Thursday, April 28, 2005

Gettin Over This Man Cold

Evenin' peeps, evenin' Hazel.

This cold is killing me - there is nothing worse than a spring/"almost summer" cold. Tonight's entry is going to be short and sweet - kinda like Hazel. *smile*

Today's Rundown
The Jays are patting themselves on the back after sweeping the Devil Rays - the Chickenhawk must be smiling too. What a manipulative prick though huh? He fires the hitting coach right before they play the Devil Rays and that awful pitching staff.

Speaking of the Devil Rays and Lou Piniella - Curt Schilling is stirring it up again. Schilling claims that Lou's players think he's an idiot; the players deny saying this. The more Schilling talks...the more I think he's just a colossal horse's ass, who is disliked by most of his peers - the guy may be a great pitcher, but doesn't seem to conduct himself with a lot of integrity or respect for his peers.

Has anyone seen Vernon Wells? Hear that whistling sound? That's Hinske's batting avg and production kareening back to earth.

Yankees lost another one to the Angels - what happened to Kevin Brown? he looked pretty ordinary for the first four or five innings. Yankees in trouble...Sox in trouble...Watch out for the O's. Jays fans...ain't gonna happen.

Frank's Parents Were Funny
Frank Francisco (how does a guy from the Dominican get "Frank"?) - I think his name is Francisco Francisco. Anyhoo, Frank and two other teammates are being sued by a couple in Oakland for the chair throwing incident last year. It will be interesting to hear what happens...but I love the quote where the woman says she's afraid to go to a game because she doesn't know what a player might do. She was well coached. Give me strength. the insanity!!!!!!

Like I said, this cold is killing I'm calling it a night.

Goodnight Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes as you get ready for your weekend...Congrats on owning a baseball team...what's that you say? Details to follow.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day...because I'm not feeling well...

Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye

I won't even try to sing Marvin Gaye...but it's a good one.

Night peeps....

Peesth Out!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Slow Sports Day - Let The Nonsense Begin

Evenin' peeps, evening Hazel.

With the lack of stuff going on yesterday...seems that info portals and media sites were really stretching for news items today. Let's start off with something that wasn't nonsense - my run tonight. I ran 8 KM (5 miles) in 38.5 minutes...the first 5.5 KM was slightly uphill and into the I was pumped about that.

Tonight's Rundown
Chickenhawk must have that smug smile...the Jays offence got in gear tonight - against the Devil Rays no less. See? He was right after all. Jays beat Tampa tonight, 7-5...pat yourself on the back Hawk.

Yankees punked the Angels tonight - ARod, known in New England as "slappy" - smacked three home runs tonight. When they need him against the Sox - he'll ground weakly to first. hahaha "slappy"

Sox are leading the O's 8-7 as I type...I'm sick tonight, so I might not get a final here..but don't be surprised if the O's come back. Red Sox Nation getting nasty with Boomer Wells...a check of the board has fans talking about his fat ass and rehab...all with advice on losing weight etc. Ya, Boomer must be dying to get back to pitch for these guys. Geez, last week the guy was pitching great and back on track...this week he is a fat donut eating slug who wouldn't have sprained his ankle if he wasn't so fat. Way to go Red Sox Nation, way to endear yourself to the country. Hazel, can't you settle these people down?

Dumb and Dumber
The mullet brothers, better known as the Cansecos - Jose and Ozzie, were found liable Monday in a lawsuit filed by two men the Bash Brothers (apologies to McGwire) beat up at a Miami beach nightclub in 2001. A jury in the case has ordered the Cansecos to pay $1 Million dollars - $700K in compensatory damages, and another $300K in puntive damages. Jose better sell a lot of books...Does anyone else see Jose on a bad reality Fox Network television production? I'm thinking Jose is in a "C list Celebrity" lineup (no pun intended).

Not Smelling Like Rose
Lenny "Nails" Dykstra has been cleared of betting on baseball. So according to Fay Vincent, former Commissioner, Lenny's A-OK. Huh? Let me get this straight...Dykstra gambles, owing thousands on poker debt...but because he didn't bet on baseball, everything is ok. Case closed. Pete Rose must be choking on a poker chip right matter what Vincent says.

MLB Is Serious About Steroids
How many times do I have to keep telling you...these guys aren't kidding this time - just ask Jamal Strong. Strong's major league service isn't much to speak of - but at least he'll have something to tell his grandkids about huh? MLB nails another career minor leaguer...way to go Bud.

Moore Time Off For Bertuzzi?
Todd Bertuzzi met with NHL's head weasel today to talk about reinstatement to the league if they ever come back. Steve Moore, through his agent, is making a case to keep Bertuzzi on the bench. I don't know what to say about this...Bertuzzi was an ass, a psychotic, destructive maniac...Moore's lawyer is getting a bit too much attention...whether Moore was asked to appear or not. Surprise, surprise - Bob McKenzie wrote another article to tell people that he doesn't know what is going to happen...and doesn't know when a decision on Bertuzzi will be announced - Bob says it might not come for days, or weeks or months. Thanks Bob...thanks again for nothing.

$500 K Beats An Office Job Huh Doug?
Doug Flutie, the man who once balked at a $500k contract offer by the Argos - saying, he'd rather go home to New England and get an office job, than play for that piddly amount, is now said to be considering a return to the CFL - apparently he and his brother Darren are said to be thinking about playing in Hamilton. I don't know about you...but I find this insulting. The CFL is trying to trumpet the return of a 42 year old quaterback that hasn't played in the league in 8 years? I don't know who is more of a joke - Ron Lancaster for trying this (senile old fart) or Doug Flutie for considering it (arrogant ass who thought he was too good for the league who basically gave him a chance when no one else would). I hope the Pats tell Flutie to run along.

Last Shot At CDM Sports
I took my last shot at them today at work...I'll see if they put Hazel on my reserve list.

Ok, this cold is killing me - so I'm going to wrap this up tonight with a wave to Hazel...cuz she doesn't want this cold.

Goodnight Hazel Mae fondest regards and best wishes to's hoping that NESN doesn't ever have to put you on the DL.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - in honour of the Bash Brothers and Nails - former steroid users who have shrunk a little since their playing days (I know it's a stretch for Ozzie) - and Doug "I'm the greatest ever" Flutie (who Hazel interviewed at Fenway - Yuck).

K-Os - Half The Man I Used To Be

I tried, I couldn't fight it
I just wanna get back to me - ooh baby
back into the man I used to be

Goodnight peeps...

As Kip Dynamite says...Peesth Out!

Monday, April 25, 2005

A Busy Monday for Hazelspeeps

Evenin' peeps, evening Hazel.

A quiet night in the world of sports - a light schedule in the Majors, NFL Draft Hangover day with all sorts of ANALysis up the ying yang, still no NHL, the English Premiership week wrapped up...and oh yeah...NBA is in playoff mode - but does anyone care? (Celts played out of respect for Hazel's new home...I'll include them - they lost to Indiana).

