Monday, April 11, 2005

Opening Day in Beantown

Good evening peeps, and Hazel...of course. Where to start tonight?

Opening Day at Fenway
You gotta know that Hazel must have been hoppin' today - opening day against the Yankees, star studded cast of former Boston sports greats to throw out the ceremonial opening pitch (Bobby Orr, Bill Russell, Tedy Bruschi, and Richard Seymour), the ring ceremony. I hope Hazel had her wheaties this morning.

Things are heavenly in Boston again, the Sox beat the Yankees - so Red Sox Nation is placated for at least another day.

What Is NOT Heavenly In Boston
Sports fans and media in Boston - bordering on cretinous at times. Boston Sports Media, which likes to be taken seriously as an reputable information source, is a disappointment in terms of the message boards and one writer in particular. I know I've been on their case before, but last weeks postings were assinine, addle-minded, juvenile - and bordered on cretinous. While I'm all for free speech, what I am not for is speech that is derogatory or insulting to others - last week's fever pitch thread was an embarrassment to the site and by extension the city of Boston.

There was an entire thread dedicated to the way Hazel looked; all this stemming from a reference in "Scott's Shots" to her dress. The half wits picked up on this, and had a thread dedicated to her "appearance" - and who was staring at her. There wasn't much (if any) mention about how she did - no...the children were more concerned about other more, seemingly, important matters.

What I will say is this - if as Mr. Scott suggested, Hazel's dress was worn with a with it. The fact that you paid so much attention to it illustrates the fundamental problem with sports media - that you can't be judged on talent alone, because most of today's half wits can't deal with a woman in that position. Eat your heart out boys, she's got a job we would all kill for - and she does it better than most of us could - no matter how you try to slice it up. The fact that you, and apparently most of the other dudes in the park that night, got hung up on the dress doesn't say much for you. For the record...I saw a pic or two...and she looked stunning, absolutely breathtaking. And while the cretins on the boards pointed to anything but, I'm sure she did a great job - hang in there Hazel, don't let them get to you - you are a pro.

Hazel Gets Drafted
Yes, you read it right! My rotisserie baseball team officially used our 10th round selection in the reserve portion of the draft to select Hazel Mae - we want to welcome her to the team, and assure her that a call up to the major league roster could come at anytime...we just need to negotiate a contract! *smile*

In The World Of Baseball
Another "banned-substance" user gets 10 days. Jorge Piedra from the Rockies gets it this time, and Commissioner Selig lamented that he's afraid that Piedra won't be the last. I knew Piedra was juiced else can you explain his monster numbers last year? Here we go gang, get ready for a line of triple A players and Tier 3 major leaguers...what a damn joke.

Team Canada
Don't worry gang...the fact that Sakic, Lemieux, and Iginla aren't going to the World Cup of Hockey - 15 players were at the last world cup. So while Hockey Canada puts a brave face on...I'll say this - of course they are confident. The Americans are getting very long in the tooth and can't compete; the European teams won't have their best - most of the Russian notables have said "niet", and Sweden will be without a couple of their big big guns - Forsberg and Sundin. So while Hockey Canada tells us that it is gonna be alright - don't even try to tell us that this all is fine - players from around the globe are balking at invites. What do you think Hazel? what's the mood in Beantown with respect to the World Cup?

Special thanks to Bob McKenzie of TSN for yet another ridiculous article where he makes up a rumour that Wayne Gretzky may leave Phoenix to take a front office job in NY with the Rangers - what an idiot.

Champions League Tomorrow
Chelsea goes in the second leg against's hoping that the Portuguese National Team (north) holds on to their 4-2 advantage. Maybe Jose will have one of his assistants talking into his mess with UEFA. For those of you that didn't hear, English papers wondered where Mourinho was talking to one of his assistants (Rui Faria) who was wearing a toque during the Bayern game...seems Faria kept adjusting his toque..which led the British media to speculate. haha BRILLIANT!

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae...fondest regards and best wishes to you. I hope opening day went well for you...getting to watch a monumental (I hesitate to use the word historical) event must have been awesome!

Hazelspeeps song of the day

With Hazel being has to be Centerfield by John Fogarty

"put me in coach
I'm ready to play - today
put me in coach
I'm ready to play - today
look at me
I can be - centerfield"

Peesth Out


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