Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Finally Yahoo'd

Good evening peeps, Ms. Hazel.

Finally Yahoo'd You Say?
Oh yeah...A search on yahoo brings up my little blog - two different entries. The first entry is here to blogspot, though the page is blank; I've sent an email to blogger support to ask why. The second is a link to sportsblogs. Ms. Hazel might just find this blog one day...or maybe the yahoo site.

Kudos To Richard Griffin
Mr. Griffin, the Jays beat writer for the Toronto Star, wrote an article about Hazel in the April 13th edition. The article talked about her time in Boston - hitting some one of the more uncomfortable topics - innuendos that female reporters have to endure. Funny thing, Mr. Griffin points to the turnaround being a thread on redsoxnation.net, after a Q&A session with Hazel...talking about her obvious passion for sports and her personality...hmmmm I WONDER WHO LED THE TROOPS SUPPORTING? HMMMMM?

Let me see, someone who has given her props - maybe some dude who's tag name is Portugal's greatest soccer player, maybe someone who wants the tape of Hazel broadcasting a World Cup win for Portugal? While some guys on the site laud the interviewer for the great work in attracting the attention of the star...I have to wonder where all the support was in the first place - it start and ended with one person. Believe me, there were some other threads on redsoxnation.net where they weren't all so gracious...but someone kept up the good fight - proof positive on Yahoo site. I really want to do a Hazel interview - maybe one day. Maybe if she comes back in August 2006...dare to dream fellas...dare to dream.

Team Name Change
I think I'm starting to really anger the people at tqstats, but I'm still pushing for Hazel on my roster...as it stands now, I'm going to change my team name to include "Hazel Mae". Stay tuned.

Still Nothing With The NHL
Gary Bettman's fat head on television telling everyone that they are no closer to negotiating anything. What an ass. I can't wait to hear how Bob McKenzie spins this "non-story" into wasted web space.

Damian Cox wrote a great, but scary, article on the prospects facing the post-lockout Leafs. I don't even want to think about it right now.

Jays Tie It Up
Ok, if anyone saw yesterdays post - YES, I saw Vernon Wells hit a game tying HR in the 8th. I think Vernon is a very good player - I just said I don't think he's "the man"... sheesh. I thought enough of Vernon to pick him in today's pro-line ticket to get more total bases than Ramirez. As it stands in ninth - they are tied at 4 - each with a HR. Vernon is up now...Fly out - dammit. Jays took the lead on Koskie single though. Chickenhawk must be smiling.

Calling it a night...

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae...fondest regards, best wishes, and belated congrats for making the Toronto Star! As Ray Bourque said, "keep up the good work."

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - in honour of the reference to redsoxnation.net

I Love Technology - Kip Dynamite.

Lyrics to follow in an edit.

Peesth out peeps!


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