Monday, April 18, 2005

Trying to catch up on weekend

Good evening peeps, and as always...Hazel.

Ok, so the weekend was a bit of a write off - hey, I was in the midst of my belated birthday celebration weekend.

Patriots Day In Boston - Jays Took Day Off
Earlier start time for today's game in Boston - someone forgot to give the Jays their wake up call. The Sox hit early and often, running up an insurmountable 9-1 lead by the end of the third inning - going on to coast to a 12 - 7 win. I say "coast" because Manny Ramirez (can't you just hear Hazel calling it? the way she rolls the R in Rrrrrramirrrrez - there has to be some Portuguese blood in Hazel), David Ortiz and Kevin Millar all left the game early.

Two things early on about the Jays - I said last week that I didn't think Hinske was a top flight first baseman, while his early stats would seemlingly be proving me wrong, I still think he'll come plummeting back to where he belongs - 260's, 18 - 23 HR, 65-75 RBI (not exactly big numbers for a 1st baseman). Second, is it just me...or do other people think that Vernon Wells is suffering under the title of being "the man" in Toronto. The loss of Delgado might be too much for Vernon - don't get me wrong, he is a very good player...I just don't think he is "the man" on any team. Vernon benefitted greatly from the protection of Delgado, both in the lineup and in the media's eye (with Delgado being the guy on the firing line). The chickenhawk has been pretty quiet these days...I like that.

Schilling got knocked around again today - part of that is attributable to the big lead the Sox built up, part of it to his spring, and part to his injury - but people...he is getting knocked around. 10 hits in 5 innings to the Jays isn't a great sign. While Red Sox Nation is not worried about "Schill" - its funny that they were all over Boomer Wells for a similar type of start. It will be interesting to see how patient the nation is with Schilling - especially on days when "Manny and Papi" et al aren't tearing the cover off the ball. In other Sox news, Renteria (an early whipping boy for the Nation) is picking it up...and the Bellhorn debate rages on - re. Ks. Good start as well for Trot Nixon.

For Whom The Bell Tolls
Tonight Sportsnet had a feed of the Yankees pounding the Tampa Bay Devil Rays - with some poor dude named Rob Bell being offered up as the sacrificial lamb to the Yankees tonight. Just when the Yankees were a little quiet (after losing four games) we had to watch them tonight - there was ARod, clapping his hands and shouting encouragement as his clutch double made it 8 - 1 or something ridiculous like that...way to go ARod, way to smoke those Rays. What a jerk, figures he breaks out of a slump with 2 HRs in a game where the Yankees were coasting.

Sheffield might be suing the fan who "assaulted" him - stay tuned for more info on that. I have a question big is the lineup to get said fan's season tickets? Red Sox Nation must be climbing over themselves to get at those tickets. I wonder if Hazel could pull some strings and get me those tickets. What? I would make the trip down to see a game....really.

And in case anyone reading this cares...the Los Angeles Dodgers are still in first place!

Terrell Does It Again
You just had to know that, Terrell Owens would do it again - the guy is unbelievable. Last week
he goes on television, crying about being disrespected and treated unfairly by the Eagles - this week, as has become customary, Terrell took a shot at Donovan McNabb while trying to defend himself and justify his request to re-negotiate by saying he gave everything out there and that he "wasn't the one who ott tired" in the Super Bowl. Is there anything left to say but - the guy is an ass - an immensely talented athlete, but an all-around jerk. I think Owens and Schilling would get along great, they could sit around and run down all their current and former teammates.

A Moment Of Silence
Sam Mills, current assistant coach with the Panthers, and former NFL linebacker with the Panthers and the Saints died after a courageous battle against cancer...from all accounts, Mills was the real deal - and what every human being (not just football player) should strive to be like.

What? An Agent Wanting Publicity? Noooooooo
In the "why is this news now?" kind of way...the late Pat Tillman's former agent claims he spoke to the fallen solidier and former NFLer about returning to the NFL. I don't know what the significance of a story like this a time like this - but I think Mr. Frank Bauer is using the name of the former NFL to get his name in the news. Why CBS Sportsline is treating this as a news item is beyond me, but then again, I don't get paid to make those decisions...let's move on.

It's the World Hockey Championship that Canada is sending our "not the best but close to it" team. I know I feel better after having sorted that I was calling it the World Crap of Hockey...errrrrrrr World CUP of Hockey - sorry peeps. Mike Fisher talking about his defensive roll at the Championships - the trap makes it to the world stage - and people don't think hockey is in trouble.

Well, that about wraps things up for a Monday I type this, one of my proline tickets might actually come in...stay tuned...I'll report back tomorrow.

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes to you - here's hoping you are enjoying the Sox - Jays series and that you are able to catch up with some old friends.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - still going back to a great weekend

Let's Go - Shawn Desman (yes...a dance/hip hop/hip pop tune - sampling an old song )

Shorty feeling right in the club
I know she feeling me
but she takin her time
(but she takin her time)

She dancin all by herself
but I know by the way she move
she wanna get it tonight
(she wanna get it tonight)

So I stepped to her
and asked her
what's her name
(what's her name)

She turned around and said
it doesn't matter
it's about time you came
(it's about time you came)

I've been waiting all night for you
So I said let's go, let's get it started
and let's leave this party, cuz you lookin so fine tonight
Let's go...girl what's your pleasure
Baby I'm down for whatever
as long as your mine tonight.

and with that...I'll smile wryly with a thought of Hazel and say...

Peesth out!


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