Sunday, April 17, 2005

A Very Good Weekend

Good evening peeps, good evening Hazel.

Not a whole lot to say tonight, this weekend was my belated b-day (actually last Saturday) celebration weekend - yup, the old man actually got out TWO nights in a row - so I haven't been scouring the world of the silly and absurd in the world of sports for topics of discussion.1

Red Bull & Vodka
Saturday night, a night where Mrs. Pogue invited some friends out to celebrate my birthday - the night life scene has changed from my day. Damn, why do all "mature" women think they are cougars? There were some nasty looking people out looking for "love" this weekend - from both genders...I mused to my cousin that some of the wanna-be cougars reminded me more of tired old wildebeasts you see in those nature documentaries.

Speaking of Saturday night - I was introduced to Red Bull and Vodka - oh my, so very very nice. I wonder if Hazel has had Red Bull and Vodka...I'd buy the first round.

More Insanity
The baseball world is up in arms of the Gary Sheffield/Sox Fan incident earlier this week. Obviously, Red Sox Nation (most of them) are blaming Sheffield for what happened, saying he overreacted when he was in no real danger. Come on now people..."no real danger"? You have an idiot fan reaching into the field of play - whether the fan made contact or not is irrelevant. The fact is the jerk made a motion/action in Sheffield's direction, which in the heat of the moment could have startled Sheffield (focused on the ball). For the record, I don't think the fan tried to hit him...but did try to startle Sheffield by motioning like he was going to knock his hat off.

It's going to happen athlete is going to lose it one day and kick the snot out of a fan who interferes. Would the name "Eric Cantona" right a bell? For those who see this on yahoo site...go to - search images and type in Cantona's name...there is a picture of him jumping into the stands to kick a fan. The old notion that "people pay their money, so they can do what they want at a game" is not being bought into by today's athletes. You can't treat these guys like circus animals - you can't be messing around in the game, either physically or verbally - these athletes aren't there for fans to take their frustrations out on. All kidding aside, I would really be interested in hearing thoughts on this topic - obviously, especially Hazel's thoughts... considering she knows players on both the Jays and Sox.

Even More Insanity
I read in the Ottawa Sun today that Bruce Garrioch received an editor's award for his work. What a joke, it says a lot about journalistic integrity and standards when a guy like this gets an award - give me strength. His articles are all about how great Ottawa is and how evil the Leafs are - he goes on local radio and cries about Toronto this and that. I swear he's in the Senators dressing room before every game... on his knees. The guy is a joke, plain and simple - this is the same guy that once admitted to floating out trade rumours to see if they stick. Thanks Bruce, just sit there on your bar stool pounding back those chicken wings.

Team Canada?
Hockey fans, if you were wondering about the World Cup of Hockey and the state of Team Canada - I have one name to submit for your consideration. Scott Walker. Yes, Scott Walker from the Nashville Predators is a member of Team Canada. SCOTT WALKER. That's all I am going to say tonight - Scott Walker.

Still Working On Getting Hazel On The Roster
CDM Sports is not playing ball. They don't want to include Hazel on my rotisserie league roster. They haven't heard the last on this issue. Speaking of rotisserie, my team (soon to be called Hazel Mae's Hackers) is in second place after week two...remember what I have said in the past - dare to dream peeps... dare to dream.

That about wraps it up for me was a great weekend.

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, as always - fondest regards and best wishes sent your way. Enjoy your week.

Hazelpeeps Song of the Day - in honour of my weekend out...people watching, cougars and prey etc

Lonely No More - Rob Thomas

I don't wanna be lonely no more
I don't wanna have to pay for this
I don't want another lover at my door
It's just another heartache on my list

I hope this has brought a smile to your face...

Peesth out.


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