To The Wells Once Too Often?
David Wells had it handed to him again - 6 ernies in 3.2 innings. Red Sox Nation will be sure to be all over him - once poster implored Boomer to do something...anything to make the Nation fall in love with him. I guess Boomer must have missed the memo - he's gonna hear it tonight and tomorrow. Speaking of hearing it, Manny's 0-For tonight killed my pro-line hitters ticket. Remember what I said about the O's.

In case anyone was wondering, Pedro and Derek Lowe are doing just fine in the National League...going into tonight's game, Lowe had not allowed an earned run in his last 17 innings for the Dodgers - as Napoleon Dynamite would say...yesssssssss. Edit - he gave up 3 in the first inning...I should have shut my cake hole.

The Chickenhawk Gets The Dog Again
For new members of hazelspeeps - the Chickenhawk (the angry little red bird on the old Bugs Bunny cartoons) is actually J.P. Ricciardi - General Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. You gotta love this guy, two weeks into the season he fires the Hitting Coach - now there is a G.M who is taking action. The Jays are in the middle of the pack in most of the important hitting categories - but the Chickenhawk thinks they should be better. He was his arrogant self - talking about lack of situational hitting, "making the same mistakes", and "not where they should be..better than we have shown". HUH? Koskie and Wells aren't hitting, Hinske is returning to his "Hinske-like" form...what does he expect? Firing the hitting coach is tantamount to the Chickenhawk dragging that damn red and white dog - instead of Foghorn Leghorn. The problem with the Jays is the pitching staff - the pitching staff he praised in spring training - the guy is a jerk, plain and simple - memo to Paul Godfrey "FIRE HIM!!!" Ricciardi needs to go - there is no plan gang.

Hazel Mae's Heroes Hit By Injury Bug
Ben Sheets of the Brewers is down with some sort of ear infection. Sheets was being counted on to lead Hazel Mae's Heroes' pitching staff this year in the Ottawa Rotisserians Baseball League.

I have had the same type of thing happen to me...five years ago - it was the most awful thing I went through, he's down for three weeks. In week two, he'll feel fine...but noises or vibrations will set his head spinning - I live it, I know of what I speak. Hazel, as honourary owner of the team...who should we bring up? hahaha

Great article on Rich Harden - Canadian-born pitcher for the Oakland A's. Harden is the real deal - and with Eric Gagne, Jeff Francis of the Rockies (and Hazel Mae's Heroes) and Eric Bedard of the O's coming along (we'll see about Bedard)...Canadians will be well represented on major league mounds - are you paying attention Mr. Chickenhawk? Getting Koskie from the Twins doesn't count - DRAFT SOMEONE CANADIAN.

Pete Orr of the Braves hit his first HR tonight.

NFL News
It all starts and ends with the Cowboys who got A's from most of the major sites and writers - I like the Marion Barber pick...he's going to be a good fit there. The defensive players seem like impact players (with Canty being a possible steal)...we'll be fine.

Still no word on whether or not Dick Vermeil has cried since the draft. No word on whether Hazel shed a tear or two on draft day...out of sympathy for Vermeil and the Chiefs.

Good draft weekend for Canadians, A.J Atogwe and Nick Kaczur were both drafted (the latter by the New England Patriots - so Hazel might get the scoop on interviewing him). Jesse Lumsden signed as a free agent with the Seahawks. Interesting...given that Shawn Alexander is there...Good luck to all of them...may they all fare better than Tommy Kane and Tony "Steroid Boy" Mandarich.

This may be hard for some to believe...but Rich Gannon of the Oakland Raiders is expected to retire - huh? Did anyone think he could come back?

Team Canada Beats Latvia
3-1 - aren't you all happy? Doesn't it make you feel great that we beat the damn latvians 3-1? Enough said...

In junior hockey, Team Canada Under-18 lost to the U.S. - Ottawa 67s in Eastern Final of the OHL. Go barber polls!!!!

Quebec girl messes up American Anthem...gets to go on National Television to do it right...give me strength. She wasn't that good on Sunday morning either.

English Premiership
Arsenal wins 1- 0 over Tottenham to delay Chelsea's celebration of their first title in 50 years... Sox fans any advice???? Leaf fans..we can relate.

The Score
I'm telling you right now...there is not a better sports tandem in Canada that Sid Sexeiro (good Portuguese boy) and Tim Micallef - these two are the best since Hazel left. They have a great sense of humour...seem to generally like each other and don't spend their time trying to upstage each other - I think Hazel would approve of these two. I know she would like Sid's "He hit the POH-SHHH-TEENGA" hahahaha

Hazelspeeps Site News
3 new members today - bringing the group up to 14 - which is 13 more than I thought would be there. So thank you to the people who joined...tell everyone about hazelspeeps - let's show our support.

Actually Getting Feedback
I was pleasantly surprised to see 9 emails tonight. Three were yahoo site membership requests...there was a membership request and subsequent withdrawal (not sure why) - and four other emails (I don't surf the net enough to get porn spam)...on the site. It seems like this blog (more likely yahoo site) is generating some traffic which is pretty cool - two of the emails said they had a chuckle. Two of the emails were kinda nasty - I will respond to them...but not tonight - long monday... and I'm freakin tired.

For anyone who has read previous posts - tonight's run was 7 km, but I was labouring after yesterday's run - 35 mins was cold and windy too. I've decided to try to raise money for Canadian Diabetes Association - if I raise a crap load of money - $5,500+, they will send me to run a race 5 marathons (half and 10 km runs) around the world - stay tuned...or if you want to make a donation, let me know...hahaha

Goodnight Hazel Mae...fondest regards and best wishes to you...try to keep Red Sox Nation together...after losing 3 of 4...they must be in a surly can do it.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - no significance...just love the latin beat

Oye Mi Canto - N.O.R.E (ft. Nina Sky)

whoaaaaa wa oooooh
wa ooooh wa oooh
Boricua Morena
Domincana, Columbiana
Boricua Morena
Cubana, American

Goodnight peeps...

Peesth out!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Guinness Kind of Weekend

Good Evenin Peeps, welcome back from your weekend Hazel.

Where to start today...seeing as though there are two days to wrap up. On a personal note, today's run was 6 km in 28 mins - which is my best so far. It was cold, windy and rainy today...but somehow I managed a good one. So on to the weekend that was in the world of sports.

"Aruba Aruba" Andalay Andalay
The Orioles, led by Aruba-born Sidney "beveraging-consuming, motor vehicle operating" Ponson, did it to the Jays and Roy Halladay again today (for the record...I won't ever use the nickname "Doc" - it is NOT clever) . The Jays ace, and the entire team had it handed to them today - the Jays were being no hit for the first 4-5 innings and showed no sign of ever being in the game...all this by Sidney Ponson - the same Sidney Ponson who has been having his ass handed to him for the last few months of baseball (going back to last year). I wonder if the Chickenhawk is still excited about this team - two weeks in or not...I'm sure he thought the O's were a team his Jays could deal with...apparently not. For Eric Hinske fans, he saved himself from an "O-For" with a nothing double in the ninth. Anyone seen Vernon Wells? The O's are for real...they are going to pose problems for American League East question - if the O's finish higher than the Jays...does Chickenhawk get fired?

