Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Are Sports Fans Crazy?

Good evening peeps (if are logging in tonight) and of course Hazel (who we don't think has logged in CUZ FRIGGIN GOOGLE WON'T PICK UP THIS BLOG - so she has no clue it exists) ahem...

So as I sip on a glass of port (damn I wish I had some chocolate right now), I wonder to myself - are sports fans becoming crazy? or is it just the world in general? This would be one of the questions I would ask Hazel about if I got to interview her...ummm...ok, I wouldn't ask this particular question, but I have plenty of good ones - would make for a good article. So let's see what the nuts are up to these days

Champions League
A classic picture in most papers today - regarding the frigging soccer riot in Milan (a picture of one of my boys - Rui Costa, standing next to Inter defender Netarazzi watching the fireworks) . Some damn idiot threw a flare onto the field, which prompted everyone else to do the same - one of them hit A.C. Milan's goaltender Nelson Dida in the head (I'm guessing NESN didn't carry those highlights...shame really). HOW IN THE HELL DOES SOMEONE GET A FLARE OR FIREWORK IN A SOCCER GAME? I can't take a damn nail file on a flight, but a soccer fan can bring a small explosive? JAYZUSSSSSSS

I'm sure Jim Rome had a field day with this one today...calling out "soccer fan" - have I told you lately that I think Rome is an idiot? How this guy got an ESPN gig, I'll never know... I guess you can chalk it up to meatheads who live in their parents' basements.

The real trouble was expected in Turin today, at the Juventus and Liverpool game, where some of Juve's "ULTRAS" (fans) swore revenge for the riots in 1985 which killed 39 people (most of them Juve fans) - here again, idiots throwing bottles and garbage at each other - thankfully, no reports of explosives or deaths.

Red Sox Nation Can't Leave Well Enough Alone
No, this isn't another "Red Sox Nation hates David Wells" musing (though I'm guessing Hazel would have her finger on the pulse of that one - haha). No, seems like the Nation is up in arms because an ESPN article suggests that the U.S. is already tired of hearing about the Sox winning the World Series. The funny thing? Sox Nation is actually debating this...taking a siege mentality approach...and justifying the fact that they have a reason to celebrate - message to Sox Nation - SHUT UP...ENJOY THE WIN. Who cares what anyone thinks...go on and celebrate...tell the world...if the world doesn't want to listen, so what? Revel in it. Sox Nation needs to be introduced to Greeks around the world - who are STILL razzing my ass about Euro 2004.

Sox Nation, enjoy it, talk about it all you want on your message boards - talk about manny, "papi", tek and whoever (you could stop bitch slapping Pedro though). For the love of God, stop trying to get everyone else to join the party - Red Sox fans are notorious "kick people off the bandwagon", enjoy your exclusive guest list party.

Damn, I'd swear you were all Portuguese - you can't leave well enough alone, you look for sadness where there should be only joy - figures...Massachusetts was the 1st choice for Portuguese guys bought into our "saudade". I'll explain that too sometime.

Canadian Hockey Fans Looking Forward To World Cup Of Hockey
In a season where the NHL was flushed down the toilet...with players and owners pretty much laughing in our faces - hockey fans seems to be getting worked up about a World Cup of Hockey that will be missing a lot of the game's premiere players. HUH? People...boycott the damn tournament - you want a resolution to the NHL lockout? Don't show up at their premiere/ONLY event this year - that would teach them that they are at risk to lose everything. I swear, if people boycotted this tournament - I mean, NO tickets, NO t.v, NO calling into sports radio shows...that would send a very clear message to these guys. Or, on the other hand, we could appoint Hazel a lead mediator and get these two sides to work something out...she may be charming enough to get these dumbasses talking and dealing.

I gotta cut this short tonight - a friend in need phoned me, and I really need to take this one.

Goodnight Ms. Hazel Mae, fondest regards and best wishes to well as an apology for a rather cranky entry tonight (oh wait, you won't see this - hahaha).

Hazelpeeps Song of the Day

Smile and Wave - the Headstones.

Good rocking tune - I smile and wave...I smile and wave...

Peesth out!


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