isn't getting the job done. He and Vernon must have switched water bottles or something.

Phil Jackson has decided to return to the Lakers - and Kobe Bryant trusts Dr. Buss and Mitch Kupchak's judgement. This should be good - without Shaq, and Kobe running the show...you made the right decision Phil. Funny, I heard him say in an interview that he has a three year contract and he's not sure if Lakers will be a contender by then. I don't think I've ever heard the Zen Master be quite so humble (he can't need the money)....ego? cheap drugs?

What would an NFL entry on "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" be without a Kellen Winslow Jr. update. Seems he is now coming clean about hurting his kidney, liver and breaking a bone in his upper leg while impersonating Fonzie or Evil. Winslow, being the smug, spoiled brat he is - rambled on about being young and feeling he was invincible - then saying that lots of people have motorcycles and he happened to get hurt, and half-hearted apology. Romeo Crenell just said that he'll wait to see what kind of player they have in Winslow..."when he gets back". Oh that was a ringing endorsement...right? I can see this guy getting cut when he walks back into camp next year.

For his part, Winslow insists he's coming back. Let's see "Chosen One" - in two years, a broken legs, damaged liver and kidney, broken bone in legs and a TORN ACL - and you think you are coming back? as what? Dude...if Crenell is anything like Belichek - you are so gone as soon as you recover. Hazel, you must have had an opportunity to speak to Romeo a little - do you think he is counting down the days to welcome Kellen Jr. back into the fold? Get all that signing bonus back Cleveland...every damn cent of it.

News Out Of New England
Seems that Mr. Bill Borson and NESN have parted ways - he apparently didn't see "eye to eye with a senior member of NESN's Management team. Mr. Borson, Vice-President of Programming and Production, was one of the key players in wooing Hazel away from Rogers and heading to New England (still haven't totally forgiven him for that - but hey, if its working out for Hazel...what can you say?). Here's hoping that his departure doesn't adversely impact Hazel's run with NESN. Maybe Rogers should hire Borson to re-vamp their broadcasts...hmmm - let me send "Ted" and the gang at Sportsnet an email. Ha ha ha. I'm sure Hazel will be fine.

I'm beat...so I'm calling it a night.

Night peeps, Hazel (see intro) and anyone else checking in...

So for my angry French colleague, for Phil Jackson who is going back to LA with Kobe, for Kellen "the Chosen One/new millennium Bionic Man" Winslow...and (never mind..I won't go near NESN on this one - out of respect for Hazel)...the song of the day on Hazelspeeps...

You're So Vain - Carly Simon

Have a great night one and all...Hazel here's hoping your week is going well and isn't in too much turmoil

Peesth out.


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