In the land of the Titans - the Yankees crushed the Rangers (a reversal of the "kicked my father's teeth in" joke from yesterday's blog entry) and the Red Sox salvaged the last game of their series with Tampa Bay. Bronson Arroyo gets a ton of run support and gets his second win of the season - btw...Bronson is best known for his spring training interview with Hazel where he gave her a guitar lesson - oh settle down Red Sox Nation...I know you all think he is the future of the pitching staff - I'm not sold yet. By the way, Red Sox Nation is not worried about Schilling yet - they were ready to hang Wells...oh to be loved in Boston - right Hazel? *smile*

Speaking of Red Sox Nation, it seems that one or two of the fans at Fenway like to have the occassional pop or TEN. The Boston Globe published an article on beer sales at Fenway - who would have thought that Bostonians like the suds so much...Hazel, how is the beer on tap at Fenway? How does it stack up against Canadian beer? Don't compare it to Labbatt's or Molson's though - not fair.

For anyone other than me who cares...the Dodgers won again, coming back in the late innings to takeone from Colorado - the sad part is that they took a win away from Jeff Francis - who in addition to being Canadian is a member of the Ottawa Rotisserians "Hazel Mae's Heroes".

Another steroid story you say? Seems like the latest controversy involves former Met/Philly Lenny Dykstra, affectionately known to most baseball fans as "nails". A former business partner alledges that Lenny counselled him on when to bet on the Phillies...and oh ya - Lenny took roids. Now that I think about it...he really bulked up over the course of a year or two - but as the article points the time, steroids were not illegal. I wonder if people were referring to something else when they called him "little Lenny"...with the steroids and all. Can "Car Wash" be the song of the day on Hazelspeeps? hmmm stay tuned.

NFL Draft Weekend
Pete Prisco sums up NFL Draft weekend with his assessment of every team's performance. I like Prisco, he's pretty astute when it comes to the NFL...and he grades the Cowboy's draft as an A - with the steal being Chris Canty. Prisco gave Dallas some props for a very good draft. On the downside, he has bad news for Hazel and other fans of the K.C. Chiefs - he graded their draft as a C. Prisco writes "I didn't like the rest of their draft. Pretty blah." - Now if that doesn't make Vermeil cry...well...I just don't know.

Portuguese National Team Closing In On Premiership Title
Chelsea (aka Portuguese National Team North) is one win, or one Arsenal loss or tie, away from winning the Barclayard's English Premiership Title. Chelsea can now focus on kicking Liverpool's ass in Champions League. Jose Mourinho wins his third successive national title (two in Portugal) - can a second successive Champions League Trophy be far behind? I think not...I'm waiting for Jose's call...hell, I'm still waiting for Hazel's call. For the record, I'd still call Hazel before Jose - just don't tell him...he can come off as being a little cranky sometimes.

Bobby Orr Speaks Out On NHL Impasse
I don't like talking about the NHL - but if Bobby Orr speaks, we should listen. I think Orr could have used his stature in the game to really lambaste the NHL - but he didn't. Read the article if you have a few seconds to kill...not really that important or informative.

NBA Playoffs Started...there, I mentioned it.

Administrative Issues On Yahoo
I did the unthinkable tonight - I had to delete a picture off the site. I explained my decision on yahoo - but posting a picture of Tom Caron, with half of Hazel in the pic (not her face) doesn't qualify as a "Hazelspeeps" pic.

Filapina Femme Fatale
No, not Hazel. I was at the mall this weekend - I saw one half of the neighbourhood Filapina cuties at the Liquor Store - she smiled and said hi as I walked into Vintages section. For anyone keeping score - I got another half bottle of Churchill's 1994, and a bottle of 1982. Oh, yes...the cutie lived up to her name...she looked very good. Damn...*walking away muttering incoherently"

Well, that was the weekend in sports from my vantage was the NFL Draft...and some major league baseball. Time to call it a night...very little sleep last night...and a few Guinness'... and Sunday night is "catch up with my buddy in Hamilton" night.

Goodnight Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes for a great week where you are. I hope your weekend went well...and that this upcoming week is even better.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day

In honour of seeing the cute Filapina

Don't Phunk With My Heart - Black Eyed Peas... I get chills when I hear Fergie singing intro

No No No... Don't phunk with my heart
No No No... Don't phunk with my heart
I wonder if I take you home
Would you still be in love babaaay - in love babaay
I wonder if I take you home
Would you still be in love babaaay - in love babaay

Have a great week peeps...Hazel.
Peesth Out

Saturday, April 23, 2005

An Interesting Weekend Ahead

Good evenin peeps, evenin' Hazel (hope your weekend is off to a good start).

Before I get into it tonight - Tonight's run was 6.5 km (four miles for Americans) in 32 minutes...I think I'm going to make my goal of 10 Km in 50 minutes or less by the end of the summer. Saw the two neighbourhood Filapina cuties...damn...I think they are playing with me when I run by (if you haven't heard about these two...see previous posts for my history with the ladies from the islands) they smile and giggle too much - damn I wish I knew Tegaluk. Maybe Hazel's family will take me in and give me a crash course...the next time I'm in Toronto for work or family visit.

Speaking of Hazel - gee, who'da thunk it on this blog. I had this really weird dream - I had just gotten into work, with everyone congratulating me as I walked in the building. There were two voicemails -

the first from Jose Mourinho(Chelsea's Manager) - "(Blank) it's Jose, I heard the me."

the second? - "(Blank) it's Hazel, I sent you an me when you get a chance."

I sat there for a second staring at the ceiling - and picked up the phone to start dialing Boston...and I woke up. Dammit.

A Tough Night In American League East
The Jays get pounded again, this time it was 13-5. Wells, Hinske, Koskie and Hillenbrand - went 2 for 15 collectively. Josh Towers got hit around pretty good again. The Chickenhawk's bright young pitching staff doesn't seem to be getting it done - the questions will be starting soon. Watching the game tonight, the O's look like the real deal...they will surprise the Sox and/or Yankees this year - they've got the bats to keep them in any game. Jays fans, if you want to look at the bright side (in other words, if you want to think that you may have a hope in hell of staying close to the big guys) the Sox and Yankees both lost tonight.

Yankees got their teeth kicked in by the Texas Rangers (if you didn't get it...that was a reference to an old Chuck Norris movie, where a bad guy says *in heavy mexican accent* "a texas ranger kicked my father's teeth in" - never mind). The Sox went down to Tampa Bay, one of the peeps was all over the yahoo site advertising tickets for sale - by last night, bleacher seats were down to $5 or best offer...I wonder if he sold them.

MLB Strikes Again - Nabbing Nine More Steroid Cheats
Yep, Major League Baseball proves once again that they are serious about enforcing no steroids or performance enhancing drugs - nine more minor leaguers were suspended, do yourself a favour and check out the's laughable.

