Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Finishing Off Weekend Recap

Evenin' peeps, anyone else checking in, and Hazel (if she is checking)...

Yesterday's weekend wrap up was quick one - I didn't talk about Toronto too much. I was in Toronto over the weekend for a meeting on Saturday. I got quite a bit done Friday evening, while watching the Sox and the Angels in my hotel room (no Hazel on the broadcast...but the were promoting Sportsdesk with Hazel's pic big time). After the game, a few colleagues got me to go out for a beer or two (Friday was a Red Bull and Vodka night) - but we ended up at a country bar...Jayzus, the clientele was choice to say the least...and in a damn country bar no less. I couldn't believe how many beautiful women were in one bar - but as my colleagues told me...welcome to Toronto my friend. I behaved - damn. A country bar...I never thought my ass would be in a country bar.

I wrapped my stuff up early on Saturday and was out by lunch time - I was about to head home when I heard there was a celebration for Camoes Day at the Dufferin Mall - that, coupled with the fact that Portugal was playing Slovakia meant I had to make the call home that I'd be a bit late...I had to go. The Bloor/Dufferin area was like a second home to me - I used to visit family in Toronto 3 or 4 times a year...that whole area was cool, you were more likely to hear Portuguese or Italian before you'd hear English. So I went to the mall and just took in the celebration with a number of strangers who could have easily passed for aunts, uncles, cousins...my real people. My aunts are too old to go to that stuff...and my cousins in Toronto don't feel the pull of our heritage - they are good little Canadians with funny last names. Speaking of which... "Mae" has Portuguese origins - me thinks that somewhere along the line...oh never mind. The day was great, Portugal won, the food was great, the music reminded me of the stuff I would hear as a kid...and it was a good day. Toronto is a great place to visit...not sure I would want to live there though.

World Cup Qualifiers
Tomorrow is that last round of qualifiers before a summer break. Portugal is in Estonia, and a win there would pretty much set them up for Germany. So we'll say a prayer for them and hope for the best, there is no reason why they shouldn't win this one...they probably won't increase their lead as Slovakia has a gimme game against Luxembourg. Its time for Pauleta to start capitalizing on scoring chances and for Figo to reassert himself as a dominant presence (preferrably by scoring). I'm sure they'll do fine...Deus permitta.

Thoughts of Hazel Mae Blog Reaches Asia
Honestly, I never expected anyone to ever read this blog - especially not Hazel (who knows though)...it was done as a lark, something in my spare time to let off a bit of steam. I got an email from someone at Hazelspeeps saying that this blog was referenced by a singapore sox fan - imagine that! "Off Kilter" indeed... haha...but I think its pretty cool all the same, so thank you singapore sox fan (if you have checked back).

Going back over the past week, there is lots of stuff for "Weird Wednesday" segment

Terrell Owens' rant on about "getting paid"
Onterrio Smith a.k.a the Whizzinator is gone for a year - though he wasn't charged by police
The NHL continues to meet, and depending on who you talk to...oh forget it...let's just ask Hazel to post her thoughts
that and a whole lot more...I think.

Night peeps, Hazel and anyone else peeking in

In honour of tomorrow's last qualifier before summer break - the Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps at yahoo is

Heroes do Mar (Portuguese National Anthem) - Traditional

Love watching them sing it when the camera scans the team. FORCA HOMENS

Peesth out


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