Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Guinness Kind of Weekend

Good Evenin Peeps, welcome back from your weekend Hazel.

Where to start today...seeing as though there are two days to wrap up. On a personal note, today's run was 6 km in 28 mins - which is my best so far. It was cold, windy and rainy today...but somehow I managed a good one. So on to the weekend that was in the world of sports.

"Aruba Aruba" Andalay Andalay
The Orioles, led by Aruba-born Sidney "beveraging-consuming, motor vehicle operating" Ponson, did it to the Jays and Roy Halladay again today (for the record...I won't ever use the nickname "Doc" - it is NOT clever) . The Jays ace, and the entire team had it handed to them today - the Jays were being no hit for the first 4-5 innings and showed no sign of ever being in the game...all this by Sidney Ponson - the same Sidney Ponson who has been having his ass handed to him for the last few months of baseball (going back to last year). I wonder if the Chickenhawk is still excited about this team - two weeks in or not...I'm sure he thought the O's were a team his Jays could deal with...apparently not. For Eric Hinske fans, he saved himself from an "O-For" with a nothing double in the ninth. Anyone seen Vernon Wells? The O's are for real...they are going to pose problems for American League East question - if the O's finish higher than the Jays...does Chickenhawk get fired?

In the land of the Titans - the Yankees crushed the Rangers (a reversal of the "kicked my father's teeth in" joke from yesterday's blog entry) and the Red Sox salvaged the last game of their series with Tampa Bay. Bronson Arroyo gets a ton of run support and gets his second win of the season - btw...Bronson is best known for his spring training interview with Hazel where he gave her a guitar lesson - oh settle down Red Sox Nation...I know you all think he is the future of the pitching staff - I'm not sold yet. By the way, Red Sox Nation is not worried about Schilling yet - they were ready to hang Wells...oh to be loved in Boston - right Hazel? *smile*

Speaking of Red Sox Nation, it seems that one or two of the fans at Fenway like to have the occassional pop or TEN. The Boston Globe published an article on beer sales at Fenway - who would have thought that Bostonians like the suds so much...Hazel, how is the beer on tap at Fenway? How does it stack up against Canadian beer? Don't compare it to Labbatt's or Molson's though - not fair.

For anyone other than me who cares...the Dodgers won again, coming back in the late innings to takeone from Colorado - the sad part is that they took a win away from Jeff Francis - who in addition to being Canadian is a member of the Ottawa Rotisserians "Hazel Mae's Heroes".

Another steroid story you say? Seems like the latest controversy involves former Met/Philly Lenny Dykstra, affectionately known to most baseball fans as "nails". A former business partner alledges that Lenny counselled him on when to bet on the Phillies...and oh ya - Lenny took roids. Now that I think about it...he really bulked up over the course of a year or two - but as the article points the time, steroids were not illegal. I wonder if people were referring to something else when they called him "little Lenny"...with the steroids and all. Can "Car Wash" be the song of the day on Hazelspeeps? hmmm stay tuned.

NFL Draft Weekend
Pete Prisco sums up NFL Draft weekend with his assessment of every team's performance. I like Prisco, he's pretty astute when it comes to the NFL...and he grades the Cowboy's draft as an A - with the steal being Chris Canty. Prisco gave Dallas some props for a very good draft. On the downside, he has bad news for Hazel and other fans of the K.C. Chiefs - he graded their draft as a C. Prisco writes "I didn't like the rest of their draft. Pretty blah." - Now if that doesn't make Vermeil cry...well...I just don't know.

Portuguese National Team Closing In On Premiership Title
Chelsea (aka Portuguese National Team North) is one win, or one Arsenal loss or tie, away from winning the Barclayard's English Premiership Title. Chelsea can now focus on kicking Liverpool's ass in Champions League. Jose Mourinho wins his third successive national title (two in Portugal) - can a second successive Champions League Trophy be far behind? I think not...I'm waiting for Jose's call...hell, I'm still waiting for Hazel's call. For the record, I'd still call Hazel before Jose - just don't tell him...he can come off as being a little cranky sometimes.

Bobby Orr Speaks Out On NHL Impasse
I don't like talking about the NHL - but if Bobby Orr speaks, we should listen. I think Orr could have used his stature in the game to really lambaste the NHL - but he didn't. Read the article if you have a few seconds to kill...not really that important or informative.

NBA Playoffs Started...there, I mentioned it.

Administrative Issues On Yahoo
I did the unthinkable tonight - I had to delete a picture off the site. I explained my decision on yahoo - but posting a picture of Tom Caron, with half of Hazel in the pic (not her face) doesn't qualify as a "Hazelspeeps" pic.

Filapina Femme Fatale
No, not Hazel. I was at the mall this weekend - I saw one half of the neighbourhood Filapina cuties at the Liquor Store - she smiled and said hi as I walked into Vintages section. For anyone keeping score - I got another half bottle of Churchill's 1994, and a bottle of 1982. Oh, yes...the cutie lived up to her name...she looked very good. Damn...*walking away muttering incoherently"

Well, that was the weekend in sports from my vantage was the NFL Draft...and some major league baseball. Time to call it a night...very little sleep last night...and a few Guinness'... and Sunday night is "catch up with my buddy in Hamilton" night.

Goodnight Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes for a great week where you are. I hope your weekend went well...and that this upcoming week is even better.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day

In honour of seeing the cute Filapina

Don't Phunk With My Heart - Black Eyed Peas... I get chills when I hear Fergie singing intro

No No No... Don't phunk with my heart
No No No... Don't phunk with my heart
I wonder if I take you home
Would you still be in love babaaay - in love babaay
I wonder if I take you home
Would you still be in love babaaay - in love babaay

Have a great week peeps...Hazel.
Peesth Out


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