Dodgers getting pounded tonight - damn, looks like they are going to lose their second in a row. Oh well, still comfortably in first place.

Hazel, what in the hell is going on in Major League Baseball?

NFL Draft Tomorrow
I was on Sportsnet (for any Americans who read this - Rogers Sportsnet was Hazel's former employer) , checking out draft projections for tomorrow. Looks like the Cowboys are going to draft an LB Shawne Merriman and who knows with the 20th pick - I'm hoping Parcells pulls a great one tomorrow.

But Sportsnet had an article that was funny, yet strangely a bit sad - it was all about how players rise and fall in the draft. The stuff that can impact a player hoping to be drafted - and potentially cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars - is crazy. Scouts are talking about a draft potential this year - David Pollack, DL/LB Georgia, falling in the draft because...get this...HIS ARMS ARE TOO SHORT. There were a few other one guy who kept dropping, because the team that wanted to draft him spread rumours about him being homosexual. Read the article, it's worth it - and a guaranteed chuckle.

I Wonder If Hazel Is Smiling Along With Vermeil
The Kansas City Chiefs agreed to terms with Miami DB Patrick Surtain - clearing the way for a trade. Vermeil (who apparently didn't cry at the press conference) is expecting big things from Surtain - we'll see what happens...tough to be a DB on a team that doesn't get a lot of pressure on the QB. Again, for those that didn't know, Hazel is (was?) a huge Chiefs fan - why that is remains a mystery to us Dallas Cowboys Canadian fans...hey, she may be pulling for the Pats this year. Always room on the Cowboys bandwagon for Hazel, I think she'd look great in a Cowboys hat!

April Showers In Europe
Seems like spitting is the order of the month in European Soccer - and surprise of all surprises, this time, Jose Mourinho isn't being blamed (though I think the British press is trying hard to get him on something). Nope, this time it is French Goalkeeper Fabian Bartez, in effect he's banned for three months. Another player in England, El-Hadji Diouf, a striker for Bolton will be in court to answer charges he spit water at opposing fans in Middlesborough - he's a repeat offender.

Canada Is Hockey Crazy Again
Canada loses 5-4 to U.S. in exhibition hockey in Quebec City - the loudest cheer of the night went to the singer who forgot the words to the Star Spangled Banner - walked off the ice in shame...came back a few seconds later where she promptly slipped on the board on the ice...falling ass over tea-kettle - and ran off the ice crying into the arms of her poor mother. Let's hear it for Quebec City fans for traumatizing the poor girl...and sportsnet for playing it over and over. Looked like a full house tonight...too bad...they should have played in front of an empty arena.

No Member Of "Hazelspeeps Nation" Fessed Up
Ok, so fessed up might not have been the right term. For anyone who read yesterday's blog - I checked into the Yahoo site to see if anyone had wanted to join, or posted a message etc. I was surprised to see a bunch of pics of Hazel...I wasn't upset or anything like yesterday's entry, it's all there. Still wondering how posted the pics...I have to say, they are absolutely spectacular - the word "stunning" doesn't do Hazel justice - "breathtaking" may be more a prospos.

Maybe someone will step up this weekend...maybe they won't. Not a big's all good.

Well, that's about all I have for tonight...tomorrow's blog will look at the NFL draft...a little baseball...some soccer from Europe...and of course...Hazel Mae! hahahaha

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae...fondest regards and best wishes for a great weekend to you...enjoy the draft, I know you'll be watching (remember, it's never to late to join the Cowboys!) - hey, it's that or "Crying With Vermeil" haha

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day

Hip-Hop song from a Toronto honour of the times I publish my thoughts and musings...and now that Hazel works the night shift...I give you...

Deep End - Swollen Members

Workin' late night,
not that we hate light
just feels right
that's when tracks come out tight
thought start creeping
people are sleeping
whole worlds out in their dreams
its the deep end

If you haven't heard it should. have a great weekend peeps...Hazel...

Peesth out!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Last Night's Blog on Yahoo Hazelspeeps

Evenin' peeps, evenin Hazel.

Last night's post was eaten by blogspot - and I still haven't figured out how to paste text here...but I had copied it before it was lost, so it was posted on the yahoo site.

Someone Tagged Hazelspeeps at Yahoo
So I log on to see if anyone has applied for membership on the Yahoo site, and I was shocked to see 8 new pics on the yahoo site - no name attached to the pics. I am a little hesitant to post pics on the site, as I don't want it to be one of those creepy sites where anyone and everyone posts pics of Hazel (unauthorized) - it was never intended to be that kind of site. I had posted one pic on the home page - to me, it is the essence of Hazel Mae - it's pic posted on canadian baseball is Hazel in a Jays cap...smiling. It's a simple picture - no airbrushing or anything like that - just Hazel, it is still the signature pic in my opinion. So before this turns into one of those stupid "Jody Vance's Pervs" site...I decided to send an email asking the poster to fess up. Does that make me an ass? I'm not a control freak or anything (hell, one of the members keeps posting messages to try to sell Sox tickets - and I let that go)'s jus that I would be mortified if "the one and only Hazel Mae" ever found the site and got creeped out by all the pics being posted, without her knowledge or consent. I have heard all the arguments that her pics are public domain, but unless she has given implicit consent, by posing for a specific reason or request - they shouldn't be used. Am I right? In case you haven't noticed or guessed, I'm a bit of a worrier.

Now, having said that, the pictures were great - if it is possible, she is even more stunning than when she said goodbye to Canada last summer. Seeing those pictures - wow. There is power and electricity in that smile, in those eyes...I'm going to shut up now - but I will close by saying that she is the complete package, it's more than just her beauty...she has "it"...and THAT is why she deserves to have some recognition - ya, like a blog and a yahoo site dedicated to her.

Why A Blog/Yahoo Site?
That is a good question - I'm not really sure why, other than to say it was the right thing to do. I was a fan of hers from the day she burst on the scene at Rogers Sportsnet in October 2001 - I tuned in every morning, yes at first because she was a beautiful...but you didn't have to watch long to really like her style - she was passionate about sports and genuinely seemed to enjoy what she was doing. There was something very genuine about her - and I admire that in people.

I would read media snipets of reporters questioning her credentials and whether or not she deserved the job she was in - during that time, I never heard her lash out at her detractors, complain or bellyache about getting a rough ride; she handled it all with class and dignity. This wasn't enough for some sports geeks, who decided to rip her and get on her case for being attractive - like that automatically meant that she wasn't talented or deserving; then of course there were those who claimed to be in the know that took shots at her moral fibre and character (which in my books is totally unacceptable) - still, she takes it all in stride. The jerks on the Blue Jay message boards that made her a topic of discussion for things other than her work...and later those in Boston who boil everything down to the way she looks - calling woman reporters sportsbabes, bimbos etc. She has been treated unfairly by a vocal minority - yet she continues to smile and show herself to be a class act - she kept smiling and made those who watched her smile.

