Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekend Recap Part 1

Evenin' peeps, Hazel and anyone else happening on this page; especially those of your that are dads...a belated Happy Father's Day to all of you. I hope everyone got in touch with their father yesterday - no excuses, no one gets off the hook for not seeing or calling their dad.

Things stayed pretty much the same in the AL East over the weekend. O's maintained their slim lead over the Sox, the Yankees swept their way to their 6th straight win (but I still think they are done like dinner - tonight's effort against the D-Rays would support my thought) and the Jays continue to slowly slip back. For those keep track...yes the Dodgers are sucking right now - losing their 6th straight last night, but without Milton Bradley and Eric Gagne - what do you expect?

Some funny observations from the weekend out of Jays land. The Chickenhawk has gone on record as saying there are very few players on the Jays that are "untouchable" - the tone of the article and the quote attributed to him was one of reservation, like a man who is already throwing in the towel on the season. Possible names mentioned as trade bait - even Eric Hinske and Orlando Hudson, once thought to be untouchables. One question for the Chickenhawk, the Toronto Sun and any Jays fan who thinks this is plausible - "Huh?" Eric Hinske? You gotta be kidding me, what contender in either league is weaker at 1st base than Eric Hinske? Or weak enough to think that a guy who is hitting .250 and on pace for 20 HRs is the 1st or 3rd base. Hinske has been belly-aching about playing time - does he really deserve to be a full-timer? (his current 2 - 19 homestand says NO). Before anyone goes off on me about Hinske being better that (chant one and all) HEE SEOP CHOI - Choi makes less cash than Hinske and has better numbers this year.

The Jays can't seriously believe that trading Eric Hinske will bring them anyone who can help in the here and now - or a viable prospect...not unless some GM loses his mind.

The other name being thrown about is (apologies in advance to Hazel if she reads of her favourites) Orlando Hudson. Hudson, who joined Hazel to co-host a few episodes of JZone last year (eventually doing a couple on his own when she was in Boston) , is in the midst of a sub-par year. In watching him over the last couple of weeks, he seems totally lost up at the plate - lunging at pitches, guessing at what is coming...his bat is looking very slow. While Hudson might bring more than Hinske...the question is, how much more? and Who would replace him? I'm sorry Jays fans - the Chickenhawk is selling you all a bill of is time for Mr. Godfrey to take a good hard look at him and cut him loose - he's no Billy Beane, no Theo Epstein...hell, he ain't even me! Hazel's namesakes are in second place...with a cap no less! hahahaha. Seriously...his time should be considered to be up.

Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun went on record Sunday with a comment that has likely crossed the mind of a Jays fan or two in Toronto - "after seeing Frank Menechino hit two HRs on thing came to mind ...steroid testing." Gee, do ya think? Frank has muscle coming out of his face for chrissakes. Speaking of steroids...

"Creatine" A New Body
This won't be news to anyone who has watched baseball this year...but has anyone seen the new and reduced Sammy Sosa? Geezus, he's shrinking into the big-fro skinny kid who started out with the Texas Rangers. He's got to be 20 to 30 lbs lighter...his big 9 HRs this year would tend to support the allegation that he has lost significant girth and power.

As had been speculated for the last week or so - Brian Burke, former GM of the Canucks and resident TSN sour-puss and NHL Owners supporter, was named GM and VP of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. Love, like or hate Burke - the guy is rock solid (amazing for an American) and one of the best hockey minds in the NHL. I say Burke has Anaheim competing for a Cup in 3 - 5 years. If the NHL does adopt a salary cap - look for the Ducks rise to be closer to 3 than 5 years. The NHL negotiations and proposed salary cap is crying out for a rant on this page...maybe later this week.

The Business Of Sports
Last week I read an article about David Beckham and what he has meant to Real Madrid since his arrival. Rather than talking about how much Beckham had brought to Real - with them winning La Liga and Champions League this year - the article focused on Beckham's financial impact. What's that you say? Barcelona won La Liga, and Liverpool won Champions League - oh, maybe that's why they didn't talk about his play.

From all accounts this year, Beckham has been a non-factor on the pitch (but making plenty of headlines off the pitch). Beckham has been largely invisible for Real and has not done anything to distinguish himself or remind anyone of the final for the FIFA World Player of the Year a few years ago (won by...guess who? That's right Luis Figo), Madrid estimates their net gain after paying Beckham's salary is 30 million Euros - they attribute a couple of upcoming lucrative tours to his presence. So, as I said a couple of months back - the reason they are open to letting Figo leave Real has nothing to do with his play - its because they don't have the balls to cut Beckham loose and admit to the world they signed a good player in Beckham...but not a great one. Real suck... and I hope Figo embarrasses your dumb asses if he leaves for Valencia or a team in the Premiership - World Cup 2006 will be his (and Portugal's) triumph...and here's hoping Hazel is there to recap it for the good folks in New England!

More People Who Suck
I'm adding a new wrinkle to the Weekend Recap - people/teams who have managed to really piss me off this week. For the week ending June 19th, my shit list is headed by Carlos Beltran of the Mets. Beltran went 0-4 on Saturday night, not even managing a hit against Ryan Franklin of Mariners (yes...that Ryan Franklin). His failure to get a hit, even hit a single (when Ichiro took an 0-for against Pedro) cost me $200 hundred bucks on my proline ticket (okay...I only spent five...but still).

The one-trick pony known as the Greek National team - who lost to Japan at the Confederations Cup on Sunday. They cost me $150 bucks on another proline ticket - stupid buggers (for those who might have misread that...that was BUGGERS...and not what you think I wrote - hahahaha). The match report summarized the Greek attack as "lofting crosses into Charisteas and Zysis". I still can't believe these frigging clowns won Euro 2004 - beating Portugal twice...damn. Greece...your run is over - as the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld would say "No World Cup for you!"

Freddie Mitchell signed with K.C. I can almost see Hazel rolling her eyes saying "What is Vermeil thinking?" I think Trent Green gives up on him by Week 6. If you've read this page before - you would know that Freddie is part of my Three Stooges of the NFL - Freddie, Kellen Winslow Jr. and of course...T.O. I won't go hatin on Vermeil...he might start cryin'. Apologies to Hazel's boys in K.C - but...damn, Freddie Mitchell? Hazel, there's room for you on the Cowboys' bandwagon.

Ricky Williams is coming back to the NFL. Is there anything I can say that hasn't been said about Ricky? He quit on his team - enough said.

Retief...never mind. I feel bad for Goosen - and for the record, I don't think he sucks. I just can't believe he shot 11 over in the last round of the U.S. Open - he was the defending champ for chrissakes. Hey wait, golf isn't really a sport...but then again, neither are my weekends and I find a way to report on those (tomorrow). hahahaha

Ok, I'm calling it a night - there is lots more to say, but it's been a long day and if you have gotten this far - you are probably thinking I have said enough for the night. More to follow later this week - if you see anything in the world of sports that strikes you as silly or dumb...please submit them (via comment box) for inclusion into weird'll be given proper credit for submissions - weblinks appreciated.

Night peeps, night Hazel (if you are peeking in) here's hoping your week is going well (Congrats on Boston Globe article highlighting your MC'ing of a high school awards dinner on Sunday - bravo to you!)...and night to anyone else checking in.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps at yahoo...with the talks of trading Jays, new GMs in the NHL, allowing good players to leave your team (again Figo), questionable free agent signings and reinstatements...

Change - Tears for Fears (look it up if you haven't heard it - an 80's classic).

Peesth out.


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