Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Slow Sports Day - Let The Nonsense Begin

Evenin' peeps, evening Hazel.

With the lack of stuff going on yesterday...seems that info portals and media sites were really stretching for news items today. Let's start off with something that wasn't nonsense - my run tonight. I ran 8 KM (5 miles) in 38.5 minutes...the first 5.5 KM was slightly uphill and into the wind...so I was pumped about that.

Tonight's Rundown
Chickenhawk must have that smug smile...the Jays offence got in gear tonight - against the Devil Rays no less. See? He was right after all. Jays beat Tampa tonight, 7-5...pat yourself on the back Hawk.

Yankees punked the Angels tonight - ARod, known in New England as "slappy" - smacked three home runs tonight. When they need him against the Sox - he'll ground weakly to first. hahaha "slappy"

Sox are leading the O's 8-7 as I type...I'm sick tonight, so I might not get a final here..but don't be surprised if the O's come back. Red Sox Nation getting nasty with Boomer Wells...a check of the board has fans talking about his fat ass and rehab...all with advice on losing weight etc. Ya, Boomer must be dying to get back to pitch for these guys. Geez, last week the guy was pitching great and back on track...this week he is a fat donut eating slug who wouldn't have sprained his ankle if he wasn't so fat. Way to go Red Sox Nation, way to endear yourself to the country. Hazel, can't you settle these people down?

Dumb and Dumber
The mullet brothers, better known as the Cansecos - Jose and Ozzie, were found liable Monday in a lawsuit filed by two men the Bash Brothers (apologies to McGwire) beat up at a Miami beach nightclub in 2001. A jury in the case has ordered the Cansecos to pay $1 Million dollars - $700K in compensatory damages, and another $300K in puntive damages. Jose better sell a lot of books...Does anyone else see Jose on a bad reality Fox Network television production? I'm thinking Jose is in a "C list Celebrity" lineup (no pun intended).

Not Smelling Like Rose
Lenny "Nails" Dykstra has been cleared of betting on baseball. So according to Fay Vincent, former Commissioner, Lenny's A-OK. Huh? Let me get this straight...Dykstra gambles, owing thousands on poker debt...but because he didn't bet on baseball, everything is ok. Case closed. Pete Rose must be choking on a poker chip right now...no matter what Vincent says.

MLB Is Serious About Steroids
How many times do I have to keep telling you...these guys aren't kidding this time - just ask Jamal Strong. Strong's major league service isn't much to speak of - but at least he'll have something to tell his grandkids about huh? MLB nails another career minor leaguer...way to go Bud.

Moore Time Off For Bertuzzi?
Todd Bertuzzi met with NHL's head weasel today to talk about reinstatement to the league if they ever come back. Steve Moore, through his agent, is making a case to keep Bertuzzi on the bench. I don't know what to say about this...Bertuzzi was an ass, a psychotic, destructive maniac...Moore's lawyer is getting a bit too much attention...whether Moore was asked to appear or not. Surprise, surprise - Bob McKenzie wrote another article to tell people that he doesn't know what is going to happen...and doesn't know when a decision on Bertuzzi will be announced - Bob says it might not come for days, or weeks or months. Thanks Bob...thanks again for nothing.

$500 K Beats An Office Job Huh Doug?
Doug Flutie, the man who once balked at a $500k contract offer by the Argos - saying, he'd rather go home to New England and get an office job, than play for that piddly amount, is now said to be considering a return to the CFL - apparently he and his brother Darren are said to be thinking about playing in Hamilton. I don't know about you...but I find this insulting. The CFL is trying to trumpet the return of a 42 year old quaterback that hasn't played in the league in 8 years? I don't know who is more of a joke - Ron Lancaster for trying this (senile old fart) or Doug Flutie for considering it (arrogant ass who thought he was too good for the league who basically gave him a chance when no one else would). I hope the Pats tell Flutie to run along.

Last Shot At CDM Sports
I took my last shot at them today at work...I'll see if they put Hazel on my reserve list.

Ok, this cold is killing me - so I'm going to wrap this up tonight with a wave to Hazel...cuz she doesn't want this cold.

Goodnight Hazel Mae fondest regards and best wishes to you...here's hoping that NESN doesn't ever have to put you on the DL.

Hazelspeeps Song of the Day - in honour of the Bash Brothers and Nails - former steroid users who have shrunk a little since their playing days (I know it's a stretch for Ozzie) - and Doug "I'm the greatest ever" Flutie (who Hazel interviewed at Fenway - Yuck).

K-Os - Half The Man I Used To Be

I tried, I couldn't fight it
I just wanna get back to me - ooh baby
back into the man I used to be

Goodnight peeps...

As Kip Dynamite says...Peesth Out!


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