So the site and blog are there to serve one purpose, albeit one that may never be realized - it's to show her that some people... some sports fans and some viewers like what she does, respect what she does, and wish her all the success in the world.

I think it's time to shut up now...I haven't gotten into baseball or sports much tonight.

Jays lose again, had a chance to win in the ninth and they couldn't do it against Rivera. Tabler and Campbell are putting the spin that "they are fighting" on the game - however, when they fight to 70 wins this season...let's see what they think then.

Sox beat the O's 1-0. David Ortiz continues to impress - he's what most ball players should be like. He broke a bat tonight, taped it in the dugout and gave it to a kid wearing a Red Sox hat (in Baltimore) - very cool.

Nomar is out for 2 - 3 months with torn groin - OUCH - I think the guy is cursed. Some Red Sox fans are enjoying this one.

Pedro Martinez continues to kick ass in the National League - Red Sox Nation is going to regret his leaving town.

A friend of mine saw "Fever Pitch" - he said it sucked.

Exhibition Hockey
Do you care? If so, Canada beat U.S. 3 - 1 in Exhibition action yesterday. I still think North Americans should boycott.

That's about it for tonight - my apologies to Hazel for not asking her opinion on anything tonight...something tells me that with tonight's entry, she would have been too modest to accept the kudos and recognition given to her tonight (expect more in subsequent entries). Sorry if I bored people tonight - my bad.

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae fondest regards and best wishes to you...I'm still drafting questions for an interview...and an article i want to write. *smile*

Given my entry tonight...and my administrative questions with regards to pictures being posted on the yahoo site..etc.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day

Conductin' Thangs - Maestro Fresh Wes

"Because I'm from Canada,
Don't think I'm an amateur.
Cuz I'm so fly
I'm driving dope like Panama."

Peesth Out

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Finally Yahoo'd

Good evening peeps, Ms. Hazel.

Finally Yahoo'd You Say?
Oh yeah...A search on yahoo brings up my little blog - two different entries. The first entry is here to blogspot, though the page is blank; I've sent an email to blogger support to ask why. The second is a link to sportsblogs. Ms. Hazel might just find this blog one day...or maybe the yahoo site.

Kudos To Richard Griffin
Mr. Griffin, the Jays beat writer for the Toronto Star, wrote an article about Hazel in the April 13th edition. The article talked about her time in Boston - hitting some one of the more uncomfortable topics - innuendos that female reporters have to endure. Funny thing, Mr. Griffin points to the turnaround being a thread on, after a Q&A session with Hazel...talking about her obvious passion for sports and her personality...hmmmm I WONDER WHO LED THE TROOPS SUPPORTING? HMMMMM?

Let me see, someone who has given her props - maybe some dude who's tag name is Portugal's greatest soccer player, maybe someone who wants the tape of Hazel broadcasting a World Cup win for Portugal? While some guys on the site laud the interviewer for the great work in attracting the attention of the star...I have to wonder where all the support was in the first place - it start and ended with one person. Believe me, there were some other threads on where they weren't all so gracious...but someone kept up the good fight - proof positive on Yahoo site. I really want to do a Hazel interview - maybe one day. Maybe if she comes back in August 2006...dare to dream fellas...dare to dream.

Team Name Change
I think I'm starting to really anger the people at tqstats, but I'm still pushing for Hazel on my it stands now, I'm going to change my team name to include "Hazel Mae". Stay tuned.

Still Nothing With The NHL
Gary Bettman's fat head on television telling everyone that they are no closer to negotiating anything. What an ass. I can't wait to hear how Bob McKenzie spins this "non-story" into wasted web space.

Damian Cox wrote a great, but scary, article on the prospects facing the post-lockout Leafs. I don't even want to think about it right now.

Jays Tie It Up
Ok, if anyone saw yesterdays post - YES, I saw Vernon Wells hit a game tying HR in the 8th. I think Vernon is a very good player - I just said I don't think he's "the man"... sheesh. I thought enough of Vernon to pick him in today's pro-line ticket to get more total bases than Ramirez. As it stands in ninth - they are tied at 4 - each with a HR. Vernon is up now...Fly out - dammit. Jays took the lead on Koskie single though. Chickenhawk must be smiling.

Calling it a night...

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae...fondest regards, best wishes, and belated congrats for making the Toronto Star! As Ray Bourque said, "keep up the good work."

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - in honour of the reference to

I Love Technology - Kip Dynamite.

Lyrics to follow in an edit.

Peesth out peeps!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Trying to catch up on weekend

Good evening peeps, and as always...Hazel.

Ok, so the weekend was a bit of a write off - hey, I was in the midst of my belated birthday celebration weekend.

Patriots Day In Boston - Jays Took Day Off
Earlier start time for today's game in Boston - someone forgot to give the Jays their wake up call. The Sox hit early and often, running up an insurmountable 9-1 lead by the end of the third inning - going on to coast to a 12 - 7 win. I say "coast" because Manny Ramirez (can't you just hear Hazel calling it? the way she rolls the R in Rrrrrramirrrrez - there has to be some Portuguese blood in Hazel), David Ortiz and Kevin Millar all left the game early.

Two things early on about the Jays - I said last week that I didn't think Hinske was a top flight first baseman, while his early stats would seemlingly be proving me wrong, I still think he'll come plummeting back to where he belongs - 260's, 18 - 23 HR, 65-75 RBI (not exactly big numbers for a 1st baseman). Second, is it just me...or do other people think that Vernon Wells is suffering under the title of being "the man" in Toronto. The loss of Delgado might be too much for Vernon - don't get me wrong, he is a very good player...I just don't think he is "the man" on any team. Vernon benefitted greatly from the protection of Delgado, both in the lineup and in the media's eye (with Delgado being the guy on the firing line). The chickenhawk has been pretty quiet these days...I like that.

Schilling got knocked around again today - part of that is attributable to the big lead the Sox built up, part of it to his spring, and part to his injury - but people...he is getting knocked around. 10 hits in 5 innings to the Jays isn't a great sign. While Red Sox Nation is not worried about "Schill" - its funny that they were all over Boomer Wells for a similar type of start. It will be interesting to see how patient the nation is with Schilling - especially on days when "Manny and Papi" et al aren't tearing the cover off the ball. In other Sox news, Renteria (an early whipping boy for the Nation) is picking it up...and the Bellhorn debate rages on - re. Ks. Good start as well for Trot Nixon.

For Whom The Bell Tolls
Tonight Sportsnet had a feed of the Yankees pounding the Tampa Bay Devil Rays - with some poor dude named Rob Bell being offered up as the sacrificial lamb to the Yankees tonight. Just when the Yankees were a little quiet (after losing four games) we had to watch them tonight - there was ARod, clapping his hands and shouting encouragement as his clutch double made it 8 - 1 or something ridiculous like that...way to go ARod, way to smoke those Rays. What a jerk, figures he breaks out of a slump with 2 HRs in a game where the Yankees were coasting.

