Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wednesdays Mean...Weird and Wacky

Evenin all

The middle of what has already been a long and tedious week...if I hear another person talking about the importance of Management Accountability Frameworks in business planning...I'm gonna - never mind. All is good. The weather is great, running is good (don't mind running in really warm weather - normally hate it).

The O's are handing it to the Sox tonight 9 - 3 in the ninth inning...thus guaranteeing that they will not leave Boston with a smaller lead than they rolled into town with. Watching the game tonight, the O's are pretty damn impressive - even with four regulars out, they keep finding ways to get the job done.

Having watched the Sox the last four nights, ESPN on Sunday - and Rogers picking up NESN feed the last three nights (thank you Rogers)...something isn't right with them, something is missing, there doesn't seem to be belief in their eyes - last year, there was an intensity about them that doesn't seem to be there this year. Tonight, Kevin Millar made an error and he looked like he was ready to give up. Maybe I shouldn't say anything...what do I know? Its not like I see them day in and day out like Hazel. So if she wants to shed some light...or her two cents - I'd sure like to hear her thoughts...wait for it..."Thoughts of Hazel Mae" - hahaha.

Speaking of Hazel. She was doing the SportsDesk updates on the broadcast - in a word, "smooth". I won't get go into any long winded explanations on why she is great, I think those 30 seconds snipits spoke for themselves. If you saw it tonight, compare that to the guys currently doing updates on Rogers or even worse...TSN - Hazel beats them hands down. From this chair, she was the highlight of the broadcast, and after the performance of the Sox tonight, I would think Red Sox Nation would agree.

Attention please, attention...Toronto Blue Jays or Mr. Chickenhawk- please report to Safeco Field...Vernon Wells has been found. Vernon had a monstrous night last...we will see if he keeps it up.

Yankees are in K.C, losing to the Royals - there was a time when a Randy Johnson start was almost a guaranteed times have changed - they are done.

Bob McKenzie is back at it again - wasting valuable web space with his take on the NHL Lockout. His latest article is about how "unnamed" sources from both sides say that an agreement isn't coming in the near future. Bob provides his expert insight to us readers with such indepth analysis and insider information including...

We shouldnt' be expecting a deal in hours...could it be done in days? perhaps...could it be done in weeks? perhaps...could it still blow up? perhaps. (wow - thanks Bob...I never thought of it that way).

Collective bargaining is a delicate process (gee...ya think? after this many months...i didn't think it was an easy one).

I swear...the NHL toys with this guy to keep themselves in the news...he is a fish that keeps biting. Bob, do yourself a favour - stroll through the TSN Newsroom, check the satellite feed for the Sox on NESN and wait for the SportDesk updates...much better use of your time.

World Cup 2006
Qualifiers going this weekend - Portugal hosting Slovakia in Lisbon on Saturday - a win pretty much puts us through to Germany. Nuno Gomes and Miguel Monteiro aren't going to be with the team...but shouldn't hurt our chances.

Figo has been given green light to negotiate with another club...more to follow at a later date while this injustice is digested - Real suck.

Ok...time to call it a night...long day. Night Hazel (if you see this)

Song of the Day at Hazelspeeps at yahoo - going back to the broadcast tonight..

Smooth - Carlos Santana ft. Rob Thomas.

Peesth out.


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