Thursday, April 14, 2005

Friggin Dog - Friggin CDM Sports too!

Good evening peeps...evening Hazel.

Not A Good Night
Today, was a long day, but it had its high points. I had lunch with a very good friend of mine, a woman who was the first love of my life - I spent my adolescence and teen years head over heels for her, we never dated but were always best friends. Also, I saw the "could have been Mrs. Pogue" - had a meeting with her today, a young guy that works for me called her a major league M.I.L.F. (and a pretty hot cougar) but as usual, I digress.

I went out for a short run tonight - 5.5 km (3.5 miles for Americans who may see this) and I did it in a great time too (for me anyways - 27 mins) . I'm on my cool-down walk home and a freakin' german sheppard charges towards the street at me and bites me. I couldn't frigging believe it, I was in shock...swearing like a sailor too. I was so friggin was like watching that friggin "littlest hobo" charging at me. The owner of that dog is going to get one hell of a letter tomorrow.

CDM Sports, known to Rotisserie Players, at TQ Stats is telling me that they can't add Hazel to my reserve roster...this is a load of crap, I'm emailing them tomorrow and telling that that their policy of "not being able to put someone in their database unless they are affiliated with a major league team" is a pile of crap - last time I checked, this was supposed to be for fun. All I wanted to do was to put on her my team - for christ's sakes, I didn't expect them to put her in a database. A-Holes. Well, my team will undergo a name change then...if I don't win this argument. Potential names being considered:

Hazel Mae's Hurricanes
Hazel Mae's Hackers and Hurlers
Hazel Mae's Hurling Hackers or Hacking Hurlers - but both sound bad.

Like I said...not a great night as it stands - but I vow to fight the good fight, Hazel deserves to be on a major league roster, and she will if I have a say!

Mr. Sharpie Isn't So Smart - Vicks 44D Isn't Clearing Up Herpes
While the world stop to tune into the April World Series - Yankees vs. Sox, the NFL is making headlines. In a week where the upcoming draft should be the talk of the NFL...headlines are being dominated by Mr. Sharpie (Terrell Owens) and Mr. Ron Mexico (Michael Vick).

Let's start with our friend T.O - you probably won't believe this, but Terrell is not happy with the contract he is currently signed to. "This is not about me being greedy or selfish" - how many times have we heard that. If you want to be sick, check the story out - but its' the same old story, it's about respect and acknowledgement for his accomplishments. This guy is unbelievable - he is easily one of the most annoying people in sports...he just doesn't shut up. A great athlete, but bordering on more trouble than he is worth. He's talking about how the Eagles took advantage of the situation he was in when Baltimore traded for him...funny, for Terrell, it's just business - but when the Eagles make a good business move...he is crying. Terrell said on tv, that at this point in his career he has to think of himself and his family...never mind, I've wasted too much space on someone I can't stand.

Ron Mexico, a.k.a Michael Vick, is going to fight the charges he knowingly gave his ex g/f herpes. It seems like people are trying to get Mexico put on Vick's no. 7 jersey...the NFL has placed "Mexico" on list of banned references to be put on jerseys. Excuse me while I bust a gut laughing, but can't you just hear it now? I'm waiting to see video of an NFL tailgate party with someone playing the guitar and singing "La Coocaracha" or showing up to Falcon games dressed as Speedy Gonzalez - ARRIBA!!!!! hahahaha

Trouble At Fenway
Sox win game two of, installment two, of the April World Series. Sheffield lost it in the eighth and shoved a fan along the right field wall - no excuse for Sheffield (though the fan looked like he tried to knock his hat off, and another gave him a beer shower) - but these "tough guy fans" that act like they are ready for a fight...oh please, consider yourself lucky that Sheffield didn't kick your ass. I've already talked about half-wit fans who think that they can treat these guys like circus animals because they buy a ticket to a game...I wonder, what would Hazel say about this type of behaviour? (oh, as an aside, surprise surprise - Doug Flutie gets his mug on tv at the game)

Speaking of dumb fans - anyone who has read an entry on this blog, or on the yahoo site know that I am quick to jump to the defence of anyone who is being disrespected, especially Hazel (who is sometimes a lightening rod for fans in Boston), not that she cares about that, or needs anyone defending her. But, I find it funny that so-called informed sports fans (especially the chowdaheads) are sometimes critical of a television personality for everything BUT the way she conducts herself on screen. These jerks talk so much trash, but I bet they wouldn't be so bold if they were standing in front of her. I bet they wouldn't be so critical or so crude. Ah, forget's getting old I'm sure...I think it sucks that Hazel has to put up with stuff like that...AGAIN. Hang in there Hazel.

I had a quick peek at the Dirt Dogs site again today, why I don't know. How someone who shares my ancestral heritage can be such a jerk is beyond me. Steve Silva has an axe to grind with anyone who dares to leave the Sox, and Pedro Matinez is the object of Silva's vengence now. There was a pretty good article in the NY Post on Pedro, but Silva protrays it as "Pedro's insane rants and lies" I read the damn article, and I don't think Pedro said anything wrong - he spoke honestly and from the heart. Most of the article was about him, and not so much about Boston. But Silva focused on two questions. I'm really starting to dislike Boston sports fans...the fans and their attitude. I hope Hazel isn't getting caught up in that atmosphere of lies, criticisms, half truth and sensationalism - she is too good for that and above that garbage.

Good News
Google hasn't picked up or found this blog or the yahoo site...but baseball blogs has picked up the blog! Let's see if this is the start of something.

Ok, that's it for tonight (I lost part of this post...had a reference to UEFA cup - its on the yahoo site), till angry at CDM Sports...Hazel deserves to be on a Major League Roster and she will...if I have my way!

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, as always, fondest regards and best wishes to's hoping that you have a great weekend ahead of you.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - NO, its not going to be "Who let the dogs out?" by Baha Men

No, tonight's song - since Hazel is going through some of the same old garbage with a new crop of so-called intelligent sport fans...

Closing Time - Semisonic

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end "

Peesth out!


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