Sheffield might be suing the fan who "assaulted" him - stay tuned for more info on that. I have a question big is the lineup to get said fan's season tickets? Red Sox Nation must be climbing over themselves to get at those tickets. I wonder if Hazel could pull some strings and get me those tickets. What? I would make the trip down to see a game....really.

And in case anyone reading this cares...the Los Angeles Dodgers are still in first place!

Terrell Does It Again
You just had to know that, Terrell Owens would do it again - the guy is unbelievable. Last week
he goes on television, crying about being disrespected and treated unfairly by the Eagles - this week, as has become customary, Terrell took a shot at Donovan McNabb while trying to defend himself and justify his request to re-negotiate by saying he gave everything out there and that he "wasn't the one who ott tired" in the Super Bowl. Is there anything left to say but - the guy is an ass - an immensely talented athlete, but an all-around jerk. I think Owens and Schilling would get along great, they could sit around and run down all their current and former teammates.

A Moment Of Silence
Sam Mills, current assistant coach with the Panthers, and former NFL linebacker with the Panthers and the Saints died after a courageous battle against cancer...from all accounts, Mills was the real deal - and what every human being (not just football player) should strive to be like.

What? An Agent Wanting Publicity? Noooooooo
In the "why is this news now?" kind of way...the late Pat Tillman's former agent claims he spoke to the fallen solidier and former NFLer about returning to the NFL. I don't know what the significance of a story like this a time like this - but I think Mr. Frank Bauer is using the name of the former NFL to get his name in the news. Why CBS Sportsline is treating this as a news item is beyond me, but then again, I don't get paid to make those decisions...let's move on.

It's the World Hockey Championship that Canada is sending our "not the best but close to it" team. I know I feel better after having sorted that I was calling it the World Crap of Hockey...errrrrrrr World CUP of Hockey - sorry peeps. Mike Fisher talking about his defensive roll at the Championships - the trap makes it to the world stage - and people don't think hockey is in trouble.

Well, that about wraps things up for a Monday I type this, one of my proline tickets might actually come in...stay tuned...I'll report back tomorrow.

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes to you - here's hoping you are enjoying the Sox - Jays series and that you are able to catch up with some old friends.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - still going back to a great weekend

Let's Go - Shawn Desman (yes...a dance/hip hop/hip pop tune - sampling an old song )

Shorty feeling right in the club
I know she feeling me
but she takin her time
(but she takin her time)

She dancin all by herself
but I know by the way she move
she wanna get it tonight
(she wanna get it tonight)

So I stepped to her
and asked her
what's her name
(what's her name)

She turned around and said
it doesn't matter
it's about time you came
(it's about time you came)

I've been waiting all night for you
So I said let's go, let's get it started
and let's leave this party, cuz you lookin so fine tonight
Let's go...girl what's your pleasure
Baby I'm down for whatever
as long as your mine tonight.

and with that...I'll smile wryly with a thought of Hazel and say...

Peesth out!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Another April Birthday

I almost forgot - today, April 17th marks the 54th birthday of a legendary Toronto Maple Leaf (and my favourite player of all time) - Borje Salming.

Happy Birthday to Borje!

A Very Good Weekend

Good evening peeps, good evening Hazel.

Not a whole lot to say tonight, this weekend was my belated b-day (actually last Saturday) celebration weekend - yup, the old man actually got out TWO nights in a row - so I haven't been scouring the world of the silly and absurd in the world of sports for topics of discussion.1

Red Bull & Vodka
Saturday night, a night where Mrs. Pogue invited some friends out to celebrate my birthday - the night life scene has changed from my day. Damn, why do all "mature" women think they are cougars? There were some nasty looking people out looking for "love" this weekend - from both genders...I mused to my cousin that some of the wanna-be cougars reminded me more of tired old wildebeasts you see in those nature documentaries.

Speaking of Saturday night - I was introduced to Red Bull and Vodka - oh my, so very very nice. I wonder if Hazel has had Red Bull and Vodka...I'd buy the first round.

More Insanity
The baseball world is up in arms of the Gary Sheffield/Sox Fan incident earlier this week. Obviously, Red Sox Nation (most of them) are blaming Sheffield for what happened, saying he overreacted when he was in no real danger. Come on now people..."no real danger"? You have an idiot fan reaching into the field of play - whether the fan made contact or not is irrelevant. The fact is the jerk made a motion/action in Sheffield's direction, which in the heat of the moment could have startled Sheffield (focused on the ball). For the record, I don't think the fan tried to hit him...but did try to startle Sheffield by motioning like he was going to knock his hat off.

It's going to happen athlete is going to lose it one day and kick the snot out of a fan who interferes. Would the name "Eric Cantona" right a bell? For those who see this on yahoo site...go to - search images and type in Cantona's name...there is a picture of him jumping into the stands to kick a fan. The old notion that "people pay their money, so they can do what they want at a game" is not being bought into by today's athletes. You can't treat these guys like circus animals - you can't be messing around in the game, either physically or verbally - these athletes aren't there for fans to take their frustrations out on. All kidding aside, I would really be interested in hearing thoughts on this topic - obviously, especially Hazel's thoughts... considering she knows players on both the Jays and Sox.

Even More Insanity
I read in the Ottawa Sun today that Bruce Garrioch received an editor's award for his work. What a joke, it says a lot about journalistic integrity and standards when a guy like this gets an award - give me strength. His articles are all about how great Ottawa is and how evil the Leafs are - he goes on local radio and cries about Toronto this and that. I swear he's in the Senators dressing room before every game... on his knees. The guy is a joke, plain and simple - this is the same guy that once admitted to floating out trade rumours to see if they stick. Thanks Bruce, just sit there on your bar stool pounding back those chicken wings.

Team Canada?
Hockey fans, if you were wondering about the World Cup of Hockey and the state of Team Canada - I have one name to submit for your consideration. Scott Walker. Yes, Scott Walker from the Nashville Predators is a member of Team Canada. SCOTT WALKER. That's all I am going to say tonight - Scott Walker.

Still Working On Getting Hazel On The Roster
CDM Sports is not playing ball. They don't want to include Hazel on my rotisserie league roster. They haven't heard the last on this issue. Speaking of rotisserie, my team (soon to be called Hazel Mae's Hackers) is in second place after week two...remember what I have said in the past - dare to dream peeps... dare to dream.

That about wraps it up for me was a great weekend.

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, as always - fondest regards and best wishes sent your way. Enjoy your week.

Hazelpeeps Song of the Day - in honour of my weekend out...people watching, cougars and prey etc

Lonely No More - Rob Thomas

I don't wanna be lonely no more
I don't wanna have to pay for this
I don't want another lover at my door
It's just another heartache on my list

I hope this has brought a smile to your face...

Peesth out.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Friggin Dog - Friggin CDM Sports too!

Good evening peeps...evening Hazel.

