Saturday, April 23, 2005

An Interesting Weekend Ahead

Good evenin peeps, evenin' Hazel (hope your weekend is off to a good start).

Before I get into it tonight - Tonight's run was 6.5 km (four miles for Americans) in 32 minutes...I think I'm going to make my goal of 10 Km in 50 minutes or less by the end of the summer. Saw the two neighbourhood Filapina cuties...damn...I think they are playing with me when I run by (if you haven't heard about these two...see previous posts for my history with the ladies from the islands) they smile and giggle too much - damn I wish I knew Tegaluk. Maybe Hazel's family will take me in and give me a crash course...the next time I'm in Toronto for work or family visit.

Speaking of Hazel - gee, who'da thunk it on this blog. I had this really weird dream - I had just gotten into work, with everyone congratulating me as I walked in the building. There were two voicemails -

the first from Jose Mourinho(Chelsea's Manager) - "(Blank) it's Jose, I heard the me."

the second? - "(Blank) it's Hazel, I sent you an me when you get a chance."

I sat there for a second staring at the ceiling - and picked up the phone to start dialing Boston...and I woke up. Dammit.

A Tough Night In American League East
The Jays get pounded again, this time it was 13-5. Wells, Hinske, Koskie and Hillenbrand - went 2 for 15 collectively. Josh Towers got hit around pretty good again. The Chickenhawk's bright young pitching staff doesn't seem to be getting it done - the questions will be starting soon. Watching the game tonight, the O's look like the real deal...they will surprise the Sox and/or Yankees this year - they've got the bats to keep them in any game. Jays fans, if you want to look at the bright side (in other words, if you want to think that you may have a hope in hell of staying close to the big guys) the Sox and Yankees both lost tonight.

Yankees got their teeth kicked in by the Texas Rangers (if you didn't get it...that was a reference to an old Chuck Norris movie, where a bad guy says *in heavy mexican accent* "a texas ranger kicked my father's teeth in" - never mind). The Sox went down to Tampa Bay, one of the peeps was all over the yahoo site advertising tickets for sale - by last night, bleacher seats were down to $5 or best offer...I wonder if he sold them.

MLB Strikes Again - Nabbing Nine More Steroid Cheats
Yep, Major League Baseball proves once again that they are serious about enforcing no steroids or performance enhancing drugs - nine more minor leaguers were suspended, do yourself a favour and check out the's laughable.

Dodgers getting pounded tonight - damn, looks like they are going to lose their second in a row. Oh well, still comfortably in first place.

Hazel, what in the hell is going on in Major League Baseball?

NFL Draft Tomorrow
I was on Sportsnet (for any Americans who read this - Rogers Sportsnet was Hazel's former employer) , checking out draft projections for tomorrow. Looks like the Cowboys are going to draft an LB Shawne Merriman and who knows with the 20th pick - I'm hoping Parcells pulls a great one tomorrow.

But Sportsnet had an article that was funny, yet strangely a bit sad - it was all about how players rise and fall in the draft. The stuff that can impact a player hoping to be drafted - and potentially cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars - is crazy. Scouts are talking about a draft potential this year - David Pollack, DL/LB Georgia, falling in the draft because...get this...HIS ARMS ARE TOO SHORT. There were a few other one guy who kept dropping, because the team that wanted to draft him spread rumours about him being homosexual. Read the article, it's worth it - and a guaranteed chuckle.

I Wonder If Hazel Is Smiling Along With Vermeil
The Kansas City Chiefs agreed to terms with Miami DB Patrick Surtain - clearing the way for a trade. Vermeil (who apparently didn't cry at the press conference) is expecting big things from Surtain - we'll see what happens...tough to be a DB on a team that doesn't get a lot of pressure on the QB. Again, for those that didn't know, Hazel is (was?) a huge Chiefs fan - why that is remains a mystery to us Dallas Cowboys Canadian fans...hey, she may be pulling for the Pats this year. Always room on the Cowboys bandwagon for Hazel, I think she'd look great in a Cowboys hat!

April Showers In Europe
Seems like spitting is the order of the month in European Soccer - and surprise of all surprises, this time, Jose Mourinho isn't being blamed (though I think the British press is trying hard to get him on something). Nope, this time it is French Goalkeeper Fabian Bartez, in effect he's banned for three months. Another player in England, El-Hadji Diouf, a striker for Bolton will be in court to answer charges he spit water at opposing fans in Middlesborough - he's a repeat offender.

Canada Is Hockey Crazy Again
Canada loses 5-4 to U.S. in exhibition hockey in Quebec City - the loudest cheer of the night went to the singer who forgot the words to the Star Spangled Banner - walked off the ice in shame...came back a few seconds later where she promptly slipped on the board on the ice...falling ass over tea-kettle - and ran off the ice crying into the arms of her poor mother. Let's hear it for Quebec City fans for traumatizing the poor girl...and sportsnet for playing it over and over. Looked like a full house tonight...too bad...they should have played in front of an empty arena.

No Member Of "Hazelspeeps Nation" Fessed Up
Ok, so fessed up might not have been the right term. For anyone who read yesterday's blog - I checked into the Yahoo site to see if anyone had wanted to join, or posted a message etc. I was surprised to see a bunch of pics of Hazel...I wasn't upset or anything like yesterday's entry, it's all there. Still wondering how posted the pics...I have to say, they are absolutely spectacular - the word "stunning" doesn't do Hazel justice - "breathtaking" may be more a prospos.

Maybe someone will step up this weekend...maybe they won't. Not a big's all good.

Well, that's about all I have for tonight...tomorrow's blog will look at the NFL draft...a little baseball...some soccer from Europe...and of course...Hazel Mae! hahahaha

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae...fondest regards and best wishes for a great weekend to you...enjoy the draft, I know you'll be watching (remember, it's never to late to join the Cowboys!) - hey, it's that or "Crying With Vermeil" haha

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day

Hip-Hop song from a Toronto honour of the times I publish my thoughts and musings...and now that Hazel works the night shift...I give you...

Deep End - Swollen Members

Workin' late night,
not that we hate light
just feels right
that's when tracks come out tight
thought start creeping
people are sleeping
whole worlds out in their dreams
its the deep end

If you haven't heard it should. have a great weekend peeps...Hazel...

Peesth out!


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