Not A Good Night
Today, was a long day, but it had its high points. I had lunch with a very good friend of mine, a woman who was the first love of my life - I spent my adolescence and teen years head over heels for her, we never dated but were always best friends. Also, I saw the "could have been Mrs. Pogue" - had a meeting with her today, a young guy that works for me called her a major league M.I.L.F. (and a pretty hot cougar) but as usual, I digress.

I went out for a short run tonight - 5.5 km (3.5 miles for Americans who may see this) and I did it in a great time too (for me anyways - 27 mins) . I'm on my cool-down walk home and a freakin' german sheppard charges towards the street at me and bites me. I couldn't frigging believe it, I was in shock...swearing like a sailor too. I was so friggin was like watching that friggin "littlest hobo" charging at me. The owner of that dog is going to get one hell of a letter tomorrow.

CDM Sports, known to Rotisserie Players, at TQ Stats is telling me that they can't add Hazel to my reserve roster...this is a load of crap, I'm emailing them tomorrow and telling that that their policy of "not being able to put someone in their database unless they are affiliated with a major league team" is a pile of crap - last time I checked, this was supposed to be for fun. All I wanted to do was to put on her my team - for christ's sakes, I didn't expect them to put her in a database. A-Holes. Well, my team will undergo a name change then...if I don't win this argument. Potential names being considered:

Hazel Mae's Hurricanes
Hazel Mae's Hackers and Hurlers
Hazel Mae's Hurling Hackers or Hacking Hurlers - but both sound bad.

Like I said...not a great night as it stands - but I vow to fight the good fight, Hazel deserves to be on a major league roster, and she will if I have a say!

Mr. Sharpie Isn't So Smart - Vicks 44D Isn't Clearing Up Herpes
While the world stop to tune into the April World Series - Yankees vs. Sox, the NFL is making headlines. In a week where the upcoming draft should be the talk of the NFL...headlines are being dominated by Mr. Sharpie (Terrell Owens) and Mr. Ron Mexico (Michael Vick).

Let's start with our friend T.O - you probably won't believe this, but Terrell is not happy with the contract he is currently signed to. "This is not about me being greedy or selfish" - how many times have we heard that. If you want to be sick, check the story out - but its' the same old story, it's about respect and acknowledgement for his accomplishments. This guy is unbelievable - he is easily one of the most annoying people in sports...he just doesn't shut up. A great athlete, but bordering on more trouble than he is worth. He's talking about how the Eagles took advantage of the situation he was in when Baltimore traded for him...funny, for Terrell, it's just business - but when the Eagles make a good business move...he is crying. Terrell said on tv, that at this point in his career he has to think of himself and his family...never mind, I've wasted too much space on someone I can't stand.

Ron Mexico, a.k.a Michael Vick, is going to fight the charges he knowingly gave his ex g/f herpes. It seems like people are trying to get Mexico put on Vick's no. 7 jersey...the NFL has placed "Mexico" on list of banned references to be put on jerseys. Excuse me while I bust a gut laughing, but can't you just hear it now? I'm waiting to see video of an NFL tailgate party with someone playing the guitar and singing "La Coocaracha" or showing up to Falcon games dressed as Speedy Gonzalez - ARRIBA!!!!! hahahaha

Trouble At Fenway
Sox win game two of, installment two, of the April World Series. Sheffield lost it in the eighth and shoved a fan along the right field wall - no excuse for Sheffield (though the fan looked like he tried to knock his hat off, and another gave him a beer shower) - but these "tough guy fans" that act like they are ready for a fight...oh please, consider yourself lucky that Sheffield didn't kick your ass. I've already talked about half-wit fans who think that they can treat these guys like circus animals because they buy a ticket to a game...I wonder, what would Hazel say about this type of behaviour? (oh, as an aside, surprise surprise - Doug Flutie gets his mug on tv at the game)

Speaking of dumb fans - anyone who has read an entry on this blog, or on the yahoo site know that I am quick to jump to the defence of anyone who is being disrespected, especially Hazel (who is sometimes a lightening rod for fans in Boston), not that she cares about that, or needs anyone defending her. But, I find it funny that so-called informed sports fans (especially the chowdaheads) are sometimes critical of a television personality for everything BUT the way she conducts herself on screen. These jerks talk so much trash, but I bet they wouldn't be so bold if they were standing in front of her. I bet they wouldn't be so critical or so crude. Ah, forget's getting old I'm sure...I think it sucks that Hazel has to put up with stuff like that...AGAIN. Hang in there Hazel.

I had a quick peek at the Dirt Dogs site again today, why I don't know. How someone who shares my ancestral heritage can be such a jerk is beyond me. Steve Silva has an axe to grind with anyone who dares to leave the Sox, and Pedro Matinez is the object of Silva's vengence now. There was a pretty good article in the NY Post on Pedro, but Silva protrays it as "Pedro's insane rants and lies" I read the damn article, and I don't think Pedro said anything wrong - he spoke honestly and from the heart. Most of the article was about him, and not so much about Boston. But Silva focused on two questions. I'm really starting to dislike Boston sports fans...the fans and their attitude. I hope Hazel isn't getting caught up in that atmosphere of lies, criticisms, half truth and sensationalism - she is too good for that and above that garbage.

Good News
Google hasn't picked up or found this blog or the yahoo site...but baseball blogs has picked up the blog! Let's see if this is the start of something.

Ok, that's it for tonight (I lost part of this post...had a reference to UEFA cup - its on the yahoo site), till angry at CDM Sports...Hazel deserves to be on a Major League Roster and she will...if I have my way!

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, as always, fondest regards and best wishes to's hoping that you have a great weekend ahead of you.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - NO, its not going to be "Who let the dogs out?" by Baha Men

No, tonight's song - since Hazel is going through some of the same old garbage with a new crop of so-called intelligent sport fans...

Closing Time - Semisonic

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end "

Peesth out!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Are Sports Fans Crazy?

Good evening peeps (if are logging in tonight) and of course Hazel (who we don't think has logged in CUZ FRIGGIN GOOGLE WON'T PICK UP THIS BLOG - so she has no clue it exists) ahem...

So as I sip on a glass of port (damn I wish I had some chocolate right now), I wonder to myself - are sports fans becoming crazy? or is it just the world in general? This would be one of the questions I would ask Hazel about if I got to interview her...ummm...ok, I wouldn't ask this particular question, but I have plenty of good ones - would make for a good article. So let's see what the nuts are up to these days

Champions League
A classic picture in most papers today - regarding the frigging soccer riot in Milan (a picture of one of my boys - Rui Costa, standing next to Inter defender Netarazzi watching the fireworks) . Some damn idiot threw a flare onto the field, which prompted everyone else to do the same - one of them hit A.C. Milan's goaltender Nelson Dida in the head (I'm guessing NESN didn't carry those highlights...shame really). HOW IN THE HELL DOES SOMEONE GET A FLARE OR FIREWORK IN A SOCCER GAME? I can't take a damn nail file on a flight, but a soccer fan can bring a small explosive? JAYZUSSSSSSS

I'm sure Jim Rome had a field day with this one today...calling out "soccer fan" - have I told you lately that I think Rome is an idiot? How this guy got an ESPN gig, I'll never know... I guess you can chalk it up to meatheads who live in their parents' basements.

The real trouble was expected in Turin today, at the Juventus and Liverpool game, where some of Juve's "ULTRAS" (fans) swore revenge for the riots in 1985 which killed 39 people (most of them Juve fans) - here again, idiots throwing bottles and garbage at each other - thankfully, no reports of explosives or deaths.

Red Sox Nation Can't Leave Well Enough Alone
No, this isn't another "Red Sox Nation hates David Wells" musing (though I'm guessing Hazel would have her finger on the pulse of that one - haha). No, seems like the Nation is up in arms because an ESPN article suggests that the U.S. is already tired of hearing about the Sox winning the World Series. The funny thing? Sox Nation is actually debating this...taking a siege mentality approach...and justifying the fact that they have a reason to celebrate - message to Sox Nation - SHUT UP...ENJOY THE WIN. Who cares what anyone thinks...go on and celebrate...tell the world...if the world doesn't want to listen, so what? Revel in it. Sox Nation needs to be introduced to Greeks around the world - who are STILL razzing my ass about Euro 2004.

Sox Nation, enjoy it, talk about it all you want on your message boards - talk about manny, "papi", tek and whoever (you could stop bitch slapping Pedro though). For the love of God, stop trying to get everyone else to join the party - Red Sox fans are notorious "kick people off the bandwagon", enjoy your exclusive guest list party.

Damn, I'd swear you were all Portuguese - you can't leave well enough alone, you look for sadness where there should be only joy - figures...Massachusetts was the 1st choice for Portuguese guys bought into our "saudade". I'll explain that too sometime.

Canadian Hockey Fans Looking Forward To World Cup Of Hockey
In a season where the NHL was flushed down the toilet...with players and owners pretty much laughing in our faces - hockey fans seems to be getting worked up about a World Cup of Hockey that will be missing a lot of the game's premiere players. HUH? People...boycott the damn tournament - you want a resolution to the NHL lockout? Don't show up at their premiere/ONLY event this year - that would teach them that they are at risk to lose everything. I swear, if people boycotted this tournament - I mean, NO tickets, NO t.v, NO calling into sports radio shows...that would send a very clear message to these guys. Or, on the other hand, we could appoint Hazel a lead mediator and get these two sides to work something out...she may be charming enough to get these dumbasses talking and dealing.

I gotta cut this short tonight - a friend in need phoned me, and I really need to take this one.

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes to well as an apology for a rather cranky entry tonight (oh wait, you won't see this - hahaha).

Hazelpeeps Song of the Day

Smile and Wave - the Headstones.

Good rocking tune - I smile and wave...I smile and wave...

Peesth out!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Opening Day in Beantown

Good evening peeps, and Hazel...of course. Where to start tonight?

Opening Day at Fenway
You gotta know that Hazel must have been hoppin' today - opening day against the Yankees, star studded cast of former Boston sports greats to throw out the ceremonial opening pitch (Bobby Orr, Bill Russell, Tedy Bruschi, and Richard Seymour), the ring ceremony. I hope Hazel had her wheaties this morning.

Things are heavenly in Boston again, the Sox beat the Yankees - so Red Sox Nation is placated for at least another day.

What Is NOT Heavenly In Boston
Sports fans and media in Boston - bordering on cretinous at times. Boston Sports Media, which likes to be taken seriously as an reputable information source, is a disappointment in terms of the message boards and one writer in particular. I know I've been on their case before, but last weeks postings were assinine, addle-minded, juvenile - and bordered on cretinous. While I'm all for free speech, what I am not for is speech that is derogatory or insulting to others - last week's fever pitch thread was an embarrassment to the site and by extension the city of Boston.

There was an entire thread dedicated to the way Hazel looked; all this stemming from a reference in "Scott's Shots" to her dress. The half wits picked up on this, and had a thread dedicated to her "appearance" - and who was staring at her. There wasn't much (if any) mention about how she did - no...the children were more concerned about other more, seemingly, important matters.

What I will say is this - if as Mr. Scott suggested, Hazel's dress was worn with a with it. The fact that you paid so much attention to it illustrates the fundamental problem with sports media - that you can't be judged on talent alone, because most of today's half wits can't deal with a woman in that position. Eat your heart out boys, she's got a job we would all kill for - and she does it better than most of us could - no matter how you try to slice it up. The fact that you, and apparently most of the other dudes in the park that night, got hung up on the dress doesn't say much for you. For the record...I saw a pic or two...and she looked stunning, absolutely breathtaking. And while the cretins on the boards pointed to anything but, I'm sure she did a great job - hang in there Hazel, don't let them get to you - you are a pro.

Hazel Gets Drafted
Yes, you read it right! My rotisserie baseball team officially used our 10th round selection in the reserve portion of the draft to select Hazel Mae - we want to welcome her to the team, and assure her that a call up to the major league roster could come at anytime...we just need to negotiate a contract! *smile*

In The World Of Baseball
Another "banned-substance" user gets 10 days. Jorge Piedra from the Rockies gets it this time, and Commissioner Selig lamented that he's afraid that Piedra won't be the last. I knew Piedra was juiced else can you explain his monster numbers last year? Here we go gang, get ready for a line of triple A players and Tier 3 major leaguers...what a damn joke.

Team Canada
Don't worry gang...the fact that Sakic, Lemieux, and Iginla aren't going to the World Cup of Hockey - 15 players were at the last world cup. So while Hockey Canada puts a brave face on...I'll say this - of course they are confident. The Americans are getting very long in the tooth and can't compete; the European teams won't have their best - most of the Russian notables have said "niet", and Sweden will be without a couple of their big big guns - Forsberg and Sundin. So while Hockey Canada tells us that it is gonna be alright - don't even try to tell us that this all is fine - players from around the globe are balking at invites. What do you think Hazel? what's the mood in Beantown with respect to the World Cup?

Special thanks to Bob McKenzie of TSN for yet another ridiculous article where he makes up a rumour that Wayne Gretzky may leave Phoenix to take a front office job in NY with the Rangers - what an idiot.

Champions League Tomorrow
Chelsea goes in the second leg against's hoping that the Portuguese National Team (north) holds on to their 4-2 advantage. Maybe Jose will have one of his assistants talking into his mess with UEFA. For those of you that didn't hear, English papers wondered where Mourinho was talking to one of his assistants (Rui Faria) who was wearing a toque during the Bayern game...seems Faria kept adjusting his toque..which led the British media to speculate. haha BRILLIANT!

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae...fondest regards and best wishes to you. I hope opening day went well for you...getting to watch a monumental (I hesitate to use the word historical) event must have been awesome!

Hazelspeeps song of the day

With Hazel being has to be Centerfield by John Fogarty

"put me in coach
I'm ready to play - today
put me in coach
I'm ready to play - today
look at me
I can be - centerfield"

Peesth Out

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